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  1. I mean, definitely better than I do about Call of Duty, but still with many of the same reservations.
  2. Oh yeah I'm still all over a more polished battle royale game, I just don't know that Call of Duty is the right fit. Not only is it presumably locked to first-person, i don't see them doing the survival element of the mode justice.
  3. PUBG has very good gameplay. Fortnite's shooting is terrible but the building and looting aspect of it is very fun. I definitely prefer to what I imagine a COD take would play like.
  4. So I've just made it through the original series and film and am now a few episodes into Twin Peaks: The Return and this is gobsmackingly great. David Lynch is so completely in the zone--it's disturbing, funny ("HellooOOOoo") , intriguing, scary, beautiful. Also, Matthew Lillard is a brilliant actor who should've been in way more stuff all these years.
  5. It'll definitely be a boon but I don't know how much it's going to move the needle. I think Call of Duty is at a point where you're either going to play it or not. COD fans will jump on it, and the Fortnite kids will as well probably, but if you weren't already planning on playing the game I don't know how likely it is that this changes your mind unless it's REALLY well done.
  6. 1. I mean of course it's down to opinion here, but I'm not confident they'd be at quite the same level. The Revival works so smart, creatively, and efficiently, they're unlike any team I've seen in modern wrestling. Even in shorter matches that aren't great, you see their creative fingerprints. 2. That's fair, and again, this is just opinion, I could be off here. It is true that they clearly see him as a main event-ish guy on some level since he's been working with Shane for the better part of a year, but I really think the way he and Sami have been presented in that feud has hurt their credibility quite a bit. Shane, a non-wrestler, was presented as tougher than him and he could only beat him with Sami's help, and Bryan more or less beat them both by himself at Wrestlemania. He didn't have the credibility in WWE's eyes to just have a one-on-one title match with AJ on PPV, it had to be 2 vs 1. Sure, he could be a main event heel, but I think it'll take dropping the act with Sami (and vice versa for Sami, who only gets being the fall guy for Owens out of this act) and a bit of character rehab for you to actually build a compelling feud out of him against, say, Roman or Braun.
  7. This one's easy, they've had much better matches than any other team in the company by a healthy margin, and have gotten high caliber matches out of virtually every opponent. They had really good matches with Enzo and Cass of all people, excellent matches with American Alpha which Alpha never came close to duplicating with anyone else, and then had some of the best tag matches in WWE history with DIY (and AoP, when they got added to the feud). They can have good matches with cans and classics with strong opponents. They're like the AJ Styles of tag team wrestling.
  8. It's nothing against them, the Revival are just on another level from anybody, maybe in the world.
  9. Neither are really viable. Kevin Owens (and Sami Zayn, though he's at least been doing great work late) has been presented like a complete loser for so long that you can put him in the main event, sure, but it's going to be hollow. Fighting in (and losing) a handicap match for the title will do that to you. And Jinder, well, he's Jinder.
  10. No Way's completely harmless. Just a warm-up guy with fun music to get the crowd heated up in the dark match.
  11. Raw has no main event heels now. Ambrose will likely fill that slot when he comes back but in the interim they need to get McIntyre await from Ziggler stat and turn Roode yesterday. The thing with Miz is no matter how much great TV he produces he's never going to have that main event credibility. They should have the story be Bryan vs Miz with Cass as Miz's muscle. Keeps Cass out of a singles role while using his size, keeps Bryan from looking weak feuding with the Miz because Miz has a big mean dude to help him. New Test would be a better goon than Axel and Bo Dallas combined anyway.
  12. Smackdown tag division: The Usos New Day The Bar Sanity Bludgeon Brothers The Club Raw tag division: Hardy and Wyatt The Revival Fashion Police Authors of Pain (edit, forgot they debuted) They might as well go ahead and make the tag titles Smackdown-exclusive with how thin that Raw division is. Poor Revival, easily the best team in the company and totally overlooked.. Meanwhile, Smackdown roster: AJ Styles Daniel Bryan Shinsuke Nakamura Samoa Joe Andrade "Cien" Almas Randy Orton The Miz Rusev Day Jeff Hardy Maybe the best roster for a WWE show in at least 16 years, right?
  13. Is the most lopsided brand shakeup ever? It's like they're apologizing to Smackdown for the entire last year. EDIT: I may have spoken too soon, lose a Corbin, gain a Cass
  14. This album is DOPE. Early AOTY contender for me. I loved about half of it on the first listen and the rest came around on repeat listens--the title track/lead single still doesn't quite click for me but it's all so fresh and unique that I'm cool with it. "The Happiest Place" is maybe the best thing she's ever released.
  15. QUEEN KWONG // 'LOVE ME TO DEATH' // 4-13-18 // indie punk/garage rock // edison sound 1. Love Me to Death 2. One Lung 3. Fools Gold 4. Raptures 5. The Happiest Place 6. Third World Girl 7. White Whine 8. Prehistoric Blues 9. On the Mend 10. Old Faithful 11. Sun of Life