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  1. Not sure where to put this, it's music. It's a movie parody too, just thought it was funny. If it's already been posted, I'm sorry.
  2. The Martian was damn good.
  3. I like it.
  4. I like the Town Line ep he did, I thought it was decent. Then after he really went downhill, started sounding like the rest of the top country on the radio. I downloaded Sinner a while back, played a few songs and promptly deleted it. That fake twang he's been doing aggravates me. On another note, I'm stoked to see Cage9 and Sylar on the list. Their latest albums are great. Cage9 was discussed a little more on these forums, so members seem to know of them, while Sylar seemed to be a little more under the radar. Hopefully it gets more people talking about Sylar, because Help! is a good listen.
  5. This is good stuff.
  6. I wonder if they'll go for a melodic death sound or something more modern.
  7. New band is called Cyhra. Release due in fall, to be released on Spinefarm/Universal. There's also a former member of Amaranthe in the band. http://cyhra.com/
  8. Good stuff. I'm enjoying the nu metal resurrection.
  9. Something is fishy. Not many newbies around these parts.
  10. Pretty decent.
  11. That's good stuff. I'm really interested to hear the song featuring Randy Blythe.
  12. New Sikth track! It's pretty sick
  13. Google Play recommended this the other day. It sounds pretty good.
  14. Had Enough hooked me in real quick. Really good. I'm downloading this album now.
  15. Not bad.