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    I have a few questions about this women's MITB match tonight...
    - Who is the jackass who decided on this match instead of six guys from Raw coming over for their own MITB match?
    - Will they use a smaller, Hornswoggle-esque ladder?
    - Will a referee or another man come in the ring to set up the ladder for them when needed?
    - How many of these girls will get hurt during this match?
    - What percentage of internet fans will praise this as a MOTY candidate no matter how much it sucks?
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    I just watched the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale. It's not a horror show but it's probably the most terrifying show I've ever seen. Imagine one of those young adult books/movies, only it doesn't suck and is totally awesome, make it R-rated, kinda give it a slight BioShock Infinite/cult feel to it and that's what it felt like to me. Elisabeth Moss was fantastic. She conveyed so much emotion while trying to show as little emotion as possible because of the situation her character is in. This is probably the weirdest show I've ever seen. The story of where it takes place, as well as what happened in the past and the greater conflict going on in the world that we hear little bits and pieces about in the first episode is totally fascinating and I can't wait to hear more about it. Also, this show features the woman who played Patti on The Leftovers in a role that seems absolutely perfect for her. I strongly recommend you people give this show a watch.
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    I just happened to be flicking channels between Fox News and CNN and saw the verdict being handed down live on Fox News and I'm not gonna lie, it was a very satisfying feeling watching that girl hear the verdict with a sad look on her face.
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    Take your fake looking CGI apes and stick them up your ass. The guy who said they are seemless is fucking lying. If you cant tell they are CGI you must be really young and or stupid.
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    This looks fucking awesome. The art style is great. I love how it's slower-paced with a big focus on discovering secrets in the environment. Honestly, this may sound weird, but I'm actually looking forward to this more than Super Mario Odyssey. My one concern is there is a lot of aiming in this game and I'm worried that they'll force you to use the joy-cons for that, even though you could easily aim with the sticks on the pro controller.
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    Maybe Nixon's blossoming NFL insider career is why ESPN felt comfortable letting John Clayton go.
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    This sucks. Adam West was awesome. As goofy as the old Batman was, his performance on that show will always be remembered. And even though Family Guy has been past its prime for well over a decade, the Adam West character on it has never stopped being funny. Like anyone who isn't an asshole, Adam West was never afraid to be the butt of the joke and to make fun of himself. Going by interviews I've seen with him, he always seemed really fun and seemed like a good guy. This death is a shocker. R.I.P. Bruce, R.I.P. Mayor West, R.I.P. Adam. 
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    Boy, yeah, that'll be tough.  Dodging Japanese wrestling spoilers is always tricky.
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    He's being sarcastic, numbnuts.
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    Mama always told me don't you run
    "Don't you run with scissors, son
    You're gonna hurt someone"
    Awful lyrics.
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    Right up there with "Easier to Run" as some of the more underrated Linkin Park songs.
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    Right up there with "Easier to Run" as some of the more underrated Linkin Park songs.
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    1. I wouldn't be entirely against that. They could just have Chester doing the choruses to bring a little rock into it and then the verses is all rap from Mike.
    2. And that's where I stop listening.
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    It's not T.J. Miller's fault that the Uber driver brought piss to a shit fight.
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    Google Play Music is already on your Android phone. Download the app from the Chrome store on your computer. Then sync the email that you use for the phone app with the computer app. Then download Google Play Music Manager from the Chrome app store on your computer and it'll sync up to 25,000 of your iTunes songs to your account. You can download them at any time to listen to offline. There's also a setting on there to automatically make any changes you make to iTunes go to your Google Music account. So if you delete a song or add an album to iTunes, the changes will automatically show up on your Google Music account.
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    This Thursday at Taco Bell, the highly anticipated debut of the Naked Chicken Chips...

    The successor to the delicious Naked Chicken Chalupa. 
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    1. What kind of comparison is that? Are people who download movies charged with felony crimes? If so then that is stupid. Either way, total non-sequitor. 
    Actually, you're onto something here. Would you feel that it would be totally cool if I reported you for illegally downloading thousands of hours worth of television and music over the years and you did ten years in jail? You should've known better than to break the law, lowlife. 
    2. Can't disprove the statement? Two people are agreeing to do something which affects only them. That's consensual. And it's hilarious you equate this to defending pedophiles (which I didn't actually do, but that's what you're implying I did) 
    3. Yes and that's an issue because it shouldn't be criminalized, that's the entire point you fucking retard. 
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    1. You do realize that the MPAA's war on movie piracy hurts downloaders just as much as it does uploaders, right? See how ridiculous that question sounded. 
    2. Consensual business transactions!!! Holy shit. Remember that time when you were defending that female Nintendo employee who was defending phedophiles? I think this conversation has topped that as your new all-time low on this website.
    3. That's so sad. Those poor people getting in trouble for doing something illegal. Their lives are ruined because of the choices they made.
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    The first time I saw it was in some college movie class. I was sitting in an uncomfortable classroom from the back of the room watching some standard-def TV that was small as all hell and we watched the first half of the movie one week and the second half of the movie the next. Going in I thought I'd like it cause it's Harrison Ford and sci-fi but after seeing it I thought it sucked. But those crappy classroom conditions I mentioned were the real reasons I couldn't enjoy the movie so a few years later I decided to watch it again in the comfort of my own home and that's when I fell in love with the movie. Since then I bought the final cut Blu-ray and have seen a few different versions of the film and watched all the extras that came with it. I've seen the movie a bunch of times now. A classic.
    So when Blade Runner came out, it didn't really get good reviews. People were looking for more optimistic sci-fi like other stuff seen in the '80s and people wanted a more fun sci-fi movie from Harrison Ford like Star Wars. It built up a cult following over the years before it became the well-known and well-reviewed classic it is now. I'm curious what current movies that weren't really hits will develop into classics as time progresses. One movie I hope that turns out that way is Oblivion. It has a sorta confusing but very good story, a great performance from Tom Cruise, it's a beautiful-looking film, it has a wonderful soundtrack and great action. I'm upset how it's forgotten nowadays and I hope over time it'll become more well-known and well-regarded.
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