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  1. Spinning it on Spotify right now. Will probably take a few listens before I can post standouts, but I'm digging it! Definitely love Maeve, with that slower bluesy sound.
  2. Jeez, how the hell is a rocker supposed to be able to afford all these awesome concerts that are dropping this month?
  3. That's it, I give up. I'm retiring.
  4. I think Bubbles would make a better single, but I like them both pretty well.
  5. Oh yeah? Well what does Lucas have to say about this one?
  6. New Incubus track titled "Our Love" - it's pretty chill.
  7. Aranda's new track "Invisible" hit Spotify tonight. It's pretty damn good. Too bad they haven't been touring lately.
  8. I'm enjoying the album, and really like the OG song Far Away with Scooter, but overall the album doesn't excite me. I feel where this album fails is that most of the songs are too similar to the album versions so it doesn't really feel that different to me.
  9. Holy shit, I like this one even more than the last one. PS. I know I don't post much but I appreciate y'all posting new videos here. Once every few weeks I go down the list while I'm editing and check 'em all out.
  10. Is that acoustic? LOL
  11. Love the video. Low budget road warriors! \m/
  12. Hot damn! I was hoping it'd be released before next year. Hope they drop a music video.
  13. Been listening to this album heavy this week . Probably my favorite "new" band for this year.