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  1. I like what I’m hearing judging by these two songs. I’m going to download this and give it a chance.
  2. Haven’t seen mention of Awake at Last
  3. I recently found a game I really like called Magic Rampage. It's a platformer meets rpg style game. Lots of fun so far.
  4. I really like that song, haven’t listened to any of their other stuff though.
  5. Arrival of Autumn are going to be touring with In Flames.
  6. I like that Superheist song, I’m gonna check them out.
  7. Holy crap that’s a crazy story.
  8. New Toothgrinder
  9. I’ve had a tough time getting into the new album.
  10. What are some bands you’ve heard with music out this year, that haven’t been given their due? One of the standouts for me is ‘The Offering,’ killer prog metal from the Boston area. Their latest album ‘Home’ is really infectious, and I can’t seem to get enough.
  11. I’d like something along the lines of Science.
  12. I’ve tried to get into this album, but so far there’s just not much I like on it.
  13. This is all that and a bag of chips.
  14. “I’m all fucked up and I make it look good” This is a bad ass song and I really like that line.
  15. That was awesome. I can’t wait for the album.