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  1. They're playing The Madness on the local radio station now... I'm really liking it a lot.
  2. Since the last video was blocked, here is the official lyric video: Not sure how I feel about it. Might need to let this one ferment...
  3. Springfield show sold out pretty quickly. I wasn't going to go anyway but I'm a bit surprised.
  4. Disappointed that both MO shows are on week days. Damn you, midwest.
  5. Got our tickets for the STL show on Friday. $422.30 for two all-inclusive tickets at Busch Stadium. Passes our all-time high by quite a bit and there are fewer bands. Kind of wish A7X was going to be at this one. This will be my first Metallica and real "Arena" show so-to-speak.
  6. I think it sounds good. I've never been one to seriously rag on them. They even brought us Thornley's "Come Again" via 604 Records.
  7. Riiiight. One of the cool things I like that Scooter Ward of Cold did was he hand-wrote various songs on sheets of paper and sold them off that way. It looked much nicer and still had a bit of that sentimental value.
  8. A little rich for my blood.
  9. Everyone has kinda stated what I would...but I love the bluesy rock sound.
  10. I'm sure it'll be fine since he's not running the band. Scooter and him were already well acquainted from their tour together (Cold Reunion Tour w/The Drama Club)
  11. Cold has been posting studio videos tonight. The long-awaited studio recording of Snowblind has come to fruition and I think it sounds great from the previews. https://www.facebook.com/pg/coldofficial/posts/
  12. Flaw cancelled due to "mechanical" issues with their bus. We decided to sit it out instead.
  13. Thanks for that.. Sounds good, not sure how it will hold up to the last album.
  14. Cold have added local favorite Nick Coyle (Lifer, MyDownfall, The Drama Club) to their lineup and are currently recording their sixth studio album in Phoenix, AZ as we speak. I gotta say, I was getting worried since there hasn't been much activity on the Cold band page...but then this came along and totally blew my mind! I'm not sure what all Nick's role is, but I hope we can get a song or two with his vocals.