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  1. For artists that have confirmed release dates: Jack White, STP, Thirty Seconds to Mars, The Wonder Years, Breaking Benjamin, Underoath, Pennywise, Godsmack, Frank Turner, Shinedown, CHVRCHES, Snow Patrol. For probable/rumored albums to come out later this year: Muse, The Offspring, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins.
  2. That's correct Amazon alone wasn't the reason, but I know from my job that retail stores are likely one day going to be a thing of the past in many industries. Toys are certainly one of them. Amazon is becoming massive when it comes to buying just about anything and I don't see that going away anytime soon. Many customers that I speak to are very upset about Toys "R" Us since they might live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a Walmart or Target nearby to buy toys from. Amazon is by far their option then.
  3. It's sad since some of my best childhood memories going to Toys "R" Us and just checking out everything. As most of you know, I work for a toy company. This is a shock to pretty much everyone in the industry that they are closing so quickly. Just late last year, it seemed like they were attempting to make a rebound and it looked very possible that they would.
  4. I like that this was a bit heavy for their overall band sound. Looking forward to hearing more!
  5. ARTV just reviewed this debut album and after watching the video, I know it's definitely one that I need to check out. I'm going to add it to my massive list. Hopefully I get to it within a few weeks or so.
  6. "Get Out" is good and is what I expect from CHVRCHES, but "My Enemy" is freaking fantastic. I'd include it as one of the better songs they've ever made.
  7. I'm hoping that there are better songs on the new album. Not that I didn't like this one, but it seems too typical of a Hawthorne Heights song. Nothing really about it screams to me "Man, I missed these guys!"
  8. This has been played on radio for the last couple of months, so I hear it every so often in the rare time that I actually listen to my local station. I think it's a step up in the right direction to their older material, which I enjoy more. I really like when Justin emphasizes his emotion in the lyrics of the tough past he's had. Most people that aren't big fans of the band just know them for "Hate Me," but they're so much better than that if you go through their discography.
  9. I thought it was ok. I feel like I've heard much better by them. It didn't grab me like most of their lead singles have in the past, but maybe it'll grow on me more over time.
  10. I finally listened to the new song. Overall, it's pretty generic in terms of radio rock if you want to call it that. However, I like this new turn of sound for Godsmack instead of overall having a very similar sound throughout their career.
  11. I'm actually surprised Florida is that high at #15. Don't get me wrong. There are many good things about living in this state, but there are plenty of bad things too. Corrupt and insane things.
  12. I've not really into the whole post-grunge sound nearly as much as I used to be. Besides Seether and some others that stand out, I've kind of put Puddle of Mudd in the back of my mind so to speak. They have some hit or miss stuff in their discography, but I'd be fine if they ended it here for Wes to get the help he needs.
  13. I might just be a bit excited. Hopefully their new material is a bit unique rather than the same or similar sounding album each time.
  14. Thanks, man. I've been to two different candlelight vigils in my area over the last week and visited the memorial at a local park where they are honoring the victims. One of the victims apparently lived down the street from me. People are angry. Very very very angry. Nightly, I've hear protests walking past my neighborhood chanting "Never again" and "We need change." Governor Rick Scott just keeps saying to pray for the families and is ignoring any comments of gun law change. Trump was here over the weekend. He never visited Parkland to speak to victims families or to the community. He visited the hospital for about 35 minutes where victims were recovering and then went to the Broward Sherrif's Office to praise the responders for getting them to the hospital so fast and officers involved in the shooting while smiling in a picture and giving the thumbs up sign. While over the last few days, families have had funerals for their innocent children, he spent yesterday afternoon golfing before going back to D.C. MSD Alumni are also having vigils all over the country every night and there have been walkouts daily from schools in the area. The community and these kids from Douglas are so amazing. They are going to the capitol in Tallahassee today, and have organized the "March of Our Lives" in D.C. next month. Tomorrow night, CNN is having a Town Hall Meeting at 9pm EST with members of the community to speak out. Marco Rubio actually is attending while Scott and Trump declined. If what these kids are doing don't make progress to the politicians to make change, they will just keep fighting even more. It's terrible in my mind that they even have to take the responsibility to do this, but I admire them so much for everything they've been doing in this fight.
  15. So... I'm actually a Marjory Stoneman Douglas Alumni and Nikolas Cruz was caught by police literally down the block from my house. Let me tell you, this area is absolutely devastated right now. The Parkland/Coral Springs area is a very safe and family-oriented community. I decided to raise my kids here because of the great experience I had growing up here. While going to MSD, never in my mind would have I thought that this would happen in my school and in my hometown. While I've taken this incident pretty hard as has everyone else around here, I can't even imagine how the victims family and friends feel. While I was very sad on Wednesday, my mood turned to angry over the last two days. Now that more facts have come out about how this could have prevented so many times. How the FBI never gave word of reports of Cruz being a threat after citizens and others called in. Columbine happened nineteen years ago and nothing has changed. Congress needs to absolutely take this incident and the many others in the past as a very serious issue in this country. They need gun regulations and to focus more on curing mental health. Republicans keep saying through the media that it's too early or now's the not the time. How long are you going to wait before another beautiful community such as mine loses innocent lives? These were smart young minds and faculty that you can consider heroes that did not have to lose their lives. Trump arrived down here today and the Vice Mayor of Parkland actually wants him gone. This area is very very heavily Democratic and he's going to get ripped to all shreds when he meets with the community tomorrow. Until he and Congress takes action, this kind of incident will happen anywhere.