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  1. Heard both of In Flames new singles today on XM.  “I Am Above” was good, but “(This is Our) House” was pretty cringe worthy.  It did have some sweet sounding guitars in the pre chorus, almost like something from A Sense of Purpose. 

  2. I’m really impressed with this band. I think they have a lot to offer. Instruments are good and the singer is versatile. Only bad thing was that it was a short listen, it definitely left me wanting more.
  3. @RainbowDragon Glad to see Royal Tusk getting some love. Those guys are great.
  4. Suggested by Spotify and I’m glad they were, probably the coolest sounding band I’ve heard in a long time. They have multiple influences, from hard rock, metal, classical, and hip hop. You definitely hear a little bit of everything when listening. Doomed is my favorite so far. It’s kind of like Evanescence went metal core with Otep Shamaya providing rap verses occasionally. And here is the entire EP to stream
  5. Well if Anders sings anything it’ll be bad.
  6. In Flames teaser of upcoming single “I Am Above” due for December 14th release Not much to go on, but this sounds promising.
  7. Musically I like this album, but the screams just don’t do it for me.
  8. That’s some good stuff.
  9. Been anxious to hear this after hearing Aftermath on Octane.
  10. New song released today “Full MoonShoals”
  11. They have a shirt of that available with the album bundles on their website.
  12. Well finally listened to the whole thing and it’s a decent album. I liked all the ballads except for Hold on to Memories. The rest of it is pretty much same old Disturbed.
  13. I don’t know if Disturbed are willing to step too far away from their formula they’ve used for years.
  14. Good stuff.