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  1. I'm glad they clarified how that guy was connected and why they were targeting him. Loved the Martha cameo too.
  2. Also, he was key in Paige maturing and learning a protective instinct because lots of times she was his primary caretaker.
  3. When he appeared for two seconds in that episode it made me realize I don't think he's been on camera in I don't know how long. I think if they were going to not write anything for him they could have shipped him off to space camp or boarding school or something when things were looking bad. Although his presence is necessary for them to have to whisper, hide when getting signals, and generally still be sneaky.
  4. I thought that too, but his severe "anti-USSR" persona wasn't known to them until their fake son told them how awful he was. Unless he's the target for some other reason and that's just extra incentive. @Matt how far along are you?
  5. Help me out though, what's the significance of Pasha? Did I miss that? I spent half the first episode confused that he was Philip's son, but he's coming later apparently.
  6. I looked up plane tickets to Chicago just for this show because I'm solo this weekend, but unfortunately too expensive. Hope it's a good show.
  7. Seriously.
  8. It would if it were 100% vocoder like T-Pain, but in their case it's dialed back a bit and the "fill" vocal tracks and the level of fill is triggered by the mic levels and actual vocals. It's all about layering tone — it's the same technology that goes into noise-cancelling headphones, but instead of a frequency triggering a countering frequency (to effectively cancel the ability to hear/perceive it), they use a harmonizing frequency to thicken the tone and add effect. On the album it's just a vocal effect that to my ears already sounds robotic because it's too overdone. Way to harsh and shrill.
  9. Personally I don't think tracks are excusable in any format, but that's just my personal opinion. They use a vocoder and tracks every show. The vocals you hear both live and on the album are not natural.
  10. This is just ridiculous. They will be the most consistent night-to-night, because their show is tracks and choreography, but that's not a compliment.
  11. What somebody says in an interview and what they actually think are often very different. They have to "kiss the rings" both for those band and for other bands that want to take artists out who know how to cross-promote.
  12. I can't believe they have Babymetal out on this tour. It seems like every year there has to be one BS gimmick act on one of these tours taking a spot away from actual artists from within the genre.
  13. @Ty Griffin I understand your post is driven by emotion, but as Pen and Kalt pointed out you should have directed that toward just one person. I am the one that mentioned the wording on the GoFundMe and that it specifically cited something I happen to know is a covered cost. You seem to indicate now it's to cover the time spent deciding whether to participate in donation, which is different than what was on the page before. And when I did point that out, I did so respectfully and I said if anybody knew you they should "gently" let you know not to be a dick about it, but to make sure the family could keep the money donated. A "cover your ass" suggestion basically, which is exactly what I wrote originally. This is our forum where we're free to discuss amongst ourselves whatever we want to, even if we were all being disrespectful like one person was. We're not sending out trolls like 4chan, and just because we're not doesn't mean we're "hiding." You're actually the one crossing lines and engaging others, and calling everybody cowards, and then "running away" by telling people to email you directly. Besides JMG, you're the most disrespectful one here.
  14. Harty, some tips for next time: 1. Don't use an obviously newly-created email address that matches the new screen name. Especially since that's what you've done each and every time before. 2. As @Andrew pointed out, try using spell check and grammar check to mask the trademark stupidity. 3. I'd say don't use a Florida IP address, but if you used a proxy that would be obvious too, so there's not much you can do there. 4. Making a wrestling thread as a first post on a music forum clearly indicates foreknowledge of what's popular here, what would guarantee replies, and thus get your post count up and establish familiarity. The flaw is who says "oh, here's a music forum, let me talk about wrestling." Instead, try doing what the vast majority of new posters do, which is promote a band, concert, etc. Then work from there. 5. If you follow the advice in step 4, refrain from choosing a band with a female member where you gush about how hot she is. This isn't unique to you, but definitely a trademark. Especially if she colors her hair non-traditionally (pink, purple, blue, etc). 6. When found out or people are suspicious, don't go on a profanity-laced tirade immediately like you also have every other time. I mean, you didn't even try the "who is Harty, what's your problem?" bit first.