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  1. IF anyone is looking for the presale code to the new Spring/Summer tour with 10 Years/5FDP it should be EMBER18
  2. I hope these guys can gain some popularity back with this release. I know Sean puts everything he's got into his music and it'd be nice to see them get more recognition. Also, cool bonus fact: Victor Ribas (Hurt) first album with Smile Empty Soul
  3. I wonder if he's above playing music at his own establishment.
  4. The music video for this is freaking amazing...and in 2018 nonetheless!
  5. I fucking hate trying to get presale tickets. Oh, you want to go with more than 2/4 people? Well fuck you, you can't buy seats next to each other. Then go and look at StubHub and see all the assholes who already have their tickets listed for sale.
  6. Eh.. My tastes mostly developed in the 15-19 range and have stuck with me...but I've always been a fan of multiple genres.
  7. He better be careful, that's a good way to get fired around there.
  8. From BB? Yeah, I agree.
  9. LOL...I literally came here to post this. Overall, the sounds is okay...but I do miss the old 30STM.
  10. So, I finally got around to uploading one of the last songs Adema played that night: Close Friends. They did a really great show...this was the only full song I managed to get.
  11. Benjamin Burnley is the best musician in the world. That's why he writes all the Breaking Benjamin tracks all by his onesome.
  12. So the only discussion we're allowed to have now has to be 100% giddy goat or nothing at all? No wonder the active users around here keep falling off. It's an uninspired song with a bad title. Sorry I don't fall in line with the feet kissing some people have for BB.
  13. Well, buddy...now that we're having a conversation. What did you find wrong about what I said?
  14. If you wanted to have a conversation you would have addressed my post instead of negging it. You go first.
  15. Aww, I hurt some feefees.