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  1. The details are being released tomorrow, however the first single Deathwish is out there if you can find it. It's a pretty wild song, it's growing on me already.
  2. Surprisingly not terrible. I miss Adam though...
  3. The new song is good, better than Red Cold River for sure. That being said, their songs are all starting to run together for me, not much diversity...
  4. This came out on Christmas day. Severely disappointed... Brian had been touting this release for well over a year, and that it was going to include unreleased old songs, and several new ones. In the end we got 7 songs, all of which I have had for damn near a decade. All of that being said, the 7 songs are awesome...I was just expecting more.
  5. Album is called Thread and is out on March 30th. No track listing just yet. Here is the first single...
  6. This band hasn't been the same since Jasin Todd left. I miss the heavy guitar riffs.
  7. It's a cool song, very breaking benjamin-y if you will. Nothing ground breaking here, but solid.
  8. Sounds pretty awesome.
  9. Not too shabby...Honestly it sounds like a typical STP song to me.
  10. I've now cut through this album around 5 times, and it's definitely in my top 3 between all of their other albums. It's definitely not as heavy as the last couple, but there isn't a bad song on it. While I like Novacaine, I'm not sure if it was the right choice for the first single. I think Ghosts or Phantoms would have been my choice. The Heart Shaped Box cover is interesting for sure, more of a re-imagination than a straight cover.
  11. The best buy edition comes with a cover of Heart Shaped Box.
  12. Solid on first listen. Their albums always grow on me, so I need to give it a few more spins.
  13. I gave each song about a 45 second listen, and it's all horrible. The only song I could stand was the wicked game cover, except I like Adam Gontier's version better.
  14. KNOXVILLE!! You ask and you shall receive.... we are dropping our new album (how to live) AS GHOSTS later this year and are doing a special hometown pre-release show at The Mill & Mine on October 13th with our pals in Black Map and Brave the Royals!! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 11am EST. We are also offering an Album Listening Experience before this show. Be amongst the very FIRST to listen to (how to live) AS GHOSTS with commentary as well as Q&A with us. After, we will take a photo with everyone and hand ya a signed poster, laminate and let you get in early for jamming with us pre-show! These are available right now at We can't wait for this one! See ya soon
  15. Ehh, its alright. Judas is the best song. Burn Me Out and Elevator are catchy, but awfully Nickelback-y.
  16. I feel like this should be a co-headline tour...
  17. No sophomore slump here, this album is as good if not better than their debut. Down in the Trenches, Cast in Stone, Beneath the Riverbed, Turnin' the Page and Jaded Eyes are the standouts for me.
  18. Solid Album here. Where is the Fade in / Fade out acoustic version? I need this...
  19. New Album Forged By Fortitude out September 22nd.
  20. Yeah they are southern rock. but more metal influences than Black Stone Cherry. They have quite a few pretty heavy songs.
  21. Here is another new one.
  22. They posted a while back they are ready to be the next big rock band, and hired Nick Raskulinecz to produce this album. That dude has worked with AIC, Korn, Deftones, Red Line Chemistry, Stone Sour etc. I'm expecting big things on this album.
  23. They aren't around anymore, but their EP is awesome.