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  1. Breaking Benjamin Shinedown Chevelle Muse Bullet for my Valentine Like A Storm TremontiSaint Asonia
  2. Boy howdy that looks fun!
  3. Has anybody posted this? I've only listened to it once but I might like it better than the one with the guest vocalists.
  4. I picked this up on Friday and it's pretty darn good. Some of the better AB songs are the lighter songs ("Watch Over You", " Wonderful Life", etc.) and this is pretty much an entire album with those styled songs. The song below and "Turning Stones" were two of the standouts that weren't released before the album dropped
  5. I would do terrible, unspeakable things to Lindsey Stirling too. Beautiful = Check Geeky = Check Talented = Check Pen you really need to lay off being the forum Nazi. I get that you're an admin but the best admin's should be the one's who quietly control their forums. You're far from quiet and it makes this forum not very fun.
  6. What would you say is the best song on TTS? ("Oblivion" would be my only other choice)
  7. Except for "Cut the Chord"
  8. I'm not sure that I like it more than I liked "Cut The Chord", but I'm hoping that just means this album will be better overall.
  9. I've seen them both before but with a full orchestra it could be an epic show!
  10. So I have known about this band since "Hate Me" came out but it wasn't until recently that I became to really, really appreciate them. Justin's demons are well documented and some of the lyrics he has written are extremely emotional and deep.
  11. I spent $40 to buy a physical copy of this album from a Japanese website. It is much better than VENA and it has this gem of a cover on it
  12. Japanese Metalcore band Coldrain are releasing their 5th studio album Fateless on October 11th. The lead single, "Envy" can be heard below. I really enjoyed VENA and The Revelation. Color me excited!
  13. I work in law enforcement so I am pretty good at finding other identifiers (clothing, location in a room, etc.). Yes sometimes I do use physical characteristics to identify someone but that's only if it's necessary. And if you read my comments I did give some other reason's as to why I didn't like it. In addition I thought the CGI was extremely lazy.
  14. Actually if I am in a room with that few people I'd probably ask that person's name so I can refer to them by that. Why is that the easiest thing for you to use to describe a human being? In football, they have a name and number on the back of their jersey. Why can't you say "Who's that running back, #26, on the Bengals" That's 3 descriptive words that have NOTHING to do with race or skin color.
  15. All you've contributed to this thread since my post this morning has been name calling and being an usual. I'm glad that you've been able to live up to my expectations of you.
  16. I know him from Supernatural. He looked ultra familiar and I had to Wikipedia him to find out where I knew him from.
  17. She was referring to Bucky, but the "white boy" comment was completely unnecessary. She could have just said "someone else that I have to fix"
  18. If it were the opposite there would be riots and "interest groups" would be protesting the movie. In addition to the things I mentioned before, I was disappointed in the movie because I felt that it would have some major impact on Infinity War. I thought that the timing of the release was interesting and that the reason for that could be because they mentioned something ultra relevant to IW. I was wrong and it was just a boring stand-alone film.
  19. I saw Black Panther last night and was completely unimpressed. While I agree with pen about it being a good character driven story and some interesting villains, I honestly didn't feel like it was a superhero movie at times. Also all the negative "white men" jabs were completely obnoxious and unnecessary. If I were Martin Freeman I would have been fucking livid at the treatment his character received in this movie.
  20. Why do they hate the pacific northwest. No stop for them and Muse and nothing on this tour. Not that I would want to see them anyway because they probably wouldn't play anything from their first 2 maybe 3 albums.
  21. I really liked "Dig Down" and like this one even better. Looking promising for this album cycle. They have to do something really special though to beat the Drones cycle.
  22. The way this album is shaping up it could potentially be their best one.
  23. Listening to it now. Heavy as shit and is totally in the same vein as Saturate or WANA. I get strong vibes from another band from this but I cannot put my finger on who it is.
  24. The problem I have with situations like this (not this one in particular), is that these female celebrities will wear these ultra revealing clothing but then tweet #metoo when somebody looks at them a certain way or comments on their bodies. I'm sorry people but you cannot have it both ways. Just for the record, she looked smokin' hot in that dress.