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  1. Vote right. Vote Thrice.
  2. And for that person to vote for Metallica.
  3. I wonder if this is the actual lead single or just a buzz track. There's no real hook to it, and the verses and chorus are a bit disjointed. Definitely more of an "epic" vibe than their usual stuff, but it sounds like a good album track more than the lead single to the first new album in 13 years.
  4. Metallica, and it's not even close
  5. Thrice and it's not even close
  6. I love Chevelle and all, but...
  7. Sexy Sevy better step up!
  8. Islander slightly disappointed me, but they get the vote.
  9. Not too big on either.
  10. This decision is super easy and the amount of people voting the other way is baffling.
  11. I'd like it more if the chorus was a little less repetitive and annoying.
  12. All hail Aaron Judge! 50 home runs as a rookie to break McGwire's record
  13. I am completely apathetic to what the players want to do during the anthem. If they want to stand, if they want to sit, if they want to go Odell and imitate pissing on the floor, if they want to talk to their teammates, it's all the same to me.
  14. hardest matchup of the entire tourney so far
  15. Judge's chase of McGwire is gonna boil down to the last day. Triplegate fucked things up a bit.
  16. TBD
  17. Still, it's not one I'd make. New Medicine sounds like knockoff Zack de la Rocha, while NBT sounds more like Jeff Buckley
  18. I do not hear New Medicine at all
  19. It's here.
  20. There's been a lot of hype around this album so far, can't wait to listen to it
  21. Well, that was fast.
  22. Well Songs for the Deaf is at 6 so...