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  1. I tried listening to it. Yes, very heavy and very experimental but i found myself wanting to skip most tracks. The didgeridoo was ridiculous in the first track and it didn't fit where they forced it in later in the album. They should've taken a "less is more" approach. I didn't like all the tracks they used, and the vocal filters were way too much (especially the couple songs where lead vocals were autotuned). The lyrics were pretty cheesy and cliched. Overall I think kudos on trying something new, but there's no progression here in musical skill, which is I guess expected of a band that literally only exists because of their family money and being able to consistently out-bid far more talented bands in buying on to tours.
  2. Somebody's going to have to explain that video to me because I don't get it at all.
  3. The anniversary was a couple days ago and it was likely a google search. Hopefully she searched his and the band's name here on the forum and saw all the praise and the posts saying how missed he is.
  4. Things that make me uncomfortable: 1. Does one of those hands belong to her brother? 2. Whoever is standing behind her with his left arm in a suit with a watch was photoshopped out of one side but not the other. 3. When lyrics feel forced into a song and don't really fit with the tempo, as is the case with this song.
  5. I'm obviously very pumped and hopefully can snag tickets for game 4.
  6. If you don't consider it a spoiler (technically it is but I don't) you can go to the IMDB episode guide and they have the cast credits by specific episode. You can see who will be in next week's episode and who will not.
  7. I don't like the condescending tone of the FAQ where anybody who might be a single parent that lives an hour+ from the venue complaining about the in-person-only ticketing is an anti-social troll bitching just to bitch.
  8. We could but we won't. Not wasting my time.
  9. @NinjaNick101 let me save you some time by telling you that even even if he were intelligent enough to understand if you spelled it out for him, he would immediately reject it as not aligning with his political beliefs. Don't waste your time.
  10. Just finally got caught up on this season. Amazing final run so far. Three episodes left and lots of ways this could go.
  11. I was invited to lay down some backing vocals on one track, but we couldn't agree on the $$.
  12. Add Staind to that list.
  13. Thanks for this thread. The new Godsmack album wasn't bad at all and I wouldn't have given it a listen if not for this discussion.
  14. Ruiner pretty much summed it up for me. They're more "performers" than a "band" and it seems disengenuous. For the many haters of Zach Myers here, it looks like he had shared writing credit on two songs on this album, so his role in the band while increasing is still pretty minimal.
  15. I agree with everything you said. I guess what I meant was that even though threads are about specifics (in this case a new single), the discussions will always broaden in general. For example, about her album, comparison to past singles, similar artists, etc. I was simply pointing out that comments specifically about her appearance can be expected and are fair because it's part of the brand, but I also agree there's a more respectful way to do it.
  16. In the video where she's wearing minimal clothing and writhing around on the bed in the back of a trailer, or the video where she's in her underwear writhing around on the bed (maybe somewhat importantly to you, both the video and song were described as "sexual" by her in interviews), when she performs live in her underwear or other intentionally revealing outfits, or the PR materials all featuring her mostly undressed or in 'sexy' poses. Those are a few examples. Let me be clear I'm *not* saying she's in the wrong for any of that, nor am I saying it makes it okay to be lewd or classless about anything. Whether she is doing it for her own feminine empowerment or just for cheap clicks/shares, the intent is to attract attention to her body. Sure, she and the label would hope that's just the "hook" to the music and the complete package, but if people parse it out to the individual elements, I think it's fair game if it's part of what's being sold.
  17. Philosophically, how much does one have to talk about something other than her looks to avoid the comment being labeled as objectification? I'm inferring of course that you mean objectifying her based on her looks. If her label and she portrays herself as a sex object, who is anyone else to say that a person is wrong for seeing her as she intends? I'm open to yours and other views on this, but I don't see anything wrong with somebody giving attention to where attention is desired by the subject in question.
  18. Unpopular opinion, but "sex" has always been party of the marketing for her, and thus comments like this, while they could be phrased more maturely, are pretty fair. I recall lots of comments specific to her looks from lots of people in various threads in the past.
  19. The good news is it's still in the works. I was starting to worry.
  20. Hahaha. I can't believe you all didn't hear it before.
  21. This is an absolutely solid album. Pleasantly surprised.
  22. Producer: "this track needs a little something, but I'm not sure what" *Someone in the studio gets the hiccups* Producer: "I've got it!"
  23. The Ravens have had male cheerleaders for as long as I can remember.
  24. It's an HD monitor and you're using a VGA cable? If you get a DVI or HDMI cable, you're in for a treat.
  25. Is it a DVI cable? (DVI is white; VGA is blue.) I have DVI cables go bad at work all the time because they can be made so cheaply. It's usually actually a piece just inside the white encasement where the cable or metal tips are actually loose there.