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  1. OMG "Blood" is amazing :O!
  2. Damn, what a great song.. This album is going to sound alot different than usual.. hard AF !
  3. Can't wait to get that sweet art on a vinyl
  4. Come on guys, take this somewhere else..
  5. I absolutely love this track, it's full of energy! Let it grow a few days if you aren't feeling it yet. I can only think it gets better with time! can't wait to hear the whole album. .damn
  6. So.. something's dripping on the internet.. if you use google correctly.. you might find something search the track name and set the search to within 24 hours Aaaaaaaaand it's pretty god damn hard, and AMAZING!
  7. man if you know about somewhere on the net with more than the preview on instagram, you gotta share ! ;P
  8. What a great song to start the new year with.. i like this ALOT more than Doomed. This sounds like APC
  9. Sounds amazing.. and hard ! Can't wait.. music video seems interesting aswell
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Ru3W0Ugde3ZzRJbXlOOEh1V2s/view very very small preview, and quality is shit.. but i thought you guys might be interested (im not sure if it has been posted, but i couldnt find it)
  11. 1. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant // This band has shown me a whole new world of music - i can only ask to give them a chance. 2. Pvris - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell 3. Hundreth - Rare 4. Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy 5. Blaue Blume - Sobs 6. Starset - Vessels 7. Dead Letter Circus - The Endless Mile (Acoustic) 8. Paramore - After Laughter 9. Carpark North - HOPE 10. RED - Gone All in all a pretty good year - But looking forward at 2018 with new Breaking Benjamin, Tool, A Perfect Circle.. and even more.. it's going to be insane !
  12. Damn good news!! But sadly we wont get it for Christmas :-( I love the name of the single
  13. Would be sweet if they released something right after christmas (or before lol).. but im guessing early january makes more sense :-/ But man.. i cant wait! Im checking their FB everyday Can't wait to see the music video too! sounds good
  14. Yeah you are probably right :-)
  15. God damnit, i can't wait >.< release the single already!