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  1. I thought it was. But then again I usually like things that other people on here tend to dislike.
  2. The inner 7 year old in me is extremely happy right now. Just got back from Power Rangers and all the little references they put in from the original TV show were wonderful!
  3. It was very Coldplay / OneRepublic esque. Minus the typical pop electronic sounds that sounded like it could have been on M2M.
  4. That was 1,000x better than Heavy.
  5. I agree, but that is what the caption on their new FB photo said....they have removed that part since I initially posted that info.
  6. It's looking like November 4th is the release date of the new album.
  7. I saw these guys open for (and rock their faces off) for Alter Bridge last Wednesday in Seattle. I bought their self-titled EP and am hoping to snag another one.
  8. After getting my beloved Sale over the winter, the Red Sox are beyond a doubt the team to beat this year. If the Mariners get their rotation figured out they could definitely surprise some people this season too, The only hope for my White Sox is that they still manage to trade Quintana to the Pirate or Astros for some more young players....I am finding that less and less likely though.
  9. Post from their FB
  10. Actually I think that Living Things is their best album, and wished they would have continued the direction the were going with The Hunting Party. But clearly I must be wrong since you have me pegged so perfectly.
  11. Actually a lot of fans of their first two albums have continued to buy their music even if they don't necessarily love it. It's like a boyfriend not giving his GF flowers on Valentine's Day because he knows she will still put out.
  12. Wow.... What that tells me is that Linkin Park doesn't care about their fans. If they just want to make whatever music they feel like it, why not just be a touring jam band.
  13. I'm seeing them tonight with Nonpoint in Seattle. I'm so stoked. I saw them last year on the Disturbed / BB tour but they only play like 6 songs. I'm looking forward to them headlining again.
  14. Once the winter months came around I did stop playing as much, but I think that they put out the Gen 2 Pokemon at a perfect time. I also think that they'll release Player Battles within the next couple of months which should see this game get another boost.
  15. That's true. I've actually caught both of them already, but the Xatu had a really low CP.