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NF - Perception

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New NF album called 'Perception' is out now. You can stream it on Spotify or NF's official youtube account.


And new music video: 



IMO another great album from him. Love it!

What do you think? :)

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Ah you posted this before I could grab it haha. I'll still post my normal setup less album artwork b/c I'm OCD about it and wish your post title had the single quotes for the album title. ;)

Release Date: October 7, 2016

1. Intro III
2. Outcast
3. 10 Feet Down (feat. Ruelle)
4. Green Lights
5. Dreams
6. Let You Down
7. Destiny
8. My Life
9. You're Special
10. If You Want Love
11. Remember This
12. Know
13. Lie
14. 3 A.M.
15. One Hundred
16. Outro

Full album playlist:

So far it's pretty solid, but only through about four songs so I'll hold my final opinion until after a full listen or two. None of the 'new' songs that I've heard (i.e. non-released singles before today) have really grabbed me much yet like they have in past albums though I have plenty more to get to, though "Dreams" and "10 Feet Down" was pretty solid. I'm still not feeling "Outcast" as the chorus is a little weak tbh.

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