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  1. ................
  2. It's not the same situation at all. You work at Apple, you're gonna use Apple's money to make that iPad. If you use your's, then you're damn right you own the rights.
  3. Except I'd much rather listen to the archaic type of promos Mahal cuts than Dean talking
  4. Yea I'm definitely with Mike here.
  5. yea, not sure what happened bc Ruiner used to be a fan I'm actually okay with Mahal being champ as well
  6. no. i wasn't saying it had anything to do with Corbin at all. i was saying you responded to the Corbin part but didn't mention anything at all about how fucking dumb it is if Taker isn't really retired
  7. the bottom of my post where i mentioned that Observer reporting WWE doing Taker/Roman rematch at SummerSlam
  8. you seem to have glossed over the fact that the Undertaker isn't really retired
  9. lol he was trolling, you mark. because before this, when Nak got attacked by Corbin and was seemingly out of the match, he tweeted "that's it. i've had enough of this." Also, I like Corbin as MITB winner A LOT also, also, in the WORST fucking news: Observer reporting that WWE is doing Roman/Taker rematch at SummerSlam
  10. it's pretty close. it's cool that you're finally getting into Okada, but it's not like there worlds apart
  11. I said it on Facebook and got bashed by everyone in Nashville, but without Johansen and Fiala, I don't have the highest expectations. But holy shit do I hope I'm wrong. Regardless, what an incredible ride it's been and it's awesome seeing things like hockey experts and analysts saying shit like "seeing a hockey game in Nashville is becoming a bucket list kinda thing."
  12. wait i'm confused.
  13. I fucking wish
  14. My buddy Colin (formerly drummer of Oh No Fiasco) cowrote and produced quite a few tracks on this album. Damn good rock album.
  15. This album is fucking great