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  1. Definitely a Division and Feeding The Wolves feel and that's a good thing. Best lead single since Shoot It Out.
  2. Per Instagram... and kind of surprised this is 2 days old and no one has posted yet.
  3. Fairly certain this hasn't been shared yet and my apologies if it has. Either way, someone edited together multiple videos from LP's and subsequently Chester's last show in Birmingham, England. It's the full concert so if you have a couple hours to kill it's very much worth a listen. Whoever did this put together a seemless video and the audio quality is great for a YouTube amateur recording.
  4. It appears that Of Mice & Men are in the studio....from what I've heard, they have already written a lot of new tunes, so I'd guess that they want to continue the momentum of "Back To Me" and "Unbreakable."
  5. I feel like the tone of One More Light got very dark in light of today's news.
  6. This is going to turn into the new "Better Days."
  7. Something's up...
  8. This is how they played it last week. Killer song. Potential single.
  9. We saw SOTY at a local benefit concert for a close friend of theirs who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and straight from Dan Marsala's mouth, "the album is being mastered this very second." Single to come soon, July or August and album by the end of the year. These guys went the pledge music route late last year ans everything seems to be wrapping up. They played two new songs at the acoustic show, "Can Anybody Hear Me" which Dan suggested is a strong possibility for the lead single and another song "I Swear I'm Ok." Based on the acoustic sound of the two songs this album might be a standout for the back half of 2017. Keep your ears open.
  10. Confirmed tracklist via "buzzed" twitter Q&A with Bradley Walden. One Car Garage, Sure, Helpless and Blue.
  11. #Close
  12. I really don't think the video is a new song, let along Breaking Ben. Maybe, but considering it was posted October 2016 I'm think it isn't. It does sound like we missed out on "Torn in Town" being on Dark Before Dawn, the album really could have used an extra track or two after 6 years off. In other news...the whole BB crew was lighting up Instagram today, too many pictures to bother posting but it seems as if everybody is together in the studio right now getting BB6 done.
  13. It took me a few weeks to place it, but this album definitely has a BMTH, "That's The Spirt" feel to it.
  14. Recording has started on Emarosa's 131 reimagined. This is one I've really waiting for. Btw if you haven't listened to 132 yet, you're missing out...
  15. So we missed this a few months back... i don't remember them being a big hit on here but I'll go ahead and say I liked their debut album a hell of a lot more than Life Starts Now and Transit of Venus, along with whatever garbage My Darkest Day's Grace or Three Darkest Day's came out with.