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  1. Loved the first single, i do not like the 2nd in any way :S Stopped after 2 minutes, i don't think i even want to hear it again
  2. Really like the new song, feels like it was made for radio though :-) But hey, that's not always bad
  3. a bit unrelated to the acoustic album, but ben did an iris cover with diamante if you guys haven't heard
  4. Diamante and Benjamin Burnley from Breaking Benjamin did a "Iris" cover :-) pretty good
  5. i actually like quite a few songs, but i fucking hate chris taylor
  6. love the song!
  7. i hate the new pvris (and i really loved the first 2 albums..) I think i read somewhere that the new album is mostly Lynn's work? Not sure if true.. but meeeeeeh!
  8. The worst album by Red so far IMO. And it also sounds so badly produced :S too bad
  9. I really really loved pvris first 2 albums, but the EP and this new song is not really doing it for me :-( Also 2 songs from the EP on the albums sucks. Hope the other songs will deliver some good tunes!
  10. Sickness is amazing, god damn!
  11. I don't want another one again tbh, all this hype and the album turned out to be bullshit :-/ I might just be overreacting alot with my comments about this album, but it just saddens me to see the band the i love so much deliver such a shit show.
  12. I am digging dance with the devil and dear agony alot, but it's without a doubt because they are older tracks. I WISH we would have gotten more older songs, then this album could have been S I C K. I guess we gotta look forward to a whole new album instead.. or an album with Lacey Sturm <- which would be amazing btw. I sort of hope this albums bombs on the charts, i know it does well right now.. but on the longer run.
  13. Such a wasted opportunity, i just heard the whole thing.. Dear Agony and Dance With The Devil are good, but not outstanding. If they recorded this from scratch and acoustic, this album could have been one of the best from the band. Everything pretty much sounds like the original tracks, with added more effects and shit that drowns out vocals. Lacey Sturm saves Dear Agony, but imagine if they would have sung it together, in acoustic and with passion. What a killer track it could have been. No buy from me atleast, only stream. Also fuck that coverart, who wants that in their home? -edit- and yes, re-used vocals from Ben on ALL tracks i think, you be the judge..
  14. Sever is amazing, just saying