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  1. Am i the only one who thinks of NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" when i hear the first chorus?
  2. New video
  3. Take To The Skies is one of my favorite albums of all time. It's amazing to see how far they have changed their musical style but they are still kicking it. I am liking this album much more than i thought i would and "Airfield" is one amazing ballad.
  4. Been a fan since the days of "Break The Ice"... I still need to listen to this, thanks for reminding me
  5. I was there, fricking amazing show. The DJ set by DJ Z Trip was awesome, too. For some reason the audio in the stream is a bit messed up, you hear the crowd in a slight delay and it's driving me nuts when i try and watch it.
  6. I went to Stan Lee's Comic Con this past saturday. The band had a booth there and i was surprised by the number of people who came with PW5K shirts and bought stuff from them, it was nice.
  7. Janus, Seven Day Sonnet and Deepfield - The singer from Deepfield and drummer from Janus play in Gravesend along with the guitarists from Seven Day Sonnet which also play in Sky Machine along with SDS's singer. 8Stops7 - Working on a new album 32 Leaves - Some of the members (including singer) are now in the band MEND Aclarion - singer went on to Bridge To Grace who recently disbanded Default - Dallas Smith is now a country singer Godhead - Same as Default, Jason Charles Miller does country now Unloco - Working on new stuff, released a song recently Athenaeum - Mark Kano released some music, last i know was an ep in 2011. Mike Garrigan is still active. Familiar 48 / Bonehead - Still active as a live band Edgewater - Sadly, the singer passed away a few months ago Egypt Central - Some members are having some success with Devour The Day Forty Foot Echo - Working on new material
  8. The other day i was listening to Silvercrush and i started wondering what happened to them, so i researched and found out the singer is still releasing music (Christian worship music) and he also released a nice EP after Silvercrush was done. I started thinking about all the bands i like from that era and thinking that maybe some of them are still active (or maybe some of their members are) and i thought that maybe we can list some bands from that time and see if anyone here knows what happened to them. I'll start with some: Illbreak - Singer now does folky music Sinch - Singer still performs, Guitarist started a fund for ALS (which he suffers from himself) Love 45 - Had a reunion how last year Modern Day Zero - Have a reunion show in St Louis in a few weeks Jeremiah freed - Just released a new EP
  9. Pro Spotify tip: 1. Right click the playlist 2. Choose "Go to playlist radio" You get a new playlist that updates itself while you listen made of tracks with songs and more similar songs based on the original playlist. Your'e welcome
  10. Seeing this in Chicago, no doubt here
  11. Added more stuff, some of the are from 2011-ish, hope it's ok
  12. What i did: 1. I followed the playlist and then it appeared on the playlist sidebar 2. I dragged songs into that playlist That's pretty much it
  13. Added some stuff in, gonna add some more later on
  14. It's all good. They are great guys, i got to know them personally over the last year and i hope they make it big soon.
  15. Hmmmm...