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  1. Sleep Walking Elite, In Dept To The Earth, Delivery, Sleep Apmea (Acoustic), The Gist and Leto’s Headache are all available on the deluxe versions of Vena Sera and Sci-Fi Crimes. Am I missing something here? Are we really considering these all “b-sides” when they are so easily available?
  2. 10 or 11 teasers out there. Full album cover titled “Victim of the New Disease.”
  3. More teasing... ...still heavy here.
  4. Teasing another new one...
  5. All That Remains release new song and it’s heavy to say the least. No clean vocals. Not any.
  6. Wanted to start a new post in case this proliferates into actuality. I certainly could see Carlile joining LP and I am slightly interested.
  7. Single “Mantra” is out now. Looks like the new album might be titled “Salvation.”
  8. Album art and a clip of a new song “Baggage Claim.” Album coming this fall.
  9. Don’t know what I was expecting but can say this through me.
  10. Single ‘Summer Sunday’ due out August 3rd. The sound is intriguing and I’ll probably listen out of pure curiosity.
  11. Been following the studio progress for the new Emarosa album for awhile and wanted to share now that the album is complete. Dude easily is one of the most talented, yet underrated singer in the business. All indications are the band took a “poppy” direction with this album and I must say it can’t be a bad thing.
  12. This is where we are. Thanks @Nixon
  13. 100% agree. I was a huge fan of The Paramour Sessions, but I can’t remember if that was an unpopular opinion or not.
  14. A little late to the game here but based on social media posts I would say that Papa Roach have begun recording their follow up to Crooked Teeth.