Red Line Chemistry - 'Chemical High and a Hand Grenade'

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Okay, so, this album is actually super old, and is this band's debut record, but they finally got around to releasing it in a slightly remastered form to iTunes, Spotify, etc, and making this lost album available to a whole bunch of new fans. As someone who's been spinning it for nearly ten years, this is an awesome record that still has some of RLC's best tunes on it, from "Bullets and Armor" to "Meds For The Hypocrite" to "Home." I also believe that "Meds For The Hypocrite" is going for radio adds.

Any fans of their material should definitely check this out, if you never have before.

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What a pleasant surprise wow. Had no clue this was out there. That song was really really good. Gonna have to check this out tomorrow.


EDIT: Woah.. "Bullets and Armor" already has me pumped as hell as I listen to this. I bought Tug of War on amazon so if you didn't post this I might not of ever of knew about this. Good lookin out Andrew.

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