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  1. I have never considered a band like that to be modern rock. As an example, I regularly bashed Hollywood Undead and similar. I think it's a terrible genre blend.
  2. One of my favorite albums from the last few years is losing to a terrible rap metal group. I know they'd lose to Thrice anyway, but it's still disappointing they're losing this matchup.
  3. Best Metallica album in a long, long time.
  4. Heh... I'd be willing to withdraw my vote if necessary.
  5. I couldn't decide so I just voted for the one with less votes.
  6. Since you're a filmmaker, what are your thoughts on the pan at the end? At 3:29 I immediately noticed the camera on the tripod at top-left, and two guys partially visible. Then there's another guy by a desk at the end, but it looks like it could be a janitor or something since he appears to be pushing a vacuum.
  7. Hahaha. And I've noticed that those in an uproar are the same that love to use that term the most. I haven't dropped it on them yet but it's coming.
  8. Yeah, Fade In/Fade Out is a tear-jerker. I'm hoping that gets covered and somebody does some acoustic versions as well. The album overall is way too electronic for my tastes, and the lyrics are a little too preachy on a few tracks, but there are a couple songs I'd really like to hear in a stripped down form.
  9. Or they're aware of a pending suspension 😂
  10. Finally got my desktop setup and on ethernet I'm pretty much a million times faster than my computer is capable of even utilizing:
  11. I drove by a Whole Foods on Sunday and the parking lot was packed as usual, despite presumably everybody knowing prices were going to drop today. Very weird.
  12. My plan now is $85 plus taxes/fees/equipment for the Gigabit and Custom Sports & More TV package. I was paying $50 for the same TV and 100/100 internet, but when I moved this is the best I could do. It's a pre-wired building with fiber all the way to the wall jacks, and any internet plan was the same price — I could go down to 50/50 and the cost would still be the same. I'm going to do the same thing I did last time and call to cancel after a month or two. Then they'll more than likely offer less.
  13. I'm gonna whine for a minute that once again it looks like the Ravens will have one of the most dominant defenses in the league and they finally have what could be a very effective WR corps for the first time in a decade, while Flacco has an injury that's more problematic then they'll admit, Kenneth Dixon is out for the year, and the offensive line is a patchwork of second-stringers and injured vets. If the Ravens have a winning season, it will be because Justin Tucker sets an NFL scoring record.
  14. What do you do with all your free time while sitting at the computer waiting for stuff? But really though, what's the deal with that? Wasn't KC one of the Google Fiber cities? I don't understand how you can be so close to a population center (especially KC where I also know there are government data centers like DISA) and have speeds like that.
  15. Gigabit!