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  1. I'm in!
  2. Hey, it's that guy who only posts when the Packers are playing or Tremonti is involved in creating music. Sympathy and Providence are just... monstrous. Still haven't listened to the rest quite yet, but this is easily the best music he has put out yet. (Solo I mean.)
  3. Not doing too terribly, just two picks down. VERY glad I picked the Pats this week. I have a good feeling that the season is solidifying, so this week should be a good one. I just want one perfect week this season. Just one.
  4. 9-7 here as well. I just came to brag that I picked the Eagles win over the Colts with a score of 32-27. Go me.
  5. Same here, and man do I regret that decision. But, I'm happy I was able to finish at .500 as well. Not great, but not the initial disaster I thought it would be after the first few games,
  6. I pick the team I want to win because I am a ridiculous optimist. Also... TOUCHDOWN.
  7. You foul (but realistic) traitor... Aren't you a gem? I could hug you for saying we have a great defense; you're the first person I've ever witnessed saying that.
  8. Nice, very nice. I've invited a buddy of mine to join as well since we only have 8 this year and he's never done it before.Should be a good season! Good luck, all.
  9. Just going to bump this one last time for those who care to join before the Thursday night opener. We currently have just 6 people and I KNOW there's got to be some more people interested here...
  10. Alright, for those interested, the group is: Name: Tunelab 2014 Pick'Em ID: 62020 Pass: passwordlol I was planning to send out an email for invites, but since I only got 4 PMs I'll do it this way.
  11. I have it set up on ESPN currently.
  12. SO GUYS I only have a few emails so far. If you want to join up here, you have 7 days.
  13. I'd imagine most of you guys know about The Weeks, but a quick search rendered no results, so on the offchance that nobody has discovered this alt rock gem, I give you The Weeks.
  14. Testing the waters here in what many would consider too far from traditional 'rock' to care. But if you haven't heard of this amazing artist before, give him a listen. It's pretty rad stuff.
  15. Most excellent, and also well segued Kyle. It has a been a day or two. I'm glad to see that there is some musical growth in most people here too. Well I'll set up the group, if you all want to PM me your email addresses I'll send out the invites and get the ball rolling.