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  1. Machine Head’s ‘Catharsis’ will be out January 26th. First single is “Beyond the Pale”
  2. I just checked this out, and in my opinion it’s bad. They butchered some classics.
  3. The only cover they did I enjoyed was “Strong and Smart.” The song was originally by No Fun at All who happened to cover In Flames “Episode 666.”
  4. It’s barely In Flames anymore, it’s pretty much the Ander’s Show at this point. They might actually be able to pull off “Hurt.” The rest of them I’m not so sure about.
  5. The vocalist Jeff Hill is pretty versatile. He sounds like he’d be comfortable fronting many different genres of rock/metal music. The band overall is just great. Heldjc mentioned above he heard a Korn influence and I’d have to agree. I think it’s mainly the rhythm section bringing that across. There’s a couple of tracks to me that sound reminiscent of No One. I went back and listened to their ‘Sick World’ ep that came out a couple of years back, it’s really good too. It’s a little more heavier and unpolished. @breanna. I’m with you on it being top five worthy. If I was pressed to make a top five today this album would land at number 3 or 4. I just keep coming back to it over and over.
  6. It’s ok. I wish Kid Rock had some lyrics in the verses instead of just the chorus.
  7. Found another rpg that’s enjoyable it’s called Wizard’s Wheel. I’ve had some down time lately so I’ve been able to kill some time with this one.
  8. This album has been kind of a grower for me. Musically it sounds like In Flames ‘A Sense of Purpose’ era with added pop and symphonic metal elements. You can definitely tell it’s Jesper Strömblad contributing to the guitar work. Very melodic and catchy riffs. Jake E is an amazing vocalist, the perfect fit for this project. My favorites are Heartrage, Letter to Myself, Closure, Holding Your Breath, Black Wings, Inside a Lullaby, (this is a ballad and it’s amazing, sends chills down my spine) and Dead to Me.
  9. This album definitely took me by surprise, Google Play Music suggestion was on point with this one. I enjoyed every song, fairly diverse group of tunes.
  10. So in reference to this video I had posted before, it looks to be a massive collaboration with many musicians. As of now there’s 14 people involved. https://www.gatheringofkings.se/gok/the-band/
  11. Just finished this, it’s pretty damn good. @NinjaNick101 @pen Y’all might enjoy this album.
  12. I actually came here this morning to post about this band. Google Play suggested this band to me. Skimmed through a couple of songs and it sounds promising.
  13. I think I enjoy Atreyu’s version more than this one.
  14. All of this AI research they’re doing will most likely have one out of two possible outcomes upon humanity. AI will either destroy us, or accept us and merge with us. It’ll end up being the end of humanity as we know it.
  15. This album is amazing! A modern day classic. My favorites are Beyond Oblivion, Betrayer, The Wretchedness Inside, Endless Night, and Sever the Hand.
  16. If Spit Out the Bone was the only track on the record I'd vote for it before most any other band in this tournament.
  17. This is my first time hearing this band. It sounds good.
  18. Gathering of Kings featuring Bjorn Strid
  19. That Cane Hill track is awesome!
  20. This ones tough for me, but Islander gets my vote by just a hair.
  21. It's definitely varied from their other records. "Suffer" opens with a piano intro. "Sleeping Lions" chorus sounds reminiscent of new era Korn. "Weapons," "Close to the Gods," and "Dead in the Air" have some electronic sounding elements going on throughout the songs. "Beautiful Monster" has a hip hop sounding beat in the verses and a rocking chorus. "Blame" has a really cool sound at the beginning. It's a well rounded record in my opinion. There's some heavier and lighter songs, some singing and some screaming. It's not my favorite album of the year, but as of now it'll probably be in the top ten for sure.
  22. "Who We Are" is one I'm really loving after more listens. Great lyrics, awesome riffs at the bridge. At the moment I'd rank it my second favorite on the album.
  23. Listened to it once so far, it's pretty good. Standouts are Broken Ones, A Longer View, Soul Crusher, Long Way Home, The Devil in Our Wake, So Long, and Tusk and Bone.