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  1. This is my favorite of the 3 I've heard so far. I'm still trying to locate a physical copy of the CD that isn't $28.00 (Yen > USD)
  2. Wow, "Gone" has some major pop (The Chainsmokers) influences. Not nearly as good as the other two tracks but still a decent song. ***EDIT*** After a few listens, there are some people who are going to really like this track, but A LOT who are going to HATE it.
  3. That's even if that is the actual scene. How many times do they misdirect in trailers.
  4. Yep, that was pretty fucking good. I think it actually looks better than The Force Awakens. Does anybody else think that in the end Rey goes darkside and Kylo goes good?
  5. You're going to piss alot of people off if you're wrong.
  6. Does anyone else get BMtH vibes from "Still Alive"? Especially in the chorus.
  7. I heard a snippet of "Losing Control" another good sounding song!
  8. I love the song but it's not nearly as good as "Darkest Part" I'd actually say it's on par with "Fight Inside" for lead single status.
  9. I found it too. Heavy RED = Happy Break!
  10. And I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about "Still In Love" and "Do You Really Want It".
  11. I'd literally have to listen to them back to back to probably make an accurate assessment. I think there are too many interludes on this one and it breaks up the groove. I think their S/T was much catchier ("This Is The Time", "Friendly Fire", "If I Were", "Jenny", "Mr. MTV", "Here's to the Heartache") but I think this album has better overall songs. I think that if "Fade In/Fade Out" were more acoustic, this album would blow their S/T out of the water.
  12. I honestly thought the last 2 albums were boring. They haven't done something impressive since Feeding the Wolves. That being said these two songs are really good.
  13. Actually it's their 5th. I obtained a physical copy of Save You/Save Me from @Cliffo when he was still posting on here
  14. I looked and didn't see a page for these guys yet. Their an Another Century artist and were just announced on the brief Chevelle / 10 Years tour this Fall / Winter. I'm digging them quite a bit!