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  1. I completely forgot about this. I'll give it a listen tomorrow.
  2. I thought The White Album was one of their best in a long time. I'll admit the new song is catchy, but I'm not really feeling it after one listen.
  3. This is just a suggestion then for next year if we had two songs to listen to from each band before voting if they should be in the tournament. Personally, I'd take the time to listen to each one as many of them are bands I've probably never heard before. That way, I vote for each artist fairly. However, that's a ton of extra work for Pen who already spends a huge amount of time on this every year. Maybe some others can contribute somehow?
  4. I was the only vote for a lot of those. Oh well. I kind of expected that to happen I'm thinking possibly certain bands didn't get votes because they're relatively unknown in terms of sound except for one or two of us?
  5. I'm not too keen on that song, but I'm sure I'll love the new album nevertheless.
  6. I'm sure the name of this band made you all first think of lostprophets like it did with me I checked out their new album last Friday titled "Bless Up" and it is freaking awesome. It's really hard to compare them to any band because as you see in the title, they have a huge mixture of sounds that are all put together so well. I'd maybe compare them to 311, old Incubus, and Sublime with a harder edge.
  7. I listened to the album last Friday and overall didn't think much of it. I thought it had some decent tracks, but nothing really drew me in while I was busy working. I said to myself I'd give it a 3 out of 5 and was slightly disappointed. I gave it another listen this morning and my attitude changed. Sure. It has some slower selections on it and to be honest, I'm not sure why they chose "Mad Love" as the opening single, but there are some harder-driven tracks that we've known them to sound like over the years. I'd now give the album a 4 out of 5. It's not my favorite album of theirs by any means, but maybe it's a grower for most listeners.
  8. Both songs released are great stuff.
  9. Sounds exactly like something from Karma & Effect or Disclaimer. Just what I wanted to hear ☺
  10. The show here in Fort Lauderdale has Nonpoint opening. I guess since they're local. I'm already going to more concerts than I ever have in a given year in 2017, but would certainly like to attend that show if I can.
  11. I went hunting last night on Hollywood Beach, which the most popular spot down here to find rare mon. Typically, you see maybe 50 people playing Pokemon walking up and down the boardwalk. I'm serious when I say that there must have been 5,000 or more. It seemed more crowded than when the game first came out. I now have 48 Gen 2 mon. Sucks that I have to travel 45 minutes to find most of these. All I get in my area are tons of Sentrets, Sunkurns, and Spinaraks.
  12. That's why we all have different opinions, which makes the world a more interesting place
  13. No. No. I should have said Just North American Regional. I did have to go drive four hours north to get Tauros as it's North American exclusive (except for Mexico). On the flip-side, Heracross is supposed to only be available in Mexico and South America. However, we can now catch it in South and Central Florida and South Texas.
  14. I was stunned when I saw the update last night. Ironically, I took today off from work awhile ago so it's perfect timing to spend the day hunting at local parks. I'm on Level 28. All I need from Gen 1 is an Aerodactyl.
  15. I don't dislike the song and I think it will eventually grow on me. I just think to myself that like others have said, Kilara's voice takes up way too much of the song. If I was listening to the radio and heard this without knowing what it was, I would think 1) Why is a pop song playing on my Alternative station and 2) Would have no idea that this is Linkin Park without really paying attention to Chester's vocals. I'm fine with them making this song overall as it's a nice change and Linkin Park never fails to show their different talents from album to album. I just don't think it's exactly the best choice for a debut single from a brand new album and would rather see it as an album track.