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  1. Yeah you are probably right :-)
  2. God damnit, i can't wait >.< release the single already!
  3. It's an okay song, im not a fan of the "puscifer" voice filter on his voice though. But the song gets better day by day
  4. https://www.facebook.com/aperfectcircle/videos/1565749940135230/ Just posted 8 minutes ago.. Single name or album name? GOD DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, i can't wait :D!
  5. I hope so too
  6. very much that ^
  7. haha! as i said, it's just a gut feeling
  8. Im hoping for a single soon.. my gut feeling tells me that it's next friday.. crossing my fingers
  9. This album gets better everytime i listen to it.. i can't recommend this enough. Im so glad one of you guys shared Reimagined.. i LOVE this band
  10. Honestly, Burnout is really boring.. I can't tell the difference from this new track from any of the older ones from the past few albums.. and i really like 10 years :-/
  11. Dustin Bates (the vocalist) posted something on his instangram, via the story feature.. it's them in a studio - i can't figure out if it's new music or acoustic like version of one of their tracks starsetsingerguy on instagram, click on his profile picture for the story
  12. @Koldes Lol Can't wait!
  13. @xeph I agree, that title track is insane.. It's been quite a while since a band impressed me like they have! 2:15 to 2:55 in "clairvoyant" is so damn good imo
  14. 1. “Monochrome (Passive)”2. “Godspeed”3. “Reimagined”4. “Clairvoyant”5. “The Center”6. “Absolve”7. “Relapse”8. “Return to Earth”9. “Monochrome (Pensive)” What's your thoughts about this one?