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  1. If you just learned that today you should check out his college career. Plenty of articles about his attitude, things he's said, etc. My favorite Baker Mayfield story is after he was arrested at the Chinese restaurant and the cops on dash cam are talking about him. One tells the other he's the QB at Oklahoma and the officer replies "He is? He's not very fast." (He had run from the cops.)
  2. This album is good stuff.
  3. I have this queued up now. I have Stellar Circuits going now. I like to hear this.
  4. This would work, but as others mentioned streaming services let you watch free if you sign in with your cable account. Watch ESPN app or Fox Sports app.
  5. Jesus, this is awful.
  6. Yes, but the point being he's somebody who's manufactured by the commercial media/label side of the industry. All of the things you listed are a direct byproduct of SiriusXM placing him there, and they do what SiriusXM says because they want the cross-promotion. The relationship between artist and media person is symbiotic, and in the large majority of cases only exists out of necessity. In lots of cases, there's actually a good bit of contempt and loathing being set aside in attempt to keep things professional. While there might be a lot of respect for a position, there might not be a whole lot of respect for the person. If they were going after whatever new artists are around, then yeah I get going though Mangin, but they're going after old school guys who have known each other and known Tony Campos from the music side of the music scene for probably 1-2 decades before anybody listened to Liquid Metal. It's a smart play to get the new Static-X more spins on SiriusXM (and free advertising for the fundraising campaign), but for the artist outreach part it seems dumb and unnecessary.
  7. "artist curation by Jose Mangin" Anybody else find that just weird? Why does he merit mention, and why would they need his assistance in reaching out to those artists? I would think especially the older school dudes would have far more respect for Tony Campos than they would for a DJ.
  8. Try I know what you mean though. And in some areas there's intentional misinformation.
  9. Jeez, I just feel bad for them at this point. The video like the song is plain stupid.
  10. Somehow even *more* of a vocal filter, and the music is a ripoff: Edit: here's a quick clip of part of the two clips played simultaneously: and how it looks: There are probably two much better sections to line up, but it's too nice outside to be doing a deep dive on it right now and that was decent enough.
  11. Music sounds intriguing. The overall product will depend on his voice and if they use that same effect as the Skillet material. I'm hoping they won't and I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  12. For at least local teams, Yahoo Sports and NFL apps have free streaming this year.