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  1. It's an HD monitor and you're using a VGA cable? If you get a DVI or HDMI cable, you're in for a treat.
  2. Is it a DVI cable? (DVI is white; VGA is blue.) I have DVI cables go bad at work all the time because they can be made so cheaply. It's usually actually a piece just inside the white encasement where the cable or metal tips are actually loose there.
  3. It was probably that the cable was loose, which you fixed by re-plugging it. Sounds like a bad cable or loose cable.
  4. If he came to the Ravens that would work out, because that's where veteran receivers go to disappear (with the exception of Steve Smith Sr).
  5. Who knows anything about external HDs? What's a good brand to get or to avoid? Mine are filling up and I need to move stuff off my internal drive, and I'd also like to have a backup, so I'm likely buying two of them.
  6. I'm gonna be honest - I'm already bitter that I paid so much to see APC in concert and had the experience mostly ruined by the flashlight-weilding gestapo storming sections where they thought they saw a cell phone. And I was annoyed by their $100 hoodies and $60 t-shirts. And then they put out a video about being disillusioned by my cell phone? They (and the music industry collectively) are who I'm disillusioned about. It's a decent song and the first I've liked of the new stuff but it really rubs me the wrong way.
  7. Too simplistic and repetitive for my tastes, and as with other recent singles of theirs, I don't like the choir vocal effect used as part of the hook. Hopefully there are some tracks on the album that aren't just made to be a single.
  8. The video is "A Trip to the Moon" directed by Georges Méliès since they don't bother to credit that and name their own "director" in the description. It was one of the first films to incorporate special effects and was widely pirated as a result.
  9. I agree it makes no sense. But with coaches saying it was just a football decision, if they were covering for him I don't think he makes the "they gave up on me" comments, which would provoke them to not cover for him. It would seem that if he did do something wrong, they have no incentive to say it's football related unless he somehow has dirt on them or somebody more important. He also wouldn't feel free to make those comments unless he knows they're not going to say anything. Especially with him being a free agent. I feel like the only choices are just a bad coaching decision or some sort of conspiracy. But I guess the conspiracy angle shouldn't be that surprising this day and age.
  10. Ehhhh. Going for it on fourth down is a single decision. The Eagles had 75 snaps over two halves.
  11. Apparently he didn't do anything at all. I felt bad for him standing by the sideline with his helmet on all night just waiting to go in if called. I'd agree the Pats were out-coached this game, but there was a bit of execution to blame as well. Not much defense on either side save for the sack-fumble at the end.
  12. If it were just the teams, I'd root for the Eagles. Because of the fans, I'm rooting for the Pats.
  13. Yeah, I like his insights when he's calling out plays, but having to listen to him the whole game is awful. And Nantz sucks too.
  14. I think it's all theater. Being cryptic, wearing gloves to the presser, being coy about if he's playing. All a red herring I'd bet.
  15. I think Tomlin should be fired but I don't think he will be. Especially if Todd Haley is gone since they can use him as a scapegoat for a lot. Also, is it me or is it really odd to have so many current coordinators committed to jobs elsewhere? I remember when most of the time teams would deny interview requests while the teams were still playing to avoid distractions. Speaking of coaching, I fully expect John Harbaugh to be canned after next season unless they go deep in the playoffs. I think the stupid DC promotion of Wink Martindale instead of getting Pagano was to help prevent a midseason firing.
  16. Because I pay $9.99 a month to stream music, buying from iTunes or Google Play would be stupid. I'd be willing to buy some music in higher quality (like from Bandcamp), but most bands don't bother to offer it.
  17. Certainly interesting. The rare tour that does come through is way too expensive. Merch seems to be equally unaffordable. On the flip side though, do people still buy music? They seem to be acknowledging people will just stream it. I don't see how streams will really cover the cost of the recording unless they're doing it themselves.
  18. That's exactly it — I think there's a bit of overconfidence with at least some players. With the Steelers already losing to the Jags 30-9 in week 5 I don't know if that makes them more or less likely.
  19. I think either the Steelers or Patriots will come out completely flat and get beat. I don't know why, but both teams are very capable of it (happened both this regular season and in past playoff games) and it just seems like the way this season has gone it will happen.
  20. He wasn't? I thought he was, but I might be misremembering. Edit: he was the one that threw the hissy fit about post rep and was down voting as much as possible so his rep was destroyed and his ability to give/receive rep taken away.
  21. Why do banned members always make a new thread to announce they've made a new account? Is it to try and get as much attention as possible before being re-banned or something?
  22. Jags need to go after Kirk Cousins in the off-season.
  23. Chiefs, Bills, Rams, Saints And while I hate both the Steelers and Patriots and want them both to lose, if one gets in the championship I want it to be against the other just to see James Harrison maul Big Ben then stay on top of him while he glares into Tomlin's eyes across the field.
  24. He actually had to appoint a Republican because three Democrats were already seated on the board and no one party can have more than three seats.
  25. Also, over Black Friday I ended up getting a 55" TCL 4K HDR TV and it's pretty awesome. It's got Roku built-in which has been fantastic. Only $350.