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  1. *Randy Orton vs John Cena on Raw that one time. *Big Show vs Mark Henry *HBK vs Vader *Kane vs Snitsky
  2. Fuck today. I have to listen to all these goddamn Titans fans here in Nashville talk about how they beat us twice so they clearly were the better team, as if they didn’t look like a clearly outmatched team against the Patriots
  3. Same exact picks. I’ve got Falcons/Steelers Super Bowl.
  4. Jericho/Naito now. This shit is so dope
  5. Lol what kind of storyline you expect, man?
  6. This album is definitely one of my favorites this year. So, so good
  7. Probably Shannon Moore and his wife
  8. This reminds me so much of what a Nirvana album would sound like in 2017.
  9. Yea other than that, Roman was pretty strong as well. Definitely one of the better talking segments he's ever done
  10. Yea that main event fucking ruled Strowman is so goddamn dope
  11. is Joe....
  12. this main event is MOTN so far Just wanna say...Rollins in red and black..... red....and black....
  13. nah, fam. she's been pretty bad