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  1. Love the first four tracks and the closer. Some of their best stuff, IMO
  2. Synth-y, nice!
  3. yikes
  4. For me, what makes Sevendust so great is they can go REALLY heavy and somehow find a way to reign it in with Lajon's vocals. Songs like Silly Beast, Murder Bar, Feed, Shine-- that stuff blows my mind. Animosity and Kill the Flaw are full of tracks like that. Seasons wasn't. It was mostly melodic songs with a melodic singer. I still liked it, but it didn't have that special sauce. Just my preference.
  5. Been listening to this one a lot. I love it. Definitely different from their others, kind of anthem-y. I'd say it's their simplest album behind Next, but it's also their most put-together album too. No one takes over any song, no one shows off (not even Morgan, wtf). It's just all about the track. Unforgiven is definitely my favorite-- God Bites His Tongue, Cheers, Risen, and Dirty are great too. Animosity Alpha Kill The Flaw Cold Day Memory All I See is War Hope & Sorrow Home Black Out the Sun Next Seasons S/T
  6. Listened to it a couple times, and nothing really stands out about this one. It's decent, but kinda basic for Sevendust. They usually have something more that elevates a song-- a curveball or whatever. Still excited though. Loved Dirty, and Not Original is a welcome change-up. Looking forward to hearing the rest!
  7. I really like this. Wasn't crazy about Polaris, but LOVED Altered State and One. My two gripes: The tempo is too damn slow, and the vocalist usually sings exactly what the guitars are doing. That being said, the tone is great. I can't get through King without listening to the ending at least three times. So dope.
  8. It's a pretty dope song on its own, but I hope the whole album isn't like that.
  9. Oh wow, Dirty is the opener. Doesn't really feel like it. Sevendust's openers are usually... bigger?
  10. New track, "Dirty" is floating around. Reminds me of a mix between "Nobody Wants It" and "Peace and Destruction". REALLY good chorus-- heavy, but with clean vocals. Definitely pumped for the new album!
  11. This article is a year old, but Jonny Hawkins mentions that Clint Lowery helped write "Tunnels" and "Funny Little Creatures". Haven't seen that anywhere else.
  12. I was clean shaven when I started this album and I had a full beard by the end. I don't know if it's because it was so badass, or because it took approximately 2 weeks to get through every track.
  13. IMO, this is their best album since Karma and Effect. Seriously impressed.
  14. Oh man, those samples sound like old school Seether. Heavy... sour... I love it. The single is good, but REALLY similar to Chevelle's "Take Out The Gunman".