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  1. These guys have dropped 2 singles the last month or so,no word on album yet.
  2. Northern Cailfornia band
  3. Here's a 1 man band from Sweden.
  4. Latest single.
  5. Here are some guys out of Australia,their latest release 'No Compromises'is out now.
  6. Damn,no offense to the new lineup but I like this version better...who knew!
  7. ^ Another good one,I just ordered on their bandcamp page,thanks!
  8. Here's some more metalcore out of the UK,good stuff here!
  9. Oh Yeah! Good job Dragon!
  10. Another good find!!!
  11. WOW!
  12. Just signed to InVogue Records,here's their latest single.
  13. Holy Chit listen to this...
  14. I don't care,I like this video and I like this song.
  15. These guys don't disappoint!
  16. No word on a new album yet but here's another new song,Yeah!
  17. She has a Great voice!
  18. Ep Disturbia out now.