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  1. Yea that main event fucking ruled Strowman is so goddamn dope
  2. is Joe....
  3. this main event is MOTN so far Just wanna say...Rollins in red and black..... red....and black....
  4. nah, fam. she's been pretty bad
  5. don't count me in on that crowd that ever cared for her
  6. opener a close 2nd
  7. MOTN - Asuka/Moon the entire card was great, with the main event being the worst match of the night
  8. That was one of the better NXT shows in a LOOOOOOONG time
  9. They're definitely not turning the Ambrose on Rollins anytime soon. They're going to get Reigns back and have a full Shield reunion before they ever even think about doing that.
  10. well this is assuming Lesnar is leaving, not staying Wouldn't happen anyway, bc Reigns needs to be face for Shield reunion. Maybe with Joe, though
  11. How dope would it be though if Reigns won bc Heyman turned on Lesnar and helped Reigns?
  12. This story is absolutely horse shit and not in anyway factual FWIW
  13. Can't. His 1 year ban would resume once he re-enters USADA drug testing. in other news, bray Wyatt sang the chorus of Hear Me Now when I met him Monday night. That was #dope
  14. nah. I loved it. Was pretty vocal about loving it on twitter. Best selling Lesnar has probably ever done in WWE, too. also, Braun is a fucking star.