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  1. I decided to check out the last couple matches of this PPV because they sounded like they could be exciting. Never again. I've only been tuning in to PPVs watch certain matches out of hopeful curiosity, if that, for a long while now, but I'm not even wasting my time doing that anymore.
  2. Defy in Seattle regularly holds shows with cards that run circles around these with 25 dollar GA standing. Indie shows aren't expensive unless you're trying to go to something like PWG.
  3. Those cards look absolutely dire
  4. I got you pen ol' pal: Now I will say that while I haven't listened to it yet, historically my biggest barrier to entry with Deafheaven, who I think are an excellent band, has been the vocals, though for a slightly different reason. I don't mind screaming or indiscernible lyrics, but the black metal style of vocal that is less akin to a human scream and more a beastly growl, gives me a hard time connecting. It's harsh and ugly sounding, but it also lacks that human element that comes with higher register screaming. I've had similar issues with Opeth and some other bands. But what makes them such an anomaly is, as you said, the music itself. They're kind of like Dillinger in that they're a band that brings about this strange crossover between fans of extreme genres and alt nerds like me. With DEP it's mathy rhythm and jazziness, with Deafheaven it's the shoegaze-esque ethereal guitars and walls of sound. It's a growing trend, and it's really cool seeing these closed off niche genres experimenting and getting recognition outside of their bubble.
  5. DEAFHEAVEN // 'ORDINARY CORRUPT HUMAN LOVE' // 7-13-18 // shoegaze-black metal // sargent house 1. "You Without End" 2. "Honeycomb" 3. "Canary Yellow" 4. "Near" 5. "Glint" 6. "Night People" 7. "Worthless Animal"
  6. These are the sort of unsettling philosophical mysteries you'll uncover in Twin Peaks: The Return.
  7. " - fun, tastes good, melts quickly - but don’t waste your time chasing the ice cream truck. Life happens elsewhere."
  8. Emmy nominations are out and it's the usual--some great shows getting recognized, some baffling omissions and some nominations that make no kind of sense. The Handmaid's Tale is probably gonna win everything, and some exceptional dumbshittery in the miniseries category, where Twin Peaks was almost entirely wiped out, including the criminal snub of Kyle MachLachlan in an all-time great performance, and Laura Dern. Mark Frost responded with the right idea to upset nerds on Twitter though: "External validation is a popsicle."
  9. Massive Attack Public Image Ltd. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Neurosis Sleep Cannibal Ox He Whose Ox is Gored Chelsea Wolfe (she was seriously blessed with such a given name) Savages And I doubt anybody here remembers a time when the word and the band weren't synonymous, if you think about it, Nirvana really was a good get for those guys. Also, I haven't heard their music but there's a hardcore band in San Diego called The Gay Agenda and that's just great.
  10. He's a meathead but an intelligent one that appeals to the South Park-y MMA fan white dudes of the world because he's smart and not bigoted in any discernible way but is also "non-PC". I'm not really a fan because of of the meatheadiness but I understand his appeal.
  11. ARK update: I think this game may actually be problematic. I read some accounts online of wives whose marital lives are wrecked because their husbands are so addicted to the game. Dudes on online forums sharing their 2000 hour plus time investments in the game, playing like it's a full time job. Point being, I'm thinking if cutting myself off is in order. If my math is right I'm at like 22 hours in a week and a half, which is really far too much. The game is just too good. The degree of detail is nothing short of astounding--this is truly its own complete world where every little thing, no matter how useless it seems, serves a purpose. I wonder if the reason it's so addictive is because it provides such a rush of adventure to people whose lives are sorely lacking in it. EDIT: Something that I hadn't considered when reading these stories is that most of these people were playing online on dedicated servers. As far as time investment goes, this is apparently a very different beast since the game world is moving and changing whether you're playing it or not, so if you've built up a solid foundation (tamed animals, maybe a nice base with crop plots, etc) it becomes pertinent that you jump in on a regular basis to run some basic maintenance--and this obviously becomes more and more involved the bigger and more complicated your character's life becomes. And there's also the WoW-like social aspect, where people are joining tribes and working together to build the biggest, most efficient tribe possible and dominate the server. Needless to say, I can't say I'll be doing all that. The game is already more than deep enough in single player/non-dedicated online play.
  12. Interviewer, on a match with Miz at Wrestlemania: "...would you be up for that?" DB: "I'm definitely up for it. My question, do you trust WWE with telling that story from now to WrestleMania 35? *laughs* What in the last seven years has shown to you that's possible?" Interviewer: "My answer is last time they did that with you, WrestleMania 30." Daniel: "Yeah, if something accidentally happens, if they have no control over it, maybe it'll happen." Zero Fucks Bryan
  13. 1. Nine Inch Nails - "Shit Mirror" (Bad Witch, 6/18) 2. Death Grips - "Black Paint" (Year of the Snitch, 6/18) 3. Emma Ruth Rundle - "Fever Dreams" (On Dark Horses, 9/18) 4. He Whose Ox is Gored - "Cairo" (The Camel, The Lion, The Child, 10/15) 5. Jaye Jayle, "Accepting" (No Trail and Other Unholy Paths, 6/18) 6. Converge, "Beautiful Ruin" (Beautiful Ruin, 6/18) 7. Snail Mail - "Deep Sea" (Lush, 6/18) 8. David Bowie - "Law (Earthlings on Fire)" (Earthling, 2/97) 9. The Body - "Nothing Stirs" (I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer., 5/18) It's been a crowded month, making for a mix with an uneven mix of mostly mellower fare sandwiched in between the abrasive and extreme. On the former end of the spectrum, the lead single from Emma Ruth Rundle (who, with Chelsea Wolfe stepping most all the way into metal, is the new reigning queen of bleak, deeply personal folk music), whose third solo LP is due out this September. Alongside her is her frequent collaborator Jaye Jayle, who dropped a new full-length just days ago, and Snail Mail, which likely sounds familiar as her debut Lush has been making the rounds with critical praise since it released last month. Seattle "doom-gaze" outfit He Whose Ox is Gored reasserted themselves as one of my favorite live groups at June's Northwest Terror Fest, and fittingly have their second record Cascader on the way so I threw in one of my favorites from their debut. Converge made a late addition to the list with a surprise EP last week, and its hellacious closing title track. Usual suspects Nine Inch Nails and Death Grips both put out strong records on the same day, and high energy cuts from each open the set. The last song off David Bowie's incredible Earthling, which I've been bumping a lot lately, makes an appearance, and the mix concludes with a standout from The Body's recent harrowing blend of industrial, noise, and doom metal, I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer.. Enjoy the fireworks.
  14. Oh I was joking. You oughta know by now I'm way too big a pretentious knob to be a Swiftie. I'm afraid I'm not sure I have much for you, after looking over my list. You might dig some tracks from the LCD Soundsystem album? "i used to" and "call the police" come to mind.
  15. Well, Reputation is the only one that matters, obviously.