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  1. Loved PAC and Darby last night. Darby is very quickly becoming one of my favorite guys in wrestling--I'm always excited to watch him wrestle, which I don't really get after having watched wrestling for over half of my life.
  2. I would hope it's either basically Dark or the "Road to..." shows, only an hour long, supplementing the main show rather than being a second-string Dynamite. It could also maybe be a Saturday Night Main Event type thing where it's not necessarily a weekly show but a periodic big TV event. I'd love that.
  3. If you're building a women's division, raiding Japan is the way to do it. The problem is the total absence of storylines. Kenny's just a different kind of cat and I don't know how much his creative is going to mesh with a mainstream American wrestling show. But if he's over his dreams as a performer I'm not sure what else he's going to contribute other than being a guy you can tap to have an amazing match now and again.
  4. - I actually don't know if Hangman should do a full turn. It seems like the past couple weeks they've been teasing it as just gotten him way more over with the live crowd and he's showing new vigor in the ring. I'd consider having him and Omega have a contentious split but not with either being an explicit 'bad guy' with an actual heel turn. Only problem is, who wins the match? - I don't mind a lot of factions, but there should 100% be less heel groups, especially of the dark/cult variety, trying to recruit. Three different angles this week all involving heels mad that they couldn't recruit a good guy. The Elite's music is horrible, and most of the music in AEW is bad. If you wanna talk about looking minor league, how about bragging about having Zach Meyers in your audience? Doesn't exactly make wrestling look cool. - I don't disagree that they shouldn't show titles from other companies on TV, but it's silly to say it's because they need to be 'major league' like WCW and WWE--New Japan, the number two promotion in the world with a bullet, allows it without being 'minor league', and WWE/WCW never allowed their talent to compete elsewhere to begin with to the best of my knowledge. It's not as though there's an established rule for how 'major leagues' handle this. If you're going for a sports vibe, it makes sense to acknowledge the wrestlers' outside accomplishments. It's just better for the show's audience to not have extra belts on the show, especially if they're not from partnered promotions. - They need more than anything else to have some fuckin' DQs or stop doing interference on every show. The amount of interference that was allowed in the women's title match, without a ref bump, was ridiculous. Also, I read somewhere that Omega is more interested in stepping aside and building up the next generation now that he's lived out all his dreams in AEW, which is fine for him, but if he's going to be on TV his storylines should really feel less half-baked, and you could say the same of the women's division which he apparently also books. PAC walks into his friend's locker room, Kenny runs to the back. We hear nothing about this for a month before a near identical angle is run, and then we once again aren't updated at all on what happened. There's been almost no storylines of any kind in the women's division outside of the Nightmare Collective, which is the most unanimously hated thing on the show (or maybe any show in wrestling) right now. I haven't been watching NXT since Dynamite started, but it sounds like their women's division is wiping the floor with AEW's which isn't a great look for the otherwise more progressive wrestling company.
  5. Uncut Gems: terrific movie. The rare movie that's still sticking with me a few days after seeing it. Adam Sandler's best performance I've seen, and the filmmaking is so manic and visceral that I walked out of the theater having a hard time shaking it off of me.
  6. Anyone wanna talk AEW? - I'm coming around on Hangman Page a lot the past couple of weeks. He's been a guy for a minute who appears to have every tool yet coming across too much as the company's thoroughbred to have a real identity. He's filling the new 'charismatic drunk asshole' character very well, and the tension with Omega gives me something to invest in. Also, their match with Private Party was a lot of fun. - Riho, Statlander, and Shida are good, but the Nightmare Collective is the only consistently awful part of the show. The Dark Order, while much better, really shouldn't have done the exact same segment ten minutes later. - Love Arn coming in to help Cody flip the script on MJF by making him wait. DDP, though, was terrible. It was tough to watch a guy I've always really liked come across so poorly. - Other than being a couple minutes too long (and the superhuman strength of Jon Moxley breaking a second champagne bottle by just picking it up), the main event segment was perfect. I must have rewatched the punchline three times. Jericho is the most invaluable top heel in the industry, and Moxley is (as he has always been) a superstar. It's a wonderful thing to finally see him showing it.
  7. Anyone else watch Watchmen? Excellent series overall, but man that finale rushed a lot of things and I think it's left a flat taste in my mouth. Everything that happened more or less works from a plot perspective, but a lot of it didn't get any time to breathe.
  8. You're not wrong that his presence on Backstage seems very phony, but I'd rather see the Kabuki Warriors than any of those other people except Bryan. They're both world-class performers and you don't really hear too much from them out of character.
  9. Casually, to an extent? I mean, I grew up with the movies and loved them as a kid and still have a reverence for them now but my tastes have changed as I've grown. The Last Jedi in no way was a perfect movie, I'd probably give it like a 6 out of 10 on the whole, but I thought there were certain categories in which it transcended the series (the overall visual direction, Luke's arc, most of the stuff involving the Force and Rey, the suicide bombing scene). There were also a LOT of problems with the script, but this is where I diverge from you, because I don't think any of these movies had great writing in the conventional sense. Star Wars has always been silly popcorn movies, what sets it apart is the sense of wonder and imagination, and The Last Jedi had that more than any installment since the original trilogy. I didn't come away from it wishing JJ Abrams would come back and play it safe again, but instead that Rian Johnson's vision for the world could be refined and have the kinks worked out because for all its flaws, it's got the magic. If you want my criticisms, here they are: the sideplots involving Poe and Finn were both not great. I liked the idea that Poe was being a reckless jackass and that Holdo actually knew what she was doing, but as you said, it ended very unsatisfyingly with him performing a mutiny and everyone just shrugging their shoulders like "I like this kid, he's got spunk!". Finn was just a generally annoying character and it was clear that Johnson was out of his element trying to do broad comedy, and it felt like a complete copout having him sacrifice himself for the team in the face of sure doom only for Rose to stop him. No issues with Luke, nor a lot of the other things you mention which just seems like you're just mentioning random things from the plot without specifying what's wrong with them. And lastly, you must know it's disingenuous to cite Rotten Tomatoes user ratings to prove a point. Any movie that pisses some sort of toxic fandom off gets review bombed to oblivion by angry nerds--just ask Captain Marvel and Watchmen, not to mention any game with the misfortune of being released exclusively on the Epic Store. I'm not trying to be a movie snob, I just think you're taking this whole thing a little too seriously.
  10. Abrams doesn't really trash the movie at all, he just acknowledges that it wasn't what people go to Star Wars for, which was obviously true for a lot of people. I think the opposing argument is that what those people want isn't as good as what we got.
  11. I hadn't realized this was a 2K-published game with no Ken Levine on board. I'm not quite as interested now--this is gonna be a 'wait and see'. I also don't know that I agree about going back to Rapture; I'm sure there's more stories be told there, but I prefer the idea of not falling back on the same backdrop for every story. Bioshock 2 was a fun game with an entertaining story, but it really didn't feel as significant of an experience as the first game or Infinite. You could turn the series into a "Tales from Rapture" style stories, sure, but I'm a bigger fan of not setting every game against the same backdrop.
  12. I saw they announced the long speculated REmake 3 for April. Resident Evil 2 is nestled behind Sekiro for my game of the year so this is very exciting. And I didn't hear about Bioshock! That's a top five franchise for me so that's also very exciting.
  13. Yep, Civ. I actually ended up splurging on the DLC which hugely expands diplomacy (a UN-type world regulatory board can form and vote upon various things), natural disasters, climate change, etc. The depth of the game is just ridiculous. I'd say it's hard to learn in the sense that I've played about 25 hours in the last week, completing three or four civs, and have yet to win a game or really come all that close, but I certainly didn't have a hard time learning the mechanics of the game well enough to enjoy myself--the devil is in learning how to best strategize for both short-term and long-term. Plus even if you lose, you can keep playing indefinitely, so after I lost to Germany in the space race I just put everything into developing nukes to make them pay. Compared to something like Crusader Kings II, which I picked up a loooong time ago and gave up on pretty quickly, it's a walk in the park.
  14. Update: this game is a damn disease. It takes everything in me to not keep playing it indefinitely. I haven't caught this sort of addiction to a video game since I was a boy.