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  1. Billy Howerdel twitter suggesting we might get some sort of new preview or song tonight. Edit: 5 days before their fall tour starts makes me strongly believe this will be a new single.
  2. How to break the internet 101.
  3. I've been listening for a week and a half now and today was the first day that I was able to really listen 3-4 times uninterrupted at work. I'll continue with the trend that this is a top album I've heard so far this year. For me, the album reminds me a some of Underoath's "Disambiguation" and Sleepwave's "Broken Compass." This is worth a listen even if you don't like those references. I started typing out some "highlights" and then realized I had over half the album listed. It's that good...
  4. Well, have at it. I've liked everything I've heard so far. More to come, maybe.
  5. Bang Bang! (Full Version) it's been up and down off YouTube and I'm sure it will be since I believe some of the pledgemusic perks were early releases. There's some rough versions of "Can Anybody Hear Me" sprinkled about too.
  6. 2018 dates with Avenged Sevenfold and special guests Bullet For My Valentine officially annouced.
  7. Considering that "an exclusive first listen to new BB music" is included in one of the VIP Packagaes I'm thinking we won't have a single until after the unplugged tour. Again, hope I'm very wrong.
  8. I'm having a hard time believing that they will release a single while they're on this unplugged tour. Air play but not playing a new single live doesn't make much sense to me. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Well this sucks that they're not coming anywhere near St. music is an exclusive part of VIP tickets for the unplugged tour. Edit: Confirmed but not officially announced, Breaking Ben will be going on tour as direct support for A7X this coming winter.
  10. 2/2 here...really digging the sound!
  11. Well, this one hits right in the "feels."
  12. One could only assume that this IG post directly relates to this song...
  13. So this is waaaaaaaayyyy different than I was expecting, especially after hearing the Reimagined version of "Helpless," which is purely a piano driven track. Each track is completely and pleasantly different than the next as Emarosa never sticks with the same sound or formula twice on this go of Reimagined. "One Car Garage" introduces an 80's early 90's bluesy techno pop sound...if that's even a thing? While "Miracle" is more electronically and bass driven, with pop elements sprinkled in, and "Blue" falls back into the piano driven style, somewhat comparable to Versus Reimagined, but still stands out on its own. All in all, a fantastic effort that gives each of these tracks their own separate identities that will keep listeners mesmerized.
  14. Can't stop hearing "Echo" by Trapt.