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  1. Standouts for me are anything off their 2015 release also on the full length. Unannounced - holy smokes that chorus Speak Softly - love every second TCTT comparison on point. For me, I found them through Tides of Man/ Tilian related artists.
  2. So far they're 0-3 for me this time around. I loved their last two albums, so I've given the tracks a week to sink in hoping they would grow. Let'em Burn is a train wreck - overly repetitive, the sing-songy nature of the chorus, the whole 9 yards. I could not dislike this track more than I do now. Go to War is listenable in an album context, probably. It would have been my least favorite or second least favorite on their self-titled. Don't Stop has moments I love. It may be a grower, but overall fell flat and was harmed badly by the ending. Part of this is probably unfair expectations created by their previous excellence. I'll still get the album, but color me worried as of now.
  3. It's great but not close to as good as their first. But really, what is?
  4. I love y'all but could not possibly disagree more. I'm a hardcore 7d fan since the beginning, and KTF was their best by a wide margin for me. Animosity was my fav before. I could hardly believe that 7d had dropped their best album ever after 20 years. Not only that, but several people who I'd been unable to get into Sevendust (due in part to the sections with harsh vocals, some of which seem disjointed even for me) became huge fans. The entire album is a masterpiece.
  5. Jamie, That track popped up on my new releases Friday. I was immediately sending it to everyone lol. It is unreal. The drum track is beyond exceptional - there are a few moments that left my jaw dropped. Spotify is kinda messed up though. They also put some band called Earthside in my recommended artists... ...despite the fact I've absolutely worn that album out.
  6. My favorite song on the album is Stinkfist.
  7. I first encountered My Epic through their Viscera release and was absolutely stunned. The 5 tracks on that release are among the deepest, most poignant I've heard in a long time. Open Letter is on my short list for most brilliant songs ever written. So Behold, when I heard it, was a way for me to explore the depths of a band I already love on an almost tattoo-worthy level. I don't have any tattoos. I adore the album and the band and everything about them. So kudos great pick. I say this as an Eastern Orthodox musician steeped in theology and this particular subgenre. So yeah, perspective has a major role to play in my love of this. But My Epic is, for folks like me, astonishing.
  8. Heard it, assumed it had to be the Vestascension guys, confirmed. More killer stuff from (some of) the same minds.
  9. 8.5/10 This album flows better than Altered State, in part because of a more traditional song structure. The latter half of the album does not get buried for me the way Altered State did. As much as I love Tesseract and AS, it was like drinking from a firehose. This time around, there is a welcome flow and widening of the Tesseract sound. Dan sounds great with them and I do not miss Ashe as much as I'd thought (though, to be honest, that's probably only possible because Ashe released a phenomenal album himself recently with VFtF). On the downside, many criticisms that have been somewhat valid in the past will still be on target. Many of the songs begin with clean/atmospheric guitar, the drums are still amazing but somewhat worn -"China on the quarters, ghost notes everywhere" can actually get old, believe it or not. The breakdown sections are my biggest gripe - I've never liked Tesseract breakdowns very much because they all seem so similar, and there is no variety here at all. The breakdowns on this album are "One, pt 2". It is for this reason that the true standout tracks are also the lighter fare. Both Tourniquet and Phoenix are stellar, among the best songs Tesseract has written. Yes, they both feel a bit Skyharbor-ish (and since Skyharbor is the airport in Phoenix, maybe that's a nod?), but they also feature memorable vocal melodies and restrained-but-smart playing. It it is a great album, but it highlights a lot of room for growth in sound that, hopefully, we will see come to fruition in their next offering. Tesseract is one of the few bands capable of achieving something like transcendent perfection; this album is almost-but-not-quite there.
  10. The Sickness held up for me. I personally like Indestructible more than 10kF. I can see why that would be a minority opinion. this new album...it's ok. The Light is my fav track. Fire it Up is by far the stupidest thing Disturbed has ever done and I'm shocked it's not a Godsmack song.
  11. Very interesting. Can't wait to hear it.
  12. Can't believe I still haven't gotten to this. Gonna go get started on it now.
  13. So, these fellows finally dropped their second album (well, the official release is 8/7). It. Is. Stellar. Stupid good. For those unfamiliar with them, they are an Icelandic math/art rock band with unfair amounts of talent. Found out about them here on Tunelab and I'm unabashedly evangelizing for them since. Full stream here: https://show.co/uUScQw3
  14. I listened to it, but my enjoyment of Lamb was never on level with other metal bands. It seems like a release that will please their fans though.
  15. I will listen because I love Eric. Edit: It bugged me that I was kinda tearing down someone who is doing what they love, so I deleted my comments regarding Meytal's playing.