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  1. "Nobody Can Save Me" is alright, I guess. And the verses of "Invisible" and "One More Light" are somewhat moving too. Overall, I'm not impressed.
  2. All of the singles I heard were great.
  3. More of the same, really. Probably not gonna revisit for future listens.
  4. The Yankees, at 21-9, have the best record in baseball right now. This has been a fun season.
  5. Judging from the pre-release singles, Cedric's voice sounds different. Might take a while to get used to.
  6. I'm a bit disappointed, some songs are pretty boring. The last 3 songs are all great though.
  7. The single comes out on 4/20 and the album comes out on 6/9. This has to be a joke at this point.
  8. Ehh, not a fan. There are some annoying vocal parts in it, even if the instrumentation is fine.
  9. I just found out the beginning of Hurricane is supposed to go together with the end of Salt & Shadow, tying the album together
  10. So many good bands were lost... just because people didn't vote for 'em
  11. Dont'a Hightower stays.
  12. No Gates? Fucked up.
  13. Red Sox fans have to be happy about Price's elbow so far - if he needed Tommy John, he wouldn't return until ~July 2018, at which point he would pitch around 2 months before his opt-out, and there would be no way Price would opt out of the 7/217 deal with only 2 months of sample size, so the Red Sox would be stuck with his overpriced, not-as-effective $31 million per year.
  14. These are the actual events.