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  1. After The Phantom Pain I've got the utmost faith in Kojima. For as nonsensical as the story may have seemed, that game featured some of the best gameplay I've ever experienced.
  2. It's not so much that I expected it at E3 (I didn't) as it's weird that it's been so long and we still don't even have a release date outside of "probably Spring if next year). I know games take time to make and surely this must be a really great one if they're working so much on it, but I remember when Uncharted 2 got its announce trailer at the VGAs in December of one year and then was out the following October. Same for Uncharted 3, which then had a full gameplay demo on Fallon (?) shortly afterward. I miss those days.
  3. A couple of takes... I'm sure it'll be a great game just based on the track record of Nintendo, but that Zelda remake does not look appealing to me at all. The art style in particular bugs me, but there's just something about the footage that doesn't look like a hell of a lot of fun. I don't have a Switch anymore (I do miss it) anyway so it's not of much concern. The Star Wars game also didn't do anything for me. It looked like a pretty generic big budget Star Wars game, like The Force Unleashed but with modern polish. The Avengers game, on the other hand, looks totally fuckin' lame. It was really hard to watch all these poor voice actors and game dudes embarrassing themselves using a million words while saying a whole lot of jack shit about the game. On positive notes, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of my most anticipated games for the foreseeable future, there's a new Namco-published From Software title which is super exciting for obvious reasons, there's a goddamn Destroy All Humans! remake coming, and Death Stranding is actually going to be out by the end of the year. I'm pretty bummed I saw Matt mention Dino Crisis and got my hopes all astronomical for a RE Engine remake. Not many titles that would excite me that much. Also when the hell is The Last of Us 2 coming? It feels like they out the first trailer out like five years ago.
  4. Nah this is better than Last Stand, Wolverine, and probably Apocalypse. The first half of the movie is decent, but it just swerves into the most boring, stale route possible and ends with me feeling like I wasted my time getting even a little invested in it. If the movie had been a total trainwreck at least there would be entertainment value in that.
  5. So today I traded in my crappy gold 04 Cavalier and got my first ever car that wasn't already fifteen years old by the time I got it. It's a 2017 Fusion Hybrid and this car rules. I had no idea how many basic QOL improvements have been made to cars in recent years, and this one's got them, and it's a hybrid. Now, I wasn't quite sure what this meant when I brought it home and started trying to figure it out (beyond knowing that it's reportedly good for mileage and the environment) but after some research and practice in the field it's amazing. It's like playing a video game trying to keep your MPG as high as possible while a screen updates it in real time, and then going for the max possible recharge from braking when you come to a stop. One hundred percent worth it to be in by a huge margin the most debt I've ever been in.
  6. Dark Phoenix. Uh, not great.
  7. New Destroy All Humans!, this is not a drill
  8. While I'm most excited about AEW nowadays and have kinda written off all WWE shows (including NXT), don't sleep on last night's Takeover. Every match ruled, and the main event was goddamn insane. Adam Cole can be one of the biggest stars in wrestling if he stays away from VKM.
  9. Early AEW impressions: - the first tag match was rock solid, but I do hope they introduce rankings or whatever to add stakes to matches like this where there aren't any really big personalities or storylines. - Smilie Kylie is my immediate favorite AEW women's wrestler. Just delightful. That whole match was also quite fun.
  10. New Terminator just seems like a poor idea in general at this point. Even if you do have Arnold and Linda in prominent roles, what exactly left is there to say with those characters? Just leave it be, or if you must, do a hard reboot. Something like Salvation, maybe, only that doesn't suck.
  11. Hard to pick a strong leader so far but lots of goodies... Helms Alee - 'Noctiluca' Karen O & Danger Mouse - 'Lux Prima' RAKTA - 'Fahla Comum' Ionna Gika - 'Thalassa' Aesop Rock & Tobacco - 'Malibu Ken' Amanda Palmer - 'There Will Be No Intermission' Bring Her - 'Bring Her' Minimal Violence - 'InDreams' Brutus - 'Nest' And not quite in the AOTY race at the moment, but still quite good: Cherry Glazerr - 'Stuffed and Ready' Le Butcherettes - 'bi/MENTAL' Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - 'Droneflower' Haunted Horses - 'Severed Circle' Plus new stuff from Cave In, Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe, Black Mountain, Full of Hell, Tool, Run the Jewels, Wes Borland, Fucked and Bound, Earth, and goddamn Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in the pipeline. Good year this is shaping up to be.
  12. In potentially game-changing news, AEW has announced a weekly TV show on TNT. There had been rumors so it's not necessarily a shock, but still, how exciting! I'll definitely be giving it a shot as someone who's never watched BTE on Youtube.
  13. I've got no plans to play Anthem, The Division, or especially Days Gone (which I think looks unbelievably lame) but Resident Evil 2 was fantastic and already a strong AOTY contender and then Sekiro came and beat it. I wouldn't be surprised if Tsushima (which I'm also not that excited about at all) or Death Stranding get pushed back to be PS5 launch window titles, but The Last of Us could feasibly come out this year or be a swan song for the PS4 next spring/summer like the first one was for the PS3. There isn't anything this year left that I see myself paying for, barring maybe The Outer Worlds if reviews are truly great.
  14. So I was thinking about how 2019 is off to such a great start this year, and took to Google to see what's yet to come--and I see that there really isn't much of shit that I'm looking forward to for the rest of the year (unless Naughty Dog surprises everyone and drops The Last of Us 2 this holiday). But what I did see was this new CD Projekt Red game, Cyberpunk 2077, and holy shit it looks like the game of my dreams. It's like they took everything cool about The Witcher, dropped the stuff I didn't care for, and set it in a much more appealing setting that I don't believe I've ever seen in a big open world RPG before (Mass Effect comes the closest).
  15. Well that was a nice movie.