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  1. I liked those two songs by Sylar a good amount, but Nothing But Thieves came out of nowhere and was one of my favorites of last year.
  2. I'll go with Night Verses too. Didn't really like any Bear Hands songs that I heard from this past album. "Giants" and "Agora" were great though from their previous one.
  3. I can't say I like either of these bands at all, so I'll skip this round.
  4. I actually was able to decently like those two Hellyeah songs. Usually, I can't stand them personally. Dance Gavin Dance for me is a no-thought pick.
  5. Saliva hasn't returned to the same level as I thought of them many years ago. Still like them, but not the same. Going with Crown The Empire too.
  6. Gojira honestly does nothing for me, but Into It. Over It.'s album was very good. Easy choice for me here.
  7. I've always thought of Two Door Cinema Club as a much better indie pop/rock band or whatever you want to call them than the many others in that sub-genre. However, this album didn't really click with me compared to the others. I've never heard of Hacktivist before, but those two songs were good enough. They get my vote.
  8. Tough one. I really liked some songs from Sick Puppies album and others I could live without. I never heard I See Stars album, but the two songs I like aren't bad either. I'll go with Sick Puppies only because of being more familiar with them. Likely will be a close one till the end.
  9. I do like it better than "Young & Menace." Well, anything is my opinion would be. I still can't say I really like the song overall though. The chorus repeats a ridiculous amount and I feel like they literally copied that line from Art of Dying's "Get Through This." I know they're capable of better than this musically and lyrically.
  10. A lot of people don't like Judah & The Lion on another board that I go to. I can see why. They're lyrics are cheesy and musically can be annoying. However, I don't have a problem with these two songs at all. I'm not a fan of Textures, so I'll give Judah and his lion a nod.
  11. I absolutely could not stand "Way Down We Go" when it was going strong on radio. I barely ever listen to my local station, but they overplayed it to all hell and I think it's boring as crap. "No Good" is a bit better, but overall I'm not a fan of Kaleo at all. Parachute isn't an artist I'd go out of my way to listen to, but I did enjoy those two songs and others that I've heard for what they are. They get my pick here.
  12. I actually didn't mind The Devil Wears Prada as I didn't think I'd like them much before listening to those songs. Night Riots are one of my favorite indie rock artists (can you call them that?) out there in the mainstream today, so they get my vote.
  13. Yeah. They were surprisingly impressive to me too. I like Candiria too, so this was a tough decision. I'm going to give the newbies (at least to me) a vote. I'm interested to see where they end up if they move on.
  14. Cyrenic easily. Those two songs from Icon For Hire were awful lyrically.
  15. This was a tough one for sure as I haven't heard either band's album, but enjoyed each of those songs. i'm planning on checking both out at some point. I'm also going to give the slight edge to The Amity Affliction.