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  1. This is a really good track. I'm not sure if he's got an album coming out sometime soon or not, but I hope the rest of the album is along these lines if he does.
  2. Had no idea about this one. Definitely will give it a few spins and come back here with my input.
  3. I agree. Fantastic song. This album has been one of my favorites as of late.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/screengrabber.deadspin.com/eduardo-perezs-jose-fernandez-remembrance-was-incredibl-1787056223/amp A very moving segment from Eduardo Perez on Fernandez. This about had me in tears as well.
  5. This one really got to me. I have always like Jose Fernandez. I almost cried when I saw his last Instragam post of his pregnant wife. It is ridiculously depressing
  6. Sounds like what happened to me, ha ha
  7. So, I haven't found this myself, but an alien that I was purchasing from is selling an Atlas Stone, which he has priced at 5,317.777 units. It's 88.7% above the Galactic Avg. but that is still a pretty hefty fee. I'm not certain that these can just be found anywhere, but it does say that it's an item often associated with ancient monolithic sites. I may spend more time going to monoliths in an effort to locate one of these.
  8. I haven't come across anything weird like that, yet. I'm hoping I will eventually. If I keep playing as much as I have been lately, then there is no doubt I will find something weird soon.
  9. Well, there was a quest that kept showing up on my HUD, and it directed me to a specific monolith. I had exhausted quite a few monoliths before this, so I don't know if it was random, or if you have to meet a certain requirement as far as how many you visit. Eventually, I got tested by a monolith that directed me to "explore the galaxy". Without spoiling anything, I will tell you that there was a point of interest after that.
  10. I sort of accidentally came across the Atlas Pass. I have not yet accessed any doors that can be accessed, but I have opened some containers and they do have pretty good loot.
  11. It is so easy to get immersed in this game. I could spend hours just looking at all the creatures. I have also spent a lot of time trying to learn the Vy'Keen language as they were the first race that I discovered. I think I have learned over 40 words from their language.
  12. I'm curious to know what you guys currently have for your exo-suit, starship and multi-tool. I'm currently working on upgrading my ship and am simply farming emeril until I have enough units to get a ship with 25 or more slots. My ship currently has only 13 slots...I downgraded from 21 because the one I had before was really ugly. The ship I have now is really cool looking, but only has the 13 slots, so I'm definitely due for an upgrade. I currently have 29 slots on my exosuit, which is nice, but it'll cost me 170,000 units to upgrade the next one, so I may just stop at 30 for now. I don't have many upgrades available for the exosuit. As of right now, I have two Jetpack Boosts, two Coolant Networks, one Shieldboost, one Radiation Deflector and one Aeration Membrane (for breathing underwater). I have 14 available upgrades for my starship, but I'm only able to equip up to seven right now. My multi-tool has 20 slots, but I'm currently using 17 slots for upgrades, and I know for certain that I have plenty of more upgrades available (can't look to see how many without dismantling one of my current upgrades). Once I upgrade my starship, I'm going to work on upgrading the shit out of my multi-tool. I have discovered nine systems thus far and 16 planets. I have been on three planets that had extreme weather/storms, so I did not spend too much time on there. I have been on a couple planets with radiation (prior to getting my Radation Deflector upgrade), so I didn't spend too much time there either. There have been two planets that I have found that are rich with resources and have no weather effects, so I have spent a lot of time farming on those planets. I named the one I am currently farming on Mac n' Cheese because of it's color and it's propensity to give me satisfaction.
  13. This is what I do as well. Most of the time you can see the shelters, drops, monoliths, etc. from the sky, so it works out pretty well. You can also see the good minerals.
  14. I was wondering this myself. I'm curious to see how often you find creatures/planets that have already been discovered by somebody else. They made it sound like it was ridiculously rare that you run into another player, so I imagine it would be somewhat rare to find a planet and/or creature that has been discovered already. Or am I wrong? I have only put about an hour into the game, so my first few discoveries were my own, but that was to be expected. Will I start finding creatures that have already been discovered and named soon, or should I continue to find new species that nobody else have discovered?
  15. According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, shortstop prospect Gleyber Torres is part of the Cubs' offer to the Yankees for closer Aroldis Chapman. That explains why Torres was scratched from the starting lineup Sunday at High-A Myrtle Beach. Heyman says the offer remains on the table for the Yankees, who were said to be close to finalizing a Chapman trade on Saturday night. Chicago may be trying to work out an extension with the impending free agent left-hander. Torres, 19, has batted .275/.359/.433 with nine home runs, 47 RBI, 19 stolen bases, and 62 runs scored over 94 games this season in the Carolina League. He was a consensus top-50 prospect leading into the 2016 campaign.