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  1. I’m a fan of these guys, but I’m not feeling these songs at all.
  2. I listen mostly on the weekends when I’m just waking up or cleaning the house, and there’s been times they play it every hour or so.
  3. I’ve had problems with Google Play Music lately deleting my downloaded albums and playlist lately so I finally said sayonara. Spotify offered me a sweetheart deal for the first three months, so it seemed a good time to recheck Spotify out. The best thing is I finally downloaded this playlist, I’m loving it. I wasn’t a member of this forum early on and was also into heavier acts in the early 2000’s so there’s a lot on this playlist for me to discover.
  4. No, they’re not very active on social media. Their last post they did mention about releasing Gift on vinyl, if anyone is into the vinyl revival.
  5. This is worth a listen guys! Don’t sleep on it. Pretty solid debut album from the former drummer of Otherwise. It’s just a fun rock and roll album, very catchy and replayable. I really liked all the songs on first listen except for 7 More Days. After my third listen it’s grown on me. My favorite tracks are Panic and Pain, Killing the Kings, Living Low, Chaos Calls, Ghost(the way Corky sings the verses in this song remind me of something RHCP or Faith No More would have done) Bulletproof (has my favorite chorus on the album) and rounding out my favorites is Falling Soul.
  6. Sirius Octane has been playing that particular Grandson song to death.
  7. That sounds pretty good.
  8. Yeah it sounds damn good.
  9. “Conquer this Climb” is available today on Spotify.
  10. It’s on my need to listen to list.
  11. In my ignorance I had to google Souvlaki. That looks delicious. Only Indian food I’ve tasted was in Oklahoma, I commented on the motels owners cooking smells that were finding the way into the lobby and she gave me some to try. It was good. I think if I didn’t travel for work I wouldn’t have the palate for food that I do, most of these people around here think a nice dining experience is going to Chili’s or IHOP.
  12. Not a terrible cover, that’s just one of those songs where in my eyes it’s hard to top the original. When Chino sings this song it gives me chills, but not so much when Tommy sings it.
  13. I love Greek food. I usually get chicken shawarma. There’s just none around my area. Have to drive over an hour to get some decent food.
  14. I’m excited for this, Howard is a great vocalist and Peter is a terrific songwriter. This has potential to be really special. Apparently they have been working on some songs for a while, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. Single is coming soon.
  15. She’s a politician most of them are rude, deceitful, heartless cunts. Guess they better all start cooking at home.
  16. Damn. Rest In Peace. He was one of my favorite drummers.
  17. “Stone Sour have announced a deluxe edition of their 2017 album Hydrograd. The new version will feature a total of 27 tracks, including all 15 songs from the album along with 12 previously unreleased covers, b-sides, alternative versions and live cuts.” Disc 1 is the Hydrograd we already know and disc 2 has the extras. I’m down with this, Hydrograd was my favorite record last year. I still listen to it sometimes. Disc 21. Burn One Turn One2. Bootleg Ginger3. Live Like You’re On Fire4. Subversive5. Unchained6. Bombtrack7. Outshined (Live at Sphere)8. Song # 3 (Acoustic)9. Mercy (Acoustic)10. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I) (Acoustic)11. The Witness Trees (Acoustic)12. Mercy (Live at Sphere)
  18. We can only hope.
  19. Another song from their upcoming record
  20. Octane has just started playing these guys. Not too bad. I checked their Facebook and one of the members is supposedly formerly of Otherwise.
  21. Unless you’re plastering their posters on your walls and swooning everytime you look at it, what do looks matter?
  22. Why can’t he like both?
  23. Official video for Living Low Their debut is coming out 6/29. Hopefully the rest of the songs are as good as this one.
  24. Just saw on their Facebook they’re not in the music business anymore. Sucks, they were pretty good.
  25. Drink and eat what you want, you only live once.