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  1. I just flew back home from Boston on Wednesday. I was gonna look you up.
  2. Well that's good at least. I've learned that having a job you like is worth a lot more than the salary alone.
  3. It's a wild ride to read and catch up on 10 pages at once. @Follow the Hollow what happened with the HR dept? @Mike what store do you work in the bakery of?
  4. This was good, though not exactly a pick-me-up EP to start the day with.
  5. I hate videos where they pretend to play instruments that don't exist at that part of the song (or at all in some cases). At 3:35 for instance.
  6. If that's the case you may also enjoy her previous work as an American Apparel model (don't Google that at work).
  7. You fell for it. If you want to know what he thinks, just follow Real Don, Rudy G, and Alex Jones on Twitter.
  8. There are some decent vocal spots, but mostly I think the lyrics were pretty cringy. Disappointing overall for me.
  9. Solid album. Going to give it a closer listen soon.
  10. This list should be titled 20 albums popular when nu metal was at near peak. Absolutely not a list of nu metal albums.
  11. I tried listening to it. Yes, very heavy and very experimental but i found myself wanting to skip most tracks. The didgeridoo was ridiculous in the first track and it didn't fit where they forced it in later in the album. They should've taken a "less is more" approach. I didn't like all the tracks they used, and the vocal filters were way too much (especially the couple songs where lead vocals were autotuned). The lyrics were pretty cheesy and cliched. Overall I think kudos on trying something new, but there's no progression here in musical skill, which is I guess expected of a band that literally only exists because of their family money and being able to consistently out-bid far more talented bands in buying on to tours.
  12. Somebody's going to have to explain that video to me because I don't get it at all.
  13. The anniversary was a couple days ago and it was likely a google search. Hopefully she searched his and the band's name here on the forum and saw all the praise and the posts saying how missed he is.
  14. Things that make me uncomfortable: 1. Does one of those hands belong to her brother? 2. Whoever is standing behind her with his left arm in a suit with a watch was photoshopped out of one side but not the other. 3. When lyrics feel forced into a song and don't really fit with the tempo, as is the case with this song.
  15. I'm obviously very pumped and hopefully can snag tickets for game 4.