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  1. Way to be obtuse!
  2. Real people behind fake names saying fake things just to get people to like them. Hmmm, yep. Oh no, you're totally right, it's totally real life.
  3. There was 2 months, 2 MONTHS (~60 DAYS) where I was posting on here with absolutely no one having an issue. It will never be an issue, because it was never an issue.
  4. The internet is a completely different realm than in real life. Don't be so dense.
  5. It's really hilarious how everyone is just constantly stuck in the past yet here I am living in the present. Oh, I know, let's all worry about the past instead of worrying about the present! It's a good decision!!
  6. Except when I was back on here from may-july when I got banned for absolutely no reason, everyone was fine with me being here. I did nothing wrong and was just continuing conversations like normal. The only person who ever had an issue with me was Ruiner, which I did nothing wrong to him to deserve it but whatever.
  7. I would like to be able to post on here....

  8. Ok, so I can make topics in any of the other subforums, just can't make replies to threads. It's slightly annoying.
  9. Yeah, except that was many years ago. Things have changed since then.
  10. Here as in this subforum. I can't make any posts in like off-topic or got news? subforums.
  11. I can only make posts here, but I can't do it anywhere else. What's up with that?
  12. Congrats everyone! Site looks great, Nixon!