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  1. So, Shohei Ohtani has an elbow injury and might need Tommy John...
  2. Marlins trade Stanton to the Yankees.
  3. that's disrespectful. Muck FcAdoo.
  4. Not a fan of "American Attraction".
  5. Glassjaw - 'Material Control' December 1, 2017 1. New White Extremity 2. Shira 3. Citizen 4. Gologotha 5. Strange Hours 6. Bastille Day 7. Pompeii 8. Bibleland 6 9. Closer 10. My Conscience Weighs a Ton 11. Material Control 12. Cut and Run
  6. The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is their most revered album and it's way more indie than emo.
  7. This is disheartening as Jesse is my favorite singer and it's sad to have to group him into the asshole category like so many other famous musicians of past. Regardless, Brand New's music will always remain legendary.
  8. Roy Halladay's plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico, one fatality currently unidentified
  9. The Ataris - "The Boys of Summer", Shinedown - "Simple Man", Five Finger Death Punch - "Bad Company", didn't know they were covers until years after I first heard them
  10. Named after the 3 Doors Down song, I suppose
  11. I think they just go by "Theory" now, in an attempt to shed their past
  12. Well, I'll be damned if that isn't the most Five Finger Death Punch album title ever
  13. Ember is the new album. Ben: "We were gonna call it 'Ascend' but spell it 'Ass-End', but the label was, like, 'Hmm…'"
  14. Expansion is bad. I do not want to see it happen. Keep it at 30. Everything is perfect the way it is right now.