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  1. I really liked what I was doing before, but work got slow sometimes, especially in the summer, and sometimes the jobs were too short. The staffing companies knew this and would lie and tell you the job is 3-4 weeks.
  2. @Vigo Pretty much nothing happened. I told HR what was going on, and they sent it up the chain. I got to speak to the head of their HR a few days later, only because I called to inquire about the matter again, after not hearing back within 48 hours like they promised. He told me the same thing the recruiter did, “we can’t go through with the hiring process.” I asked to see the evidence, told him I checked my profile and there’s nothing there but my resume. He informed me that’s because they deleted it and can’t retrieve it. He assured me it was there and “sorry again, can’t hire you, won’t hire you. Apply again in the distant future. Have a nice day goodbye.” I was mad, it would have been a position I could have used to gain more knowledge in my line of work and have got benefits and all that good stuff. Currently for me job wise, things are looking good. I just started a job, this past Monday that’s about ten minutes from my house. No more traveling! I get to sleep in my own bed every day and/or night. (Rotating shift work) I took a paycut, but the work is steady, there will be overtime, and benefits. It’s one of those look at the big picture kind of jobs.
  3. I like this song. I’m gonna have to check out more.
  4. Heavy of course.
  5. Veins is one of my favorites.
  6. I saw this earlier, it’s hilarious watching Colbert headbang.
  7. Definitely on my must listen list.
  8. I’m a fan of these guys, but I’m not feeling these songs at all.
  9. I listen mostly on the weekends when I’m just waking up or cleaning the house, and there’s been times they play it every hour or so.
  10. I’ve had problems with Google Play Music lately deleting my downloaded albums and playlist lately so I finally said sayonara. Spotify offered me a sweetheart deal for the first three months, so it seemed a good time to recheck Spotify out. The best thing is I finally downloaded this playlist, I’m loving it. I wasn’t a member of this forum early on and was also into heavier acts in the early 2000’s so there’s a lot on this playlist for me to discover.
  11. No, they’re not very active on social media. Their last post they did mention about releasing Gift on vinyl, if anyone is into the vinyl revival.
  12. This is worth a listen guys! Don’t sleep on it. Pretty solid debut album from the former drummer of Otherwise. It’s just a fun rock and roll album, very catchy and replayable. I really liked all the songs on first listen except for 7 More Days. After my third listen it’s grown on me. My favorite tracks are Panic and Pain, Killing the Kings, Living Low, Chaos Calls, Ghost(the way Corky sings the verses in this song remind me of something RHCP or Faith No More would have done) Bulletproof (has my favorite chorus on the album) and rounding out my favorites is Falling Soul.
  13. Sirius Octane has been playing that particular Grandson song to death.
  14. That sounds pretty good.
  15. Yeah it sounds damn good.