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  1. pen if you don't like old Parkway, but think the new stuff is great, then f*ck you!
  2. Where's the list Koldes?
  3. You all need to be giving this more props, it's probably the best song of the year (after BB's Blood)
  4. Here's the new songs, unfortunately I don't like either (Heaven's Got a Backdoor is the less terrible of the 2):
  5. It's not just you, the album sucks. The band must've been taking estrogen pills when they wrote it, it's such soft crap.Maynard better not f*ck up the Tool album like he f*cked up this one.
  6. He looks like Through the Glass-era Corey Taylor. This is an amazing song. Jerry Cantrell is most likely the greatest rock artist of our time, he has consistently put out amazing music since the 1980s, which no one else has come close to replicating since that time.
  7. In the age of downloading music for free and rock no longer being part of mainstream radio, youtube views are the best way to determine popularity. Godsmack is in last with their two Bulletproof videos getting 4 million views in total since Feb. 28th, Shinedown has gotten 4 million views on Human Radio since Apr. 5th and 4.4 million views on Devil since March 7th, and BB has 9.3 milion views on RCR since Jan 18th. and 2.7 million views on Torn in Two since April 12th. Obviously concert sales would also be helpful for determining popularity, but I don't have access to that data.
  8. Finally, someone else gets it. If BB puts out a new song and Keith sings lead vocals on it, then fine, he should sing it live. But I'm not paying $50 to hear Keith butcher WANA songs.
  9. He's still not as good as Chad (and probably not as good as Jeremy), but Shaun's actually a really cool dude, glad I got to see this interview. Keith still sucks though, stop singing Sooner or Later.
  10. Not sure if this was directed toward me, but I completely agree with you and that's what I was complaining about in my original post. If there is a minimum of 10 songs, then that seems to be what Ben is writing toward and not an ounce more. Since the new line-up, he's very much taken a much more commercialized approach. The expensive (and worthless if you read people's reviews) meet and greets, the armed forces shout outs at every show, the lack of his singing on entire songs (it's absolutely ridiculous that Keith sings Sooner or Later). I have absolutely loved the last 2 albums and think they're they're better than the last 2 albums with the old lineup. But one thing has remained constant throughout the years, Ben is a self-absorbed asshole that's only in it for himself.
  11. I'm sure it's no coincidence that Aaron released his newest solo album on the same day that BB released theirs. Unfortunately his vocals really drag down the songs. But he's still an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter. Just needs to get an average at worst vocalist and he could at least obtain Stardog Champion-level success.
  12. Yes, the FB live was very interesting. I do agree with you on the short track list. I believe the contract with their record label says that each album has to have at least 10 songs. I do think they're doing the minimum to meet that requirement, which is shitty if you ask me. Just as Ben said Close Your Eyes was supposed to be on DBD, I also think the next album will have at least one song from this recording session. It'd be nice if they just put more songs on the album (don't get me started on the intro/outros, they're a complete joke). I wouldn't say phoning it in, I'd say they've found their sound. Which I'm ecstatic about it, as I've enjoyed these two so much. While my favorite songs are still from Saturate and WANA, I really like being able to listen to the last two albums all the way through; I couldn't do that with Phobia (skip Had Enough & You Fight Me) and Dear Agony (skip Give Me A Sign & Lights Out).
  13. Matt is crap, 3DG is a shell of what they once were. That said, 3DG released "The Mountain" video on January 25th and it has 12million views on youtube, whereas BB released "Red Cold River" on January 18th and it only has 8 million views. So despite having Matt and making much more generic music, 3DG is still more popular than BB.
  14. Absolutely amazing album, I can't believe how great the last 2 albums have been. The flow and cohesiveness of the songs makes for a really pleasant listening experience. I'd say my favorites off this (after 1 listen) would be "Blood" (which I consider one of the best they've ever done), "Dark of You," "Psycho," "Save Yourself," and "Tourniquet." The Ben/Jasen/Aaron writing combo has been terrific (Keith/Shaun are still worthless though).
  15. New Godsmack > Old Godsmack