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  1. Did Nickelback headline that show? And who was the first opener, Bush or Seether?
  2. The unwarranted harassment of Dragon in this thread by Andrew is pretty sad. Also, it is hilarious that yet another Christian brand shows the true colors of Christianity by committing adultery and then sticking with the mistress. Organized religion is the biggest joke in the world. My dream is to start a "Christian" band and make millions of dollars off of those fools, and then reveal that all the hard-earned money they gave me I spent on satanist causes. Nothing could make me happier than to see the looks on their faces.
  3. Dude that's so gross.
  4. What did you do to her Andrew? She used to be happy and then it's like you locked her up in a room with Meg Myers for a year writing music and then Lady Gaga gave her a haircut.
  5. How has no one else commented on this yet? "Madness" is pretty boring and generic, though I was at least bobbing my head along to the guitar riff. "Safe House" really rocks though. I didn't like either of the singles that they released for the last album, so I didn't bother checking out the whole thing. "Safe House" has made it so that I'll at least listen to this one once.
  6. I'd say this is promising. Musically it was nice and heavy and the general theme of it was very good. He just stretched a bit with some of the rhymes, like using "grind the mice" to rhyme with "sacrifice." "All The Right Reasons" was the last album of their's that I truly enjoyed the whole album, but all their albums since have at least had a few good songs on each one.
  7. That sounds fucking awesome.
  8. Whoever bought that is a total loser. Seriously, how do we even know that those were the original lyrics written down? He could've scrawled those on there the day before he put it up on ebay.
  9. Maybe it's because certain members are mean to other members for no reason (i.e. Ruiner and Andrew personally attacking me). Regarding the topic, Starset has hit another home run. "Back to Earth" is great. "Ricochet" "Die for You" "Gravity of You" all great.
  10. Not a fan of it unfortunately (not that you would care). I really enjoyed the darker stuff like "You Stupid Girl," "Hear Me Now," "Built for Sin," "Count Me In," and "The Fold."
  11. Unfortunately, band's that employ Nick Coyle don't tend to last long. Hopefully the downfall of Cold isn't imminent now.
  12. Thank you Omar.
  13. I'm tired of them picking on me constantly for just stating my opinion.
  14. I wish you and Ruiner were dead instead of Matt Moseman.
  15. Not to disrespect his memory, as SOS is one of the best rock albums of the early 2000s, but GoFundMe's have gotten way out of control. It seems now that anytime someone dies, house catches on fire, loses a pet, etc. there is automatically a GoFundMe page set up. What happened to personal responsibility? And holy shit, I just clicked on the link, they're trying to raise $100,000!!! What a fucking joke. That is some serious scamming going on right there. I'm not going to do it, but someone with more balls than me should comment on the page that the guy that set up the page is out to profit over Matt's death. That is so fucked up.