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  1. I really wish the Ravens would have picked up a WR, OL, or DE in the first round. CB would've been fourth at least on my list. He's an Alabama guy, so I'm officially questioning Ozzie's judgement on this one.
  2. Then when they're about to execute the plan (because Stan was handling it "under the table" or "off the books") Elizabeth and Paige kill them both and evacuate back to Russia.
  3. I think Stan definitely finds out, and Philip says he's the spy and Elizabeth and the family are just who he's using. Philip and Stan realize they understand and respect each other kind of like Stan respected Oleg. Philip offers to "defect" and asks that in exchange for information, his innocent family can come with him like in witness protection. That forces Elizabeth essentially into captivity because she can't say "no thanks" and just say she's a spy.
  4. He was convicted (proven guilty) and had been sentenced. He was in the process of appealing that conviction, and the sentence can be vacated due to a loophole in Massachusetts law, but vacated and "innocent" are two very, very different things. Unrelated to Mike's comment specifically, this was an extremely well-written article:
  5. This. I can't wait to see how he does it, because I get the feeling Elizabeth won't be on board.
  6. I'd rather him replace Jim Nantz. I'm really surprised he's hanging it up, but I guess it makes sense in a way. He leaves a beloved QB on a top market team, and doesn't risk going to Denver or Houston and stinking up the place because he doesn't have the same line and receiving corps.
  7. Also, tomorrow is April Fool's and I guess since it's on a weekend everybody did them early this year.
  8. I'm glad they clarified how that guy was connected and why they were targeting him. Loved the Martha cameo too.
  9. Also, he was key in Paige maturing and learning a protective instinct because lots of times she was his primary caretaker.
  10. When he appeared for two seconds in that episode it made me realize I don't think he's been on camera in I don't know how long. I think if they were going to not write anything for him they could have shipped him off to space camp or boarding school or something when things were looking bad. Although his presence is necessary for them to have to whisper, hide when getting signals, and generally still be sneaky.
  11. I thought that too, but his severe "anti-USSR" persona wasn't known to them until their fake son told them how awful he was. Unless he's the target for some other reason and that's just extra incentive. @Matt how far along are you?
  12. Help me out though, what's the significance of Pasha? Did I miss that? I spent half the first episode confused that he was Philip's son, but he's coming later apparently.
  13. I looked up plane tickets to Chicago just for this show because I'm solo this weekend, but unfortunately too expensive. Hope it's a good show.
  14. Seriously.
  15. It would if it were 100% vocoder like T-Pain, but in their case it's dialed back a bit and the "fill" vocal tracks and the level of fill is triggered by the mic levels and actual vocals. It's all about layering tone — it's the same technology that goes into noise-cancelling headphones, but instead of a frequency triggering a countering frequency (to effectively cancel the ability to hear/perceive it), they use a harmonizing frequency to thicken the tone and add effect. On the album it's just a vocal effect that to my ears already sounds robotic because it's too overdone. Way to harsh and shrill.