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  1. They’re both dip shits. Turd sandwich or a douchebag are your choices.
  2. Are you automatically deemed a dip shit for living in a rural area?
  3. I still play the heck out of it. I’ve been working on a 2011-2020 deep cuts if anyone is interested in contributing.
  4. Nice to see The Crusade getting some love, a lot of people despise that album.
  5. Their latest
  6. New song, this band should be bigger than they are
  7. Alex Bent’s drumming is the highlight of this album. Guitar wise nothing has stood out to me much after one listen. Really digging Sickness Unto You.
  8. I’ve recently been jamming Revival, what an awesome record!
  9. I’ve listened to a few songs from this album, I really like Memory and Demon.
  10. I’ve listened to this a couple of times, it’s a good album. My standouts are Spit it Out (love the chorus in this). and Empire of the Sun (awesome keyboard solo in this song)
  11. Static Cycle are back
  12. I haven’t gotten around to hearing the whole album, but there’s a couple of tracks I’ve liked from casually listening.
  13. Really haven’t heard mention of Sleepkillers, they consist of Puddle of Mudd, Limp Bizkit, and Saliva members.
  14. Did everyone stop listening to music?

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    2. pen


      I don't know if these personal status updates are helping as a beacon for spammers or hurting as a beacon for spammers.

      Also, @heldjc, try not to direct posts at the spammers, if only cause once I ban them, their posts go away and you post no longer makes sense. 

    3. heldjc


      Haha my bad was just making a joke cause it’s name was Kenneth. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t edit it/delete it afterwards

    4. RainbowDragon


      Streaming has its pros and cons. I used to buy songs/albums on iTunes all the time but now because of streaming I buy nothing. That has taken the fun out of it and just the sheer volume of stuff you have access to makes it overwhelming and I can see why someone would lose interest. I liked having an ipod for music and having it all on your phone now with all your apps you use, idk I tend to click on the apps a lot more than playing music.