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  1. I just don't hear the similarities between Stone Sour's charting music and Nickelback, besides them being accessible and easier to listen to. If that's the case you could argue that every radio friendly song sounds like Nickelback.
  2. Anti-Clone does a Slipknot inspired sound decently enough.
  3. Garth Brooks tonight!  My first time to attend a major country concert. 

    1. Kalt


      Sweet!  I've always wanted to see Garth.  Have fun!

    2. Tilley


      He was really good, full of energy.  Played all of the big classics.  If he comes near you try to go see him.  It's definitely worth going. 

  4. I'm disappointed with how this went. Illuminator is an awesome record.
  5. I'm not happy with In Flames' direction, but I'm not that into Amon Amarth. They're okay in small doses.
  6. Cane Hill had a good debut, but this was a good return to form for Korn. It's slightly better.
  7. "Face like a foot" That one made me laugh.
  8. I like it
  9. Chad has definitely got a inflated ego. He's actually one of the biggest reasons I don't like Nickelback that much, some of his lyrics are just awful. Other than him I think they have a good thing going, which is why I listen every now and then. Stone Sour being Nickelback-lite that's just laughable. I'm waiting for Corey's response. He'll most likely have something to say in return.
  10. I met Lil' Troy a few years back (he's a safety man in the plants now) and he claimed he made around three figures s year off that Wanna be a Baller song. Seems a bit inflated to me, but who knows. Pen is right though,that money couldn't possibly keep 12 Stones going, at least not that money alone. It's very expensive to record, produce, mix, master, and distribute your album.
  11. There you go. My bad.
  12. I don't think they're totally getting shit on, a good portion of the bands I listed above are getting exposure on Octane lately and they all seem to have a decent following. Critics will say whatever they want to, in the end music is subjective, people are going to like what they like, and obviously this kind of music is being enjoyed. Otherwise it wouldn't be around right now.
  13. I like this. The rapper reminds me a bit of Robb Flynn as far as his vocals go. I have no problem with this new wave of nu metal, I've always enjoyed the genre. There are some terrible ones coming up, just as there were plenty of terrible ones in the late 90's and early 2000's. Sylar, Islander, While She Sleeps, and Nine Shrines (some of these are debatably nu metal) are some of my favorites in the upcoming nu metal revival. DED sound like they certain have potential in this genre, I'm excited for their upcoming album. My biggest disappointment out of this genre was Pointe Oblivion. Their first single was excellent, heard the rest and it's just not that good.
  14. I really like both these bands, but when it comes down to it Cage9 had the better album overall. Every song is a gem. Islander had some misses.