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  1. $119.05 before fees for a pit ticket for the BB/5FDP/NM show in Pennsylvania. Are you kidding me? When this tour got announced a couple days ago I got fired up about finally getting a chance to see Nothing More. But $120 a ticket is absolutely ridiculous. AC/DC came here back in 2008 and I remember the ticket was $92
  2. Interesting he’s bringing on a special guest singer on one of the tracks: I’m assuming we’re going to get another type of “Ashes of Eden” on this album
  3. I’ve read online that Aaron and Jasen also produced the track. Album to be released April 13th
  4. We obviously don’t know what the rest of the album is going to sound like but interesting choice for a first single, given every first single they have released in the past.
  5. Unfortunately Aaron, Mark, Chad and Jeremy will never hit the mainstream level of success they accomplished during their run with BB, all due to the lawsuit
  6. According to TMZ, he took the breathalyzer test and blew 4 times the legal limit
  7. BB will be playing with Sevendust Friday Sept 18 at the Toyta Pavilion at Montage in Scranton PA
  8. Saw them acoustically in November with the full band, with the drum set and everyone sitting down but Ben and thought it was kinda boring. Seen them in March with Ben, Aaron and Shaun with just the bongo and found it to be a lot better, with a lot more crowd interaction. Looks like the show was badass. Anyone else get a tool reference during the chorus of Shallow Bay? I always do when I hear AEnema. "I'm praying for tidal waves. I wanna see the ground give way" haha maybe it's just me
  9. Better than Ben IMO
  10. I'm so glad that one of them finally are "Breaking the Silence". They've all taken so much shit over the years and obviously nothing has changed. I love in recent interviews Ben will literally down talk the new members that he's written over 95% percent without any of them blah blah...
  11. Yes, they only made so many copies and it was discontinued. That's pretty hefty for the price. Aaron father is a college professor, and wrote that book right before We Not Alone became big. I think there was like 5 or so labels interested in BB that the book talks about, but they pretty much lost them all because Ben refused to fly and took a train to far away cities instead and the labels didn't want them for that reason. Im pretty sure the book said Hollywood was the last of them all, and they were lucky enough to get signed to a 5 album record deal.
  12. As big as a BB fan I see you are here on the board, I'm surprised you never read Aaron Finks fathers book "Road to platinum: A fathers backstage pass". Aaron says it in there why Ben doesn't fly anymore. For any BB fan, I would recommend it. I bought it years back on Amazon for like a buck, it's definitely worth the read
  13. Dark and Dawn were written by Jasen Rauch with Ben and his wife doing the background vocals. The heartbeat in "Dawn" is actually Ben's sons Keith surprisingly helped write Never Again. I figured he didn't contribute anything other than the studio recordings Jasen also helped write Never Again and Defeated
  14. If you check out the interview Yahoo just did with Ben, the interviewer called the band Breaking Bad instead of Breaking Ben lol
  15. I love the photo of the old band they use for the video for Rock on the Range