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  1. So there's a 16 year old girl on Twitter who's said that James Ellsworth sent her nudes with screenshots to back it up, and apparently some female wrestlers backed her up that he's a creep backstage on the condition of anonymity. Even if the dude doesn't go to jail, he's definitely done with WWE.
  2. 1. "Roseate" - Ioanna Gika (2018) 2. "No Accusations" - The Black Queen (2018) 3. "Less Sex" - Daughters (2018) 4. "Darkhorse" - Emma Ruth Rundle (2018) 5. "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Live)" - Steven Wilson (2018) 6. "Clean" - Depeche Mode (1990) 7. "Smoking Section (piano version)" - St. Vincent (2018) 8. "Belly Up" - C.H.E.W. (2018) 9. "All Bitches Die (all Bitches Die Here)" - Lingua Ignota (2018)
  3. Yeah I'm not in any way underestimating their capacity to still screw this up, but it's off to a surprisingly promising start. Having her hug her arch nemesis who is suddenly her best friend again was definitely dumb. And it just occured to me that the match is probably gonna be Bryan vs Shane. God damn it.
  4. I'd be happy to eat my words here, because according to the Observer the new plan for Wrestlemania is to main event with Ronda Rousey vs one Becky Lynch. Meltzer reports that Rousey felt that was the way to go and Vince actually agreed. Dear god, if Ronda is going to be willing to flex the amount of pull she has to straighten Vince out now and again (not that there's any confirmation that Vince wasn't on board with the idea to begin with), she may be the best thing to happen to the company in years. And a Wrestlemania with Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey headlining, with probably Brock vs AJ or Rollins for the title, Bryan against... somebody, maybe Drew McIntyre vs Braun, I might actually be into watching Wrestlemania this year instead of out of obligation because my friends are watching it.
  5. Not necessarily a failure, just more utterly random shit that on this occasion happens to be pretty intriguing. Ending a year long title reign on a go-home Smackdown (ostensibly changing the main event at the last minute) while simultaneously turning your best babyface heel out of nowhere may be exciting because it's new and has the potential to lead to some good TV but it's not like it makes any sort of logical sense. It's like the company is run by a bunch of manatees who occasionally hit an idea ball that's bewildering in a good way instead of a bad one.
  6. Hahaha this company makes so little sense that it's actually astonishing
  7. Nia Jax is so fucking awful, and the company is even worse for continously putting her in the ring (and pushing her), no less. It's bad enough given her terrible matches, terrible promos, and nonexistent acting ability, but this is, like, the third or fourth high profile fuck up with her hurting somebody? I know she injured Bayley twice in the same match last year, apparently she concussed Zelina a couple weeks ago, and there was that match where she nearly killed Charlotte on more than one occasion. Most people on this board could probably become a better, safer worker than her with a couple months of training and she's been doing this for years with learning resources that very few ever have access to. Poor Becky. I've seen some people speculating this could be a positive for her because it gives her an out from losing to Rousey but those people are putting way too much faith in WWE that she's still going to be pushed like this returning from injury with Wrestlemania around the corner. Did they not see how the fan-favorite football season pushes went for Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, or CM Punk (or Ryback, but that one was for the better)? In reality, she's missing out on what was very likely going to be the biggest match of her career by a solid margin, and had her time on top cut short.
  8. I was on the fence about shelling out for Hitman 2 right away despite the solid reviews, but then I saw this:
  9. Really bummed about Riddle vs Ohno getting cut because I'm really excited about that match, but if the reason is to make sure the other four matches get enough time I can respect it.
  10. Rented RDR. Game is brilliant in a whole lot of ways but Rockstar, as usual, keeps getting in its own way. Firstly, I'll say that the gameplay teasers really overstayed how interactive the game's NPCs are. I don't really blame them for this, because there's a ton of NPCs in this game, but the vast majority of NPCs I've encountered have been called "Stranger" with no indication that they've got their own story or even names I could learn, just a small amount of canned greeting dialogue. It's not comparable at all to a game like Bully or even Skyrim in terms of making every NPC feel like a potentially meaningful character. And Skyrim brings me to the rest of my main issue--this game should be more of an RPG. Not necessarily in the sense that I want leveling up and any of that stuff, but there's a distinct lack of freedom when you're in any kind of mission that contrasts so starkly with the open world gameplay, it makes most of your hijinks feel completely noncanon. The best example would be a game like Fallout New Vegas. I remember fairly early into that game, some dude starts causing trouble in a saloon. Game logic told me I could talk to the bar keep after he left and learn about who he was, and it'd somehow lead to a questline. So instead of doing that, I walk up behind him and shoot him in the head, and... the game just continues. The other characters comment on the trouble I've just brought my way taking out a gang member, and the story goes down this path rather than the one it could have if I'd dealt with it differently. That freedom to control the narrative and who my character was, reacting to situations in different ways, is intoxicating. Here, early on, me and my pal happen across a bear during a hunting mission. Arthur comments on all the meat on him, but the other guy warns off it. So naturally, I get off my horse and put several bullets in the bear's head before it mauls me to death while the other guy reacts in bewildered shock at my stupidity. That's all good and fine, that's hilarious. But... to reward me for my experimentation, I get to spend another five minutes walking back to that spot with the bear listening to the same dialogue. And this is true throughout the game. Any time you're in a mission, your agency largely goes out the window as Rockstar worked hard on this story and you have to play it exactly how they intended it. If one of your buddies dies, it's game over. Do anything to blow the mission, game over, try again. I'd be so much more interested in being able to be unsuccessful in a mission and deal with the fallout (no pun intended) instead of returning to checkpoints that are altogether too far apart. And another gripe, piggybacking off of that: like every recent R* game, there is TOO MUCH fuckin' time spent walking and listening to dialogue. I don't mind the lack of fast travel, that's to be expected, but for fuck's sake, let me make my own way to the mission area and THEN start the mission. I almost dread doing any mission because I know it's going to start with several minutes of holding X while looking at my phone and listening to Rockstar's usually mediocre dialogue, and God forbid I do anything fun in that time because if I do anything that upsets the mission parameters I have to start over. This has been a problem all the way back to GTAIV and unfortunately there's zero incentive for them to ever change it because they're still making a ton of money and almost no critics are willing to actually be critical of their games. I am grateful that at least you can autopilot these parts, so I'm not accidentally getting into a car accident and spooking my date. All that said, the game is really really good when you're finally on your own. The shooting still sucks but it's well established that R* has no clue how to do shooting, and it's not that big of a deal. The world is vast and there's a ton to do, and dynamic enough gameplay that there's a ton of room for experimentation.
  11. Final card seems to be WARGAMES: Undisputed Era v. Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and War Raiders NXT Championship: Tomasso Ciampa v. Velveteen Dream Johnny Gargano v. Aleister Black NXT Women's Championship 2/3 Falls: Shayna Baszler v. Kairi Sane Matt Riddle v. Kassius Ohno God DAMN what a card. Any of these matches getting less than 15 minutes would be disappointing.
  12. I don't know, but I will say that, when the blu-ray collection for The Shield got pushed to December, leaving me jonesing as I have to wait another month for my re-watch, I've actually been working through Breaking Bad for the first time in a long while and it's jumped out to me just how fucking great season two is. If not for the plane fiasco it might be my favorite season, or at least very close to season four for that distinction.
  13. So I haven't watched the show, nor have I read any feedback, but just from the recap Crown Jewel sounds like an all-time bad show, at least from a booking perspective. Fucking Shane McMahon inserts himself into the finals of a tournament to determine the best in the world? That's legitimate self-parody.
  14. Yeah I was surprised to see all the shit it was getting here because it didn't sound like a bad show at all, albeit with its fair share of dumb shit like Nia winning the battle royale and what I'm sure was an insufferable amount of WWEspeak and awful commentary about the Women's Evolution™. This next Takeover, on the other hand, is looking like maybe the best yet. It looks like the card is going to be Ciampa vs Dream, Gargano vs Black, Ohno vs Riddle, presumably a Baszler title defense (maybe against Toni Storm?), and the War Hams match. Literally everything except the Baszler match sounds like it could be one of the best matches of the year.
  15. But what if they're good? And where exactly does Roderick Strong figure into this? Dude has a job because he's one of the best wrestlers in the world, not because he's buddies with anybody in the company.