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  1. Just shuffling through the playlist this morning and Shadows Fall "The Light that Blinds" comes on, makes me wish they'd do something new.  I'll never understand, how even though they're from the same scene as Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, and others, that they never got that big.  They definitely had the talent.  To me they were the best of the bunch back then.  

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    2. Follow the Hollow

      Follow the Hollow

      Meanwhile Phil Labonte has somehow snaked his way to success.  It actually makes me mad somewhat.

    3. NinjaNick101


      Phil's a self-centered douche. Makes me like ATR less than I used to.

    4. Follow the Hollow

      Follow the Hollow

      Yes he is.  He's also subpar compared to other vocalists in the genre, but somehow more successful then most.