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  1. The first two albums are legendary, but I think that happens with a lot of artists, regardless of the label status. Also, when they released their first album buying rock CDs was still in style.
  2. I sure do miss 2000s TOAD. :/
  3. Loving the tribute/covers...Keep 'em coming!
  4. Been awhile since I've heard from these guys, nice to see something new out here!
  5. Do any of you remember the time before Linkin Park blew up (before In The End was a single)? Like, I do... They would play ads on MTV promoting Hybrid Theory (like Drowning Pool did during WWE). I got that shit as soon as I heard "Crawling." I've probably spent over a thousand hours listening to Linkin Park since I was a teen, no joke. No point really, just reminiscing.
  6. This fucking blows, dudes. Not only was Hybrid Theory and Meteora an integral part of my rock upbringing, it's pretty much the soundtrack to a large part of my developmental years and fucking DEAD BY SUNRISE was a huge part of my healing over the worst relationship I had been in. So, gents...if you haven't listened to Dead By Sunrise, check the record out. It's really good in it's own way.
  7. Sounds awesome! I almost made it to their last STL show but had to bow out after decided I'm spending too much on concerts/travel right now.
  8. Holy shit, I've probably seen Trapt about 6 times over the past decade. Probably not going to be seeing them anymore...
  9. Damn good stuff.
  10. There's a few from WANA and I'm too tried to think of the all others atm.
  11. Yeah, I heard a few new songs live and I'm stoked. They had the album art (?) as a huge backdrop.
  12. Damn, that was a performance.
  13. I had a Dr try to give me anti-depressants for off-label use once. Fuck that noise. I'd rather live with whatever ails me than mess with any mood-altering drugs.
  14. Well, I'm super friggen excited. I never had the chance to see these guys even though I love all the albums.
  15. Not much in the way of new music/news to share, but Joey Culver is making a few posts regarding Atomship's return to the rock world. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAtomship/ Great news! I saw these guys back in 2004 and they blew my mind...been spinning the Crash of 47 ever since. Papercut Massacre was pretty good too. Hope this picks up steam.