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  1. Surprised to see the comments. Love this
  2. Y’all. My nuts tickle with how excited I am for this album. Wish I could share some of this but I fear y’all and your internet wizardry could just rip it and send it into the interwebz. also, hi everyone. I don’t log in around here enough.
  3. Thanks y’all! andrew, not sure yet if Maeve makes the album. That’s something we’ve been going back and forth on
  4. It is without a doubt the best we’ve ever released. Thanks!!!
  5. I think Rusev actually wins the briefcase. They’re gonna split him and Aiden, put him back with Lana, and make him a main-eventer again.
  6. Reigns loses because of Jinder, we roll our eyes because we know Reigns will be champ before the briefcase is used by anyone. Bryan loses to the guy we’ve all been clamoring for to receive a push, and Bryan is #ded? like Andrew said, he’s bigger than MITB.
  7. Man, I’m a huge Time Hardy mark, but I thought this looked absolutely dreadful when I watched it last week. Both the CGI and dialogue are awful.
  8. Lol are you serious
  9. Sooooo i take back what I said. The plan is indeed to put the title on Reigns at GRR. Lesnar’s new deal is only for a couple more appearances and he is indeed going back to UFC to face winner of DC/Stipe (Stipe).
  10. Exactly they announce Miz vs Seth at backlash for IC title and then immediately after a commercial airs saying Miz will be in the IC title ladder match at GRR.
  11. They’re not doing a title change at a show that will air on a Friday morning in the US
  12. yea, i think the double turn with Joe is happening