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  1. Mike gave reputation to Andrew in Got (Wrestling) News   
    Big Cass released.  Smackdown now an A+ show.
  2. Mike gave reputation to Ruiner II in E3 2018   
    But We Happy Few isn't exclusive. You're on a goddamn roll in this thread. 
  3. Mike gave reputation to pen in E3 2018   
  4. Mike received reputation from Ruiner II in E3 2018   
    It's a small world. Look who I happened to see when I was playing Destiny just now...
  5. Mike received reputation from Andrew in E3 2018   
    - Quantum Break: Announced at the Xbox One reveal event and released three years later. The game was announced so early that even a year after it was announced the gameplay footage still didn't have star Shawn Ashmore in it.
    - Halo 5: Announced two-and-a-half years before it came out. The reveal trailer showed Master Chief in a poncho which he never wore in the game. The game was announced so early it didn't even have a title yet. The trailer just referred to it as Halo.
    - Crackdown 3: Announced in 2014. Still hasn't released.
    - Scalebound: Announced in 2014. Canceled in 2017.
    - Fable Legends: Announced in 2013. Canceled in 2016. 
    - Phantom Dust: Announced in 2014. The studio that was working on it has been shut down and the game is canceled but I don't think Microsoft has announced this. 
    - Below: Announced in 2013. Still no announced release date.
    - ReCore: Revealed in 2015. Released in 2016. However the finished version, called the Definitive Edition, featuring one of the robots on the box art that was never in the initial release, came out a year later. 
    - Sea of Thieves: Announced in 2015. Released in alpha in 2018. Still waiting on the finished version to release. Maybe after a few more expansions...
  6. Mike received reputation from Lucas in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Unfortunately Michael Keaton will return for Spider-Man 2. He was awesome in the first movie and his post-credits scene protecting Peter was the perfect way for it to end for him. No need for him to return so they can milk it and ruin a good character like they did with Loki.
  7. Mike received reputation from Lucas in Avengers: Infinity War SPOILER discussion   
    I don't think you were being sarcastic. 
  8. Mike received reputation from Vigo in Got (NHL) News   
    Very happy the Bruins are eliminated. Brad Marchand is probably the most unlikable player in the NHL. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a career ending spinal injury.
  9. Mike received reputation from Nixon in General Discussion   
    How would you know if you weren't here?
  10. Mike received reputation from heldjc in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I love the decayed mask. Halloween was always my favorite slasher franchise growing up. I'm looking forward to this. 
  11. Mike received reputation from Lucas in Survivor: Tunelab   
    ...and then his grandchildren unplugged the modem and we never saw him again.
  12. Mike received reputation from Nixon in WWE WrestleMania 34   
    I just think it'd be dumb to have the first Universal title change in a year and a rare Brock Lesnar loss happen at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Friday when most people are working.
  13. Mike gave reputation to Nixon in WWE WrestleMania 34   
    dude, it was her debut. and it is being heralded as one of the greatest in-ring debuts of all time in terms of delivering in such a high profile match on the biggest stage there is.
    you're such a hater, Meltzer Jr.
  14. Mike received reputation from Ruiner II in WWE WrestleMania 34   
    I just got done with the ladder match and I'll post my thoughts when I'm at the computer but let's just say I have a full erection.
  15. Mike gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Man, I hate April Fools Day.
  16. Mike received reputation from RainbowDragon in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    There are bits and pieces of what Lucas would have done out there, not just for Episodes VII-IX but for a whole 12-part story. Continuing the Star Wars movies under George Lucas is the greatest "what if" in movie history as far as I'm concerned so I always find info on unused ideas incredibly interesting. I don't remember where I read this exactly but you can google it if you want but the original plan for Episode VII was Luke training a character named Kira. Kira was basically Rey (before Disney gave her a boys name) so she was always going to be a part of the story. I imagine Lucas would've made her more interesting as she struggled along the way like Luke did. Disney just went with your typical perfect at everything female character that you see all the time nowadays to overcompensate for a lack of strong female characters in years past in Hollywood. Rey is to Star Wars what Superman is to superheroes.
  17. Mike received reputation from BreakTheAgony87 in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Me and the tons of other Star Wars fans that didn't like the new movie. 
  18. Mike received reputation from BreakTheAgony87 in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Me and the tons of other Star Wars fans that didn't like the new movie. 
  19. Mike received reputation from Ruiner II in Got (Wrestling) News   
    Daniel Bryan and HULK HOGAN vs. Owens and Zayn
    Perfect passing of the torch with Hogan taking over for Bryan as GM two nights later on SmackDown
    Book it. Now.
  20. Mike received reputation from Nixon in Got (Wrestling) News   
    I don't care how much you hate WWE, anyone who says they aren't watching Wrestle fucking Mania is full of shit. 
  21. Mike gave reputation to Omar in Got (Wrestling) News   
    He’s bahahahahaack
  22. Mike gave reputation to Omar in Got (Wrestling) News   
    That’s a terrible idea...
  23. Mike received reputation from American_Idiot in World News   
    I agree with the first part about what you said. The second is a little tougher. You can't really cure mental health issues. If someone decides to go off their meds nothing can be done to stop what they might do. In a perfect world, they'd get these people that are a danger to society, lock them in a nuthouse and throw away the key. They probably did that back in the day which is why this stuff never happened much. But obviously that isn't going to happen so the next best thing is to get rid of the damn guns. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Can't do anything about the people so something needs to be done about the guns. I say they ban guns to the general public, but grandfather it in so people who have them already can keep them. You won't notice a change right away but with no new guns on the streets you'll start to see a difference over time. And I don't give a damn what the Constitution says about the right to bear arms. It was a whole different world when that was written. Back then they had muskets that probably took five minutes to reload after one shot. They didn't have assault rifles.
  24. Mike gave reputation to NinjaNick101 in World News   
    Yet our evil "president" continues the same "thoughts and prayers" bullcrap he did to Vegas. If only we have a majority of congresspeople/senators who have a heart instead of being cruel and heartless, America would be so much better off. Too bad we have a government who's too busy sucking off the NRA and big corporations.
  25. Mike received reputation from Vigo in 2018 NFL Playoffs   
    Wow. The Colts must be pissed.