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  1. For a FoB song, it's absolute garbage. For a song that I can add to my dubstep mix, it's badass!!!
  2. I like the verses a whole lot better than the chorus. I just don't feel like it has that hook like most their ballads do.
  3. Another new song called "Thunder" comes out tomorrow according to their Facebook
  4. The old Sci-Fi Channel (before it went to shit) had the likes of Battlestar Galactica (my all-time favorite show), Eureka and countless others that were really HQ.
  5. Unlike Linkin Park....these guys don't change their formula....and that's a good thing!
  6. That's one that has been on my watch list for a while now. Along with Moon and Sunshine.
  7. Album is actually titled Gone Now....same release date.
  8. IDK how I feel about this one. It's catchy enough but a little funky with the random spoken word parts.
  9. "Battle Symphony" is awesome!!! To be totally honest, like with all other Linkin Park, all 3 songs have grown on me. It takes me a little time to get used to the direction they're going, but once I do, I usually dig it. I still abso-fucking-lutely HATE the Kiiara part of "Heavy"
  10. *Re-listens to the LP catalog*.....*shrugs to Pen's comment" I seriously couldn't care less because I feel that LP has been more focused on synths and beats than guitarwork, I just hate seeing members of a "band" standing around.
  11. I'd be okay with acoustic guitar riffs at this point. IDK if anybody watched any of the live versions of Heavy. Brad and "Phoenix" are standing around for like 85% of the song....doing absolutely nothing!
  12. OMG that was freaking awesome!!!
  13. In case anyone cared...I am not a Trump supporter. I voted for him because even though he doesn't know how to shut his mouth, he was never dishonest during his campaign. If he wants to build a wall, good! Put Americans to work. If he wants to stop relying on other nations for our natural resources, good! I hate paying so much for gas. If he wants to use Tomahawk missiles to strike terrorists who kill children...take my tax money to build those missiles...
  14. A Republican said something you don't agree with so you resort to name calling...can you get any more stereotypical Snowflakish? @pen You're right. I could have posted the articles and hoped for a legit discussion, but would that really have happened?
  15. Why isn't anyone posting in this thread regarding the African American judge who was murder in Chicago or the First Muslim Judge found dead and floating in the Hudson River? Why? Because Trump had nothing to do with those tragedies, therefor it is unimportant news. If the children killed in Syria looked like a minority instead of white, would you Liberals give more of a shit or not? LEGIT QUESTION!