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  1. For sure! It was almost painful to me to slide Animosity into the 2 slot because I love it so much. I did this a while back, since 7D is a top 3 band for me, but I figured I had to pick which album I like more. There are 25 songs between the two albums. I thought I’d make a top 13, and whichever had more songs would be the one I call my favorite. result: 4 Animosity tracks (Trust, Crucified, Shine, Follow), 9 KTF (excluded Letters, Slave, Peace). No one is more surprised than me. I rate all tracks 8-10 on those albums though, so it’s not like I could make a mistake.
  2. Mine, without the new one: KTF Animosity CDM Home H&S Seasons S/T Next Alpha BotS
  3. The lighter songs from the previous albums are 10x better to me than anything on this one, so I don’t think it has anything to do with missing the heavier elements that were present before. And I certainly never wanted APC to be Tool Pt 2. Even the lyrics seem shallow and try-hard (to me) compared to his usual genius. I’m probably done trying to like this one. If it hasn’t happened yet it probably won’t. That said my buddy who shares almost all of my tastes loved it. I just obviously don’t have the itch this album was intended to scratch.
  4. I couldn’t be more psyched. How the hell is 7D releasing fresh-sounding stuff 20 years in? I know I’m in the minority in KTF being my favorite among all their albums, but good grief. And they picked from 50+ songs for this one. 🤯
  5. Bored on my commute and no other outlet, so y’all are getting War and Peace. One of the more interesting things I learned this offseason from a scouting perspective is that there are two components of quarterback play that the Patriots (and I’m sure other teams) value very highly. 1) Velocity - Short version: There has never been a successful multi-year starter in the modern era who throws with a measured velocity of less than 53 mph. Lamar Jackson came in at 49 mph at the combine. Allen was 62, Mayfield 60. Darnold didn’t throw. The reason given for this is that every 2 mph faster or slower is 3 feet of difference in distance traveled at 20 yards. This is INSANE and I have no idea why I didn’t know this before. A bullet from Allen gets 15 yards past the LOS (-5 yard drop back) before Jackson’s is even 10 yards downfield. In a game of centimeters, this melts my mind. 2) Throwing motion speed. Think peak Tom Brady and current Jimmy G. Their full throwing motion is fractions of a second faster than average, but apply the same idea as above. Each thousandth of a second shaved off throwing motion means more air yards traveled before a defender’s reaction time kicks in. These are two reasons that personnel guys referred to Josh Allen as “scouting porn.” He has the highest velocity ever measured and a release as compact as peak Brady. I’d been in the camp that thought he had no chance, but learning this made me rethink. I still think he’s probably a bust, but his chances of success are probably a lot higher than I gave him credit for. The only later round QB with very good numbers in both regards was Tanner Lee (Neb, taken by Jax). Of course, he also threw to the other team almost as often as his own, soooo yeah. Interesting side note: Tyrod and Deshaun Watson are the only two QBs with even marginal success under the MPH threshold. I’m hoping DW can keep up his success and be a major outlier moving forward, because I freakin love watching that guy play. Especially with Fuller on the field. If you’re a football geek like I am and you don’t know why I mention Fuller, go look at his TD per Catch rate in the games Deshaun played. I won’t spoil it here. Re: Lamar Jackson - I think he’s got a shot despite his arm because of how scary he is to defenses. Also, I was stunned to learn that his effortless wrist flick that travels 45 yards was comparatively slow-moving. Score one for geometry I guess. Anyway, I used to be a Redskins fan (the last few seasons broke me) and RG3’s rookie year still makes me weep for the way things went. It also serves to make me skeptical of Jackson’s chances, since I think the most compelling part of his game is his ability to scramble. A lot of people tend to forget that RG3 was never injured on a designed run, but got the hell beaten out of him when scrambling. His demand that Shanahan turn him into a pocket passer was the final nail in his coffin. Kinda crazy they’re on the same roster now.
  6. TIL they did try like mad, or at least that’s the story. They tried to set up a meeting with Mayfield. The agent said it was a waste of time. The Pats promptly acquired the 23rd pick and called them back, serious about a trade up as high as 2 if he was still there. How real that story is I have no idea, but they did meet, so it has the ring of truth. Edit: If true, it also underscores how much they did not like Jackson or Rudolph. To go from potentially trading a ransom for Mayfield to passing entirely on those two guys is saying something.
  7. Put down another mark for someone who likes it way more than Polaris. Altered State is still my fav, but that’s just because I love Ashe’s voice. Like Dan too, a LOT, don’t get me wrong, but I agree that his melodies are sometimes a little too mirrored with the guitar. He didn’t do that with Skyharbor so I think it’s intentional and not bad at all, just not making my jaw drop often vocally. Jay more than makes up for that tho.
  8. This one isn’t connecting with me even a little. Maybe I’m just missing Freese?
  9. Standouts for me are anything off their 2015 release also on the full length. Unannounced - holy smokes that chorus Speak Softly - love every second TCTT comparison on point. For me, I found them through Tides of Man/ Tilian related artists.
  10. So far they're 0-3 for me this time around. I loved their last two albums, so I've given the tracks a week to sink in hoping they would grow. Let'em Burn is a train wreck - overly repetitive, the sing-songy nature of the chorus, the whole 9 yards. I could not dislike this track more than I do now. Go to War is listenable in an album context, probably. It would have been my least favorite or second least favorite on their self-titled. Don't Stop has moments I love. It may be a grower, but overall fell flat and was harmed badly by the ending. Part of this is probably unfair expectations created by their previous excellence. I'll still get the album, but color me worried as of now.
  11. It's great but not close to as good as their first. But really, what is?
  12. I love y'all but could not possibly disagree more. I'm a hardcore 7d fan since the beginning, and KTF was their best by a wide margin for me. Animosity was my fav before. I could hardly believe that 7d had dropped their best album ever after 20 years. Not only that, but several people who I'd been unable to get into Sevendust (due in part to the sections with harsh vocals, some of which seem disjointed even for me) became huge fans. The entire album is a masterpiece.
  13. Jamie, That track popped up on my new releases Friday. I was immediately sending it to everyone lol. It is unreal. The drum track is beyond exceptional - there are a few moments that left my jaw dropped. Spotify is kinda messed up though. They also put some band called Earthside in my recommended artists... ...despite the fact I've absolutely worn that album out.
  14. My favorite song on the album is Stinkfist.
  15. I first encountered My Epic through their Viscera release and was absolutely stunned. The 5 tracks on that release are among the deepest, most poignant I've heard in a long time. Open Letter is on my short list for most brilliant songs ever written. So Behold, when I heard it, was a way for me to explore the depths of a band I already love on an almost tattoo-worthy level. I don't have any tattoos. I adore the album and the band and everything about them. So kudos great pick. I say this as an Eastern Orthodox musician steeped in theology and this particular subgenre. So yeah, perspective has a major role to play in my love of this. But My Epic is, for folks like me, astonishing.