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  1. I saw them in Seattle last night....easily my all-time favorite concert as well as the loudest. Their performance of "One" (my favorite song) was epic!!! Pyrotechnics galore, helicopter sounds that made it seem like there was an actual one in the stadium.
  2. "One More Light" came on randomly on my playlist...I hate that he helped write such an emotional song.
  3. I don't Spotify but here are a few I feel like are good additions. Crosses - The Epilogue Starset - My Demons Nothing More - This Is The Time (Ballast) Fair To Midland - Dance of the Manatee Like A Storm - Love the Way You Hate Me Saint Asonia - Live My Life Thousand Foot Crutch - Fire It Up Richy Nix - In My Head
  4. LP was mostly about music for those who were lost or who felt out of place with the world. The reason behind that was Chester's unabridged and uncensored telling of his own truth. I never looked at them in quite the deepest, darkest way that Chester wrote his lyrics, but it was always there.
  5. Mourn the dead but don't dwell on the past. I knew what you meant. I don't agree with it. Chester left this world by choice. He forfeited his right to leave any type of "void".
  6. I don't consider Mark a replacement. I've had a soft sport for "Fuse" by Xero...I think Mark is a suitable fulfillment for Chester's range....and I don't feel like he is a replacement.
  7. I listened to a good portion of Chester's discography over the weekend. "Leave Out All The Rest" and "One More Light" are very difficult to get through. Which sucks because they are in my top 10 of favorite LP songs. I've been following this thread since Thursday but haven't posted because I wanted time to let this sink in. I think the common thought is why. But I think deep down we all know why. His childhood trauma and addictions were one thing, but the loss of Chris clearly took him over the edge. I'd like to say it was coincidence that he did it on Chris' birthday but it is pretty obvious that it was symbolic. I hope in some capacity his pain and hurt is gone and that we can remember him for all of the lives he touched through his music. I was talking to my fiancee about the future of LP. I think for Chester's memory they will continue with Mike doing all the vocals. The only other way I can see it is if they call Mark Wakefield and bring him back (which I'd be totally okay with)
  8. Which is actually one of my favorite BB songs.
  9. Some people think that was an unreleased track from DBD. Apparently some pre-releases of that album had the song listed on the back album art. Not a bad song from the 30 second clip.
  11. I know that their last album didn't make it out of the 1st round of MMM, but they're still an awesome band.
  12. My rankings: #1 Captain America: Civil War #2 The Dark Knight #3 X-Men: First Class #4 Captain America: Winter Soldier #5 X-Men: Days of Future Past #6 Spider-Man: Homecoming #7 Captain America: The First Avenger #8 The Avengers: Age of Ultron #9 Ant Man #10 Spiderman 2 I'm excluding non-comic book movies like Unbreakable, Chronocle, etc.
  13. As I posted in the movie log thread. This is one of my favorite MCU movies (outside of the Avengers films and Civil War). The humor, the action, all the little quirks that makes it part of the MCU were amazing!
  14. I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. One of my favorite films in the MCU. It has the same light, humorous style like Ant Man did (which is another of my favorites). Definitely one to see in theaters. Vulture was were badass!
  15. According to a FB post they've kicked off recording album #2. Getting news about new albums from band I enjoy is like Christmas morning for me. Does anybody else feel this way?
  16. I did not like it as much as "Strange Desires". The only song that I really thought was fantastic, outside of the 4 they release prior to the album dropping, was "Nothing Is U" " All My Heroes" is a nice song too but not something that I'll replay over and over again. The one thing that I noticed about this album is that there is an overall theme to this album. Lyrics and melodies pop up on separate occasions on several tracks.
  17. I actually like "Don't Stop" better than "Go To War". Both songs are severely underwhelming though.
  18. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Lyrically it is super boring but its really catchy. I really enjoy the electronic aspect of this (it reminds me of some of the stuff KoRn was doing with their The Path to Totality album) but it is a far cry from the stuff from their last album.
  19. Saint Asonia was one of my favorite albums a few years back. I saw them last August with Disturbed, BB and Alter Bridge and they put on a helluva show. I am really wanting "Waste My Time" as my first dance song at my wedding. The fiancee wants Hanson - "Come To You" (Acoustic)
  20. Here and Now is the only album I've ever bought and then immediately sold to Half Price Books. "Lullaby" and "Trying Not To Love You" are both great songs though
  21. 11.22.63 was really good!
  22. I just picked this up. After the first spin it might not be as good as their self titled album (but that is likely to change). "Don't Tell" was a cool little tune and "Hole In Your Heart" sounded good as well.
  23. Lead single?