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  1. There's a pic of someone busting all over her face and the NXT women's title. Safe to assume she's done with E for good. Wtf was she thinking there??
  2. One of those producers they worked with (Colin) is my friggin' boy! Amazing to see what a producer he's turned into. He used to be the drummer for Oh No Fiasco.
  3. Cooks played over 30% from the slot last season. He's a Edelman clone, basically. Yes, he's a go-route specialist, but so is Hogan. And Mitchell showed as a rookie he can win on the outside as well.
  4. I don't get the Cooks trade at all. They didn't go out and sign Hogan and finally get a receiver right in the draft in Mitchell to just stop using them. Cooks is the Edelman eventual replacement. Also, Cooks is really bad against press coverage.
  5. supposedly all the talk at the combine was about Romo to the Jaguars ha. We are going to draft Fournette now. Pound the rock and play stout defense, make sure Blake can't lose the game
  6. That segment was fucking magic
  7. Pretty safe bet he's in it. Not really anything else for him right now is there?
  8. I just don't get it. That was so dope.
  9. If they don't turn Reigns heel, I'm very interested in Reigns/Joe. More so than Rollins/Joe, honestly.
  10. well that's fucking uber lame I also don't like the idea that they send Joe to Smackdown suddenly. Especially since Rollins may be back in 8 weeks
  11. I don't hate this re: Cena actually. They can't just immediately put the title on him, but they need to make it very apparent that he's a huge star and they can do that with him & Maryse beating Cena & Nikki
  12. ? The old games were third person
  13. Don't suppose there's a third person view option?
  14. Yea, if the Tyson Kidd injury didn't already...