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  1. I just checked this thread out and they are really good.
  2. Heard this on a Hit or Miss segment yesterday. I thought it was new In This Moment at first. It isn't terrible except those horrendous munchkin vocals at the beginning and end.
  3. Also all the drugs, especially fentanyl that are coming through our unprotected Southern border. They caught a huge amount of drugs a couple of weeks ago and the amount of fentanyl that was found was enough to kill a small city.
  4. Dude for once on this board CAN YOU NOT BE SUCH A GOD DAMN FUCKING ASSHOLE?!?!! I sure hope you're single and work from home because I cannot imagine anyone putting up with you for very long if this is how you are outside of the internet.
  5. This came out a little while back. I really like Moon voice. I think he is a better singer than Dan is in SotY.
  6. My Pandora New Rock station just played "Come Around" and it's actually really good.
  7. I think my favorite song is " Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down?"
  8. One of my favorite parts of this album is the very end of "heavy metal" where there is an extremely brief, ~15 seconds, of heavy chugging guitars and Ollie screaming before the song ends.
  9. What do the lyrics to "Chlorine" or "The Hype" mean?
  10. Dummy Little whiners You're real OG when it comes to the insults.
  11. So claim that you don't have to defend your opinions, but when we don't defend ours you harass us and use unnecessarily rude language. Clearly I am not capable of understanding your retard logic.
  12. @Andrew I'm starting to think that you're just trolling right now because I find it hard to believe you are that much of an idiot and asshole.
  13. My OPINION is that I just don't like this album as much as blurryface. I don't have any reasons for that other than I don't get as much enjoyment or pleasure when I hear these songs than I do when I hear the songs off of blurryface or even Vessel. Explain to me why the fuck I am required to defend feelings?
  14. "good record" is an I not have a right to have my own opinion about music?
  15. Instead of quoting parts of their Wikipedia page, how about you give specific instances of each of those instruments on this album....dummy At some point in their career they might have played those instruments. Examples: "Guns For Hands", "Car Radio", many more examples on previous albums = Tyler plays the piano "House of Gold", "We Don't Believe What's on TV", "Can't Help Falling In Love", many more examples on previous albums = Tyler player the ukelele "We Don't Believe What's on TV" = Josh plays trumpet (see live performances) You're really starting to prove your worth as this forum douchebag lately. *mic drop*