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  1. That song unfortunately didn't do much for me, but I really liked their last album and find it to be one of the better pop-punk albums over the last few years. I hope there's some better songs on their new one as I'm anticipating it quite a bit.
  2. That celebration by Ovi afterward was priceless to see. The guy completely deserves to finally have his dream come true. I'm so happy for any Caps fans that have stuck with the team over many decades.
  3. This sounds exactly where they left off with their last album. I hope their new one is just as good as it might be my favorite from their discography.
  4. If any of you still listen to these guys like I do:
  5. I hope this series goes to 7 games as it's been phenomenal so far. I'm good with either team winning the Cup. Caps fans deserve one after 44 years of mostly seeing their team over the last 20 get knocked out in the playoffs. I wouldn't mine if Vegas won as I love Gerard Gallant, Marchessault, Smith, and like seeing Sunbelt teams succeed. Plus, for the fuck you to Panthers management factor.
  6. I feel like I'd be into Halestorm more if they didn't have such cringy lyrics.
  7. Trophy Eyes has released the first single titled "You Can Count On Me" off of their upcoming album called "The American Dream" due out on August 3rd.
  8. This song is so damn epic. I needed new Coheed so badly.
  9. Yeah... I've been a decent-sized fan of Daughtry over the years, but that didn't phase me much at all.
  10. I actually hadn't listened to this until now, but wow this is very very different for Trophy Eyes.
  11. Am listening to the song now. I completely get where you're coming from. It's good, but yeah I can definitely picture Ryan Key singing this as a melodic Yellowcard song. Interesting change for them.
  12. Not sure if this is from a new album or will be an added bonus track to "After The Party."
  13. I haven't had a chance to hear the song yet, but that makes me pretty damn excited to hear it now considering I like Yellowcard at this point in my life a lot more than Good Charlotte. Go back to 2003 and they might have been neck and neck for me.
  14. That new song was excellent. A harder sound than their last album, which was full of fun pop-punk.
  15. That was really good! This might turn out to be one of my favorite albums of the year from what I've heard so far.
  16. It's better than "World Gone Mad," but I still am not that impressed by it. They're one of those bands I'll check out new music by, but never have really gotten a whole lot into them besides "Pompeii."
  17. I'm seeing New Found Glory, Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional, and Ryan Key from Yellowcard tomorrow night for the MSD #ParklandStrong Benefit show. There's a bunch of other concerts that I want to go to, but I don't think I can fit them into my budget or limited time right now.
  18. This really didn't sound like Sick Puppies of the past as it has more of a harder rock-influence. I guess I was hoping for something like "All The Same" or 'There's No Going Back." It's not that I didn't like it. Just expected something a bit different I guess. I wasn't too fond of the lyrics repeating themselves over and over and over "Can I get a amen or a hallelujah."
  19. This wasn't what I was expecting to hear at all. That's a good thing though. More of the modern day pop-punk bands need to have some variety in their music to show off their other talents.
  20. Empress was really the only song of the four that I liked. I'm a decent-sized fan of theirs, so.. so far I'm a bit disappointed.
  21. Surprised this has hardly any comments. I just gave this a listen after listening to their entire discography. I had never heard all of their albums straight through. Just random songs or singles here and there. I didn't really like any of their albums except for maybe "They're Only Chasing Safety" to some extent prior to this new one. Most of their material is too heavy for me and I'm just not much of a metalcore fan. However, with this album, I actually enjoyed it a lot. I really like the change in sound to more of a mainstream level. Certain songs reminded me of heavier Filter songs and also I thought to myself of Stabbing Westward as well. I'll give it a 3.5/5, but once it grows on me with more listens, I can see maybe even rating it a 4/5.