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  1. You started off so well and then went full retard. We should all accept that people have different opinions and we should all still respect them, because they are people too. My point was this forum used to be so awesome for actual music talk and even though we have different opinions about music, it still was enjoyable. I'll still check this site out for new music but I'm going to try and deactivate my account.
  2. That's the case because the amount of people participating in music topics has become a trickle over the past several years. How about we make this about music and not about stupid shit like politics, sports, gaming ,etc.
  3. How about instead of calling them "Trumpers" you use more respectful language. I'm not sure what you do for work but I'm sure your "clients" wouldn't appreciate you calling them a derogatory name for their political beliefs.
  4. Clearly you haven't read most of this thread. Anyone who doesn't side with the liberal democrats who patronize this forum is called names and treated like a terrorist. As long as you allow a "Next 4 Years of American Communism" thread to be made if Biden wins, you can do whatever you want with this thread.
  5. Because poor minorities tend to live in populated urban areas...which political party usually receives those people's vote?
  6. This was the 2014 Governor Election in Illinois
  7. I think it's a really good song, but would probably fit better on an Evanescence album feat. Oli.
  8. Watch this...
  9. I'm actually for increased gun control even though I am a pro-gun advocate. We have some barriers in place to prevent bad people getting a hold of guns, but there are enough loopholes that still allow that to happen. What I lose my mind over is anti-gun advocates blaming an inanimate object for the killing of another human being. I'm sure you've heard this argument before (and have probably dismissed it), but how come we don't we protest and campaign for a ban of ALL automobiles when someone gets into one after drinking and kills an innocent victim. It's because in that situation we recognize that the person is responsible and not the object. Shouldn't the same be true for firearm deaths?
  11. I'm excited for the guest appearances , and happy to see "Ludens" on this first EP.
  12. Let's go!!! I'm so stoked for this! Wolves was an almost flawless album IMO.
  13. Really dislike "Dead Man Walking", but both "Sick and Empty" and the full version of "Dreaming of Eden" are both great.
  14. This cover is just alright. Probably my least favorite cover they've ever released. I wish they used the more aggressive chorus throughout the song and not just towards the end.