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  1. After hearing "mother tongue" a few times now.. i actually really really like it! One of the best new tracks imo
  2. This has to mean something, let's see friday maybe
  3. Can't wait to see the final music video! I already want new music lol.. Hoping they will come to europe again next year!
  4. Pretty good actually.. but weird. I wouldn't mind a Trapt album with this kind of sound, but the rapper here is just _weak_. The chorus is great though.
  5. Had a few listens now, and it's growing alright :-) Interesting to hear more from it! Dustin always delivers good stuff! Id wish he would do another Downplay album though. Is it just me getting Stranger Things vibes from the track? haha
  6. Thanks for sharing! First listen, sounds like a bad Starset song.. it might grow though Interesting!
  7. @NinjaNick101 What a great track!! Thanks for posting.
  8. Can't wait to hear some new P.O.D... but that album art is probably the worst i've seen all 2018
  9. I never really expected to like "Torn in Two" so much.. but it just grows and grows on me! What a track I worried it would sound alot like "Dark Before Dawn" This has become my AOTY, not that it surprised me.. but when my friend who doesn't like rock tells me that he thinks it's an album full of hits and he can't stop listesting, they've done something right
  10. After hearing the album for a few times now, i have to give them credit for making such an amazing album! The whole album is FILLED with energy, and it sounds amazing I've been trying to like "Dark Of You" alot, but to me it's the weakest song on the album. On the other hand, i find "Save Yourself" to be one of the best tracks. Did anyone see Ben doing the live facebook thing last night? Close Your Eyes was a Dark Before Dawn track apparently. THE only negative thing here is the track list, it's TOO short
  11. Haha, let the man Drip! if thats what he's into Anyways, can't wait till i get off work to hear this!!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting!
  12. Love the new track (no surprise lol) chorus is very BB.. good stuff! Can't wait for the whole album to drop!
  13. With the post about "Sooner Or Later" live in this thread.. makes me wish i could hear that song again for the first time.. or even the whole damn album Damn. That album blew mind teenage mind
  14. @MU_BeastMode Thanks for posting the NHL clip! Torn in two actually sounds pretty god damn good.. With the video and all, im sorta guessing it's the second single.. here's for hoping it releases soon
  15. OMG "Blood" is amazing :O!