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  1. Foo Fighters feat. Kiiara - "Heaviest"
  2. Dave Grohl: “There’s one who is probably the biggest pop star in the world and -- I’m not kidding -- sings backup on one of the heaviest songs on the record, and we're not telling anybody who it is.”
  3. Don't know how popular of an opinion this is, but Bon Jovi were and will always be a terrible band.
  4. Two of the best songs are bonus tracks.
  5. Judge has 22 home runs. It'll be interesting to see if he can break McGwire's record of 49 by a rookie.
  6. Off to see Thursday, PUP, The Hotelier and Jeff Rosenstock!

    1. xeph


      that's a fantastic lineup, hope you had fun dude

    2. Kalt


      How was Thursday?  I thought Geoff was with a new band but awesome to see him still performing w/Thursday.

    3. Green Baron

      Green Baron

      Thursday was great, I was pleasantly surprised at how strong the background screams from the guitarist were. Geoff sounded great, ran out of steam at the last 2 songs but it was 95 degrees out so I don't blame him entirely. He has a new band with the former Lostprophets members called No Devotion, but Thursday reunited earlier this year after a 5 year break

  7. It's here.
  8. "Jupiter" by Cave In was a nice album.
  9. The Portnoy name is instantly notable
  10. "Nobody Can Save Me" is alright, I guess. And the verses of "Invisible" and "One More Light" are somewhat moving too. Overall, I'm not impressed.
  11. All of the singles I heard were great.