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  1. The "creating a safer space" seems to be swinging a little too far in the other direction where it goes from creating a platform for supposed victims to come forward to all-out kangaroo courts. Even worse, it now seems to have political motivations behind it rather than genuine concern. I've stopped placing myself in a jury seat on these things and stay neutral. You can't "believe the accuser" while not demonizing the accused - you already chose a side, whether your intentions were good or not. This shit gets way too ugly way to fast for me to be choosing sides without sufficient evidence and can lead to something like this. No, I want no part of stuff like this.
  2. Lord of the Rings TV show coming to Amazon Prime. Pretty big pickup for Amazon - this should be interesting.
  3. Apparently, he left home for about six months his neighbor said. Off grid. Rumors swirling he was having a financial crisis from gambling, but honestly, people are normally more prone to killing themselves when they go through a financial crisis rather than lashing out. Even in terms of mass shootings, the more "they snapped" shooters tend to be in their 20s or early 30s. Those over 40 tend to have a social or political motivation. We'll see. He may be an outlier.
  4. So I'm now reading the hurricane has slowed and is gaining strength to become a category 5 again? Goodness. I know the projected path of Jose has it only hitting a couple islands before heading back into the Atlantic again, but just tells you how unpredictable mother nature can be.
  5. Those special effects are actually impressive. But it being SYFY, I worry they spent their entire budget on that and just pulled a few randos off the street to act.
  6. Been jamming to this masterpiece all day.
  7. I don't think anyone is saying he was forced into this, but that there could certainly be contributing factors. As for drugs, I have no idea if he was still on drugs. Having children and a wife and a successful band doesn't mean depression will avoid you. Money can obviously help you with finding a professional, which I have no idea if Chester did or not. But he was at least outspoken on his struggles. If anything, this just once again shows how serious depression can be - a guy who has said recently he is really happy, has a lot of money, children, and a wife still killed himself.
  8. This to me, with all the information on depression and suicide that is out there, is inexcusable to say at this point. I'm not someone who gets outraged much these days, but I guess just slightly annoyed. I think what makes it worse is the amount of people who have echoed his opinion. If I remember correctly, Chester was pretty outspoken on his depression, his childhood trauma of being abused by an adult and his alcohol and drug addiction. Isn't this one of the reasons child abuse is so talked about, because it can impact someone in this way? Then when we see it first-hand, suddenly the first comment someone gives is "It's cowardly" I'm not even saying killing yourself is rational. It's not, that's the point. That someone gets so low that rationality and even basic human survival instincts go out the window and they end it all, this is serious mental illness that clouds judgement. I just never understood comments like this.
  9. This is fucked up.
  10. Kinda hard for me to judge Marvel films from critic scores. I really haven't been "wowed" by a Marvel movie in a while. It seems lately there is a lot of hype surrounding their films for them to just come out being mediocre to good - which, in fairness, isn't bad for popcorn movies. I guess when i read reviews, it at times starts to raise the expectation bar and I go in expecting a little more. Though, some saying i'ts on par or better than Spider-Man 2 has me intrigued - I'm a pretty big Keaton fan, so I'll get around to watching this at some point.
  11. Russia claiming they have killed ISIS leader Al Baghdadi
  12. I'm surprised by the negative reaction of the Sony conference, I thought it was great. Skyrim in VR is fucking awesome
  13. Anthem looks incredible. At the same time, I'm trying not to get too excited - It looked like a scripted part of the game, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  14. Was that a new Dishonored game or was it a DLC? I was confused by it, but only caught it mid-way through.
  15. Eh, critics and many media sites that do reviews certainly did get caught up in the controversy of Ghostbusters. I didn't really get involved with that, but I did focus on some of the behind the scenes stuff. It was a disaster from the beginning, essentially went from a "Female avengers" Super Hero movie to them then hijacking Ghostbusters once that fell through. Then there were some demands by the director, and he didn't really help the entire fiasco on Twitter. Also, reportedly, Melissa McCarthy was a nightmare onset. Attaching the movie to the Hillary campaign was a horrible move as well. As for the critics - seems they were lukewarm on the movie. 70% positive reviews, with an average of 6.5/10. So, I don't think any of them were trying to get back at the "haters". I do think all the controversy and buildup was all for a film everyone would forget about moments after leaving the theater.