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  1. Yeah, best thing to come out of this is all the interesting covers I've heard. Saw Live cover "I am the highway" - that was cool.
  2. I think it leaned a little too much on the pop side for me, with the subject matter that was tackled, I wish there were more tracks with Shinoda rapping. Has some good songs here and there. Not bad by any means though.
  3. Not to keep dragging this on, because either way it's tragic that he's gone - but I got interested in how common this is with benzos. The kind it is claimed he took, I found this thoughts/ Time on Ativan when people have Suicidal Thoughts *: < 1 month: 34.48 % 1 - 6 months: 31.03 % 6 - 12 months: 12.07 % 1 - 2 years: 8.62 % 2 - 5 years: 1.72 % 5 - 10 years: 6.9 % 10+ years: 5.17 % Age of people who have Suicidal Thoughts when taking Ativan *: 0-1: 0.42 % 2-9: 0.0 % 10-19: 8.64 % 20-29: 11.06 % 30-39: 21.18 % 40-49: 24.24 % 50-59: 20.97 % 60+: 13.49 % While it doesn't look entirely too common that these things cause suicidal thoughts, let alone suicide, it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility that it could have triggered suicidal thoughts in him.
  4. Was reading not too long ago where they talked about creative minds and the link to mental illness. Writers and painters often suffer depression, but musicians it was unique and even higher. It does make me wonder if heavy touring plays a part in it, especially today. Non-stop on the road, lack of sleep, being away from friends and family for a long period of time; I'm can only imagine this is quite stressful. Though, I wonder how other traveling jobs hold up when it comes to depression and suicide, or maybe the creative mind and mental illness connection is the main factor in this and the heavy touring just pushes musicians to the breaking point.
  5. I still think Down on the Upside is a really underappreciated album that lives in the shadow of the iconic Superunknown. Been jamming to Blow up the Outside World all morning. The way it lulls into the chorus is so good, and his voice is otherworldly in it.
  6. From what is being reported by many now, sounds like it was possibly a suicide.
  7. Also, hands down, he did the best Bond opening. So good.
  8. I just read about this. Out of all the grunge bands, Soundgarden was always my favorite due to his vocals. This one hurts.
  9. Yeah, I can't say this is for me. However, I can see this being a lot of people's summer jam. So it should be successful.
  10. The pilot is a little over a week away. Looks to be one of the more interesting upcoming shows.
  11. Had a daughter, had thousands in his banking account with a bright future that would be worth millions, played on an iconic team with a ton of support and an owner that took a chance on him despite his already shady past. What does he do? Still hung out in the streets and surrounded himself with drug dealers and thugs. Really no excuse for him and hard to find any sympathy. He had everything set up for him to change his path and chose to walk down the dark road. Just another tragic story that some people are doomed no matter what you do for them.
  12. After not caring for the second and third episode, I thought every episode after that was fantastic.
  13. It wouldn't have been different with Hillary - Actually, she said something similar just before this happened (Which got an applause from the audience) "I believe, and still do, that we should take out Assad's airfields to prevent him from using them on innocent people" Surprisingly, it seems the right has more of a problem with this than the left. Also, seems to be a lot of countries coming out in favor of this move as well (Makes me wonder the kind of intel they have) Nearly worldwide though, it's an agreement to not use chemical weapons. From the evidence I have read, and this goes back as far as 2013, it seems the Assad regime is responsible The Germany intel from 2013 states, from calls they picked up, that Assad didn't order the attacks. But the French intel stated the only ones capable of doing the attack was the Syrian government, and the UN in a deeper investigation brought up the perfect trajectory and accuracy. So, whether Assad ordered the attack is up in the air, but it seems most were on board that it was most likely the Assad regime that launched the attack. As for the most recent attack - all we have right now are eye witness reports saying they saw aircrafts. But it's not looking good for Assad right now. While I wish we could just get some safe zones set up and let Assad fight ISIS with less civilians in war zones, I also understand we can't allow a country to be using chemical weapons on it's own people. I don't think this is a declaration of war, I DO think it's a warning shot.
  14. As for the Romo news...
  15. I didn't like or dislike Simms, he was just....there. I never really found him entertaining or annoying, just kinda "meh" as an announcer. My favorite commentator right now is Kevin Burkhardt.