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  1. That’s my favorite at the moment, I love how it begins with the almost punk like verse and goes back to the typical Parabelle sound in the chorus.
  2. I’ve only made it 4 songs deep and I really like it so far.
  3. They just announced on their Facebook they’ll have new music on June 4th.
  4. It’s got to be made sooner or later. In no particular order except for Soilwork, that’s definitely my favorite so far this year. Soilwork- Verkligheten In Flames- I, The Mask I Prevail- Trauma Wheel- Moving Backwords Nine Shrines- Retribution Therapy Moon Tooth- Crux Cage 9- Hypesthesia Badflower- Ok, I’m Sick Not a full album but Cane Hill’s Kill the Sun is really good.
  5. I’ve been jamming their ‘Delusions’ album a lot lately. It’s a modern rock hidden gem.
  6. They posted on their Facebook that a digital release will be available May 21st.
  7. I love this album.
  8. Someone recorded this from one of their shows
  9. I wish Paranoid was longer, I really like that song.
  10. Light Grenades wasn’t bad, but I think Science is where it’s at.
  11. We probably have more of a chance of winning the powerball than we have of hearing some new Mudvayne.
  12. @NinjaNick101 Apolgies, I must have overlooked it.
  13. New Hellyeah
  14. Burn is a beast of a song.