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    I have come to rock. Nothing more, nothing less.
  1. Hot damn! I was hoping it'd be released before next year. Hope they drop a music video.
  2. Been listening to this album heavy this week . Probably my favorite "new" band for this year.
  3. Yeah, live. I guess I glossed over the studio part of the conversation, though I think I prefer the live acoustic vs studio acoustic since it's raw.
  4. Super excited that Scooter Ward of Cold is doing the 1 original with Breaking Benjamin this album. It's been a long time since Ben covered Cold back in those tiny bars.
  5. So? They already released an acoustic version of So Cold as well...in fact, I hope it's not the same version.
  6. Sweet. So either they're all on the same track OR they're doing the popular music video production method of shooting several similar videos at the same time.
  7. This seems like a thread worthy of revival.
  8. Ah, that sucks. I see their current licensing is not perpetual either. Lame.
  9. Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) | Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) | Scooter Ward (Cold) I read an interview where Ben tossed around the idea of having a side project with Lacey. Now I'm left guessing as to whether this is for the upcoming acoustic album or the unannounced side project. Maybe just for the music video? I was stoked to see Cold play Just Got Wicked live with BB earlier this year...would be awesome if they could tour together at some point.
  10. Anyone else following the FLAW song ripoff drama?
  11. Yeah, me too. I'll always have those first two/three albums.
  12. This is a pretty good album, albeit lighter in tone that most old Cold fans might desire. Systems Fail and the Run (Snow Patrol) cover are amazing.