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  1. Pretty decent.
  2. That's good stuff. I'm really interested to hear the song featuring Randy Blythe.
  3. New Sikth track! It's pretty sick
  4. Google Play recommended this the other day. It sounds pretty good.
  5. Had Enough hooked me in real quick. Really good. I'm downloading this album now.
  6. Not bad.
  7. Indeed. Good song.
  8. Good stuff. This is right up my alley, heavy but not overbearing.
  9. This album is wonderful. My most played album at the moment. I like it all very solid. If pressed to pick favorites they'd be The Suffering, Deathless, Selfish Age, White Flags, Pieces, World On Fire, and The Great Escape.
  10. That chicken scratch went for over a grand. Holy cow!
  11. I would love a heavier Incubus album.
  12. Pretty good sound.
  13. Always good to hear new Seether.
  14. @ChosenOne What other band are you speaking of?
  15. Impressive list. I'd have a tough time rating so many albums.