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  1. This sounds really good,can't wait to see where this goes. Found some more info,the band is made up of Ryan Giles former One Less Reason guitarman,Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park) on drums and Rick DeJesus on vocals. Song is out now itunes,spotify,amazon.
  2. New single out !
  3. Like he always says "real music" !
  4. New Ashes Remain,Album Let The Light In out 10-27.
  5. New album Bad Blood Rising drops 10-06
  6. New album True View out 10-13
  7. 1st single off new album Welcome To The West Coast II out 11-10.
  8. Cult To Follow official May 3 ยท **ATTENTION** A full collection of previously unreleased Cult To Follow songs (from 2008-2013) titled "The Inception" will be available worldwide on June 30, 2015!! -All songs remixed and Mastered for iTunes- A single from the NEW (yet untitled) album will be released in July! (Stay tuned for single release date & Album details) Hope to see this on there.
  9. New single !
  10. New song out!
  11. Copperview
  12. Features Ages Apart lead singer Cody Webb on guitar.
  13. EP Ataraxis out today.
  14. This was my favorite song off Unleashed,really like the jam session at the end.
  15. Another new song.
  16. Bob Dylan once said "The times they are A-changin."
  17. This is great and can't wait for more !
  18. I fell asleep on this one ,I just Pledged on this and got the download, Bang Bang is Great!
  19. This kid is on a roll,another good one!
  20. Took me straight to my Happy place,so good!
  21. Good find,I enjoy that song Savages the most.