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  1. American_Idiot received reputation from Koldes in RIP Chester Bennington   
    I started tearing up listening to "One More Light" (song) yesterday while getting ready for work. So freaking eerie listening to some of these lyrics and not knowing what was going on his mind in the recent past. I've also had a bit of a rough time listening to any music that isn't energetic and happy over the last two days as it makes me think of him.
  2. American_Idiot received reputation from Koldes in RIP Chester Bennington   
    When my wife texted me the news this afternoon, I froze. I didn't want to look up from any sources if this was true. Linkin Park would likely be in the Top 20 of my favorite all-time bands and "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" might also be in my Top 20 albums of all-time. When I first saw the video for "One Step Closer" in 2000, I knew these guys were something special and would have a hell of a career. While the band took a bit of different direction with this new album, I respected them for that trying something new. A huge reason of why I'm a big fan of theirs is because Chester and Mike always changed things up on every release. They're both extremely talented being musicians, performers, and songwriters, so I've always admired them a ton in the industry.  
    This has hit me harder than Cornell and Welland. I grew up in the 90's and was a fan of all of their bands and projects, but Chester as a musician meant a lot more to me personally. His voice and range were incredible. I don't know what this means for the future of the band. I can't imagine it will ever be close to the same to replace him. I've been lucky to have seen them live twice in my life. My heart goes out to his family. We really really need to focus more on preventing depression and suicide as we've seen how serious of a issue it has become in the music world and beyond as of late.
  3. American_Idiot gave reputation to pen in MM2017 Round 1, Set 16: The Dillinger Escape Plan vs. The Veer Union   
    The Veer Union has always been just alright to me; an active rock also-ran that puts out songs that are listenable enough to be enjoyable but generic enough to be unmemorable. 
    And then we have Dillinger, which is completely outside the realm of my tastes. It's dissonant, it's abrasive, and it's manic.
    I'm voting for Veer Union just on the sheer basis that of the two, it's the band I can listen to without suffering ear damage.
  4. American_Idiot gave reputation to Koldes in Nothing More // The Stories We Tell Ourselves   
  5. American_Idiot gave reputation to RainbowDragon in MM2017 Round 1, Set 14: Milk Teeth vs. Kongos   
    ^ July 28th new 4 song EP. They signed to Roadrunner Records. Single/video already released.
  6. American_Idiot received reputation from NinjaNick101 in MM2017 Round 1, Set 10: Hellyeah vs. Dance Gavin Dance   
    I actually was able to decently like those two Hellyeah songs. Usually, I can't stand them personally. Dance Gavin Dance for me is a no-thought pick. 
  7. American_Idiot gave reputation to Green Baron in It's That Time Again...   
  8. American_Idiot gave reputation to pen in MM2017 Round 1, Set 8: Citizen Zero vs. Against The Current   
    Adam, it's you and me now in the bunker. I like Citizen Zero but they're pretty meat and potatoes while Against The Current is just pretty. They get my vote.
  9. American_Idiot received reputation from NinjaNick101 in MM2017 Round 1, Set 1: Banks vs. Capsize   
    I liked the singles I heard from Banks last album, but man... I couldn't tolerate these two songs at all. If I haven't mention before, I absolutely hate hate hate R&B music more than any other genre. Those two tracks fit into that category to me where I couldn't wait for them to end.
    Capsize seems decently tolerable despite not being 100% my cup of tea. Not really too much for me to decide on here.
  10. American_Idiot gave reputation to pen in MM2017 Round 1, Set 1: Andy Black vs. Good Charlotte   
    Who are you and what have you done with Adam?
  11. American_Idiot received reputation from Kalt in MOJO Craft Beer and Music Festival   
    Man... if I could teleport to St. Louis to go to this, I'd easily do it. Seeing Story of the Year for the first time in twelve years would be amazing. Twice, I was supposed to see Unwritten Law and they didn't show up due to legal issues. I've never seen P.O.D. or Lucky Boys Confusion. While only six artists, that's a great lineup.
  12. American_Idiot received reputation from Koldes in Papa Roach - 'Crooked Teeth'   
    Musically, I found the album after one listen to be overall good. There are some strong tracks on there that I probably like better than anything off of F.E.A.R. and definitely Metamorphosis. Hearing Jacoby adding more rap into the mix is something I'm definitely on-board with. 
    However, I think their lyrical content bring it down for me a bit. I guess I'm just tired of them writing songs about alcohol abuse, pill addiction, or depression, which is something they've always done. I get it. It's a big part of some of the band members past, but I was hoping for something different. Some other lyrics just seem cheesy and almost amusing in a way at the slight cringe.
    Of course, I need to give the album some more listens to really determine what I think of it. For now, I'd give it a 5 or 6/10. It might be able to grow on me more or my opinion may stay the same.
  13. American_Idiot received reputation from Koldes in Linkin Park - 'One More Light'   
    I'm a bit surprised I'm saying this, but after one listen, I do indeed like the album. Like Koldes was saying in his analysis, I guess I'm a Linkin Park fanboy too. I like Chester, Mike, and the rest of the band for their talent in general rather than the genre of music that they associate the band with. 
    Sure. This is not by far going to be my favorite album from them and I'm not really liking Chester's comments about the haters response to the album. However, I applaud them for changing up their sound as they typically do on each album. Some of these songs, while not having a direct rock sound, could be something I would have expected to hear on A Thousand Suns or Living Things. 
    Just after one listen, I'm probably going to give it a 7/10, but I want to give it some more time to get to know each track better for an accurate rating.
  14. American_Idiot received reputation from Lucas in Seether - 'Poison the Parish'   
    I don't dislike the album, but I do think I need to give it another listen or two or three before I really decide what I think of it. I wanted something similar to "Karma & Effect" as it was my favorite Seether album. This is probably the closest to it and I'd have to say this it's heavier than any other release, which is also what I wanted. However, something doesn't completely gel with me either about it. It could be my tastes personally in which I'm less into louder and heavier stuff as I become an old man than I used to be. 
  15. American_Idiot gave reputation to Ruiner in At the Drive-In - 'in-ter a-li-a'   
    If you liked this definitely listen to Relationship of Command. Truly outstanding album. 
  16. American_Idiot received reputation from Green Baron in Fall Out Boy - Mania   
    I know this sounds super harsh, but I never want to hear that song again. It honestly is one of the worst songs I've ever heard. That dubstep and chipmunk vocals were beyond awful. Fall Out Boy has been downhill for me since "From Under The Cork Tree," but at least they've been tolerable to listen to until now.
  17. American_Idiot received reputation from NinjaNick101 in Rise Against teasing new music?   
    Don't be surprised if this ends up being my AOTY.
  18. American_Idiot received reputation from NinjaNick101 in New Found Glory Makes Us Sick   
    I liked that one better than "Happy Being Miserable." Great stuff!
  19. American_Idiot gave reputation to pen in MM2017 Final Prelims   
    Not only is that a lot of work for me, but a lot of work for everyone else to take the time to listen. I've got a better idea: promote the bands you like during the year so more people recognize them when the tournament comes around. 
  20. American_Idiot received reputation from Kalt in Nickelback's Ninth Album   
    This is probably their best song I've heard from them in 10+ years. It really reminds me their earlier albums. I've never understood the hate for Nickelback. Some of their albums are certainly better than others, but they are overall consistently good to decent from album to album and put on a great live show.
  21. American_Idiot received reputation from jgohawks in Carousel Kings - 'Charm City'   
    This album came out last Friday and it impressed the hell out of me. They have an incredibly energetic sound. I'd compare them most to a band like Four Year Strong.
  22. American_Idiot received reputation from Kalt in Nickelback's Ninth Album   
    This is probably their best song I've heard from them in 10+ years. It really reminds me their earlier albums. I've never understood the hate for Nickelback. Some of their albums are certainly better than others, but they are overall consistently good to decent from album to album and put on a great live show.
  23. American_Idiot gave reputation to pen in New Found Glory Makes Us Sick   
    Makes Me Sick drops on April 28th via Hopeless. AI, this one's for you.

    First single "Happy Being Miserable" will drop on February 16th.
    "Lyrically, this album looks at our culture and where we’re at—even in ourselves. We live in a place where people, ourselves included, spend so much time pointing the finger at others. They point at everything else they want to fix with the world, but they never really point at themselves. This album is more vulnerable, but it’s a different kind of vulnerability and honesty than our other records. Musically, we’ve found this sort of freedom because of our fans and their loyalty to us over the years. We use this juxtaposition between our most accountable lyrics and our most fun music." - Chad Gilbert
  24. American_Idiot received reputation from Kalt in Kenneth Nixon (ex-Framing Hanley vocalist) posts new song   
    I really liked it. It reminded me of a more bluesy Daughtry kind of tune.
  25. American_Idiot gave reputation to Andrew in Andrew's 2016 Retrospective   
    Things I Liked: Blink-182 Re-Emerges Better Than Ever   Cards on the table here, I've never been much of a Blink-182 fan.  My affection for pop punk in general can be a bit hit and miss, which is also how I'd describe my feelings toward one of the genre's most notable and well-traveled bands.  For years I've struggled to pinpoint just why I'm not entirely fond of them and I think it usually came down to the playful immaturity that helped make them famous.  I'm all for tongue-in-cheek silliness, but I never entirely rallied behind the boyish charms of Mark, Tom and Travis, perhaps the reason I always favored more straight-forward tracks like "Feeling This" or "The Rock Show."  Up until 2016, I'd have said that their best work was the 2003 self-titled album, featuring a handful of more serious singles and some great deep cuts like "Go" or the band's finest work, "Stockholm Syndrome," but even then I'd never say the record connected with me completely.
    Fast forward to today, with one of the Blink trio being cast aside in favor of Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, a band I've always admired.  With Tom out of the way, and a new singer I could get behind, Blink had my attention for their 2016 comeback record but I remained skeptical that this would be the work that finally got me in their corner.  My concerns begin to dissipate when prior to its release, they released one of the absolute best songs of the year, a classic pop-punk rager called "Bored To Death."  While some were critical of the fact that the once dueling vocals of Blink-182 now sounded all too similar, it was a change I immediately welcomed.  The matching vocal tones of Hoppus and Skiba means the two guys can trade shots over and over and over without breaking up the frenetic pace of the song and giving it a crisp, uniform sound from start to finish.  This song captured my attention instantly and gave me suddenly high hopes for 'California.'
    My optimism was well-deserved, 'California' is a great pop punk record from three guys who know what they're doing moreso than almost anyone in the business.  The old Blink-182 is present here, but mostly saved for small little interludes in the form of "Built This Pool" and "Brohemian Rhapsody," which is a welcome place for that classic Blink silliness.  When the three get together to write the real meat and potatoes of the record though, they mostly check their immaturity at the door and just strong, blistering tracks, like the opening "Cynical" or the wickedly hooky "Rabbit Hole."  The newest single "She's Out of Her Mind" feels like a vintage 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket' number, "No Future" crushes the typical "na na na" sing-a-long chorus, and "San Diego" is a nostalgic road-tripper of the song that could easily be the one Halsey and that Chainsmoker were talking about, if not for the fact that it just came out this year.  All told I enjoyed 'California' more than any Blink record past, which is to say it's the first time I can proudly say I've spun one enough times to learn all the words to most of the songs.  It's a joyful party rock album that shows that Blink-182 may actually be getting better with age.  I guess this is growing up.