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  1. When I saw the thing about "DiaperDon" and the small table trending I kinda rolled my eyes, because that's the sort of silly, petty shit that Fox News would have gotten in a fit over with Obama. But then I saw that this Twitter trend upset Trump so much that he tried to declare Twitter a national security threat and some other crazy shit. I hope his tantrums during this transition at least wakes a *few* of his supporters/apologists up. He's always had the temperament of an infant but we're really seeing it come out now that he lost.
  2. Uh, I guess?
  3. I had no idea why anyone was hyping that lame-ass looking game. Though I did love that when Giant Bomb's PS5 embargo lifted on their stream the first thing Jeff says is "Godfall is bad!" like an enormous weight was off his chest. Two bits of great news for the Dualsense controller: one, the PC community has already gotten it nearly fully compatible with the PC, and apparently they're figuring the haptics and trigger mechanics out. And second, Rainbow Six's next-gen update, while otherwise very bland (no new textures, just higher res and FPS) will be have adaptive resistance for different weapons, and haptics integration. All this to say, it seems like these features are really easy to program for, which means they'll probably be utilized by a lot of third-party games. It's not hard to imagine them being standard features when the next generation launches.
  4. I'm reading that he's only ponying up for to recount a couple of counties, not nearly enough to reverse the margin he's down by--suggesting this whole thing is one big grift to milk his supporters for donations to cover campaign costs.
  5. ALSO: In the biggest surprise of the gen yet, I spent some more time with No Man's Sky and that game kinda rules now. I know I've seen @Mike (if you're still around) talk about it, but switching to Creative mode really changed everything. No longer was I walking around stuck on planets I didn't care for looking for materials to hold R2 at, but instead I'm immediately on a cool winter planet where I carve out a mountain and build a cozy wooden base into it, then fill it with furniture and cool mood lights. That was cool, but THEN I was able to program a few surprisingly deep sequencers to arrange a song that blasts from the base. And THEN I basically MIDI programmed my own light show using the sequencers. This didn't take very long at all, and was the moment I was sold on this game. What a cool fucking feature. And it really felt like I was scratching the surface of what you can do. I've seen aquatic bases, bases built in the sky, and everything in between.
  6. So after a couple days with it, I've decided that I want this Demon's Souls remake to have my babies
  7. Yeah realizing how long we've been here is fucked up. I've legit spent like half of my life as part of this community. I haven't been into regular-ass rock music for years and years. I might just be lonely, and it's nice to have people you kinda know to talk to about video games and wrestling, because my IRL friends just don't share my level of interest in these things. A place like Reddit is an echo chamber and I get nothing out of it. All that to say, I'm happy I've had you guys to talk to, argue with, and learn from over the past decade plus. I don't have any nostalgia for my childhood and teen years--there was so much that I didn't know how to cope with, and rambling and arguing about my favorite bands and wrestlers and movies, it got me away from that stuff. So, thank you.
  8. The Bloodborne number is rookie shit--if you go to the Bloodborne/Souls reddit pages, those dudes have thousands and thousands of hours in whichever game is their favorite. I've beaten with several different builds and characters, and I made it up to NG++++ level on at least one of them. Then the Old Hunters expansion came out which brought me back a whole lot more. Phantom Pain is packed to the gills with fun shit to do. Alien does surprise me because it's a long campaign but I've only beaten it three or times. I've run through TLOU a few times but I'm guessing that's mostly the underrated as fuck multiplayer. I've seen you make comments about replayability in the past that I never got. If I love a game's campaign, I'll probably run through it again on Hard mode, then whatever's above that, until I get bored with it. I like old-fashioned, focused single player. I get bored with the repetition of most multi-player games a lot faster, which is why there's only a couple high up on that list (GTA and Fortnite were mostly long-distance social time--if I never play a round of Fortnite again it's still too fucking soon).
  9. This is where you're not understanding, or at least you're phrasing it in a different way than I would. You could say people are voting along party lines insomuch that they're voting against the Republican, but when I hear "voting along party lines", I interpret that as voting *for* a party blindly, not voting *against* a party for personal reasons. To a lot of the population, the GOP in 2020 is a cancer and if someone identifies as part of it, they need to be removed. I don't think it's fair to insult you (or Mike) as a blind Trump supporter, but you look at the two political parties as just that, political parties that must be taken as having some good and some bad. You see a place like this becoming a partisan shitshow, because everybody hates one 'side' and prefers the other. This isn't how I see things. Drawing a picture of the political climate as a linear matter with two "sides" pulling in opposite directions is a huge mistake, and it comes decades of this broken two-party system. Here's a visual representation of how I see it, and even if you think I'm totally off-base, hopefully you can appreciate why I feel so strongly about things.
  10. Best thing so far: finally, finally, finally, the system tracks your play time. Not only that... Your play time has been getting recorded all along, and you can see them for every game you've ever played on a PS4. I see I played Battlefield: Hardline for less than an hour 2,348 days ago. Because that game was not good. In the past 24 hours, 5 have been on Demon's Souls, 3 on Astro's Playroom, and 1 on No Man's Sky. This isn't sustainable. It won't let you sort, but I fucked around a bit with Google Sheets... 1. Bloodborne - 640 hours 2. Rainbow Six: Siege - 455 hours 3. Grand Theft Auto V - 345 hours* 4. Battlefield 4 - 244 hours 5. Hitman - 139 hours 6. Fortnite - 136 hours*** 7. Rocket League - 135 hours 8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 127 hours 9. The Last of Us: Remastered - 125 hours 10. XCOM 2 - 109 Hours 11. Alien: Isolation - 107 hours 12. Far Cry 4 - 103 hours 13. WWE 2K16 - 99 hours 14. The Evil Within - 94 hours 15. Mortal Kombat X - 92 hours Number 1 and 2 are definitely what I would've guessed, but there's a lot that surprises me here. GTA/Fortnite wouldn't even register since I only play them with friends. Also, I liked The Evil Within and Fry Cry 4, but I would not have guessed that I played them THAT much. Also, if you want an idea of how gigantic of a dork I am IRL, I spent like an hour (okay, more than an hour) making this....
  11. I spent a while downloading all the games I wanted onto my PS4, then took out the hard drive and used a USB case to connect it to the PS5--I keep the PS4 games I want, but I don't use up any of the very valuable SSD space. But then the PS5 makes me reformat it anyway, so I had to download them again. Loved that. I beat Astro's Playroom and that game has no right to be as good it is. I usually HATE corporate feel-goody nostalgia pie, but so much love went into this that I can't help but fall for it. And you know, some mushy happy stuff is exactly what I could use at the end of this shit year, and it's neat that a soulless entity put so many unnecessary resources into giving it to me for no added cost.
  12. Astro's Playroom is every collectathon you ever played, with two exceptions: there's an emphasis on demoing all of the neat bells and whistles of the Dualsense controller, and the shit you're collecting is Playstation stuff. This last part is way more of a hook than it should be--I've already gone back to two worlds to scour for artifacts I missed so the PS1 and PS4 sections of my Labo room would be full. The attention to detail and the sheer volume of nostalgia porn is really something else, and it totally sells what's basically a giant commercial. Demon's Souls just finished downloading so after a break I'm coming back to put this thing to work. Other thoughts... - the UI is... passable, at first glance. It's not the most intuitive and there are some puzzling decisions. It looks nice but there's a lot of things that are either shitty UI symptoms or just new things that I'll get used to and come to appreciate. - One section where the UI is actively bad is backward compatability--figuring out if something is the PS4 or PS5 version of a game should not be an issue. I accidentally downloaded the PS4 No Man's Sky and then ended up with two versions of the same game on my console. - the Dualsense rules and I'm excited to see how it feels in games that weren't designed solely as gimmicks to show it off. The haptics are definitely the most significant feature, it's a really uncanny effect. The triggers feel a little more gimmicky off the bat; they're really cool, but I'll have to see how they get worked into other games. Underrated addition: a built-in mic. I didn't realize until I was muting it how significant this can be for multi-player games like Rainbow Six or Apex--literally everybody has a mic at all times, and the onus is on you to mute it. - a nice thing is that PS4 games are automatically downloaded to my USB hard drive. A nicer thing than that is the PS+ collection. You've got a murderer's row of blockbuster action games like Uncharted, COD, Battlefield, God of War, but what I think is great is how accessible it makes games like Monster Hunter, Persona, Bloodborne. Terrific games that are niche enough to be risky purchases for the uninitiated, and now they're all right there to try for free when you boot up your new system. Microsoft really changed the industry for the better with GamePass. - this console is massive and after the novelty of looking at it wears off, I'm absolutely putting it on its side and sticking it in the entertainment center. Also thank FUCK for physical power and eject buttons.
  13. Fred Meyer was *not prepared for this at all* today. I got there with a handful of others before the doors opened, we all walked to the game isle and stood around confused waiting for someone to come. After several minutes, someone showed up and helped me and the two other people smart enough to have reservations, while one guy pitched a fit that he wasn't leaving without one because Ed from Electronics told him last night that they had plenty of them available, which is why he canceled his Target pre-order so he wants to see a fucking manager. Long story short I made it home and it's plugged in. It's the most involved physical set-up of a console I've ever done--I had to screw a screw!--but it's booting up and doing the update and I'm excited as fuck.
  14. It's the smart thing to do. I just lack patience--I don't have it in me to see everyone talking about how dope this feature or that feature is, and playing Demon's Souls without me.
  15. Look, dude, while being *respectful of your position*, you're being disingenuous to act like this is people voting color and nothing else. Now, it's possible or even likely that you see nothing here about the guy that sounds unsavory, but you must be aware that a "tough on crime"-focused sheriff who hangs out with the most hated man in America is going to appeal to a lot of voters much less than a public defender pushing for police reform. What you're seeing isn't party loyalty, it's an ideological divide. A huge portion of Americans *hate* the police, a lack of police experience is going to be a feature rather than a bug for these voters--kinda like how someone with no political experience was elected president.