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  1. And something else worth taking note of: if you go on any social media and use the location-based features to see what's being posted in certain regions (Snapchat's creepy SnapMap thing being most useful), in Minneapolis almost everything you see is people standing around, doing chants, maybe you've got someone with a megaphone, and then a bunch of dudes with body armor and assault rifles watching. In most of the city, there are people just going about their lives. The media (and this is any profit-driven media, not just Fox News) is always going to make this shit as sensational as possible because it makes them a lot of money to do so. Unfortunately profit driven media is where the president gets most of his information so who knows what the fuck he's gonna do. It probably won't be good, if the tweet calling for escalation to shooting looters is any indication. You can think whatever the hell you want about whether the looters 'deserve' to be shot, but you don't de-escalate this sort of thing by ordering law enforcement to shoot unarmed civilians. That's totalitarian V for Vendetta type bullshit and it's frightening to imagine where it leads.
  2. What MLK recognized is that while violence is in almost every case an inferior approach to social change than peaceful protest, humans are inherently flawed and there's only so much shit most people will take before they turn to violence. There's absolutely no reason to think that if you had lived the life the protestors (violent or peaceful) had, you'd behave the same way. You can't control people. All you can do is try and create conditions that don't drive people to violence to begin with. Now, something else that I'm not sure how credible it is but that's absolutely worth mentioning, there's a viral video going around of some buff white dude in a hoodie and gas mask calming going around breaking windows during a protest, and the protestors in fact notice, start filming, and ask him to stop before trying to figure out who he is and what he's up to as he tries to evade them. There's internet sleuths who seem to have found a member of MPD who shares a resemblance (though I don't think it's conclusive, the man's face is largely concealed). Now it could just be some random white dude who wanted to break shit amidst the chaos, I don't know, but it's definitely enough to remind you that you shouldn't trust everything you hear.
  3. I made it to this point of the post mostly disagreeing but understanding why you feel the way you do and not feeling as though it was my place to correct you, but this part, it all went off the rails with this ridiculous generalization. As though there aren't peaceful black protesters, and as though there aren't countless instances of white people rioting not because of the police murdering a member of their community, but because their sports team lost. Taking a 'those damn blacks can't protest without rioting' is a blatantly racist position and I know that you must've known that it was a reactionary take that you'd get called out. For my own beliefs, I'm not saying I support taking a violent approach to accomplish change (because it usually tends to backfire, and this will probably not be an exception), but some perspective here. For one, it's a fuckin' Target. They'll be okay. Secondly, if you've spent your whole life experiencing targeted harassment by police and the reality that cops get away with murdering people because they look like you, and that shit happened in your backyard, you might feel as though the best thing to do is raise hell to get your point across too. I'm sure a lot of the looting is just shitheads capitalizing on the chaos but whenever this happens I like to remember Martin Luther King's quote "a riot is the language of the unheard". If you aren't pissed off constantly about the prison-industrial complex and institutional racism that seems to go hand-in-hand with our justice system and law enforcement, and how it doesn't feel like it will ever change, then you probably should think twice before you get mad about some people raiding a Target.
  4. After reading this I did the same thing, but my reaction was different. It tickles me to realize that behind such a wacky persona was a perfectly normal, well adjusted dad with a regular life away from the internet.
  5. Oh yeah the champions and the roster in general: aces. It's still pretty fantastic to see Jon Moxley as the superstar I was saying he was for years while the entire internet turned on him because of the lame shit WWE put him up to. IIRC you were always an Ambrose guy too but there was a consensus among a lot of online fans that he was easily the weakest of the three Shield guys and what a bad take that looks like now.
  6. Also this is making the online rounds and it's pretty gold: That is the current Lacey Evans bossing around Sammy Guevara at his WWE tryout, unimpressed by his self-confidence and unimpressed by... his ability to do lots of rolls. I don't know if I've seen a better encapsulation of the differences between the way the two companies operate. Lacey Evans is an ex-Marine with an ingrained work ethic and 'how high' mentality when it comes to authority, so naturally they've been big on her from day one. They don't want human beings who are passionate about pro wrestling, they want brain-washed robots who will do whatever they're told and whatever it takes to make one person happy. It's just wild that for a company whose leadership is so obsessed with making it in show-business has completely lost sight of the basic foundation of a good show. It's not boot camp-esque subservience training.
  7. Also we have very different takes on Kris Statlander. Ford is still green to be sure, but I've seen Statlander (for as impressive an athlete as she is) fuck waaaaay more spots up in much more dangerous ways. She'd be so much better if someone told her to tone her shit down until she looks more comfortable in the ring. I thought their match was perfectly fine though, and both women have a world of potential.
  8. The Stadium Stampede was... something else. I'll get my one negative piece out of the way first, and that's that there were several times where it bounded over the line of 'ridiculous entertaining brawl' into outright comedy, like most of Matt's stuff and all the football humor, where it was in fact very funny but I found the more conventional backstage brawl action a lot more compelling, so having a five minute 'chapter' where Matt Hardy changes clothes underwater and gives Ortiz a seizure with a bell took me out of it a bit. BUT that was still the most absurdly fun wrestling segment I've seen in years. I liked how once the action got split up it sort of became the Mortal Kombat story mode, with different pairings of guys getting their own 'chapters', and to that end, the Hangman/Hager/Omega bar brawl was my favorite of the segments. Also Sammy has balls of steel to take that last bump, even with a huge crash pad. Can you fucking imagine doing that? I also want to comment again on how much I loved the finish to Moxley vs Lee. The match all the way around was exactly the showing Lee desperately needed to have after making clear that he's kind of a lousy promo, but the dude getting killed with a rare 'finisher through some sort of wooden staging' spot that didn't look obviously staged, coming up bleeding, kicking out of the DDT at one, getting battered to death, DDT again, then an RNC to put him out, fantastic.
  9. So I'm only up to the beginning of the main event, but this Double or Nothing show has been great.
  10. Called this one when they showed it at E3 that one year. Game looked beautiful visually, but like every boring-ass narrative-driven action game of the last ten years rolled into one. Disagree about the setting though. Japan is a beautiful place and I'd love more games set there. Sekiro did really well to immerse itself in the land and its history and its culture.
  11. So me and my buddy watched the MITB match on the incredible strength of its presence and that was some of the worst shit I've ever seen in any form of media. My buddy (who hasn't watched WWE in a long while but watches AEW with me) thought he was having some sort of fever dream. There was no sort of coherent narrative, every single solitary character acted like a brain-dead child, and a bunch of the laziest fucking cameos you'll ever see. Why the fuck do they play the cameos' music when they're on screen? Do they think I don't know who Stephanie McMahon is? Also that was the shittiest looking Doink I've ever seen, and the local Alabama promotion was run by a 60 year old obese Doink who played the character once on a Smackdown and claimed the gimmick for life. If this company isn't acquired by Disney or Fox in five year's time I'll put money down it doesn't exist at all. I'm also completely blown away that much of the internet actually enjoyed it.
  12. So when you open Chrome on Android you get a bunch of recommended headlines. I saw a headline about a Know Your Meme post about some meme involving... something involving spoilers. And then also, when the leaks first hit there were people posting spoilers or trolling with fake spoilers EVERYWHERE and I didn't yet know I had to avoid all articles of any kind pertaining to the game. So I feel like I've seen little snippets of different spoiler-y things involving a major event in the game that I can kinda piece together the very broadstrokes of an extremely major spoiler. But I have little enough detail that I can still play the game in suspense, I just know there's something that will probably happen at some point but I have no clue when or even exactly what. The Reddit is actually shockingly safe because it's been locked down to the extent that every post goes through the moderators before becoming public.
  13. Man, that last The Last of Us Part 2 trailer really helped to offset how bummed I've been about having the game half-ass spoiled and not knowing if I'll make it to release without some jackass ruining the whole thing. Who knows how the game will turn out, but they cut one HELL of a trailer out of it.
  14. If that's true there's some chickens coming home to roost (no pun intended). America has WAY too heavy a meat-based diet because the meat industry is subsidized out the ass and therefore meat is absurdly cheap compared to most developed countries. There's so much unsustainable shit going on at a massive scale when it comes to our quality of life. If COVID actually forces people to address some of it it could be a net positive. The hippie stereotype makes it easy for everyone to dismiss it but we're ravaging the hell out of our land.
  15. So I went ahead and snagged a Switch Lite today to help distract me from how much schoolwork I have. I owned a Switch proper for a spell early in its life, but coming back to it now and trying to decide which games to get first, I realize, goddamn, what a library. Nintendo snuck in and ran away with this generation halfway through. Now if only they weren't all full price still...