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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with removing the statues through legal means, and placing them in museums. The last thing we need is more destruction and violence.
  2. Listened earlier today, Condescension is great. Other standouts are Wellspring, Seed to the Sower, Shelter, Sun Never Sleeps, New Horizon.
  3. I'm gonna check it out.
  4. Well, I finally made it through this. It's pretty good. Lots of great tracks, there's really no filler, which is very surprising considering the length of this album.
  5. That's the second time now that's happened. Crazy.
  6. I really would like to download this and listen to it while I'm driving, but I don't subscribe to Spotify. I just can't see leaving Google Play Music.
  7. That's a lot of music. Is that the max number of songs allowed? I know that Google Play caps it off at 1000, wasn't sure about Spotify.
  8. It sounds decent.
  9. I'm upset Cage9 didn't make it, and it looks like Parabelle is going to get knocked out soon. Oh well.
  10. Anyone else given this album a listen? There's some pretty good tunes on it. I'm liking You Are We, Steal the Sun, Wide Awake, Silence Speaks, Hurricane, and Empire of Silence.
  11. Sweet.
  12. Screams are back. Not bad.
  13. That's good stuff, I'm looking forward to the album.
  14. Just change your vote to Flaw.
  15. I use Googleplay music.
  16. How about Home? It was charting as a single in 2000.
  17. Not sure how you add to this, I don't use Spotify. Union Underground- South Texas Deathride Flaw- My Letter Hypnogaja- Misery Rains-Pressure American Head Charge- Seamless Endeverafter-Poison Haste- Stutter From Zero- The Other Side Hatebreed- I Will Be Heard Hazen St- Written Lamb of God- Vigil Mushroomhead- Sun Doesn't Rise Shadows Fall- Destroyer of Senses Skrape- Kill Control Soilwork- Black Star Deceiver Staind- Just Go Taproot- Poem 40 Below Summer- Wither Away Thornley- So Far So Good
  18. I just started listening to this, sounds pretty damn good so far.
  19. Listened to it once so far, it's pretty good. Standouts are Broken Ones, A Longer View, Soul Crusher, Long Way Home, The Devil in Our Wake, So Long, and Tusk and Bone.
  20. Have to go with Avenged Sevenfold, never been able to fully get into Avatar.
  21. This one's hard, I'm giving the slight edge to Parabelle. The Kill Plan had more replaybility than Korn's album.
  22. That's the one song I've heard. I kind of feel like it's one of the worst covers of In the Air Tonight that I've heard, but to each their own.
  23. It really is a good debut. My standouts are Architect, Dead to Me, FMFY, Remember the Enemy, Hate Me, I Exist, and Inside.