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  1. I'll have to check out this ASAP! BTW @Nixon did you go on a Nothing More bender between music endeavors? I get major NM vibes from the verses of "Puzzle Pieces" Great song btw!
  2. Amends comes out on 4/10/2020. I've already pre-ordered it.
  3. The MV for "World Keeps Spinning" makes that song 1,000x better. I might like this album more than I thought. "PCH" is such a jam though from Wake Up Call
  4. The tour they announced w/ 311 and Badflower appears pretty tasty!
  5. I haven't listened to this fully yet but I feel like "Black Hole In Your Heart" could have been made to sound more like Scars and Souvenirs or even Savages and still sounded good. I'll put my two cents in once I have a couple of spins with this album.
  6. I think that their song choices for this album were pretty disappointing. "Tourniquet", "Red Cold River" and "Failure" just don't work acoustic. I think songs off of Saturate and WANA would have sounded better and probably given more fan service.
  7. Has anyone given this a whirl? I've heard comments that it's pretty weak compared to Wake Up Call
  8. Savages is a REALLY good album.
  9. Like MU said this album is not bad but it could have been so much better. I really think that the vocals on "Angels Fall", "Never Again" and ESPECIALLY "Tourniquet" should have been re-recorded due to them not fitting with the re-imagined version. "Dance With the Devil" is awesome and the more I listen to "Far Away" the more it becomes a real gem. With that being said, I wish they gave Lacey a full verse to sing in "Dear Agony" rather than using her vocals to support Ben's I'm wondering if they are working on new music and didn't want to burn out Ben's voice by re-recording his vocal tracks.
  10. New album is called Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders and will be released on April 24th. They released a new song called "Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever" and it's really good.
  11. I actually feel like Chester's voice fits this 90s grunge style almost better than it did with LP. I'm really looking forward to this album's re-release.
  12. A/B was one of my favorite albums a couple of years ago back, so I am really happy for new music from them.
  13. Why? They got almost their goal with their GoFundMe campaign. If they didn't release any album after that campaign they would be criminals. I cannot imagine they don't have enough money to live comfortably for a while. Why is it such a bad thing that athletes, musicians or actors / actresses get real jobs after those careers are over?
  14. I understand those points but I wish they would have given us 12 tracks considering the two I mentioned were already released on an EP that was available for purchase.
  15. So they put "From The Ashes" and "The Evening Hate" on this. I'm glad that I didn't waste money on that EP that they were pushing so hard.