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NFL Playoff Prediction Game

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I've had this fairly simple idea floating around in my head the last few weeks. Pick 3 teams you're willing to bank on them making the playoffs this year, and pick 5 teams that you're equally sure will not make it.

I figure that no one is going to correctly guess all 12 teams in and 20 teams out so this game to me is more fun to see if someone can here can be right about all 3 of their positive guesses and all 5 of their nay guesses. 

I'll start. 

1. New England
2. Kansas City
3. Green Bay

1. Tennessee
2. Philadelphia
3. Chicago
4. San Francisco
5. San Diego

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Cool game:


1. Green Bay

2. Carolina

3. Arizona


1. Philadelphia

2. Chicago

3. San Francisco

4. Cleveland

5. Tampa Bay 

I did my best to disregard your picks and analyze my own beliefs, but there's quite a bit of crossover. I guess most people are down on the same teams for OUTs. The "INs" can definitely vary quite a bit, though. 

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24 minutes ago, Vigo said:


1. Arizona

2. Oakland

3. Green Bay



1. Cleveland

2. Houston

3. Tampa Bay

4. LA Rams

5. Denver

I would argue that as high as AI is, you're more high in that you're CONFIDENT that Oakland will be in and that Denver will be out. I do think Denver will struggle, but for them to be one of the 5 teams least likely to make the playoffs with that defense is BOLD! But I like bold. ;)

And I wanted to list some of the other teams that you did as "out", but Cleveland has me psyched with Hue Jackson and the possible renaissance of RG3; Houston I think will struggle with what I consider a downgrade at QB from Brian Hoyer to Brock Osweiler (they'll learn this the hard way), but with that defense and Nuk and a recently crappy division, I can't rule them out; LA will struggle in the passing game, but a good running game and defense alongside the Hard Knocks bump and the NFL probably really hoping that they do well and having slightly biased refs gives me a feeling that they may finally break through and go 10-6; Tampa could be really good if Jameis cleans up his game a bit and some of their young defensive players start to play well...I might think that they have a more legit shot at being good this year than Jacksonville, if only because I don't trust Bortles to limit the turnovers or Gus Bradley to fully commit to a winning culture after having been coaching this more as a rebuild than a win-now in his first 3 years on the job.

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4 hours ago, Vigo said:

Are you high? 

:lol: Ok I'm an idiot. I actually meant to include Cincinnati in there instead of Denver. The Broncos will very likely be out, but I think I'd include a decent amount of teams have a better chance of that happening to them.

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4 hours ago, Omar said:

Stugotz had the hottest of all takes last week, said they're winning the Super Bowl. 

Sorry Nixon, looks like your team's good and jinxed now.

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