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  1. So yeah, wow, this is up there.
  2. Cryptic tweet from Keith. Interpret how you will. Either way single near, album drop February/March next year.
  3. Pretty cool interview that Dan did with Fuse. Goes over a track by track breakdown of each song. Lot of insight.
  4. This exceeds already high expectations and is easily their best, most complete effort since “Page Avenue.”
  5. All their pages say “out everywhere 12/8” so I’d say this is a safe assumption. You can always pre-order from the band’s site?
  6. Beat me to it... 3/3 so far and I’ll say again this may very well be the best album this year.
  7. A little less theatrical than usual, somewhat boring and uneventful.
  8. Straight from Ben's mouth at the band's OKC show on 10/31/17, the new single is called "Red Cold River," apparently the music video was shot the day before, more information posted in the casting link below. "Red Cold River" Casting Call: Announcement @ 27:13
  9. Yeah, I almost fell asleep on posting about this one. “Warzone” definitely has a much heavier/raw sound than “Unbreakable” and “Back to Me.” I would say this is a more of a return to “The Flood,” while the first songs are more representative of “Restoring Force.” Either way this may be a great bounce back album for OM&M, i also think it’s worth nothing this is their first album with explicit tracks.
  10. Billboard Music exclusive premier and review of “I Swear I’m Okay.” This is the first studio version I’ve heard outside of seeing it played live acoustic back in July and it’s slower but still has me stoked for this album to drop in a month.
  11. Previews have been killer, since it’s looking like we will be waiting until next spring for the new Breaking Ben album I’m probably going to pencil this one in as my favorite of the year. Also, “Bang Bang” is now available on iTunes/Apple Music for you non-pledgemusic donators.
  12. Yeah I never got into HIM and by happenstance I never bought the deluxe version of “One-X” or the special edition of “Come What(ever) May.” Oh well...
  13. Correct, couldn’t have told you who Chris Isaak was before this post. Didn’t really follow this album at all until the day it came out. Oh well. Learnt something.
  14. No real opinion on this one yet...other than “Wicked Games” is a diamond in the rough. Must check out for Apple Music subscribers, Spotify and Pandora users.
  15. The second verse on, “Where Did It Go?” is pure gold and incredibly clever. This might be the best two songs they’ve written.