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  1. Holy shit, I've probably seen Trapt about 6 times over the past decade. Probably not going to be seeing them anymore...
  2. Damn good stuff.
  3. There's a few from WANA and I'm too tried to think of the all others atm.
  4. Yeah, I heard a few new songs live and I'm stoked. They had the album art (?) as a huge backdrop.
  5. Damn, that was a performance.
  6. I had a Dr try to give me anti-depressants for off-label use once. Fuck that noise. I'd rather live with whatever ails me than mess with any mood-altering drugs.
  7. Well, I'm super friggen excited. I never had the chance to see these guys even though I love all the albums.
  8. Not much in the way of new music/news to share, but Joey Culver is making a few posts regarding Atomship's return to the rock world. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAtomship/ Great news! I saw these guys back in 2004 and they blew my mind...been spinning the Crash of 47 ever since. Papercut Massacre was pretty good too. Hope this picks up steam.
  9. Well, no...I didn't say I'd pay them that much. I could have a month of backyard shows instead of just one!
  10. $75K for a backyard show? If I was wealthy enough to blow money on things like that I'd go around getting independent or "retired" guys to play instead.
  11. This is a music forum and we enjoy talking about music and other things. This isn't Matt's personal Facebook page so don't get on your own soapbox when someone says something you don't like. $100K seems to be an outlier when seeing GoFundMe campaigns so I can see the skepticism but no one was being personally disrespectful here except for maybe that one guy who is always disrespectful no matter the person (as you can see by the conversation above).
  12. They're playing The Madness on the local radio station now... I'm really liking it a lot.
  13. Since the last video was blocked, here is the official lyric video: Not sure how I feel about it. Might need to let this one ferment...
  14. Springfield show sold out pretty quickly. I wasn't going to go anyway but I'm a bit surprised.
  15. Disappointed that both MO shows are on week days. Damn you, midwest.