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  1. He's been much improved as a face in recent months and if the past two weeks are anything to go by, I feel like Rollins vs. Lesnar should be the WrestleMania main event.
  2. Apparently we're living in the Middle East now. Jennifer Lawrence was criticized for the revealing dress she was wearing. The increasing madness of Americans continues to worry me. I shudder to think what this country is going to be like 20 years from now. Lawrence's response to this was fantastic...
  3. Did anyone ever hear of the comedian Tom Papa? I was just listening to his bit on SiriusXM about hotels and the way people sleep and I was laughing my ass off and I'm someone who doesn't usually find a lot of stuff actual laugh out loud funny. I've never heard of him until just now. I'm gonna have to look more of his stuff up.
  4. Family Guy to address Stewie's sexuality: I think we all know that Stewie is bisexual but part of the fun is that we don't know for sure. It's funny seeing this baby that hasn't experienced the world yet comment on these things not realizing how it sounds and Brian responding a certain way. If they outright reveal his sexuality it takes the fun away from these encounters. I remember there was an episode with Brian's son and you hear Stewie on a baby monitor yelling for the son to take his pants off. It felt so weird seeing them being so on the nose about his sexuality and not just hinting at it.
  5. Although they are hurting their team with that crippling Greinke contract.
  6. Don't they? Their TV ratings are near the top in baseball and I thought they have a new TV deal.
  7. Red Sox sign J.D. Martinez: I don't like this move at all. The guy waited till the last possible second to sign. Clearly he didn't want to be here. If Arizona offered him closer to the Red Sox he would've gone there in a second. And I'm fine with that. But I don't want a guy here who doesn't want to be here. The Red Sox don't need another David Price. Also, he's making $25 million a year for the first two years and can opt out. That's a lot of money for a player who has been around for seven years and only has two solid, full seasons under his belt. On the bright side, this might mean less playing time for Hanley Ramirez which I think is extremely important so he stays under his 400 or so at-bats so his hefty contract for 2019 doesn't get automatically picked up. We'll see how this all plays out. This Martinez signing could be huge if the Sox get the 2017 J.D. Martinez.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing Michael B. Jordan. He said he took inspiration from Ledger for his villain role and people are putting his character in the same breath as Loki. Assuming they're comparing him to the good Loki of Thor 1 and Avengers 1 and not the watered down good one minute, bad the next Loki we've had since, we could be in for a great villain.
  9. I was planning on seeing Black Panther today but it was mostly sold out a few days ago and MoviePass requires you to buy the tickets the day of. Plus, I wanted to avoid a massive crowd so I wouldn't have gone anyways. I'll wait till next Monday on my day off when it's not a holiday and school vacation is over. While few superhero movies interest me nowadays, I have been looking forward to seeing Black Panther. The reviews, however, seem almost too good to be true. I'm kinda wondering if it wasn't the first major black superhero starring role would the RT score be in the mid-90s instead of the high-90s where it is now sitting comfortably a few percentage points ahead of every other live action superhero movie ever.
  10. Lol my friend randomly sent me that video last night. I didn't remember that moment at all.
  11. One thing I want to mention is the stuff about mental illness. While it appeared to be a factor in this shooting and in most mass shootings, my issues with guns is not just about mass shootings, it's about gun violence in general. People seem to think that only people with mental illness are capable of murder. It must make them feel safer thinking that no sane person like them could commit a horrible crime. Well the truth is that regular, normal people can and do commit horrible violent acts. Murder isn't just exclusive to crazy people. I remember even when Aaron Hernandez killed himself and a surprising number of people were strangely feeling bad for the murderer, I heard a few comments about how they didn't realize he had mental issues. Suicide isn't exclusive to people with mental issues either. This guy had the world by the balls and fucked it all up. He probably killed himself because he realized he wasted his life or he did it so his daughter could get his money. But of course people assume it was mental illness because apparently only the mentally ill know how to pull triggers.
  12. Jeff Jarrett to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018: What a great HOF class this year with Goldberg, the Dudley Boyz and Jeff Jarrett. I do wish WWE would've focused more on the other stuff Jarrett did in his career as his time in WWE is the least memorable of the three major promotions he was a part of. Similar to Nash and Hall, the WWE HOF seems to be glossing over their much more memorable time in WCW. The whole article is about his time in WWE and they only spend one lousy paragraph talking about his WCW run and without mentioning TNA by name, the article refers to that time when Jarrett "began to promote shows that gave future WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Eric Young their first major exposure." I understand it's called the WWE HOF but it's more of a wrestling HOF with people even in it who never wrestled for WWE. I don't know why they can't just celebrate the best moments of a wrestler, instead of downplaying their best moments and overemphasizing their WWE runs. And there's no logical reason why WWE can't mention TNA by name seeing as how that company is much less of a threat than other promotions and Dixie Carter even appeared on WWE Network before. If there's one person who you need to mention their time in TNA, it's Jarrett. His time there is what makes him a hall-of-famer in my opinion. As for his time in WCW, I loved Jarrett when he arrived around 1999. He was one of the very few bright spots in WCW after the finger poke of doom when WCW jumped the shark. And his TNA match with Chris Harris is one of the best matches I've ever seen. It happened before I started watching TNA but when I saw it that match put TNA on the map for me.
  13. Just finished Altered Carbon. Good show. Things started off a little slow but once you understood this world and the terms they used more it was easier to understand the story and while the characters aren't great early on you do connect with them much more by the end when you know more about them. The action is solid and this is without a doubt the nicest looking show I've ever seen. The budget must be huge.
  14. NoDQ: "There have been reports in recent months about WWE possibly being sold to a major company such as Disney or FOX. When asked by bloomberg.com about the possibility of a sale, Stephanie McMahon simply stated the following: “We’ve certainly thought about it. It would be foolish not to.”" Man this terrifies me. I don't care how bad the quality drops, WWE and the wrestling industry will be much worse without the McMahon family running WWE. I feel like Vince has probably lost interest at this point which is why he's doing the XFL again. I remember hearing a while back that he wanted to transition to Hollywood as a producer or something around the time The Rock left but obviously the WWE movies never went anywhere so he was stuck staying in WWE. So he's probably been looking for other stuff to do. His legacy is already set and nothing in wrestling can really add to it at this point. WWE Network is probably his last great creation in wrestling and he wants to try new stuff. Stephanie probably doesn't give a shit either. Let's hope to god Triple H can convince them all not to sell.
  15. I agree with the first part about what you said. The second is a little tougher. You can't really cure mental health issues. If someone decides to go off their meds nothing can be done to stop what they might do. In a perfect world, they'd get these people that are a danger to society, lock them in a nuthouse and throw away the key. They probably did that back in the day which is why this stuff never happened much. But obviously that isn't going to happen so the next best thing is to get rid of the damn guns. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Can't do anything about the people so something needs to be done about the guns. I say they ban guns to the general public, but grandfather it in so people who have them already can keep them. You won't notice a change right away but with no new guns on the streets you'll start to see a difference over time. And I don't give a damn what the Constitution says about the right to bear arms. It was a whole different world when that was written. Back then they had muskets that probably took five minutes to reload after one shot. They didn't have assault rifles.