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  1. Try I know what you mean though. And in some areas there's intentional misinformation.
  2. Jeez, I just feel bad for them at this point. The video like the song is plain stupid.
  3. Somehow even *more* of a vocal filter, and the music is a ripoff: Edit: here's a quick clip of part of the two clips played simultaneously: and how it looks: There are probably two much better sections to line up, but it's too nice outside to be doing a deep dive on it right now and that was decent enough.
  4. Music sounds intriguing. The overall product will depend on his voice and if they use that same effect as the Skillet material. I'm hoping they won't and I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. For at least local teams, Yahoo Sports and NFL apps have free streaming this year.
  6. Lots of nostalgia
  7. I just flew back home from Boston on Wednesday. I was gonna look you up.
  8. Well that's good at least. I've learned that having a job you like is worth a lot more than the salary alone.
  9. It's a wild ride to read and catch up on 10 pages at once. @Follow the Hollow what happened with the HR dept? @Mike what store do you work in the bakery of?
  10. This was good, though not exactly a pick-me-up EP to start the day with.
  11. I hate videos where they pretend to play instruments that don't exist at that part of the song (or at all in some cases). At 3:35 for instance.
  12. If that's the case you may also enjoy her previous work as an American Apparel model (don't Google that at work).