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  1. Do people even go to regular websites for news nowadays? This is the only social media I do. I'm not on Facebook, Twitter or any of those other sites. I still go to regular websites for news but I'm assuming the majority of people get their news from social media.
  2. The god awful website name Nixon came up with is keeping people away. That's gotta be it.
  3. Even though I never went to it in its later years, the main website leaving really messed things up for the forum.
  4. Does anyone know where Chicago Animal went? I don't have Facebook. I'm not sure if any of you were friends with him on there. Koldes is also gone but I think he's left before and returned. Hopefully he didn't kill himself because Donald Trump is president. I just checked some old threads to find regulars who aren't here anymore and a lot of people have either been here in the past 24 hours lurking or have posted in the music threads. People who are gone with their last visit... EchoX860 - August 13, 2016 chicago_animal - November 10, 2016 Salemzorro - January 20 Koldes - February 13 jman3000 - April 12 There's also one person listed as "guest" and it's not Brad cause his account is still there so someone deleted their account maybe?
  5. Is Dalvin Cook any good? I don't watch college football so I have no idea. NFL.com said good things about him in a video I just watched.
  6. Not like I really care where Andrew is but this forum is on life support right now. There's me, Ruiner, Pen, Omar, Jay, Nick, DD and Tanbull. Some others like Nixon or Matt will post like once a month. Chicago Animal fell off the face of the Earth which sucks. It's sad to think about but I could picture this forum being gone soon. Like I'll come on here one day in a month and it'll bring me to a page saying this url is for sale.
  7. Next-Gen PlayStation System Will Launch In 2018, Analyst Predicts Sony already has three versions of PS4 out there, I don't see them releasing another one. And five years would be way too early for PS5. But Sony and Microsoft have to notice that people spend $600 every year or two on new phones and the increasing popular PC gaming market is full of people who value graphics over everything else. I can't say I'd blame them if they released new consoles sooner rather than later. But me personally, I have no interest whatsoever in new systems. I want at least eight years in between new console releases. I don't want Xbox Two and PS5 until 2021 at the earliest.
  8. We'll see. I've never been a big Mass Effect fan anyways. The story in ME1 is good but I hated everything else about it, ME2 is fantastic and ME3 was pretty good but not as good as ME2. I figured I'd just buy it cause GameFly will likely have low availability for it for a few more months and it's too long of a game to buy used at GameStop and get done in a week in order to return it for a full refund. Video game prices drop quickly and by the time I get to it it'll be cheaper. It's already $50 on XB1 and $40 on PS4 on Amazon. So when I buy it there and get done and trade it to GameStop, I will have not spent that much on it. I feel like the buying new on Amazon Prime and trading it to GameStop thing I do isn't as popular or well-known as it should be with video game players. You save so much money.
  9. The website of the arena that will be hosting the Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire PPV in July is saying that this will be Brock's first title defense. I don't like that at all. There should always be progress with the world title at every PPV. If Brock isn't defending at a PPV, there should be a #1 contender's match and then the next month he defends. There shouldn't be three months of nothing. If I was booking things I would've had Rollins vs. Joe at Payback be for the #1 contender and then at the next Raw PPV in June Brock beats Rollins (and this time the match would be longer than nine minutes). Then in July Brock can beat Ambrose or Balor or someone before he loses to Reigns at SummerSlam. I hate how when Brock wins the title and you assume he's gonna have some dominant title run and then he'll have like one title defense before he loses it. An interesting little stat I was thinking about...assuming Brock doesn't get a rematch when he drops the belt, it'll mean that the first four Universal champions never got a rematch when they lost the title. Balor, Owens, Goldberg and Lesnar.
  10. There was a rumor going around of leaked photos of Alexa Bliss out there but apparently there is not a God and they were fakes.
  11. Haha just imagine a wrestler cutting a serious promo. Imagine someone like Wyatt saying "I'll see you at Great Balls of Fire." No way anyone could say that with a straight face.
  12. Like Pen, I also felt kinda sad last night as I I finished up Zelda. Originally I was going to keep the game but GameStop has an insanely good trade-in credit of almost $39 so I'll likely be selling it to them today. I really did everything I could possibly want to do in the game. But even last night after almost 100 hours in the game I found new areas I've never been to. I kinda wish the map was faded if you hadn't walked there yet like I think old GTA games did so that way I'd know where I haven't been. It sucks that I'll never see everything but it seems kinda impossible to see everything. I explored every area fairly extensively, completed all 120 shrines and did all of the major things in the game and a bunch of other stuff. I ended up saving my game and leaving Link inside the nice cozy town I built. The game is easily a 10/10 and one of the best games I've ever played. I was planning on taking a break from the game now anyways with Mario Kart out today which is why I finished up everything I wanted to do in it yesterday and sure I could always go back to it to explore later on but there's always games to play and I imagine the longer I go without the game the less I'll want to go back to it so this feels like the right time to end my time with this amazing game. Now I'll be playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe along with the new update in No Man's Sky. After No Man's Sky, it's onto BioShock Infinite then I will have finished the BioShock Collection. Then after that I'll probably buy Mass Effect and then after that get GameFly to rent Yooka-Laylee, Horizon, Ghost Recon and Prey.
  13. While R3 was awesome, I imagine there isn't much interest in a new one. The first game was decent, the second one sucked and it seemed like no one played or talked about the third one. There can't be much demand for a new one and I personally have no interest in it. I doubt Insomniac would be making it. I imagine Sony has someone else doing it. Sorta like what we'll see with Uncharted eventually...a new developer handed the reins.
  14. What a weird choice for his next movie. Maybe it's a favor to Brad Pitt.
  15. Over the past three months the Wii U has sold exactly zero units. Since launch the Switch has shipping 2.74 million units. About a year from now it'll probably pass the Wii U in sales.