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  1. This is a pretty good album, albeit lighter in tone that most old Cold fans might desire. Systems Fail and the Run (Snow Patrol) cover are amazing.
  2. If any of y'all need help checking this SPAM, I wouldn't mind taking a look at the back end to make sure it's set up optimally and updated/etc. Send me a DM if so.
  3. Now, that is hilarious. Also, I haven't heard the new album but does it pander to the military crowd as much as the cover/title lead me to believe?
  4. I don't know if anyone else was a KillRadio fan, but they recently released a new EP. Here's a new track:
  5. Cold's new track off the upcoming album dropped today. Here's "Without You" Really digging the sound of this one!
  6. WTF
  7. I like it. I know a lot of "old" Cold fans miss the heavier sound but they need to realize that's not coming back for many reasons. If I want that sound I can play the ST or 13Ways or the old Grundig tracks. Can't wait for the full album release!
  8. You seem to know all about being an adult.
  9. I don't care what their personal beliefs are EXCEPT when I am paying to see them and they're ranting about democrats/liberals on stage. You don't alienate your audience.
  10. Really digging this new album! Armalite (feat Clint Lowry) and the Hotel California cover are my favs so far.
  11. Yeah, he's doing a lot of conservative coddling in his shows these days. It really turned me off anything new, but I still went back and listened to some of my favorite Staind albums and it holds up. Not going to support any future endeavors, though.
  12. Pretty good. Could use more heavy melodic Stapp and less preachy onelove Stapp. LOL.
  13. Really digging the acoustics!
  14. Wrong. The answer is Jay Ray...he even looks a bit like him.