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  1. Those are amazing!!!
  2. Simple song but reminds me of the stuff from Plans and Narrow Stairs which are my two favorite DCFC albums.
  3. Well I can expand this topic and say what is the most influential / best band of all time. I still say Led Zeppelin due to how heavy they were for a time where nobody else was doing that type of music. They inflected all of the music that this board primarily talks about either directly or indirectly.
  4. Senses Fail has just been added to my list
  5. I'm a Chelsea fan so anytime I can talk shit about a Tottenham or Arsenal player, I take full advantage.
  6. The radio station I was listening to that initially started this conversation all agreed that it was Aerosmith.
  7. Awarding the free kick was egregious. While I really hate VAR (and any form of "video replay" in sports), I think that it was a handball. At the same time Loris gifted Croatia a goal too with his shockingly awful footwork. Tottenham player playing like a Tottenham player
  8. So once again my co-workers and I have been discussing music. We have been talking about the influence that both England and the US have had regarding music and were trying to figure out the best band from each country. While the best band from England usually comes down to The Beatles, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin (my personal choice), the best band from America is a lot more difficult. I think that The Beach Boys have had the most influence and are most popular but I am curious to know what you guys think.
  9. Croatia put in the better performance for like 75-80% of the final. They really started to deflate after Mbappe's goal. I honestly didn't think France looked as good as they should have throughout the tournament. Maybe I had higher expectations of them or maybe the teams they beat like Uruguay, Argentina and Belgium all looked worse which made France look better.
  10. This is really good. It reminds me of their stuff off of Night Visions. Do we know if this is a one time single or from a new album?
  11. I know that things could have been different if different teams were in the tournament...but could the US have done some damage if they were in this tournament? Honestly, I think so. France was definitely not the best team today, or most of the tournament, but they got goals when they needed to. This was probably the most entertaining World Cup ever. Parity, drama, great play...what else could you want?
  12. They released this one a while ago. This is really good stuff!
  13. They have some tough shoes to follow. Crooked Teeth might be the best album they've ever released.
  14. So my co-worker and I were trying to come up with some of the best band names. There are so many out there but not all of them really stick with you as memorable. Here are some of my favorites. Five for Fighting Bring Me The Horizon Social Distortion August Burns Red My Chemical Romance Story of the Year What are some of your favorite band names?
  15. So it's France v. Croatia. Honestly, on paper I don't think Croatia will win but they seem to have some major mojo going on. 2-1 Croatia on Sunday. Belgium wins the 3rd place match.