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  1. I've never been a Hellyeah fan but I have to admit this one was a good album.
  2. It seems to me that sets a bit of a legal precedent (at the very least, a strong argument) that any person having a legally-owned gun creates justification for a cop to be in fear for his/her life and kill that person without legal consequences.
  3. Funny story. Bellusira did the concept for "Cachango" and Shaun Morgan commented that he loved it. Seether then released the video with the same (or very similar) concept.
  4. @Nixon "In a move first reported by Nashville-based musician Kenneth Nixon — Decker’s wife Jessie is a country music artist and the couple has a home in the city — and confirmed by multiple NFL reporters, Decker is visiting with the Titans on Wednesday."
  5. I probably have advanced or demo versions of a few of these. I'll have to look though. I wish there was a way to search liner notes. Tunelab was thanked in a couple I didn't know about until somebody asked me, so I've always wondered if there are others.
  6. This Kathy Griffin BS is exactly what she wanted, and anybody taking either side of it only continues to give her what she wants.
  7. The tour name takes on a whole new meeting now that I regularly see Trapt's singer going on Harty-esque rants defending Trump in the most ridiculous of ways.
  8. @Mike I totally agree my feelings would be different if I didn't know it was the penultimate season. Regarding Martha and her about to be adopting a kid.... We know Philip is all about family. What if that's to set up an "option" for him knowing that Martha, her adopted child, and his other biological son are all potentially waiting for him back home?
  9. They were allowed a lot more time than I thought to work on the album, so I'm slightly more optimistic than I was before about their ability to deliver a solid follow-up.
  10. Most hilarious take was that the tweet was a WH staffer wrestling the phone away from him.
  11. Goddamnit
  12. ...because he was under the influence.
  13. A Vigo the Carpathian appearance!
  14. I'd highly recommend establishing and publicizing the exact criteria (e.g. X posts within last X months) for this now rather than waiting for a controversy. That way it avoids the appearance of making up criteria that fits whether to allow a single controversial vote or not at that given moment. I don't think you'd do that, but if you wait it may appear that way to whoever your decision does not benefit. Plus I want to see if I count, because I've been relatively inactive.