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    I have come to rock. Nothing more, nothing less.
  1. Thanks! I've been working on it non-stop for about a month, that and taking product photos. There's still a bunch of work I have left just to get it to the baseline. Everything on there is hand-made by my girlfriend, too!
  2. My girlfriend and I have started a new venture selling natural products, soaps, etc via our own webshop that I built. I know it's a long shot for this audience, but feel free to check it out. We're offering 20% off to celebrate our launch during Cyber Monday Week, just use promo code: LAUNCH20. https://www.stellapolarislimited.com/
  3. New from The Juliana Theory. Quite different from their past works, but sounds pretty good IMHO.
  4. So uh...I guess The Beautiful Mistake is back? Unexpected find of the week! I still revisit their album "This Is Who You Are" from 2004.
  5. I saw some Proud Boys find out the meaning of "Fuck around and find out" in DC. Probably a bad idea to align yourself with those assholes. They were plenty violent. Edit: Also, go fuck yourself.
  6. Damn, this reminds me of the old school emo sound. Great song!
  7. Some of those that hold office...
  8. Hmm, those sounds more attainable than the other promises not kept.
  9. Promises like what?
  10. Perhaps, so...but only one of those would have been a two-time popular vote loser.
  11. Well, it's nice to have some closure. BidenHarris2020 has finally been called by the news outlets.
  12. Why do you think there's a downvote option? Maybe I just want to hit it and move on. Does it hurt your feelings that I don't agree with most of your commentary in this thread? You might want to go read the last comment I made about you.
  13. Hey, remember when you insulted me personally out of nowhere just because you didn't like getting downvoted.
  14. That's not even close to what I said, you whiny bitch.
  15. Don't start nothin'...Won't be nothin. /s For reals though, guys...I apologize. I didn't realize how sensitive some people might be here. I don't want anyone rage eating tonight.