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  1. I’ll give this a listen eventually.
  2. I always like hearing Disturbed.
  3. There was another new poster a while back that was posting vague comments as well.
  4. Staind were much better earlier on, I totally agree they declined.
  5. These are some of the first Parkway Drive songs I’ve enjoyed. I’m not familiar with much of their previous work at all. Before I can give my full opinion of this I need to listen to it in full.
  6. I’m actually having a hard time getting through this one.
  7. I enjoyed everything on this album except for Get the Lead Out, it’s a bit repetitive.
  8. I can’t really speak on the Shinedown album, I’ve yet to fully listen. Comparing Godsmack to Breaking Benjamin, I’d say I think Godsmack put out the better album.
  9. YouTube videos failing left and right.
  10. Formula is right. Every song sounds like it was factory made.
  11. I like it better than Sham Pain.
  12. Reproducing his bass with a computer, that’s different. I enjoyed it too, it cracked my top ten list last year. If anyone likes melodic metal and hasn’t given this album a chance they’re missing out.
  13. I think someone posted this a while back, but it’s all good. I really like this song.
  14. Ever had life throw so many curveballs at you, that you wanted to take a bat to it?