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  1. *sigh* This is such a let down from Crooked Teeth
  2. Checked this out today. This is an average cover album IMO. Some of the stand-outs are Dream State - "Crawling" DGD - "Semi-Charmed Life" Neck Deep - "Torn" TCTT - "Let It Be"
  3. I am enjoying this a lot! It reminds me of some of the stuff that Crosses were doing and I don't think we're ever gonna get another album from them, Do we know if this will be a full length album or just an EP?
  4. I picked up this album today but the wife was in the car so I couldn't blast it. But from what I heard this is pretty good. I really liked "Only"
  5. Does anyone else get Night Visions vibes from all 3 of these songs?
  6. If we haven't heard it yet. It's amazing!
  7. I've seen that before but definitely forgot it existed. Funny stuff!
  8. I finally got through this a couple of times today. My initial thoughts are that while still having that 21P vibes they tried going more of the hip hop / pop route with some of their sound. I think it works well on this album, but I still think Blurryface is a superior album and sound. Stands outs are: "Morph" "Chlorine" "Neon Gravestones" "The Hype" The first half of the album is much, much better than the second half.
  9. I can definitely hear the similarities between this and "Psychosocial" but there are enough difference to tell them apart. I really, really enjoyed that song!
  10. I'm not 100% sure but I think that MV is intended to be the 1st in the series. "Pressure" "Thought Contagion" "Something Human" "The Dark Side" If I am wrong someone please correct me.
  11. I would have NEVER guessed that! The only song that I know by them is "I Don't Wanna be Me" (which is awesome btw)
  12. Like it. Reminds me a lot like 30 Seconds to Mars (when they were still listenable)
  13. Ohh and also this.
  14. I think this version is way better than the album version. I am also ready for a new Starset album...hopefully soon. They also released a "Bringing It Down Version 2.0" but I couldn't hear a big difference
  15. Crazy in like how crazy good this album is, or crazy like the Joker?