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  1. The Lightning actually almost broke the record for the best regular season team in history. As a Panthers fan who hates the absolute shit out of them, I'm having a really good last eight days or so 😁 I'm still in shock that it happened. They had not lost more than two games in a row all season. 48% of fans who entered the NHL Bracket Challenge (including myself) chose them to win the Cup. I never in my right mind would have expected this. Congrats to the Blue Jackets though for their first playoff round win ever. Just amazing.
  2. I actually had tears of joy coming down my face when listening to the press conference earlier today. I've been a massive fan since 1996 and have not missed watching more than five games since then. For so many years, this team was a goddamn joke and no hope in the future, but this is easily the biggest move upward in team history.
  3. Just sent you a request. I'm flapnthrspunk on there. If anyone wants to friend me, my trainer code is 6375 8010 2195
  4. I still play on occasion. Sometimes during my break at work just to get out of the office and take a walk. That's really it. I stopped specifically going to places or nests to play like I did in the past. It's actually a lot more fun to play now than it was in the past. Just wish they released all of these new features a long time ago before so many millions of people lost interest.
  5. Interesting... These guys are from West Palm. Been awhile since any band from this area has gone semi-big.
  6. I'm super happy for people in Seattle as it's going to be a great market for the NHL to go forward with. I'm also very excited about this season starting up. For the first time ever, my Panthers have a team that they can be competitive with for years down the road.
  7. Some of their fans won't like this at all, but I really like the direction they've been heading into since "That's the Spirit" and with this song.
  8. I really liked the Asus laptop that I had. That is, until I accidentally dropped it onto the floor. I got a Lenovo to replace it. It's not bad, but the Asus was better.
  9. I really really liked those Boston Manor and Mae songs. Makes me so stoked for their upcoming releases.
  10. I like it better than I thought I would. Sure. Disturbed hasn't really changed up their material that much over their career. Although, I feel like more recently, they've had a darker and heavier sound. This however, reminds me of something that would be on The Sickness. Probably my favorite era of theirs early on.
  11. I loved their first album and saw them open for New Found Glory last year. They brought tons of awesome energy and I really see potential in these guys. I'm backlogged a few months with new albums, but I'm really looking forward to hearing this new one in the future.
  12. Those were awesome! 311 is my second all-time favorite band and The Offspring is somewhere in my Top 10. I wish more bands would do this kind of thing.
  13. Loved hearing this song earlier this morning. It has everything I missed from Alkaline Trio. I'm really stoked for a new album from them.
  14. I was going to say, it's almost like he's trying to sound like Tom Delonge in this one. It's alright sounding. There's really nothing in the song that hooks your ears in.
  15. I literally thought that Muse had a baby with OneRepublic when I heard this earlier today. I like "Thought Contagion," but overall I can't say I like this new direction that they seem to be headed in after this and "Dig Down."