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  1. still not sure what the hell this is about just because you guys are not Hardy fans you think Im someone who got banned and crated a fake account? Grow up sounds like you guys don't have lifes other then to sit on the damn computer all day and bitch because you don't like a topic don't fucking comment then dumbasses
  2. well Impact is taped meaning that they only have to do tapings like once a month and they do two or three weeks of TV in one week so they are not actually wrestling but once a month unless they decide to do a indie show but I would guess they are not interested in a full time WWE run if they make a return at all to WWE it would be a Lesner type contract do a angle once or twice a year and that's it its well known Jeff hates the travel d would rather be riding dirt bikes or painting and being with his kids the whole entire reason he got in trouble in 2003 and eventually released by WWE was he was burned out and wanted to quit and failed a drug test and refused treatment and therefore could not stay with company when he went to TNA in 04 he no showed shows a few times and then returned to WWE in 06 and leaving in 09 got burned out Matt on the other hand I think will do it as long as he can like It seems he has no other hobbies or interest but I don't think he would do full time ether I think alwaysdo indies but I think Jeff will give it up completely as some point for sure
  3. Rollins is going to get Triple H and Joe before anything else just depends on time I mean if Rollins comes back at Mania his rotad to get triple H starts and if not whenever he does return the feud starts which im sure will take a few months for the big blow off
  4. I agree I think Harper is going to end up in the main event with Bray I mean it makes sense to me AJ and shane would be cool too but im good with the belt being on anyone other then AMBROSE I liked him Sheild but not as a singles don't think we have to worry about that for a little while tho the need to push dean less ziggler more I like where this fuck you attitude from ziggler is going he makes a great heel I hope he has a big push coming they have fucked with him long enough
  5. I don't see them continuing the broken stuff I mean I guess matt might Jeff wont I don't think and if they sign with WWE regardless of terms schedule etc. it will be as Hardy Boyz
  6. uh wrong person you and I share first name though
  7. So ive followed the Hardys for 17 years since I was 8 until now and yesterday I saw where They did not resign I think this is a huge screw up by TNA but I started thinking it would be cool to see them sign to WWE again on a part time basis maybe have them involved in TLC PPVs and maybe a match at Mania for the next few years or whatever what do yall think?