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Stolen Hat

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So i need to vent...


I won a signed three days grace hat on here, that Jay sent to me a while back.

Well Someone stole it from my room.

Come to find out years later...

My ex roommate has a picture of him wearing it...SO MAD..and we don't talk grrr

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Here is an idea. Post that shit on Facebook. There is no better way to make people look like an ass than to be tagged in a post showing how much of a piece of shit they are

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On 11/17/2015 at 0:27 PM, Brad said:

I know this whole Syrian refugee thing is gonna cause a lot of problems but I'm on the side that we can't let them him. And it's not even so much because of who they are it's just that we can't even take care of our own people. Why should we be giving housing and food to refugees who don't want to be here rather than all the homeless veterans who actually did something for this country at one time and will love it more than any of these refugees.

There can be the whole Islam is a peaceful religion argument but aren't they all? Almost all religions (including atheism and agnostic) are violent in some way. Every group as their people that go too far and in the case of Islam, they are so archaic in their ideology that I don't see how you can want them here. A religion where a woman is raped and then arrested for letting it happen isn't peaceful. A religion where a father can kill his daughter and call it an honor killing isn't peaceful.  A religion where people disrespect a moment of silence and chant allahu akbar is not a peaceful religion. Turkey is by far the most modern and western of the Islamic regions and when they are praising what happened in France, it's time to let it go. 


Their own laws aren't even clear on who is and isn't allowed to be killed. Any law that allowed you to kill people for no reason other than saying "they were a nuisance to islam" is not peaceful. The Sharia Law is a joke and I wish our government would ban even the thought of it being in our country. 

And if any of you try and argue Islam is a peaceful religion, consider that Muhammad himself gave orders to carry out war on other religions which has led to where we are today. It's always been Islam vs the world and it's not going to change. Hell they have gone to war against Buddhism. That's low


1 hour ago, Brad said:

Here is an idea. Post that shit on Facebook. There is no better way to make people look like an ass than to be tagged in a post showing how much of a piece of shit they are



On 4/6/2015 at 3:53 PM, Brad said:

No one can deny that being black, disabled or handicapped is a real thing and people have no choice in the matter. There are still people who believe being gay is a choice. Hell I've seen pastors who were gay, believed it was a choice, found God and are straight now. It's those things that fuel their fire and that fire is slowly burning out. Trying to put it out all at once though isn't going to help it will only make it worse. 


On 4/7/2015 at 2:28 PM, Brad said:

The problem is though you still can't prove to people homosexuality is natural like being black is. It's easy for one side to say the science it there but it's just as easy for the other to say a man and woman were made to reproduce and that's it. 


On 4/7/2015 at 3:28 PM, Brad said:

Fuck off dude. The only time I have ever said something racist was when I was extremely pissed off and didn't complete my thought. You have no right to come in and tell me what I am or how I think. you have no fucking clue.


On 4/7/2015 at 3:52 PM, Brad said:

But to them you are the one who is wrong. They firmly believe homosexuality is a choice and it's unnatural. They may be wrong. But they could also be right. I don't think we can ever really know what is right or wrong. 


On 4/3/2015 at 1:28 AM, Brad said:
On 4/3/2015 at 1:23 AM, Ruiner said:

A poll in 1811 likely said that a high percentage of people didn't support negroes having the right to vote. Your point?

things take time. You can't just expect people to accept homosexuality over night


On 4/2/2015 at 5:04 PM, Brad said:

You don't have to be a bigot or hateful to not believe in gay marriage. Some people just don't believe in it for whatever reason but don't hate them 


On 12/18/2010 at 3:00 PM, Brad said:

It's not something you really just deal with. 54 guys living that close for 8-13 weeks is going to be an issue if there are guy's who are openly gay. You've never been through it, you don't understand how your mind works with all the stress and other shit you deal with.

And no. We say some really offensive shit but it's mostly joking around. You have to have thick skin to work on the flightline. If you don't you go work medical or sometihng. I really don't want to deal with all the training and shit they are going to push on us. It's stupid and not needed. But we are going to have to do it. If we tolerate them they are going to have to tolerate us. That's how it works. I make fun of you, you deal with it and when you have a good come back you come back and we laugh.


On 12/18/2010 at 3:10 PM, Brad said:

Once again I'll say this. You haven't spent 8 weeks with 54 guys in an extremely stressful situation and barely seeing females. And never talking to them. Your head starts playing tricks with you. And this is something I witnessed first hand. You throw an openly gay guy in the mix and you create issues.


2 hours ago, Brad said:



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3 hours ago, Brad said:

So you quoted me a bunch of times saying things other people believe

If only we had a way to find these people and get them the help they need.

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17 minutes ago, jman3000 said:

Vigo speaks the truth. Flyfreak, is that you? If not, it was a shot in the dark. 

Vigo is not Flyfreak.

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