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  1. I stumbled across this band on Youtube and i got sucked in immediately !! I don't really like the older stuff, but "Rare" is MAGIC, damn! My favourite track has to be "Departure".. The guitar sound in it just.. takes me on a journey in my own memory lane (sorry if that sounds too lame) 10/10 from me - i even orderered the album on Vinyl
  2. Great idea, i added a few
  3. I was so shocked to hear the news about the death of Chester.. but my mind just closed it down quickly and i moved on. Last night i stumbled on a random news article about his death, and i went to see the old Linkin Park music videos.. and it just.. hit hard. I grew up listening to Linkin Park daily and driving my mom insane.. i think i heard "In The End" 100 times a day haha.. Anyways, it really hit hard last night, and i was watching old linkin park videos and couldn't sleep. He really meant alot to me, and obviously also the others members too.. but damn, Linkin Park was my way of tackling my teen years I can't stand the thought about his band members and family etc.. just thinking about the other band members and their experiences.. something that only a few gets, and now he is ripped out of their life in an instant This song just fills my mind with memories.. R.I.P
  4. I really hope they won't use torn in two as a single for the new album.. but would be sweet to hear the full song anyways.. Christmas comes early when they release a new song!! I can't wait to see them live in September :D!
  5. Half is the best song so far for me, can't get enough of it.
  6. New song is pure fire.. all 3 songs so far is extremely good to listen at the gym!!
  7. Well, after typing in the lyrics in google.. i actually found the source Man, i really fell for it :-( Sorry!
  8. @MU_BeastMode Yeah i was looking at the date too, and it does sound a bit weird.. But it might be an early demo perhaps? Just listen to the start of it, it's really hard to sound that much like Ben. And yeah, we're definitely coming closer to the album! Here's hoping for a single in july ;P!
  9. I don't know if you guys already heard these, but i just stumbled over it on youtube.. Im really not sure if i have heard this before.. lyrics seems kinda similar to other tracks, what do you guys think? And also - there's a preview of Torn in Two here if anyone wants to listen http://junglevibe33.net/tracks/breaking_benjamin_torn_in_two.html That sure does sound like the dark before dawn album but the first one doesn't really.. might be a demo? Does anyone know anything about that one?
  10. Go To War is indeed alot better than Don't Stop.. But both songs are pretty good all in all ;-) Love the vocals in Go To War !
  11. https://www.facebook.com/nothingmore/videos/10155435390529287/ New clip up.. it sounds AMAZING From "Go To War" Coming june 23! His voice sounds even better now!
  12. Can't wait!
  13. @Lucas Very good song, quite poppy'
  14. This is REALLY good, thanks alot for sharing this band :-)!
  15. So i just got a warning/notice about them coming to Denmark in september.. So that's a new european tour.. they gotta have something new out before that, right?