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  1. If Spit Out the Bone was the only track on the record I'd vote for it before most any other band in this tournament.
  2. This is my first time hearing this band. It sounds good.
  3. Gathering of Kings featuring Bjorn Strid
  4. That Cane Hill track is awesome!
  5. This ones tough for me, but Islander gets my vote by just a hair.
  6. It's definitely varied from their other records. "Suffer" opens with a piano intro. "Sleeping Lions" chorus sounds reminiscent of new era Korn. "Weapons," "Close to the Gods," and "Dead in the Air" have some electronic sounding elements going on throughout the songs. "Beautiful Monster" has a hip hop sounding beat in the verses and a rocking chorus. "Blame" has a really cool sound at the beginning. It's a well rounded record in my opinion. There's some heavier and lighter songs, some singing and some screaming. It's not my favorite album of the year, but as of now it'll probably be in the top ten for sure.
  7. "Who We Are" is one I'm really loving after more listens. Great lyrics, awesome riffs at the bridge. At the moment I'd rank it my second favorite on the album.
  8. Otherwise are consistently good to listen to, so I'll definitely be giving this a spin.
  9. Funny Little Creatures is one of my favorites. On my first listen it was the song that stuck out most to me.
  10. I disagree, I'm 33 and I've actually played that.
  11. I personally don't seek out newer metal core to listen to, l'm content with bands that were putting out records when I was in my twenties. Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Haste, Shadows Fall, etc. Most of the new stuff I listen to is hard rock, pop, alternative, and country. There are certainly exceptions, While She Sleeps and Sylar being a couple of them.
  12. I enjoyed I Prevail just a little bit more.
  13. Just watched the finale, so good. I'm ready for season 3.