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  1. This is the same singer/songwriter as the band Driven Astray. I like all of their songs...
  2. Maybe there is some truth to this rumor and Austin is starting a new project with Linkin Park under a new moniker with a new sound altogether?
  3. This album is fantastic. Very much an AIC album, it doesn't stray too far from their previous material. Aside from the singles already released, Rainier Fog and Fly are sooo damn good. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes is really the only song I can't get into, it's a little boring to me.
  4. Cool song. Too heavy to be the lead single right??
  5. While the song isn't terrible, I'm getting bored by their songs, they all sound the same. They need to reinvent themselves on this record, a la Godsmack.
  6. I just bought their debut album "Find the Place" and it's also pretty awesome. I would put it on par with Rise.
  7. Never heard of these guys...I just cut through this album, and its pretty awesome. I hear Alterbridge and some Candlebox influences going on. If anyone knows who One Time Mountain is, this sounds similar to them as well.
  8. I like this album quite a bit, definitely their heaviest to date. My favorites are The Devil Inside, Catacombs, Complicated, Until the Day I Die, These Are the Bridges You Burn Down and Pure Evil.
  9. I kind of like it. Rats, Faith, See the Light, Dance Macabre and Witch Image are my favorites.
  10. So on first listen, this is kind of disappointing...This should almost be marketing as an EP, as small incision and oblivious aren't even really songs. And noose is a half ass effort at a song, it could have actually been a cool if Sean had done more than whisper sing into the mic. I do like Sides, Stars, My Name, Built into the Breed and Free Oblivion. So not all is lost, there are 5 pretty solid tracks here.
  11. New Album drops June 15th. No track list yet, but here is the cover art.
  12. The Devil Inside is floating around....It's a great track, catchy and heavy. It could easily fit somewhere on their last album.
  13. Nice, I like both tracks. They both have a SOM vibe.
  14. Great Song
  15. Drip Drip...I think it's their strongest album since at least Faceless, maybe even Awake. Every song has a soaring chorus, and they wrote a ballad...Never thought I would see the day, haha!
  16. So I'm a much bigger fan of their early stuff that was much more guitar driven hard rock compared to their last 2 albums...Most of these songs have some portion of the song I don't like for one reason or the other. That being said, Devil has grown on me over the past couple of weeks. Black Soul is solid even though I hate the intro and first verse. Pyro and Evolve could fit somewhere on SOM. Monsters, Creatures and Brilliant are good as well, and are built as singles. I think for me this is better than TTS and Amaryllis, but far far behind the other 3 albums.
  17. It's floating around. Upon first listen, it's a decent album. Jeff sounds a lot like Weiland that's for sure. I think the 4 songs they released are the strongest ones for me, but their are a couple of other ones that were good too. I'll give it a 6/10.
  18. It's a chill album for sure, which you get after hearing the first track. Standouts for me are Disillusioned, By and Down the River, Delicious and Feathers.
  19. Its different, I like it though...I'd say its the most radio friendly song they have ever released.
  20. One time through, every song is pretty catchy. I like Down and Torn in two of the songs I hadn't heard yet. My only complaint is with the exception of Dark of You, I can't tell when one song begins and the next one ends. It's one 35 minute song, lol.
  21. I like it. Sounds like a typical SES song.
  22. Cool song. This can't be the single thought right?
  23. They always have a few songs on each album like this. I'm come to expect some good ones, and some awful ones.
  24. There are some solid tracks here, I don't think it's going to touch Polyester Zeal though. Time will tell...