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  1. I'm not saying he sucks, but for his price tag he's likely demanding I don't think he's that good. Like RG3 he was great until defenses figured it out and adjusted. By no means did I mean to imply he sucks and that's why he's not signed. I mean more that his skill doesn't match the likely cost and he isn't worth the extra baggage.
  2. That's the thing... If he were better, he'd be signed. It's kinda what Mike said, starters can be distractions but backups can't. I know he could be a starter on some teams for maybe the first part of the year and then be benched for future development once the playoffs are out of reach, but teams like the Jets don't want to pay him veteran starter money for doing just that. Especially with how prominent and powerful police unions are in the NY area. In the beginning, it seem like h was disenfranchised in general towards the anthem, but hadn't put a ton of thought into it first. The kneeling was after some PR coaching and publicized meetings. He also wore socks depicting cops as pigs in training camp ahead of the preseason. Then you have the Castro stuff after that. I think he basically has a general attitude problem, and the protest is just the one thing everybody is focusing on.
  3. To be honest it really doesn't matter. Unless you're going to be running a ton of tabs at once, the only difference between brands will be screen resolution/color and battery life. Some might have different ports or whatever, and some have touch screens where others don't, but for the most part the beauty of them is they're essentially the same. I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2 and love it.
  4. If that's the use case, why not get a Chromebook? That way she'll never have any problem with it. Plus, certain Chromebook models have (or will have) the option to also install Android apps.
  5. Because @Mike first declared the forum dead seven years ago obviously.
  6. Google Play comes with YouTube Red (no ads).
  7. You do know that breast implants for non-transgender women are currently paid for in many cases, right? And as @revlongoo is alluding to, ED pills as well. Transgender medical costs were estimated to be between $2.4-8.4 million annually, while the military's current annual budget for soft penis treatment currently is $84 million annually.
  8. This is interesting because they've been taking such a different direction lately, and Chester recently had that episode where he lashed out at fans of the "old" music. I wonder if that had anything to do with not wanting to sing such angst-ridden and emotional lyrics. I honestly haven't heard their more recent stuff, but is it more positive in nature?
  9. Like Stone Temple Pilots with Chester. Alice in Chains, Drowning Pool, etc.
  10. I don't understand how somebody could be so compelled to keep trying to get back into this one obscure music community just to attempt to defend his political candidates. Especially somebody who constantly claims he doesn't care what anybody else thinks.
  11. A lot of the lyrics to a lot of their songs now just seem really sad in hindsight.
  12. Mike, when do I get to meet you in real life?
  13. What a travesty.
  14. I've never been a Hellyeah fan but I have to admit this one was a good album.
  15. It seems to me that sets a bit of a legal precedent (at the very least, a strong argument) that any person having a legally-owned gun creates justification for a cop to be in fear for his/her life and kill that person without legal consequences.