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  1. I would have NEVER guessed that! The only song that I know by them is "I Don't Wanna be Me" (which is awesome btw)
  2. Like it. Reminds me a lot like 30 Seconds to Mars (when they were still listenable)
  3. Ohh and also this.
  4. I think this version is way better than the album version. I am also ready for a new Starset album...hopefully soon. They also released a "Bringing It Down Version 2.0" but I couldn't hear a big difference
  5. Crazy in like how crazy good this album is, or crazy like the Joker?
  6. I think a Creed album every 10 years might be good for them. Stapp seems like he has his act together for at least the time being. I really liked the Art of Anarchy album that came out earlier this year.
  7. I didn't see this posted yet.
  8. This one is even more catchy
  9. With Weezer's cover of "Africa", I became curious...what songs have become popular (or more popular) years after their original releases. I know of two Bob Seger - "Old Time Rock and Roll" (thanks to Risky Business) Journey - "Don't Stop Believing" Can anyone think of any other ones?
  10. Apparently "Trust" is the second single. I'm okay with that by I think "The First The Last" would have been better.
  11. I have been listening to this album on YouTube most of the day. It's pretty solid. I really liked "Northern Lights" and "Your Hurricane" I would say this is better than Kintsugi and maybe better than Codes and Keys. ***EDIT*** After listening to this on YouTube I went out and bought it. This is definitely my favorite album since Narrow Stairs. I like the mellow side of DCFC (Plans is my favorite album from them) and this reminds me a lot like that album
  12. That was a really fun song!
  13. This single is so incredibly boring. The repeated "are you ready" lyrics are juvenile. I listened to "Are You Ready" and "The Vengeful One" back to back and it's amazing to me that it's the same band. For the record I voted for a ballad.
  14. Facebook video won't embed. Has some Blue, DNA like graphics. Some suggest that it might have some industrial influences like Device