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  1. Really digging the acoustics!
  2. Wrong. The answer is Jay Ray...he even looks a bit like him.
  3. He's been the producer/manager for the band since founding it too. I can see the argument for him wanting to keep the name, though I feel the 3 other members wanting to use the name should have more weight since they make up most of the band.
  4. It's not Ill Nino anymore. Doesn't sound bad...but would be better with Christian Machado.
  5. Not too bad. It's less post-grungy but I like it.
  6. Bought tickets to see Stabbing Westward next month...a dream will be realized even if it's 15 years later than desired!

  7. The new Strata single "Welcome To The West Coast" is lit...I dig it.
  8. "Welcome To The West Coast". Our first new single in over a decade will be streaming everywhere on January 1st. --> definitely don't expect us to go back in time 15 years but we do hope you're open to some evolution
  9. ...and I made another! This one is a little tighter in editing and more heavy...more TL speed anyway.
  10. New Strata next year. https://www.altpress.com/news/limousines-eric-victorino-poetry-book/?fbclid=IwAR2dv9ZDWdf2YRqg1fYsPATISr67jcZ1VNLubY_D7m80drb00DX1jUQ_NbY Not sure what to expect, but I'm excited.
  11. This song is awesome...how do they only have 10K plays? \m/
  12. I know this single has been out for a bit but I've only recently heard it and it's pretty awesome. Can't wait to hear the album when it drops. Crown the Empire - what i am
  13. IDK if the host was right, but I heard today on Sirius that RoR wasn't just a name change...some of the people organizing split so it's just part of the crew from ROR. Might be changing names for legal reasons or to get away from the old crew.
  14. Don't like the name, but eh...is what it is.