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  1. Did everyone stop listening to music?

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    2. pen


      I don't know if these personal status updates are helping as a beacon for spammers or hurting as a beacon for spammers.

      Also, @heldjc, try not to direct posts at the spammers, if only cause once I ban them, their posts go away and you post no longer makes sense. 

    3. heldjc


      Haha my bad was just making a joke cause it’s name was Kenneth. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t edit it/delete it afterwards

    4. RainbowDragon


      Streaming has its pros and cons. I used to buy songs/albums on iTunes all the time but now because of streaming I buy nothing. That has taken the fun out of it and just the sheer volume of stuff you have access to makes it overwhelming and I can see why someone would lose interest. I liked having an ipod for music and having it all on your phone now with all your apps you use, idk I tend to click on the apps a lot more than playing music.