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  1. if that's the case, it would've sounded much better without the acoustic intro on Hurricane.
  2. Said it as soon as I saw it live
  3. Yea, I don't think it's even remotely close either. The worst addition to Raw for me was easily Ambrose. Boy does he need the Shield reunion to happen
  4. Again, we have AJ, Owens, Nak, & Zayn as the main role players of a WWE weekly show. I love it
  5. Charlotte is going to Smackdown though. so I was a bit premature in my Owens to Smackdown, I fear. Could totally see Jericho getting moved, beating Owens for the title, and then dropping the title before leaving to someone like Corbin.
  6. probably premature in my prediction. I bet Owens stays on Raw, Jericho goes to Smackdown, wins title at Payback, drops title to someone like Corbin before leaving.
  7. Said this riiiiiight before the segment went to crazy levels, but holy shit that was an amazing fucking segment
  8. This is shaping up for Smackdown to very obviously be AJ's show, now. Like, where he's THE guy. He's gonna get Anderson & Gallows and it's gonna be super dope.
  9. Then he's gonna lose to Finn smh i will say, I'm getting caught up and actually getting excited about some of these moves. Owens going to Smackdown, so Owens/Nak is gonna be super dope. I have a feeling there's gonna be a huge surprise and they're gonna send Roman to Smackdown.
  10. For starters, it's never been a good idea to go for it on 4th down according to Simms. Like, literally, never.
  11. Yea, it's not even close.
  12. Please tell me where I gave horrible fucking advice about drugs, Mike. Jesus Christ you are one sheltered son of a bitch.
  13. Was at Supercard of Honor and it ruled. Bucks/Hardys was soooooo good. Was there tonight and NO pop was as big as their's. What a fucking awesome weekend.
  14. There's a pic of someone busting all over her face and the NXT women's title. Safe to assume she's done with E for good. Wtf was she thinking there??
  15. One of those producers they worked with (Colin) is my friggin' boy! Amazing to see what a producer he's turned into. He used to be the drummer for Oh No Fiasco.