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  1. They should have Johnny from Nothing More do a cameo on the album. Keep that cross-promotion going.
  2. New The Reality of Yourself (TROY) video released! The song is titled Wicked World and their sound has definitely matured since the fake BB video of "Out There"
  3. This album is AOTY for me...seriously good.
  4. If anyone's interested, here's my latest short film challenge entry (48hrs) with Jay Ray's music added. It's a goofy bit.
  5. It's a little pricey considering I don't care to see the headliner live...also weird af schedule.
  6. Hell to the yeah. Is that what the kids are saying these days still? Who knows..
  7. Really bad ass live rendition here:
  8. Awesome, can't wait to hear what you guys have cooked up over there.
  9. This reminds me of the time they were giving away free WANA MP3s before the release.
  10. Catchy...I like it.
  11. IF anyone is looking for the presale code to the new Spring/Summer tour with 10 Years/5FDP it should be EMBER18
  12. I hope these guys can gain some popularity back with this release. I know Sean puts everything he's got into his music and it'd be nice to see them get more recognition. Also, cool bonus fact: Victor Ribas (Hurt) first album with Smile Empty Soul
  13. I wonder if he's above playing music at his own establishment.
  14. The music video for this is freaking amazing...and in 2018 nonetheless!