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  1. I can't speak to the in memoriam, but the Grammys are always a shitshow and should not be taken too seriously at all. They did get some stuff right this year with wins for St. Vincent and Gambino at least.
  2. Well obviously it's not a loaded Takeover card, it's a house show. My only point is that it's not a bad card at all for a house show, it's actually a better card on paper than the two they've ran in Seattle and those shows were a lot of fun.
  3. I read the results and the only person on that card who isn't a regular on NXT TV was Deonna Purazzo. And specifically War Raiders vs Fabian Aichner and Marcell Bartel sounds rad. I think this is more a problem of you not knowing the characters because you don't watch the show. If that was an episode of NXT it'd be a loaded card.
  4. So I caved and got Resident Evil 2 and I have to say my reservations about the game were silly. This shit rules. Even with the over-the-shoulder camera, the game uses the fact that you can't see behind you, darkness, and sound design to be absolutely terrifying. I think it's scarier than Resident Evil 7 (which I mostly loved) even. So I'm playing on hardcore mode, mainly because I don't like the introduction of autosaves on the normal difficulty, so this probably plays a role here, but holy shit they found a way to make zombies scary again. They're fucking menaces. They completely change the rules of what you know about fighting zombies in a video game--you shoot them in the head, and unless you pull off a lucky critical hit, they keep coming. You repeatedly shoot them in the head until they fall down, they get back up. If you try and run around them, they swiftly swing right to catch you. If you rush around a corner into two or more at the same time, they immediately wrestle you to the ground (though this is mercifully not an insta kill if you have full health). They'll periodically come in through windows you haven't used boards scattered about the map to cover up, they'll bang on doors to rooms you've escaped to until they break through, every single one of them is a dilemma to be worked around and if you're not smart, they will multiply. I haven't even gotten to any of the harder enemies yet and backtracking through areas to find certain key items/unlock doors is already intense as hell, and navigating into a new area is doubly so. Just a great, great effort all around and I'm stoked to see where they can take the series after Resi 7 and now this in succession. EDIT: the key is taking their limbs off, Dead Space-style. You can shoot limbs off usually with far fewer headshots than it typically takes to kill a zombie, and a crawling zombie or an armless zombie is much easier to run around.
  5. I've never had a problem with needing the bathroom during a movie but intermissions are cool if the movie is built with an act structure to support it. The Hateful Eight is a good example of how it can work. It can give the dramatic bear preceding it a sort of emphasis, like how when a late season episode of TV ends with an awesome cliffhanger.
  6. It seems winter is the new fall for games. I'm jonesing for the Resident Evil 2 remake but can't afford it, you've got the Kingdom Hearts hype machine, then Metro Exodus which looks rad as hell in a couple weeks, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in March. Too many games!
  7. At this point I'd almost be surprised if Zayn isn't strongly considering leaving. Dude has been even more wasted than Ambrose and he seems to really not care for the shady corporate nature of WWE. Also, Takeover was a lot of fun. The tag match and the Gargano/Ricochet match were both outstanding and the crowd was insanely hot for both. Riddle/Ohno was quite good for what it was but I have to wonder if Ohno is planning on retiring soon with the way they're booking him. Women's match was alright, the main event was really good but suffered a lot following the Gargano/Ricochet match. The Royal Rumble was a fine show. I thought Ronda vs Sasha was really really good, the best Sasha has looked since she was in NXT. The women's Rumble was bad but I found it to be mostly entertaining, and most importantly the right person won. Both world title matches were really good despite the awful finish for Styles vs Bryan (easily the best Finn has looked since he got signed), and the men's Rumble was solid despite some confusing booking (the awful beginning segment with Jarrett and Elias, Black getting tossed like a geek by frigging Baron Corbin). I want to say that Joe is the shit and I'm also pretty damn impressed with how much they're giving Mustafa Ali to do. I never saw him getting "called up" coming, let alone being positioned as pretty much the number two babyface on Smackdown. He's really good.
  8. Hey fellas, I have research calling for me to make three new friends. Help a feller out?
  9. Two minutes left--I bet this is all just set up to make Tom Brady look really strong when he wins the game for his team in the final act.
  10. I actually went to the TL reddit but I didn't really have any answers and assumed the place was just shut down for good so I didn't respond. I'm glad we've reestablished that little safety hub though.
  11. While I can't say without knowing the full context of the raid, what you're referring to is "mansplaining" and while it's a word that's thrown around pretty haphazardly because your own perspective makes a big difference in how you take it, the idea is that it's when a guy explains something to a woman in a condescending way, or explains something to her that she already knows, with the implicit, often unconscious reasoning that he knows better than her. A good example would be, say, a male doctor explaining a common medical procedure to a female colleague. It's not some huge thing that anybody I've met would get upset over, more of just a generally frowned upon, annoying habit that a lot of guys can have. Now, what happened with you sounds pretty innocent, but I'd just keep in mind re: why the girl left, she's a girl playing video games online with a headset. She's one hundred percent absolutely getting condescension and sexism every time she logs on, so it'd make perfect sense if she took what you said the wrong way.
  12. Oh they're definitely too low I'm just not as invested as you are. I'd personally put them at number two on historical significance alone with the Horsemen an easy number one. And in the WWE canon, while having them at number one is ludicrous, the Shield should definitely be in there (above DX and Evolution, certainly). Their original run was maybe the best run a faction has had in company history, both in booking and match quality.
  13. I don't share your nWo nostalgia boner, but that list is laughably bad in the exact way you'd expect a WWE list to be.
  14. Speaking of good wrestling, to the best I can tell the next Takeover card is looking like Ciampa vs Black, Baszler vs Belair, Gargano vs Ricochet, Undisputed Era vs War Raiders, and some combination of Matt Riddle, Kassius Ohno, and Keith Lee. I'll be live at this show for the first time, and I gotta say, I'm pretty happy with how this is shaping up.
  15. lol thank fuck I deleted twitter