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  1. Just from these three songs, I can also say that this might be my favorite album of the year. Keep in mind, by the time the year is over, I may have listened to over 150 albums by then. I haven't been this excited for a new release in quite some time.
  2. "The Last of the Real Ones" kind of grew on me, so I'm 1/4 as this one is literally a straight up Maroon 5 sounding Pop song. I doubt no song they ever make in the future will be as bad as "Young and Menace" for me, but this is another one that I would be fine never hearing again.
  3. It feels like much longer than eight years since their last full-length release. This song definitely makes me look forward for their new material. Might be their best that I've heard in over a decade.
  4. ^ Yeah. I don't love the song and I'm sure there will be better ones in the future. If their goal was to get someone to sound exactly like Scott, they definitely succeeded.
  5. Unfortunately, Alternative wouldn't touch anything close to this heavy. Looking back over the last few years, I'm surprised they played Wolf Alice or Royal Blood as much as they did. Unless you're a veteran band on the format, if you're remotely heavy in terms of sound of all, the format won't give you the light of day these days.
  6. I gave this a listen straight through yesterday. All I'll say is after one listen, it's very very different. Heavier I'd say than the band has been in a long time and that's not a bad thing. It will take me awhile to get used to this for sure. Not that I'm complaining much with it clocking in at 1 hour and 20 minutes since the more music, the better in a way. Once I get used to it, I wonder if it'll feel like a chore to listen all the way through or I won't mind it at all.
  7. I wouldn't know anymore. 75-80% of what is played on Alternative or Active Rock radio these days is mostly crap to me, so I stopped bothering looking at charts.
  8. I'm certainly excited for this one. They were an excellent new find for me last year.
  9. I saw that these guys were on tour with Broadside and Carousel Kings, so I figured I'd check out their full-length album "Heavy Thoughts" that came out earlier this year. I was pretty damn impressed as they have a pop-punk/metalcore similar to A Day To Remember sound that I can totally see rise them in popularity in the future.
  10. I listened to Weezer's new album and this today and to my surprise, this blew Weezer out of the damn water. I don't think it's as heavy as their previous work, but maybe that's why I liked it so much. As usual, vocals, guitar riffs, and lyrics are fantastic. This will probably end up in my Top 10 of AOTY out of possibly over 150. Just terrific.
  11. This will probably go down for me as one of the better albums of the 90's and certainly my favorite from Everclear. It's one of those albums that I can listen to 100 times and not get sick of it.
  12. That would be amazing if they can make a return. One of my favorite nu-metal bands ever. Kevin's vocals and energy are what do it for me.
  13. There guys had their first full-length album titled "Feel Something" come out today and after one listen, I enjoyed it a ton. They're comparable to a good mixture of other bands since their sound is unique such as Stick To Your Guns, I The Mighty, Can't Swim, Knuckle Puck, Citizen, Like Moths To Flames, and more.
  14. Release Date: October 13, 2017 01. You Used to Say (Holy Fuck) 02. Peace Sign 03. Bae 04. Vacation Town 05. Don't Fill Up on Chips 06. Grand Finale 07. Trampoline 08. Raining 09. Far Drive 10. Everyone But You 11. Ocean
  15. While it's super unlikely that any team will move over the next five years or so, if Houston or KC does get a team, it's probably accurate for Seattle or Quebec that relocation will be the likely possibility eventually. I can't see the NHL having 34 teams anytime soon. I don't want any team to move, but Arizona seems the most likely to do so as they haven't been stable in many years. The Islanders are still looking for a new arena in Belmont, but it's not guaranteed yet. Carolina's ownership doesn't seem to fully be trustworthy to keep them in Raleigh. I'm a Panthers fan and I trust our ownership as they say they're keeping them in South Florida long-term, but if years of losing keep up and they continue to lose revenue, one has to wonder how much longer will they want to keep their ownership.
  16. Release Date: October 13, 2017 01. Alive 02. Left for Dead 03. The Rich Life of a Poor Man 04. Playing Fiction 05. Guilty Melody 06. Open Water 07. Curtain Call 08. Scatterbrained 09. Flatline 10. While The World Keeps Spinning 11. Home
  17. No wonder why it sounded so familiar...
  18. As a massive hockey fan, I pay a lot of attention to news surrounding this topic. Houston has been in the rumors lately to be the frontrunner to get the next expansion team as the Rockets owner is interested in getting a team there. Seattle is still having trouble getting a proposal to get a new arena built for a NHL and NBA team, but they are probably the next likely. I haven't really heard much about Kansas City being talked about. They have had an NHL-ready arena for the Sprint Center for quite awhile. I think the issue is that it's not a massive market and there are others such as the two I mentioned above as well as Quebec City that would be a better market to gain revenue. As much as many people want teams like the Coyotes, Hurricanes, Islanders, Panthers, etc to move, it's not happening for at least a few years. The crazy thing is that a new expansion team in 2019-2020 could actually save the NHL from another lockout.
  19. Not really feeling that one too much either. As I said in posts above, I liked the White Album as their best in quite awhile. Overall though, their material has been so much weaker for me since the Red Album when comparing to their material prior to then.
  20. From those two songs, I have super high expectations for this new release
  21. I think the album's pretty good after one listen. So far, I wouldn't say as good as "Copacetic" as it's a bit more emo and less energetic. Knuckle Puck is still one of the better modern day pop-punk bands out there now. To answer the question above, there are multiple ways as a huge pop-punk fan to find new bands that are relevant in the scene today. is one. I personally I use Spotify and to see similar bands that I may find appealing. I also look up every new album that comes out every Friday to see if they might spark my interest. It's also good to check out bands who are opening for some of the more popular bands in the scene. You never know that a band that 99% of music fans haven't heard might have some damn good talent.
  22. This album was better than I expected and I like their more grungy/emo sound than in the past. I think it'll be one that grows on me since I didn't love it right off the bat.
  23. Release Date: September 29, 2017 1. Victory Lap 2. Comply/ Resist 3. Cop Just Out of Frame 4. When All Your Fears Collide 5. Letters to a Young Anus 6. Lower Order (A Good Laugh) 7. Failed Imagineer 8. Call Before You Dig 9. Nigredo 10. In Flagrante Delicto 11. Tartuffe 12. Adventures in Zoochosis
  24. I would always hear my dad listening to Tom Petty while I was growing up. I've learned to totally appreciate his easy-going attitude in his music that has made him become one of my favorite Classic Rock artists of all-time. It's super sad to hear this news after the horrible tragedy in Vegas. Today just flat out sucked donkey balls.
  25. This really reminds me of if American Authors and Imagine Dragons had a baby. I don't hate the song, but man those high notes and weird noises are annoying as hell. This is super duper poppy and that goofy dance the singer is doing is along with the guitarists rocking out like this is a hard rock song is quite amusing.