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  1. While I'm not sure there's any one episode that tops the highs of season three, this was probably the best season all the way through yet. The whole Time's Up deal inspired some truly next level satire and commentary, and the way it spins into a renewed focus on examining the character of Bojack, with all he's done and who he is now. I can't think of a single weak patch.
  2. It isn't, and it isn't going to be. We--his two closest friends by a gigantic margin--made it clear we wouldn't stand by him if that sort of behavior even hinted at returning, and we all agreed as a group that she would be absolutely right to get the hell out of the situation.
  3. So tonight was a night. I'm in Tucson for a week for what's basically a get together of my group of close friends--my best friend who's stationed here for the Air Force, who I'll call Arn, his wife, who I'll call Darlene, and my other extremely close friend, Marcus. We're all staying at Arn and Darlene's place on base. Tonight made the two hour drive to Phoenix so me and Darlene could see the first show of the Nine Inch Nails tour, while Arn and Marcus went bar hopping. So firstly, the concert was fucking spectacular. They opened the show by playing the goddamn Broken EP all the way through, including songs that haven't been played in 23 years, which has never happened before. My expectations were tempered after the strong but fairly safe and predictable shows they've been doing the past year and change, and they were completely rocked and it was easily some of the most fun I've ever had at a concert (of which I have seen quite a few, at least for someone my age). After the show, it quickly became clear that our two friends had drank to the point of being jackasses. It was a pain to deal with while dehydrated and exhausted and smelly from the show at 11:30 PM with a two hour drive ahead, but manageable overall. Arn was especially plastered to the point of being a total fuckhead, and when Darlene bickered with him and hopped him on the arm he retaliated by smacking her. This was not the low point of the night. Neither me nor Marcus totally saw what happened, but she quickly alerted us to it and Marcus (as he's always been good at doing) got clear-headed real quick. He dealt with Arn while me and Darlene went to look for the car, as she expressed basically how horrible this whole thing is for her. The fact that he can get so drunk that he would do that (and not immediately see the problem, no less) is obviously really goddamn disturbing and tough for her when me and Marcus aren't around to do anything about it. Over the drive home, Arn fell asleep quickly and the rest of us talked over the situation a lot--both about how if this happens, it is essential for Darlene to not needle and escalate the situation (not because it's right, but because when someone is that far gone they can't be reasoned with), and that limits absolutely must be put on Arn's drinking. She also made clear that she was absolutely not okay sharing the bed with him tonight, and that she needed us to ensure he crashed on the couch or in the guest room (which I was happy to relinquish for the sake of stabilizing the situation). Upon getting home, we woke him up and he immediately went straight to bed despite our protests. So, we tried to let him pass out so we could carry him out, but he quickly woke back up. He's being a complete toddler at this point, insisting that he's sleeping in his bed. I eventually have enough of this and pull him out by force (bear in mind: of the three of us, Marcus is heavyset but fairly athletic, Arn is short but muscular, and I am a 6'3 twig). With great resistance, we get him out of the bed room (still in his underwear) and Darlene locks the door. We tell him he's sleeping anywhere else, and he is not having it. I'm blocking the door, and Marcus is in front of me. He's threatening to break it down. We tell him we can be here all night, trying so, so hard to reason with him and get him to just fucking go to sleep in the guest room. The pettiness of it is infuriating, and I'm about ready to tell him that if he tried to get in I'm gonna kick his ass (world-building: I have never kicked anyone's ass or been in a real fight, nor have I ever been in this sort of position before, so there's a shit load of adrenaline coming with this). It doesn't come to that, because eventually I think something in his twisted mind about his pushover friend standing up to him like this and keeping him from his hard earned bed snaps and he swings at me--Marcus catches him, and wrestles him to the ground. Now at this point things get hazy--somehow he ends up downstairs with me bringing him some clothes, and Marcus gets into another brawl with him downstairs. We block the stairway and it's clear we have the high ground, so he goes into the kitchen and punches a hole in the wall. It's becoming clear around this time that while he's obviously still drunk and in some sort of state, he doesn't remember what he did and probably feels like he's in some kind of nightmare, where his friends keep telling him he did something awful that he doesn't remember, and his brain is in overdrive trying to block him from believing what we're saying. Fast-forwarding a bit, he seems to exit the dark side. He's not letting go staying in his bed just yet, but he finally accepts what we're telling him and he seems mortified. He says he can't drink anymore, and pours out forty dollars worth of beer that Marcus bought but it becomes clear that we just need to let him have this for the healing to begin. We end up talking it out, there's a lot of crying, and we start brainstorming his rehabilitation because even 0.1 percent of the times he gets drunk leading to this kind of shitshow is too much. He's aware of how hard this is going to be, but seems prepared to do what's necessary, and tomorrow we're going to talk the whole thing through with Darlene present. This has been what feels like pretty much the hardest night of my life to date and I don't really have anybody to share this with who wasn't here, and who I'm comfortable sharing such dark shit involving these particular people with. So I'm here. Seeing my best friend of nearly a decade this way was like... seeing a ghost. After the melee when I went to update his wife on the situation we hugged and I just fell apart on her shoulder (which pisses me off because it totally kills my tough guy routine from minutes earlier). My heart is still in physical pain, presumably from the adrenaline. There's not really anything anyone here can do for me, just, holy shit, man.
  4. 1. "Knuckle Up" - Ho99o9 (2017) 2. "MVX" - minimal violence (2018) 3. "Persephone" - Cocteau Twins (1984) 4. "Asinine" - SIGSALY (2017) 5. "Sweatmother" - Tobacco (2010) 6. "Voluntary Human Extinction" - C.H.E.W. (2017) 7. "Among the Sleep" - Cage (2002) 8. "My Romance" - Ella Fitzgerald (1956) 9. "Hitched" - The Kills (2002) 10. "Canary Yellow" - Deafheaven (2018)
  5. So this inspired me to go back and watch the first Spider-Man first the first time in many, many years, and goddamn, while nostalgia probably plays a part in this, this movie rules. It really captures the charming campiness of comics like nothing since has without undermining the characters--which is probably why Sam Raimi was such a perfect fit. He's smart while also totally lacking in pretension, happy to embrace the silliness of the subject matter instead of hiding it.
  6. Shit, there's more? Are they optional?
  7. Yeah that's most of what I've been doing. The story missions are actually hit or miss for me so far. When I play a Spider-Man game, I'm not sure stealth missions as MJ, or throwing Aunt May a party are what I'm looking for.
  8. - multiple games have pretty much nailed web slinging before so if you've played them it's kinda like riding a bike, but it's still a blast and it's never been in such a fully realized Manhattan. - I spent like an hour just going around stopping random crimes. Sometimes I'd drop into the street to say hello to some random town folk. You really become immersed in filling the role of Spider-Man. - there's also an alarming amount of depth, it seems. Multiple skill trees, a bunch of upgradable suits, a bunch of unnecessary but seemingly optional mini games such as Peter's job working with Otto Octavius (!). - Spider-Man makes a lot of really shitty jokes but they're the charming kind of shitty, and everyone reacts with casual annoyance so it works. - The combat. Dude. The combat. Best beat-em-up style gameplay I've played in a loooong time.
  9. So I had my reservations but this game is fucking unreasonably fun. Making a thread because it seems like we've got quite a few here playing it. I rented it and I may end up splurging on the whole deal like a dumbass if I haven't had my fill by the end of the rental term.
  10. I mean I imagine it'll still be rock focused but variety is the spice of life. Like Run the Jewels popping up at Aftershock last year--it was still a rock festival, but there's some variety, not just the standard active rock type bands.
  11. It's a better name and also implies the genre field may be opened up a bit, seems like an all around improvement.
  12. I tried to cut my hair a bit last year, ended up fucking it up and going to a shop that charged me FIFTY DOLLARS to fix it by cutting it much shorter than I initially wanted. I learned a lot of hard lessons in one fell swoop that day.
  13. So how about this new mole hunt storyline? Unexpected twist in the "President Trump" angle. Funny seeing Sarah Sanders break the law sticking Trump's base on NYT but if course nobody gives a shit.
  14. While I'm not one hundred percent on either side of this, upon doing a cursory read through of that Twitter thread it seems as though you're missing the point.
  15. Spending the next week not watching this is gonna be rough: