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  1. It's an okay song, im not a fan of the "puscifer" voice filter on his voice though. But the song gets better day by day
  2. https://www.facebook.com/aperfectcircle/videos/1565749940135230/ Just posted 8 minutes ago.. Single name or album name? GOD DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, i can't wait :D!
  3. I hope so too
  4. very much that ^
  5. haha! as i said, it's just a gut feeling
  6. Im hoping for a single soon.. my gut feeling tells me that it's next friday.. crossing my fingers
  7. This album gets better everytime i listen to it.. i can't recommend this enough. Im so glad one of you guys shared Reimagined.. i LOVE this band
  8. Honestly, Burnout is really boring.. I can't tell the difference from this new track from any of the older ones from the past few albums.. and i really like 10 years :-/
  9. Dustin Bates (the vocalist) posted something on his instangram, via the story feature.. it's them in a studio - i can't figure out if it's new music or acoustic like version of one of their tracks starsetsingerguy on instagram, click on his profile picture for the story
  10. @Koldes Lol Can't wait!
  11. @xeph I agree, that title track is insane.. It's been quite a while since a band impressed me like they have! 2:15 to 2:55 in "clairvoyant" is so damn good imo
  12. 1. “Monochrome (Passive)”2. “Godspeed”3. “Reimagined”4. “Clairvoyant”5. “The Center”6. “Absolve”7. “Relapse”8. “Return to Earth”9. “Monochrome (Pensive)” What's your thoughts about this one?
  13. Just got back from the concert, daaaaaamn what a great one!! Ben also talked about the new album coming out, but no new info sadly @pen Lol
  14. I agree completely! DbD is the weakest album there is tbh