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  1. Holy crap! This is a good find. Most unique thing I’ve heard in a very long time. I love the music, and the throat singing is cool too.
  2. I like the sound of these songs better than anything from their previous records. Way more melody in these songs. I’m hoping the rest of this album will sound similar. Also it’d be cool if they covered Soilwork’s “Light the Torch”
  3. Track listing: 01. The Body Market 02. Echoes Of An Ugly Past 03. Leave Me Alone 04. Imagine 05. Turn It Over 06. Too Cold To Touch 07. Trust 08. Pale And Perfect 09. Silent Scream They’re a supergroup of sorts featuring members from In Flames, HIM, Spiritual Beggars, and Firewind. And it’s pretty damn good. They have a gothic sound going on, lyrics are kind of morbid at times. My favorites are Leave Me Alone, Turn It Over, Too Cold to Touch, Trust (the organ near the end of the song is a nice touch), Pale and Perfect, and Silent Scream.
  4. This is so damn good.
  5. Vocals kind of remind me of Fivefold.
  6. I like it after one listen. I wish it was a little longer of an album.
  7. “I’m a magnet, I attract it, everywhere I go you know trouble follows.  I’m just a magnet for pain.” 

  8. That’s great stuff there, I’m ready for this album.
  9. Niclas Englin of In Flames has another band called We Sell the Dead. They’re dropping a full length this upcoming Friday.
  10. You sound like a narcissist.
  11. I gave it a listen, I just can’t get through one song all the way. Those vocals ruin it for me. Guess I like Sick Puppies more.
  12. It’s a pretty wide range of sound on this album. I like it after the first listen, despite their Rage Against the Machine impression. Standouts are Waking Lions, Ex Machina, Be Legendary, A Crime to Remember, and Rewind.
  13. I’m liking this one a lot, it’s a really fun rock n roll album. My standouts are Skin and Bones, Dark Days, Dropping the Needle, Step into the Fire, and Into the Dark.
  14. It’s decent
  15. I have a cousin that always told me, “that heavy stuff you’re listening to is just a phase, you’ll be like the rest of us listening to country before you’re thirty.” Here I am at thirty-four and I’m still jamming heavier music. I do like other genres, but they don’t compare to hard rock and metal.