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  1. "Birds" is one of my favorites from this album.
  2. That album artwork is sick!!!!
  3. I really like when music videos follow a story.
  4. Apparently their new single will be sent to radio on July 2nd.
  5. I'm getting a lot of Innocence and Instinct vibes from this track. I cannot wait to hear the HQ version. The unique vocals at that point in the song (don't want to ruin it for people who haven't heard it yet) are so good!
  6. Listened to this earlier and it reminds me a lot like his Intro songs on his previous albums. I think we'll get a new NF album this year....which makes me happy! ***EDIT*** His FB page actually says The Search will be released on 7/26 YES!!!
  7. So I picked this album up from HPB a couple of weeks ago. The version of "One Track Mind" on my copy did not have the A$AP Rocky guest vocals. It makes that song way better and makes me like this album a little better.
  8. I am enjoying it but it sounds too much like a carbon copy of "Feel Invincible" I'm excited for new Skillet though.
  9. I am digging it! It's like he took the style from We Don't Need To Whisper and made their usual synth elements way more aggressive.
  10. Discuss! I am seeing it tomorrow afternoon so I'll be able to put my thoughts in at that time.
  11. Red Right Return is better than Nox Aeris but both are solid industrial / alternative metal. They remind me of Breaking Benjamin (or actually more closely to Starset) meets Filter / Deftones
  12. There was a whole thread in the Got News section about this. I'd rather him do MNQN and Starset than Downplay. Downplay's style of music is dying slowly and I don't feel like it would be well received now that Dustin has two newer projects.
  13. They've already done the Greatest Hits thing back in '06
  14. 1. Config.Sys 2. iGhost 3. Amphetamine 4. Animal Oddity 5. Out of Sight out of Mind 6. Man on the Moon 7. What Have You Become? 8. On My Mind 9. Don't Get It 10. Zombie 11. Noir 12. Invincible 13. Terminal 14. What Dreams May Become
  15. On a side note I have been waiting for Saint Asonia's sophomore album for several years now. I love me some Staind but think this will be a limited scope tour for Dysfunctional's 20 year anniversary