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    I have come to rock. Nothing more, nothing less.
  1. Papercut Massacre (Ex- Atomship) featuring Zach Myers (Shinedown) - Alive & Well
  2. If you guys don't follow Faktion on Facebook, you should. They've been live-streaming some old performances from the Curtain Club in Dallas back in the day. https://www.facebook.com/faktionmusic/
  3. Sounds pretty good, though I think I still like Red Sun Rising's cover more.
  4. The Corona Sessions "Take A Picture" Filter Cover Featuring : Nick Coyle (Cold/Lifer) : Vocals Geno Lenardo (ex-Filter/Device) : Acoustic Guitar Lindsay Manfredi (Cold) : Bass Chad Szeliga (ex-Breaking Benjamin/ex-BLS/Black Star Riders) : Drums Aaron Fink (ex-Breaking Benjamin/Lifer/Earshot) : Keyboard Brian Quinn (Candlebox) : Acoustic Guitar Johnny Nova (Cold) : Electric Guitar
  5. Is anything?
  6. LOL...the last few months? He's been like this since the Make America Rock Again tour, at least.
  7. I had to listen to it twice, but I think I'm still putting it in the enjoyable column. It's definitely different, but not bad.
  8. This is a local band comprised of a few members from Enduval. Album is coming out soon! Sky Falls Down - The Fire In Me from the album A Match to Start the Flame Release Date: May 29 2020
  9. Hell yeah. Never thought I'd see another Lifer track! \m/
  10. So many feels! It looks like only Scooter could be in this one due to the restrictions on travel/gatherings.
  11. Spinning it on Spotify right now. Will probably take a few listens before I can post standouts, but I'm digging it! Definitely love Maeve, with that slower bluesy sound.
  12. Jeez, how the hell is a rocker supposed to be able to afford all these awesome concerts that are dropping this month?
  13. That's it, I give up. I'm retiring.
  14. I think Bubbles would make a better single, but I like them both pretty well.
  15. Oh yeah? Well what does Lucas have to say about this one?