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  1. jesus fucking christ everything about that...............
  2. my buddy John Proctor and I (who is sharp af in the fantasy industry...specifically DFS) started a new fantasy football podcast called 2 In The Bink: Fantasy Football 201. Y'all check it out and if you like it, subscribe, like, review, etc. This is a legit pod, not just a random ass fantasy podcast. We have real people from within the industry on to discuss different topics. It's available everywhere you listen to podcasts.
  3. Well, I guess I should say he's a much better fit for their music and he has a much higher range than I do. But yea, their stuff isn't necessarily for me. I'm interested in hearing their new album, though. My buddy Josh Baker that I produced the new FH album with cowrote a song or two with them and my bro Colin Brittain is producing it and he's the best in the game right now. haha, thanks! this is true! like i said, it wasn't a difficult decision to make declining just because I didn't see myself fitting in at all
  4. Funny story. When FH initially ended, one of the band members DM'd me on twitter asking if I'd be their new singer. I turned it down as I had no plans of doing music again. The guy they got is a way better singer than me anyway, so it definitely worked out for the best haha
  5. I truly appreciate all the kind words about this album. Look, I know everyone here has been affected in some way by this shitty COVID19 shit. I just want to take a moment to bitch though about how bad it sucks to work on a fucking album for nearly 4 years, then put it out right before a pandemic and now it's just dead in the water. Like, I feel like an asshole even tweeting asking people to listen or buy it.
  6. to be clear, i'm not excusing what WWE did. they hoarded talent for years and then dumped them when they have nowhere to go. i'm just soooooo sick of meltzer and alvarez burying WWE while having this crazy affinity for every little thing AEW does (even the very shitty stuff). I legit can't stand Alvarez anymore
  7. Meltzer and you both are fools if you don't think people in those other companies also lose their jobs over this pandemic that we've never experienced anything remotely close to.
  8. no. i just saw this for the first time ever lol
  9. Welcome back, DD lol
  10. y'all talking about the Calais trade? It removed a huge number from our cap. I love Calais so much, probably the best locker room guy in the league, but that trade was a no brainer. Insane we couldn't get more than a 5th but it had a lot to do with the salary number the team was inheriting.
  11. Didn't know that about Devs. I've been watching it (on Hulu) and love it so far. Kinda crazy that Lil Dicky's show Dave is on FX, but Devs is Hulu only. (for what it's worth, I enjoy Dave, too). You can skip The Outsider. 5.5/10. Last 4 episodes fucking sucked (though the acting was pretty superb throughout). Stoked to watch Tales From The Loop.
  12. Firefly Fun House "match" was the best thing WWE has ever done...don't @ me
  13. Your wish is my command
  14. It's officially out there if you're into that sorta thing Just listen on Spotify and Apple a bunch after it's out if you dig it por favor.
  15. the fact that we operate as a 2 party system in 2020 is certainly a huge part of the issue. the fact that we have ONE guy who serves as the "leader" of our country is another big issue. i know i know, the house, the senate, congress, etc...but there should be 4 or 5 people all from separate sides that have to agree on shit to get it done.