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  1. - As expected, Cole vs. Ricochet was the best match of the night, followed by the tag match. - The main event was disappointing. I have no idea how you could possibly top all the stuff they did in their last match. But in their defense, it was supposed to be triple threat. It sucks cause it seems like NXT never main events a PPV with more than two people and seeing a triple threat no hardcore crap with those three guys would've been great. The ending sucked and was sort of just a copy of their last match but apparently Gargano really got hurt so I guess that explains it. - I'm surprised Shayna Baszler lost the belt last night. I figured she'd be champ for a lot longer. While she is terrible on the mic and nowhere near ready for the main roster because of it, I wouldn't be surprised to see her cost Rousey the belt tonight and become an enforcer for Bliss. And Kairi Sane's pirate gimmick is so goofy. I imagine Lacey Evans will be the next women's champion with Bianca Belair after that. - I'm still of the belief that Ciampa and Velveteen Dream (who I like better as a heel) are the most ready for the main roster. They're definitely my two favorites in NXT. Dream is gonna get ruined the most on the main roster. He'll be paired up with Breezango within six months. Hopefully WWE doesn't ruin him as I was shocked to find out he's only 23. His birthday is today. He's main roster ready with a great character, wrestling ability and mic skills and he could debut in WWE Monday or Tuesday and be there in his prime for the next 20 years. That's unbelievable. They need to protect him.
  2. I didn't care for it at first. I'd spent 100 hours over two years building up a lot of upgrades and stuff and basically everything was reset and most of your old stuff was useless. But after playing it more, I see everything they did is for the better. Things are much more streamlined, the mission structure is better, they tell you a lot more useful information, things have been fixed to be less frustrating and grindy and more convenient. It's the perfect time to jump on board for a first time player or someone trying the game again for the first time in a long time. Because it's basically a brand new game, I actually bought the digital version on Xbox and that will be the one I use forever now. I can just stick with it for what I'm assuming will be backwards compatibility on the Xbox 4. Keep in mind that you can't do missions with friends. You can, however, do pretty much everything else together, including trading. I knew the second that Best Buy got rid of their program that GameStop was going to follow behind. Without competition, there was no reason for GameStop to continue giving a good deal to the customers. What a year they're having...first they cancel their used game rental program before it starts and now they get rid of PowerUp Elite.
  3. Costco.
  4. While I completely disagree with everything he said, I don't have a problem with Meltzer's comments. Guys talk about the appearances of women and women talk about the appearances of men. His mistake was doing it in public. I'll talk to a co-worker privately about the appearance of a girl we work with but I wouldn't go having that same conversation on Facebook for the world to see. It's mean. But my biggest takeaway from this whole thing is that Meltzer has really, really bad taste in women. In my opinion, Peyton Royce is the hottest women in WWE since Eve Torres.
  5. I did read up on it when it happened. Sometimes when something negative happens to a black person (like they get shot by a cop) you frequently hear fictional accounts of the events from the people who were there to make the alleged victims look more innocent than they are. So I'll take it with a grain of salt that there were other people there hanging out as well. And even if there were, the only mistake the Starbucks employee made was not throwing the white people out too. Kicking people out of places like Starbucks or Panera if they don't buy anything is nothing new. It's her job to defend the bullshit the president says, including nonsense like attendance at the inauguration and all the other crap he tweets. Do you really expect her to come out and say she disagrees with him and that he's wrong? You'd be hard-pressed to find an employee publicly criticizing their boss if they knew their boss would find out about it. I'm sure she's well aware she sounds like a moron when she has to lie through her teeth to defend Trump but she does it because it's a well-paying job in the White House.
  6. So I guess you're okay with that religious woman refusing to make a cake for that gay couple? She's wasn't rude. After getting kicked out, she even offered to pay. I wonder if Obama's press secretary ever got kicked out of a restaurant because of the same cages that illegal immigrant children were in when he was in office. I'm not sure why she's getting blamed for the stuff Trump does. The man doesn't listen to anyone, let alone the press secretary. My boss is an asshole. Good thing there aren't savages yelling at me in public and at my home like these poor people in Washington are getting done to them just because of their association with their boss.
  7. Two black people walk into Starbucks to hang out and not buy anything. They rightfully get kicked out and there's a huge uproar and the entire company has to go to sensitivity training. A family of paying customers walks into a restaurant to eat and they get kicked out because the star-struck owner doesn't agree with the customers politics and wants to make a name for herself. What a joke. I hope someone burns the restaurant down.
  8. Looking at the WWE roster and I see four good choices for Taker at SummerSlam...Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. AJ will either be champion or in a rematch for the title so he's out. Rollins (along with AJ) is the best choice for a good match but I don't see how this storyline would even happen unless he just challenges him out of the blue. It seems like an odd match-up. Strowman would make for the most marketable match-up but the match would probably suck. Taker needs to be carried and Strowman isn't the guy for that just yet. Although Taker putting over Strowman would be cool to see. This is the match I want the most. And finally Samoa Joe seems like the best fit. He's good enough to carry Taker, he's a heel, good enough on the mic where he can further the storyline without much of a presence from Taker.
  9. First look at Linda Hamilton on the set of T6... My god I can't wait for this movie. The great James Cameron is going to bring Terminator back to its glory days.
  10. When Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker re-releases next month, it will come with brand new levels based on Super Mario Odyssey. However, this comes at the expense of four Super Mario 3D World levels that will be removed from the game. What a god damn joke that is.
  11. Lucasfilm puts all Star Wars spinoff movies on hold: This is disappointing. I was looking forward to the Obi-Wan and Boba Fett movies. Hopefully they still make them. There have also been rumors that Kathleen Kennedy might be removed. I wouldn't go that far yet but these past two movies are definitely a serious blemish on her resume. The Last Jedi had the most hostile audience reaction since the days of Jar Jar Binks. And Solo was a financial disaster. She removes the original directors mere weeks before filming was supposed to end and to me it seemed like they just reshot a bunch of perfectly usable material just because they wanted Ron Howard to be the only one to get credit as director. So she basically doubled the budget because of bad blood.
  12. Vader has died. For some odd reason he's not in the WWE HOF yet. I did not. I went to bed and quickly read spoilers and didn't skim through it on DVR yet.
  13. They waste the first Bryan and Miz encounter on a random SD in a gauntlet match and then instead of Joe or Bryan winning, stupid Rusev wins. Lame.
  14. I like Coach, he seems like a nice guy, but I feel like he's never been a good fit in WWE. He's not a good manager, authority figure or commentator. Basically all he's ever been good for is backstage interviews, particularly with The Rock, but he's way past that now so he can't exactly go back to that. Why do you say he was a douche? I didn't see much of him on ESPN as I don't want the channel that much. He seemed pretty good at calling highlights on SportsCenter.
  15. And you can't...teach...that! WWE didn't even wish him well in his future endeavors. I can't wait to find out what happened