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  1. Mike gave reputation to pen in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I make a nice thread for Marvel TV and this is the shit I get.
  2. Mike received reputation from Lucas in Got (Gaming) News   
    Quicker, better dashboard and fully customizable home screens coming to Xbox One... 
    This looks really good. Sucks I gotta wait till it goes live for everyone. 
  3. Mike received reputation from Koldes in Game of Thrones   
    Lol good point. I just think Jaime's death is going to be around the same time Cersei dies and I imagine that won't be until the end.
    This prisoner story idea makes a lot of sense. Daenerys wants to take over King's Landing without massive casualties and what better way to try to do that than to have the biggest bargaining chip that Cersei could ever want, her brother.
  4. Mike gave reputation to Koldes in Rick and Morty   
    Without making this political or emotional... let me say this - knowing your preferred preference on the type of culture that you enjoy and relate to, I have a feeling that you won't be able to get through 4 episodes. Let me know if I'm wrong.
  5. Mike received reputation from Vigo in Tech Talk   
    Honestly I never even knew what a Chromebook was. I'd heard the name before but I just assumed it was a tablet running some Android OS. I've been doing a little research since I saw your post and a Chromebook seems like the perfect fit for my mother. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Mike gave reputation to Vigo in Tech Talk   
    If that's the use case, why not get a Chromebook? That way she'll never have any problem with it. Plus, certain Chromebook models have (or will have) the option to also install Android apps.
  7. Mike received reputation from heldjc in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    It says trailer 1 but it's the new second trailer. Not sure why Warner Bros. couldn't keep track of how many trailers they've released. Both trailers have been really good. Seeing the clown in the sewer, not a jump scare at all, still terrifying. I'm definitely seeing this. It comes out on the first day of my Destinycation so I'll see it that morning.
  8. Mike gave reputation to Ruiner in Got (Wrestling) News   
    From the Observer:

    I don't know why Braun wouldn't just give young Jason Jordan an autograph. 
  9. Mike received reputation from Ruiner in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Mahershala Ali will star in True Detective season 3
  10. Mike received reputation from Ruiner in Got (Gaming) News   
    Ruiner, you're in luck...rumor has it that the next big PS4 update will introduce the ability to change your PSN ID.
  11. Mike gave reputation to Ruiner in Silicon Valley   
    Mad Max
  12. Mike received reputation from Manuel in RIP Chester Bennington   
    In the defense of people criticizing that, it was a very dumb album. It was essentially one new song and then a bunch of meaningless stuff was added to it so they could charge full price. The other five songs barely counted. Some of the songs were 50% Jay-Z and 50% LP. Like if you started listening in the middle of a song it was just copied from other LP songs with nothing new or enhanced at all. I understand they only had a weekend to make the album but they had no business charging their loyal fans full price for what they offered. It was a rip-off.
    We can't assume that all of these musicians are depressed. The one fact we know is that way too many rock musicians are on drugs and for some reason in 2017 with plenty of information and evidence out there, these people still don't realize drugs kill. I honestly have no idea how you prevent people from doing drugs. If they don't care about dying, there's no getting through to them.
  13. Mike received reputation from Manuel in RIP Chester Bennington   
    I knew he had issues growing up which most definitely contributed to his drug use but he had his whole life to try to improve and get well. Depression isn't something that can be cured but drug use is. There are places you can go and people who can help and the money he had would surely make that all easier. He may have not been entirely in control of his actions when he died but a person can't be absolved of 100% of the blame when they do something terrible like suicide.
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    Maybe Nixon's blossoming NFL insider career is why ESPN felt comfortable letting John Clayton go.
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    (pictures four cameras all trained on Mike's Xbox)
  18. Mike gave reputation to TaNbULL in Tech Talk   
    Second this. SwiftKey is AMAZING.
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  21. Mike received reputation from heldjc in Got (Movie/TV) News   
  22. Mike received reputation from Andrew in Got (Wrestling) News   
    I have a few questions about this women's MITB match tonight...
    - Who is the jackass who decided on this match instead of six guys from Raw coming over for their own MITB match?
    - Will they use a smaller, Hornswoggle-esque ladder?
    - Will a referee or another man come in the ring to set up the ladder for them when needed?
    - How many of these girls will get hurt during this match?
    - What percentage of internet fans will praise this as a MOTY candidate no matter how much it sucks?
  23. Mike received reputation from Ruiner in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    I just watched the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale. It's not a horror show but it's probably the most terrifying show I've ever seen. Imagine one of those young adult books/movies, only it doesn't suck and is totally awesome, make it R-rated, kinda give it a slight BioShock Infinite/cult feel to it and that's what it felt like to me. Elisabeth Moss was fantastic. She conveyed so much emotion while trying to show as little emotion as possible because of the situation her character is in. This is probably the weirdest show I've ever seen. The story of where it takes place, as well as what happened in the past and the greater conflict going on in the world that we hear little bits and pieces about in the first episode is totally fascinating and I can't wait to hear more about it. Also, this show features the woman who played Patti on The Leftovers in a role that seems absolutely perfect for her. I strongly recommend you people give this show a watch.
  24. Mike received reputation from Koldes in World News   
    I just happened to be flicking channels between Fox News and CNN and saw the verdict being handed down live on Fox News and I'm not gonna lie, it was a very satisfying feeling watching that girl hear the verdict with a sad look on her face.
  25. Mike gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Got (Movie/TV) News   
    Take your fake looking CGI apes and stick them up your ass. The guy who said they are seemless is fucking lying. If you cant tell they are CGI you must be really young and or stupid.