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  1. The song Blood is floating around, instantly loved this track. My favorite one so far....Pretty Heavy too.
  2. It took a few listens for me, but now I like it a lot.
  3. Surprisingly not terrible. I miss Adam though...
  4. The new song is good, better than Red Cold River for sure. That being said, their songs are all starting to run together for me, not much diversity...
  5. This came out on Christmas day. Severely disappointed... Brian had been touting this release for well over a year, and that it was going to include unreleased old songs, and several new ones. In the end we got 7 songs, all of which I have had for damn near a decade. All of that being said, the 7 songs are awesome...I was just expecting more.
  6. Album is called Thread and is out on March 30th. No track listing just yet. Here is the first single...
  7. This band hasn't been the same since Jasin Todd left. I miss the heavy guitar riffs.
  8. It's a cool song, very breaking benjamin-y if you will. Nothing ground breaking here, but solid.
  9. The details are being released tomorrow, however the first single Deathwish is out there if you can find it. It's a pretty wild song, it's growing on me already.
  10. Sounds pretty awesome.
  11. Not too shabby...Honestly it sounds like a typical STP song to me.
  12. I've now cut through this album around 5 times, and it's definitely in my top 3 between all of their other albums. It's definitely not as heavy as the last couple, but there isn't a bad song on it. While I like Novacaine, I'm not sure if it was the right choice for the first single. I think Ghosts or Phantoms would have been my choice. The Heart Shaped Box cover is interesting for sure, more of a re-imagination than a straight cover.
  13. The best buy edition comes with a cover of Heart Shaped Box.
  14. Solid on first listen. Their albums always grow on me, so I need to give it a few more spins.
  15. I gave each song about a 45 second listen, and it's all horrible. The only song I could stand was the wicked game cover, except I like Adam Gontier's version better.