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  1. 100% agree. I was a huge fan of The Paramour Sessions, but I can’t remember if that was an unpopular opinion or not.
  2. A little late to the game here but based on social media posts I would say that Papa Roach have begun recording their follow up to Crooked Teeth.
  3. A little snippet of Corey Taylor’s recent interview with Kerrang via Loudwire. Corey is comparing the new material to “Iowa levels of heavy.”
  4. Really dig the feel and tone of “I.O.U.” as well. Each song is catchy in its own right.
  5. Don’t really have the words for this right now other than it’s fantastic start to finish. We get a lot of variety as Mike promised and I can honestly say that I don’t dislike a single song on the album. I definitely feel more and more for Mike and LP as a whole with every listen. Lift Off w/ Chino and MGK is my early favorite of the song we hadn’t heard before.
  6. Honestly, I don’t even know what my expectations are. Do we even know what 13 years later Tool will sound like? With any certainty?
  7. Looking like TooL - 2019
  8. I can honestly say I’ve listened to one half of Dance Gavin Dance song prior to readi the reviews on here and you guys are the reason I’ve had his on repeat all morning. Definitely a pleasant surprise and there’s not a song I thought dragged or would skip. Fantastic album overall, and I detect a number of styles I could compare this too. What really hit me on my third or fourth listen is that the lead (clean) vocals are reminiscent of Anberlin. I’ve enjoyed every single song, but the one I’ve put on repeat a few times is “Count Bassy.” Man, the vocals on that intro hook you.
  9. Mike interview with Forbes. There’s a little bit of everything in this. Worth the read.
  10. @Nixon this absolutely kills! The verses lyrically and musically are some of the best FH have put out. No joke.
  11. New single “Puzzle Pieces” will officially be released Tuesday, June 5th.
  12. Damnit this is catchy.
  13. I had this exact same thought today. Really don’t know how Linkin Park will continue and finding a replacement just doesn’t feel “right.”
  14. There’s not a single song I haven’t liked on this.