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  1. They post songs snippets each day on their facebook and twitter accounts, if anyone is interested.
  2. Exactly 'Something Just Like This' vibe for me. I hope it's just a one 'experimental' song like this one.
  3. Track 'Gone' leaked
  4. New song 'We Own The Night' leaked.
  5. New NF album called 'Perception' is out now. You can stream it on Spotify or NF's official youtube account. And new music video: IMO another great album from him. Love it! What do you think?
  6. Song 'Renegade' leaked. Nice one
  7. You're right. They said that on the last stream, but that's better than nothing (maybe some cool surprises in this 7 tracks)
  8. 17 tracks on Deluxe Edition!
  9. Wow. 'Losing Control' is beast, much better than 'Still Alive', love it
  10. Single 'Still Alive' leaked
  11. Nah. Don't think so guys. You heard some previews from studio? No? And another one:
  12. They blocked me on twitter when I pasted this link in comment of one of the fans (for proof) Now I see source link (newreleasetoday) is cleared. That was a unchecked leak.. o.O
  13. RED new album titled 'Gone' will be released 27 October 2017. Tracklist: 01. Step Inside, The Violence 02. Still Alive 03. A.I. 04. Losing Control 05. Gone 06. Coming Apart 07. Unstoppable 08. Chasing Your Echo 09. Fractured 10. Singularity Source:
  14. New single available now - 'Walk On Water' Lyric Video:
  15. Maybe you're right. I found it on one of russian music sites yesterday, so i called it leak