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On 3/19/2017 at 7:08 AM, Mike said:

GameFly sent me a email saying I could rejoin for $1 for the first month which is awesome so tomorrow I'll be signing up for GameFly a few months earlier than I planned to so there is the possibility I could actually get to Mass Effect soon. In this month I'm gonna try to only get to games I don't imagine I'm gonna spend a lot of time with like Hitma

Speaking of this, give me a shout when you get around with to that. I'm interested in what you'll think of it. And remember this: make sure you turn Opportunities to "Minimal" when you start the game--I can't imagine you want to figure out all the crap to do in the game by yourself, but at the same time Opportunities in "Full" mode is downright handholding that completely undermines a lot of the fun. "Minimal" is a good balance between the two.

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