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  1. I'm gonna rip of the sports version of this thread and create one for music. There are times when I want to mention something music related but it's not deserving of a thread, like that Mindless Self Indulgence thread and when I post my mix albums, and this can be a good place to just discuss anything about music that you don't think should have its own thread.
  2. Another good I.C. title reign ruined by Dolph Ziggler.
  3. Triple H has announced NXT UK.
  4. That opening segment was awesome. Ronda Rousey is the new Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  5. He's saying that WWE TV sucks and they misuse talent so they're better off in NXT.
  6. I just feel like you have to be completely for it or completely against it. It seems kind of hypocritical if you're okay with it but only if it's targeted at people you don't care about.
  7. I don't know if anyone noticed this last night but Nia had Rousey in a bear hug and Coach said it's good for Rousey because she gets to rest a bit. That's right...Jonathan Coachman acknowledged a rest spot on television. Cole and Graves rightfully absolutely ripped him a new one right there on television. I feel like it was possibly the most damaging thing anyone has ever said on commentary. It's shocking, really. He basically said that wrestling is fake right there on television. I'm not a fan of WWE editing out stuff that happened live (like the terrific Usos "R rated Xavier Woods" line) but I fully expect and understand if WWE edits that out of the broadcast.
  8. I just watched the WWE 24 special on the Hardy Boyz. I thought it was just going to be a making of their final deletion stuff but it was so much more than that. They spend the first 45 minutes talking about their last days spent in WWE, their time away and their comeback. They surprisingly go into great detail about their drug addiction, they address and show the Hardy CM Punk video, they show them messed up on drugs and booze and they even show and go into detail on the infamous Hardy vs. Sting debacle. It's really good and worth a watch and this is coming from someone who has never been much of a fan of the Hardy Boyz.
  9. So apparently it was a sight to see what the crowd was up to during what was undoubtedly a classic between Reigns and Mahal at MITB. There are beach balls and the wave at baseball games and during every sport fans are on their phones or walking around talking and not paying attention to the game. This isn't anything exclusive to wrestling and yet wrestling personalities think it's disrespectful if the fans aren't glued to their seats with their eyeballs laser-focused on the crap going on in the ring. They paid their hard-earned money and if they want to be apathetic they have the right to be. Some might say they have the right to not care but they shouldn't be hijacking the show. To those people my response is this...if WWE fans didn't speak up, Randy Orton vs. Batista would've been the main event of WrestleMania 30.
  10. That women's title match was surprisingly good and should've been the main event. Rousey continues to get better. Imagine what she could do in the ring with a good wrestler. And even Nia Jax held her own. The finish was awesome and for the first time in a long time I'm actually looking forward to Raw tomorrow to see the follow-up. While I'm happy Braun will finally win the title, he's the wrong type of person to win MITB. It would be weird to see him cash in during or after a match...as if he needs those tactics to win. Although it's possible he could announce when he's cashing in like Cena and RVD did. I think Joe would've been the better person to win. I actually liked the women's ladder match more than the men's one. And AJ/Nakamura was so fucking boring. An always shitty match type and yet another boring match in this crappy series of matches.
  11. Baron Corbin, while still terrible in every way, looks much better with his new haircut.
  12. That PPV was awesome. It reminded me of of the early days of TNA when their three-hour PPVs had nonstop great wrestling. This is how WWE should be booking their PPVs. There were five matches, all given time to breath with no filler comedy segments, no unnecessary backstage interviews, no pointless unannounced matches that no one cares about. A streamlined 2 hour and 37 minute event with no bullshit. Now tonight we'll get some terrible marathon with the crowd slitting their wrists halfway through. - The tag match was extremely hard hitting and a great opener. - I thought Ricochet/Dream was going to be MOTN and while it wasn't quite as good as I was expecting, it was still very good. - The women's match was pretty good and came at the perfect time. It was a nice breather in-between the other four matches. - I really liked the NXT title match. The two contrasting styles of Black and Sullivan worked perfectly together. I've only seen him a few times but I think Aleister Black is probably the best wrestler in NXT. The botched black mass hurt the match a little but overall I really enjoyed this match. - The main event was great. Ciampa spitting on the wedding ring and throwing it away was the most despicable thing I've ever seen in wrestling. I loved it. You know he's a great heel when the smarks in the audience at NXT still hate him. The finish was great. I feel like the only place they can go from here is Hell in a Cell. The only problem is that I just don't think Vince would allow a HIAC match at an NXT show to overshadow Lesnar vs. Reigns part 12 and all the other junk he's cooking up for SummerSlam.
  13. Velveteen representing Hulkamania!
  14. After finishing the last few weeks of tapings, I'm all caught up on NXT and set for tonight. Some thoughts below... - I'm hoping Lars Sullivan wins tonight. Aleister Black is a great wrestler but his character and mic skills are extremely boring. - I want Tommaso Ciampa to lose tonight and head to the main roster. In my opinion, he is easily the most main roster ready wrestler they have. - Velveteen Dream didn't impress me in that ladder match but he's been doing nothing but impress me every time I've seen him since. After Ciampa, he's the most ready to head to the main roster. Although WWE will completely misuse him. - Two episodes ago Shayna Baszler cut a promo to open the show. My god it was one of the worst promos I've ever heard. - If booked correctly, Bianca Belair is going to be an absolute star. She's pretty good in the ring from the little I've seen of her, she possesses power that I haven't seen from any woman other than Ronda Rousey and she's good on the mic. She's one of the few people in NXT that appears to improvise a little and doesn't sound like they're reading from a teleprompter when talking. She has the swag that people incorrectly think that Sasha Banks has.
  15. They should have Miz win MITB and cash in on AJ after he beats Nakamura. Then Miz vs. Bryan at Summerslam. It won't be the main event of course because in Vince's mind the fans demand the Brock vs. Reigns series continue forever but Bryan/Miz is the match-up people want to see and it should be for the WWE title.
  16. Someone in the new trailer mentioned "her old man" or something like that so I'm assuming they're talking about him. Hopefully he's alive. I don't really see the benefit in killing him...unless it's at the very end of the game and he dies to save Ellie or something.
  17. Neil Druckmann confirms that Ellie is the only playable character in TLOU 2
  18. As an expert on all things burgers, my burger sense is telling me that these burgers probably suck. You need to go to a real burger place to get a decent burger. You can't get a good burger at an Italian restaurant, at a seafood restaurant, at a pizza takeout place and you sure as hell can't get a good burger at a breakfast place with some ex-convict flipping the patty behind the counter.
  19. So I'm watching the new season of The Expanse and I'm disappointed to see that Elizabeth Mitchell is on the show. My disappointment has nothing to do with her acting or anything. I've seen her in Lost, V, Revolution and now The Expanse and it just seems like she plays the exact same character in every show she's in. It makes her role kind of boring.
  20. 1. Halloween was also my favorite horror franchise out of the big three as a kid. I'm surprised I didn't grow up to be a serial killer as I used to love horror movies when I was young. 2. Yeah I watched it a few months ago. Halfway through the first episode I was convinced that I'd be done with the show after episode 1 but it got better in that episode and I stuck around and kept getting better as it went on. I wasn't blow away or anything but it was good enough and the ending was intriguing enough that I'll probably be back for season 2. I also watched Krypton recently. This was an incredibly boring first three or four episodes but good thing I stuck with it because it got very good near the end.
  21. Saturday, June 9 Electronic Arts -- 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET Sunday, June 10 Microsoft -- 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET Bethesda -- 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET Monday, June 11 Ubisoft -- 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET PC Gaming Show -- 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET Sony -- 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET Tuesday, June 12 Nintendo -- 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET
  22. I don't mind PS4 not having crossplay as it's more of a novelty than a useful feature on platforms with millions of players each but Sony is totally in the wrong here. They're blocking an Epic Games account, not a PlayStation account, from working on an Epic game. That'd be like if Hearthstone came to PS4 and after you played it you couldn't use the game on your computer anymore even though it's a Blizzard account. It's bullshit and they shouldn't be allowed to do that.
  23. So apparently the Fortnite community is outraged because if you ever signed in on PS4, you can't use your Epic Games account to sign into the Switch version of the game. You have to create a new account and don't have access to all your stuff.
  24. Why build a graphics engine for a five-year-old console? They'll release one game with it and then it'll be out of date. This is the same thing Bungie did with Halo 2 on the original Xbox. Wouldn't it make more sense to release Halo Infinite with the beautiful Halo 5 graphics and then take a good 4-6 years to build the new engine for the Xbox Two?
  25. The head of Eidos Montreal has accused the animations in The Last of Us II demo of being fake. There are always seamless transitions from cutscene to gameplay in Naughty Dog games. Nothing in that demo looked any different from TLOU 1. Perhaps he should be more focused on rebounding from that crappy Deus Ex game and making this new Tomb Raider game that no one is talking about a success.