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  1. "Burnout" is not close to their best song, but I liked it. Better than "Novocaine" too.
  2. It's like the band Phoenix. Personally, I'd have no idea that they're French until I hear them talk.
  3. I discovered these guys last Friday when their new album "Club Dragon" was released and was impressed. If you like bands such as Gnarwolves, Comeback Kid, Can't Swim, The Flatliners and more, you might enjoy them.
  4. Not sure how many of you are interested in the pop-punk band Seaway, but they released their second full-length album last Friday titled "Vacation." I thought it was overall pretty solid. 1. Apartment2. Neurotic3. London4. Lula On The Beach5. Something Wonderful6. Curse Me Out7. Day Player8. Misery In You9. Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast, or Don’t (Featuring Caleb Shomo of Beartooth)10. Car Seat Magazine11. 40 Over12. When I Hang Up
  5. I'd much rather hear 12 or more songs from a band in a row than say 6. Definitely albums.
  6. That could be why my dead mall was alive for about a decade or more later after many of the stores closed since it did include one of two movie theaters in the city.
  7. There was a dead mall around here when I was a kid as they built a bigger one nearby in the late 80's. Since the late 90's, the dead mall became a Charter School. I always thought that would have been cool to go to school where stores once were.
  8. It took me up until halfway through to really get into this, but on first listen, I really like this album. "Go to War" and "Just Say When," are two that stand out to me most so far. "Fade In/Fade Out" is super emotionally well done. There are just so many factors on this release of how the band has great talent in different areas of sound. I'm not so much into bands similar to Nothing More, but can't help but deny how damn good they are.
  9. Before I give my opinion here, note that Foo Fighters are in the Top 3 of my all-time favorite bands, so stakes are very high when I listen to an album of theirs. In comparison to just about everything else, I find everything they make to be a great album. In comparison to other Foo Fighters releases, after just one listen, I'm a bit disappointed and didn't really get into it other than a few songs. It might be a grower, but I don't think it's the kind of album like say "The Colour and the Shape" where you can just dive into and love it immediately anyway.
  10. You and everyone else are perfectly ok to disagree with me anytime. It's what makes opinions a great thing in the music world. I just think they're trying to emphasize his vocals too much here. He has a fantastic range, but I just think it's over the top in this track and has been more and more with their latest albums. I gave this another listen last night and do enjoy it a bit more now to the point where I do decently like the song. I absolutely hated "Young & Menace" as you know, so this is a huge step up in comparison. I know Fall Out Boy has tons of talent as I've heard in the past. I just don't like the way they're using it so far with this new album. Really, just haven't more and more as time has gone on with each album.
  11. I thought it was good as well. I'm hoping to hear new album news soon.
  12. Hmm. I wasn't really feeling that one on a first listen. "Mexican Fender" is still easily my favorite out of the three.
  13. Can't say I really like this one either, so I'm overall 0/3 on their songs released so far. "Champion" was alright, but the lyrics are so cliche to me. This has it's decent parts, but Patrick's high notes in this song are a turnoff for me and the chorus, while catchy, does not need to be so fast.
  14. Bye bye, Yellowcard
  15. I wasn't into their last album a ton. However, after one listen, I am blown freaking away by this one. It'll probably end up in my Top 10 for AOTY. Maybe even Top 5. It's one of those that I can't wait to hear again. I thought "Freeze Me" was a decent song, but man there are so many good tracks on this. It's a great mixture of hard rock and punk sound all into one.
  16. Gave this a listen today and have to say that I like it even more than their self-titled release. Some songs rock hard and some are more melodic. It's just overall done very well. One of the better albums I've heard this year and probably will end up in my Top 20 for AOTY or so. I'll have to listen to it some more to get used to what songs stand out, but I remember "I Was Just A Kid" is a terrific opener. "Amsterdam" should have been their official first single over "Sorry."
  17. I forgot to update here since the storm was over as of yesterday morning. I fared just fine. My house somehow never lost power despite getting about 90-100 mph wind gusts. Many trees and power lines are down all over the area and 75% of Florida as a whole has no power. Spoke to pen yesterday and unfortunately he still does not have any power at his place up near Orlando. However, he's ok. Just dying of boredom and dealing with having no a/c isn't exactly the most comfortable as you could expect when it's in the 90's and at 100% humidity. Hopefully he gets his power back very soon.
  18. Color me stoked! I didn't think it was three years since "4" was released already.
  19. I guess this is becoming an annual thing as this is the third year in a row I'm posting about a hurricane hitting my area. People have been going nuts preparing for Irma and stores were out of water, bread, chips, etc for the last week. Lines at gas stations have been at times 2-3 hour waits and most don't have gas anymore. I have shutters up on my house, filled up a bunch of containers with water, and have enough peanut butter and jelly for a week or two This storm is a freaking monster as just about everyone in Florida will get a chance of hurricane force winds and it's expected to hit as a Category 5 with wind gusts over 190 mph. That's over 21 million people affected. The forecast track has been changing every few hours as it was supposed to go east of the East Coast two days ago, but now is expected to hit the Middle Keys and then go to the SW Coast where Naples and Fort Myers are before going north up the state. For where I live, they were saying we'd get 130 mph winds this morning, but has now gone down to 80-90 mph. A massive difference. Things can change at anytime before it makes landfall very early Sunday morning. If any of you are also in Florida, please stay safe and I hope you took the proper precautions for what could be a devastating situation for millions.
  20. I decided to check these guys out today as they're similar to bands like Tiny Moving Parts, Pet Symmetry, Sorority Noise, and Joyce Manor. They have an album that came out earlier this year called "Greatest Hits," which is amusing since it's their first full length album. I'd certainly recommend it if you like any of the artists above.
  21. I gave it a listen when it came out and honestly really struggled to make it through the whole thing. Just not really sound I enjoy I guess as it's much more pop oriented. I will give it another try at some point though.
  22. Yeah... I still like them as well. If they can get ahead in votes here, I'd be fine with them moving on.
  23. I voted for A7X, but this was unfortunately my least favorite album from them.
  24. I had to think about this one for a few minutes. It's an unpopular opinion, but I thought this was the Chili Peppers best album in quite awhile. I also liked Biffy's album a good amount too, but I guess due to variety would rank the Chili Peppers album slightly higher.
  25. Easy choice for me with Alter Bridge as I loved their album, but I can see why Hands Like Houses might make it a touch match up too.