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  1. I listened to it for the first time earlier this morning at work. I think I need to give this a listen at home and really listen to the lyrics. I wasn't feeling the hype, but then again I had tons of noise around me and was swamped with work.
  2. I haven't been as into the newer pop-punk wave of bands that have sprouted over the last five years or so compared to the early 00's. However, after I gave this a listen yesterday, I was pretty impressed. It stands out from many of the other generic pop-punk albums and bands that I've heard this year and there's a variety of music on it. I'll give it an 8/10 overall so far and I'm looking forward to giving it some more listens in the near future.
  3. Songs like that is what separates 10 Years from the bands that in the same sound category. They have never disappointed me with anything they've ever made and nothing is that alike.
  4. Well... that was quite a bit better than "Feels Like Summer."
  5. This was pretty freaking cool how they sent 500 fans an unknown CD.
  6. This was way tougher than I expected it to be. I'll give letlive the slight nod here too. They've been on my giant list of albums to eventually check out, but I think I'm going to add Cyrenic too. Their stuff was pretty good as well.
  7. I didn't mind Hacktivist at all, but Moose Blood put out a pretty damn good album that has been growing on me each time I listen to it to earn my vote.
  8. I find Failure Anthem to be another generic modern day harder rock band. Safetysuit is much lighter than most of what I'd typically listen to, but they're great when you're in the mood for pop rock.
  9. A bit tough, but I enjoyed Holy White Hounds album very slightly more. I'd be fine with Skillet moving on if the votes swing that way.
  10. As generic as Devour The Day sounds to me, I gave their album a few listens over the last year or so and it's above average compared to the others that sound similar. However, White Lung's album was my second favorite of the year. In this case, it's not even close to decide.
  11. Besides Stereoside's first album, I haven't really liked their material. Can't say I like what I'm hearing from Gojira either. I'll leave my vote out on this one.
  12. This seems to be a new major one-day touring festival that has A Day To Remember as the main act. Each of the four dates announced so far has a different lineup. I really really want to go to the Orlando date!
  13. Can't say I'm a fan really of either band much, but Band of Horses seems more to be my cup of tea.
  14. It's a close decision for me as I can see how both bands have talent for their own sound. Anthrax's guitar riffs do it for me more so to go for a vote here.
  15. I wouldn't necessarily describe them as pop-punk instrumentally, but the singer's voice definitely would fit into that category. It reminds me of Brendan Urie in a way. They're comparable to Waterparks, Broadside, With Confidence, The Gospel Youth, and more which would make sense. Nevertheless, I really liked all three songs here. Thanks for sharing their material as I'm always on the lookout for new upcoming artists.