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  1. This kid is on a roll,another good one!
  2. Took me straight to my Happy place,so good!
  3. Good find,I enjoy that song Savages the most.
  4. Good post! I like their sound.
  5. New song/video out.
  6. Yes now just wait 3 months!
  7. Totally BadAss I agree!
  8. HeartBreaking
  9. Looking forward to this,I really enjoyed their 1st release.
  10. So ready for this!
  11. Another Victory is proud to announce the signing of Los Angeles modern rock outfit DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY. Ring leader and frontman Michael Orlando sheds his skin for the first time since the curtains closed of his former project, Vampires Everywhere, with a new song and video called “I'll Find A Way.”
  12. New release Offworld out 7-28
  13. Just when you think...
  14. Decent.
  15. Back in the day I really enjoyed Hinder and I want to get onboard I really do but I just don't like the sound as much as I used to.
  16. I like the guitar work in this !
  17. Hell Yes!