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  1. It's on. So a rumored Ratchet & Clank at launch might be the only thing that convinces me to deal with the headache of pre-ordering and buying this day 1, unless there are some huge surprises in store for launch.
  2. It's not just Target. There have been tons of properties destroyed. There have been white people as part of these riots but they're mostly black. These people are hurting themselves by doing this. You don't think there were any black employees that worked at these places that are now out of work? I'm not being racist. I'm just calling it like I see it. Whenever black people protest, it almost always ends up in riots. And the only reason I use the word almost is because I don't know for sure if there have been peaceful protests but every single one I've seen on the news over the past 5+ years has ended in violence. Maybe these rioters should listen to MLK when he said: "Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral." And I don't really understand the violence from this situation because while I'm sure there are some rednecks in Kentucky that were on the side of the cops, the vast majority of white people are angry about this situation too having seen a murder on television. We're all on the same side on this one.
  3. And to elaborate my thoughts on this situation (not sure why it's in this thread anyways)... If you murder someone you go to jail. If you murder someone in a police uniform, you don't go to jail? That's not quite right. The cop should be charged with murder and the other 3 who watched him kill the guy should be charged for something serious as well. As a supporter of the police, it pisses me off when 99% of cops are good but their entire reputation gets ruined by the occasional asshole like this guy so hopefully he goes to jail. But I'm not a fan of the fallout to this. You have the spineless, predictable opinions of Skip Bayless saying he's ashamed to be white because of this. I'm sick of white people and their white people guilt. You did nothing wrong. No reason to feel guilty. And then you've got these rioters that couldn't care about the black man who died. They're just looking to get some free swag at Target. White people protest with picket signs, black people protect by destroying a city.
  4. Yeah this is just nuts. I honestly hope the season gets canceled. If a player makes $20 million for 162 games and the season is 81 games, he should make $10 million. These cuts are insane. When owners make more money, the players don't get extra so why should the players take less when the owners make less? It's not the job of millionaires to bail out billionaires.
  5. Why does the news keep referring to these riots as protests?
  6. I Googled Flyfreak to see what he looked like and he didn't look like the old 80-year-old man I imagined. He looked like some regular dad in his early 60s. I shouldn't have googled it. I don't like seeing what people on here look like. I imagine everyone on here looks like their forum avatar.
  7. Welcome to the big leagues, Revival.
  8. Hell yeah. He was always my favorite of the three Shield guys and I stuck with him even when he left the group and went on to do mostly nothing besides be a mid-carder. And now that I think about it, Moxey is probably my favorite full-time wrestler. I'd say Moxley, Omega and Styles in that order. WWE completely dropped the ball with him.. He went from a great run in the Shield, wrestling the Undertaker and having great 3v3 matches to doing nothing memorable on his own. He had a forgettable match against lazy Lesnar at Mania. Then they make him world champ during an extremely rare 9-month or so period where SmackDown was awesome. It seemed like things were turning around for him and then they have him do goofy comedy stuff as champ, wrestler Ziggler at SummerSlam to show the world that the SD world title is minor league and then unfortunately for him AJ was the hottest guy in WWE at the time and had to take the title off of him. Then it was all downhill from there with comedy skits, a terrible heel turn and mid-card purgatory. I'm so happy he left. My foolish WWE-loving friend wished Moxley stayed there. He'd rather Moxley as a mid-card comedy act in WWE than as world champion in AEW.
  9. LMAO Lacey Evans not happy with Sammy Guevara's rolls. I'm shocked he turned out to be a good wrestler without the expert guidance of Lacey Evans. It all worked out, though. WWE lost out on a future 205 Live roster member and AEW acquired a superstar of the future. It wouldn't be the first time WWE whiffed on a potential star of the future. The 0:42 mark in my video says all that needs to be said about how good they are with seeing talent. I want to stress again that when I'm complimenting the ring work of someone like Statlander or Swole, the big caveat is that I'm saying they're good for a women's roster member. The only two truly good AEW women's wrestlers when compared to the men are Shida and Riho, in my opinion. I can see why you might not like Matt Hardy's stuff. I'm totally against most of the over the top stuff that he's done and I think AEW has to be very careful with what they allow. I think there was some blowback on his debut because they showed him teleporting all over the arena and they actually came out the next day and said he wasn't teleporting, it was just a hologram projection or something. I've been mostly okay with stuff so far cause it hasn't been too out there. Although I do think fans and wrestlers exaggerate just how creative Hardy is. The Broken character is literally his first successful character he's ever had. He's had like a million different types of characters dating back to the personalityless Hardy Boyz and none of them before Broken were memorable. As far as Ortiz, I like the guy but he definitely needs to tone down some of his antics. Like sometimes you'll see him get hit, he doesn't fall, and then all of a sudden he'll face plant 100 mph into the ground. Some of his comedy stuff exposes the business because it looks so fake and comical. I don't know how you feel about our four current champions but this is a spectacular group of wrestlers right here. Not a weak champion among the bunch.
  10. You know it's weird, this is the first AEW PPV where I might not watch any of the matches a second time and yet that show was terrific. - The ladder match was very entertaining but there was too much outside interference. A ladder match with nine people is chaotic enough and you don't need five people who aren't wrestling interfering. I also thought there was a little too much comedy. Although some of the comedy was good. Orange Cassidy had me laughing out loud twice. First when he stepped a few inches up on the folded ladder to try to get the chip and then when he grabbed Luchasaurus by the throat for the chokeslam. Two indie guys who I was skeptical of in AEW were Orange Cassidy and Marko Stunt. Cassidy is fucking awesome and I still wish Stunt wasn't there. He doesn't even fit in with the jungle person and dinosaur team. This was my first time seeing Brian Cage and I was extremely impressed. Just by his appearance, I assumed he was some stiff movement jacked dude who couldn't wrestle like EC3 but he was awesome and his exchange with Luchasaurus was great. With Cage, Luchasaurus, Brodie Lee and Archer, AEW has some very impressive big men who can work. - The TNT title match was really good. I was convinced from YouTube clips from Japan that Archer was getting carried by his opponents but he was great in this match. Tyson yawning and the camera cutting away was hilarious. Tyson is one of the few celebrities who I don't mind their involvement in wrestling. That title though...yuck. Assuming all of the silver becomes gold when it's finished, it'll look better and then just get rid of that Raw tag title red strap and get a black strap and then it might look nice. - MJF vs. Jungle Boy was the best pure wrestling match on the show. - The talented Kris Statlander showed how good she is by carrying the awful Penelope Ford. While Ford botched the hurricanrana for the second consecutive match against Statlander (for some reason they showed it on replay), at least it wasn't comically botched like last time. I don't understand why they needed this match with Baker out. Just cancel it. The show went a little long and it would've benefitted by shaving off 25 or so minutes by getting rid of the replay of all the previous matches before the main event, getting rid of Statlander vs. Ford and getting rid of the goofy Spears vs. Rhodes match. It's weird that a #1 contender's tag match was on the pre-show and some junk was on the main card. I suppose they wanted the tag match there to convince people to order the PPV. - Shida vs. Rose was the best AEW women's match yet. Rose has been really hyped up over the past six months or so and this title run was sort of a flop. It was hurt a little by her being out for a few months. I suppose they could've strengthened her title reign by making it last a little longer and giving her more title defenses but I'm so happy Shida won. She is easily the best women's wrestler they have and I hope she has a very long title run. I anticipate her being the first AEW women's champ to have a good title reign. Plus, as a bonus, she speaks a little English so unlike Riho she can actually have a storyline. - Mox vs. Lee was all sorts of awesome. This was the best Lee/Harper match I've ever seen. - The Stadium Stampede match had so much good wrestling, great comedy and batshit stuff all rolled into one match I can't believe what I saw. Hangman and Hager having a drink, Ortiz not knowing how to swim, some of Hardy's hilarious Broken trash talk, so many other moments I loved. It was awesome. AEW is clicking on all cylinders again since going back to Jacksonville.
  11. Some thoughts on things... - Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak had a really awesome match on SmackDown and it was very mat-based. I read one time that Bryan said he wants to wrestle into his 60s and with a style like he implemented on SD, it's entirely possible he can safely wrestle good matches when he's old. I fast-forward basically everything on Raw and SD each week and one of the reasons why I keep recording these shows is for the occasional match like that. Baron Corbin being more of a main eventer than Daniel Bryan is one of the many reasons why WWE is bad. - The rumors of Sting coming to AEW have me very excited. He was never treated with one ounce of respect in WWE and it's only appropriate that the guy who never needed WWE to become a legend ends his career elsewhere. Even if he doesn't wrestle, I'd be perfectly fine with them bringing him as an integral part of a storyline where he can talk, make surprise appearances, hit some people with baseball bats and maybe be an enforcer for a match. It'd be tremendous exposure for AEW. - AEW were planning to have a show at Wembley Arena in June. Coronavirus ruining AEW's plans is heartbreaking. When they lost fans, we were one week away from Matt Hardy's debut and The Exalted One reveal in Brodie Lee's hometown. We were two weeks away from Blood and Guts and I think these shows might've been in real, full arenas. We were a few weeks away from return trips to Boston and Philly that Tony Khan said on AEW Unrestricted were gonna be great shows. I chose to keep my Dynamite ticket when offered a refund, it was rescheduled for August and who knows when it will take place when it inevitably gets postponed again. And now we know AEW were planning an overseas show. It wouldn't surprise me if the coronavirus caused AEW to go out of business and we'll be stuck with WWE and nothing else forever.
  12. I have no problem with Japan. They love video games, wrestling and baseball like me and their food is delicious. I'm not someone who likes to travel and I highly doubt I'll ever leave North America but if I had to leave, it'd probably be to go to Japan. As for a setting in a game, I don't know. It just looks really boring to me and I'm sure how much demand there is for a samurai story. They should've made this game take place in a post-apocalyptic setting like Into The Badlands. In that show, it's very beautiful looking like in this game and there are still no guns and vehicles so everything they did in that show could've taken place now. With a setting in the future, it would've had more relatable characters and the collectibles might have been more interesting to acquire if they helped piece together how the world ended instead of just being some historic Japanese mumbo jumbo. I do think the combat has the potential to be good if it's more like Arkham and less like Assassin's Creed. It definitely looks really good and violent.
  13. This is it? Six years in development and all we get is an Assassin's Creed clone that's going to take place in an extremely boring setting.
  14. Really good episode of Dynamite tonight. The past three weeks have been good, especially the past two back in Jacksonville with a more complete roster. I just really hope Hangman can get back to work soon because he's holding up the entire tag team division.