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  1. I don't know that I'd agree the roster is too big, if anything it's lacking depth. The tag division is strong right now but it really hit the skids with the pandemic, the women's roster is razor thin, and if you look at their roster they've got almost nobody left for Cody to face that sounds exciting that hasn't already lost to him. Moxley doesn't have any fresh, credible challengers after MJF unless the Omega/Page split happens. But the line needs to be drawn with the WWE guys. I respect that they're the types to be there for their friends and most of these guys they're hiring are fine but they aren't 'elite'. If Sami Zayn or Roderick Strong become available, they should be signed immediately, but that's not the case. Most of the *great* wrestlers Triple H spent all those years scooping up are locked in for at least a few years.
  2. I'm glad they did the Warhorse match because there was apparently a big push for it on social media and it's cool that they're willing to experiment with a guy who's got a following, but I wasn't a big fan of him in anything but a comedic enhancement talent role. The ring intro was the best part of the whole thing. For indie open challengers, I'd go Edwards > Starks > Warhorse, and I don't know if he should get a contract like the former two. Darby getting a title match is cool and all but it doesn't really make any sense. It's not a huge thing but I do hope they start taking the rankings more seriously. I'm okay with Matt Cordona getting a chance because it's not like he's ever really been positioned to show off if he's good, but I'm not exactly thrilled to see him. What's way more concerning is fuckin' Funkadactyl Cameron showing up--I get Cordona because he's good friends with an executive and has gotten over with big crowds before, but Cameron? The person best known for trying to pin someone who was face down, and embarrassing herself in front of Steve Austin on Tough Enough? Why on earth would you hire her? And God bless Ricky Starks for agreeing to that absurd skateboard spot that I never need to see again, and in general I think a moratorium should be placed on thumbtack spots for a few months at least. Easily the most gnarly thumbtack spot I've ever seen, and if a worse one exists I don't wish to see it.
  3. Jefferson hated the idea of having slaves so much that he not only owned slaved but famously raped one of them repeatedly and had several illegitimate kids with her. Funny how those 1/3 of the fathers that never owned slaves are the ones we celebrate the least.
  4. What a weird take. All I've seen from anyone is praise for one of the best episodes of Dynamite to date, which I agree with wholeheartedly, and in this case the ratings actually agree as well since they had their best night in several months, cracked the top five on cable and were the number one show on all of cable in men 18-49. Eddie Kingston is a dude I'd never seen before and he was fucking great, easily the best open challenge segment to date. MJF and Britt Baker were fantastic as always, the falls count anywhere match was a blast, the main event was really good, even a sorta squash match with Hangman and a Dark Order geek was really fun. They're doing a storyline of Shida calling out women to populate the barely existent women's division and the two we saw both seem like solid additions. And, of course, you then had Lance Archer stealing the whole show. One of the faster two hour shows I've watched in a while.
  5. I bought The Last of Us Part II, No Man's Sky, Infamous: Second Son, Bloodborne (a blind purchase, funny enough), Death Stranding, LittleBigPlanet 3, and Uncharted 4 during release week. Of that group, the Naughty Dog games and especially Bloodborne are the ones that I'd say that were big enough to necessarily *justify* the console as the one to have. But the thing is, I've used primarily Playstation consoles for over 15 years. I've never looked back and wished I had chosen differently, so the onus is on their competition to entice me to invest in another system that feels alien to me. The Switch and the PC both succeed at that.
  6. The secondary logo is really good too: I'm totally gonna be a hockey fan come 2020, to the point that I'll probably buy and wear merchandise in public if it's got these sexy logos and colors on it. Seattle is blessed with aesthetically pleasing sports franchises, if nothing else. Hopefully the eventual NBA team lives up to this standard: . .
  7. Name is okay, bitchin' logo though. I like the colors too.
  8. Just read the recap for Extreme Rules. Holy fuck, dude
  9. 'Poor decision making' referring to the decision to psychologically torment an unarmed man for several minutes before unloading an assault rifle into him while he's laying on the ground? And it doesn't matter how 'rare' it is, because he fucking got away with it. He actually got an early retirement and disability checks out of it. They almost always get away with it, barring nationwide riots, and these are just the instances that actually get caught on camera. That's what you don't seem to get. It doesn't matter how many good cops there are, it doesn't matter that they have a dangerous job, that's not the pertinent issue. It's that history shows that they can do whatever the hell they want to us and they'll most likely not face any real consequences for it. It seems as though a cop is more likely to get punished for reporting brutality than actually committing it. And look, the movement for reform isn't perfect. How the hell could it be? ACAB may be catchy and fun to say but for the most part, street cops aren't really the root of the problem. And I get why there's backlash to that attitude, even if I think that backlash is misguided. Police brutality is a symptom of a cancer-ridden system. And we don't have an experienced surgical team to remove it, we have a bunch of pissed off mobs. I don't know how we can fix the problem. But it's kind of hard to even begin when so many motherfuckers all the way up to the top won't even acknowledge that there is one.
  10. Anyone wanna tell me that extreme sweeping police reform isn't needed? Now, keep in mind if this is your first time seeing this (as it was mine): this video is four years old. The piece of shit officer whose voice you hear was fired then briefly reinstated, allowing him to retire with his pension. He was acquitted of criminal charges. He also collects disability, for the PTSD from the sadistic murder he committed. Four years later, the same shit is still happening. It's like fucking clockwork: a cop is caught on camera doing indefensible shit or outright murdering someone, civil unrest follows, protests escalate into riots, the riots are used to justify excessive police force, and then a few months later everybody forgets about it until the next time it happens. It's bleak as hell. I think most of us would agree that policing is necessary to a certain extent, but how can you blame someone for wanting to take their chances when they're subjected to shit like this?
  11. Apparently this is a few years old, but it's new to me and sure to haunt my dreams for the next month. Don't watch if you have any aversion to seeing disturbing shit.
  12. I think I'll just do all systems instead of just the PS4: S Tier: Bloodborne The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey XCOM 2 Outer Wilds A+ Tier: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DOOM Eternal The Last of Us: Part II Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sid Meier's Civilization VI A Tier: Rainbow Six: Siege Alien: Isolation Resident Evil 2: Remake Resident Evil 7 Monster Hunter World DOOM Tekken 7 INSIDE A- Tier: LittleBigPlanet 3 Marvel's Spider-Man Dark Souls 3 Hitman Hitman 2 Battlefield 4 Rocket League Fire Pro Wrestling World Mortal Kombat 11 SOMA Undertale B+ Tier: Battlefield 1 Transistor ARK: Survival Evolved Red Dead Redemption 2 Infamous: Second Son Far Cry 4 Mortal Kombat X No Man's Sky Death Stranding The Evil Within B Tier thru C Tier: Until Dawn South Park: The Fractured But Whole The Evil Within 2 Gravity Rush 2 Life is Strange Resident Evil 3: Remake Dying Light Outlast Mirror's Edge Catalyst Animal Crossing: New Horizons BAD: Mass Effect: Andromeda WWE 2K15 OMITTED (haven't finished but on list): The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witness Persona 5 God of War Horizon: Zero Dawn Super Smash Bros Ultimate Into the Breach Divinity: Original Sin II Celeste Good generation, all told. I'm sure there's stellar stuff I'm not even aware of, but I'm more than happy with what I've played. The first ten games listed are all experiences I'm not going to forget for a very, very long time.
  13. I mean it's a nice game and all (and the game that got me into the series) but when I'm talking about my *favorite* games, ehhhh
  14. You misunderstood--Portal 2 had a great story, albeit one that played out in the background of the gameplay.
  15. 1. I think this is a loaded question because "it's been overwhelmingly hated" is a faulty premise. I'm not aware of many review aggregate sites for games, but on Metacritic at least, the game's sitting dead even at 5/10 with user ratings despite an absolutely massive review-bombing campaign. It's received a lot of backlash and obviously there's plenty of disappointed fans, but it's not like the The Last of Us 2 subreddit (where you get downvoted to hell for daring to make a positive comment about the game) is reflective of the general population. I literally just finished the game, and I've been putting in hours every night to try and get through it so I could talk about it. Most people aren't going to beat and judge a 30 hour game in a week. Most people probably won't beat a 30 hour game, period. Only 53% of the people who played The Last of Us 1 beat it. Sony won't give a shit about online vitriol, especially if the game is sitting near the top of lots of GOTY lists at the end of the year as it likely will be. 2. It obviously depends on the balance of game/story, but my general rule is that if a game is going to let the gameplay take a backseat, the story better be damn good--well above the standard set by most video game stories. Spider-Man gave me this issue--the story was fine, but not good enough to justify how often it required me to stop enjoying it as a video game. Any Rockstar story from the last ten years also applies here. Video game developers are usually much better at making fun games than they are at creative writing, so I think gameplay is on average more important. I'm gonna just name off some of my favorite games... Resident Evil 4 and 2, Bloodborne, Hitman: Contracts and Blood Money, Dino Crisis, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Alien: Isolation, Dead Space, Sekiro, The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, XCOM 2, Portal 2. Other than making me feel really young, what I get out of that list is that most of the games I love have stories that range from mediocre to outright bad, and the good ones are usually in the background of the stellar gameplay (Bloodborne, Portal 2). The Bioshock games are probably the only ones there where I value the strength of the story over the gameplay, and they still have really good gameplay.