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  1. Good first match. Asuka is already my favorite women's wrestler.
  2. While I'm disappointed it's happening in an eight-man TLC match, I'm still insanely excited to see him wrestling in WWE again. I didn't post cause this thread is dead so I figured no one would respond. And after AJ and Finn have been wasting away with weak opponents for the past few months, I'm expecting them to put on a show out there.
  3. I've been a big defender of Dusty over the years. He always improves the teams he manages. The guy can just never get it done in the playoffs and it makes sense that Washington would get rid of him. Also, I have no clue why Montreal is getting a baseball team. I guess everyone forgot about the lack of fan support over there for their last ten years. No one cared about that team until they were gone. And I don't really like the idea of expansion because there already isn't enough talent to fill 30 teams. Just look in recent years how mediocre pitchers get big contracts. It's because there's nothing out there. I wish they'd just move the two Florida teams to new locations.
  4. I was hoping they'd get Gardenhire but I kinda figured they'd get Cora...seems like a trendy type of young former player that they'd go for.
  5. There are very few superhero movies that I'm looking forward to. Black Panther is one of the ones I'm excited about.
  6. Blade Runner spoilers...
  7. Going with Astros and Dodgers. So help me god I'll never pick the Nationals to win another playoff series. The curse of shutting down Strasburg years ago is real. He has a bag of gimmicks that he throws at the wall. Sometimes they stick, sometimes they don't. Either way, he gets viewed as a genius. Make no mistake about, they won the World Series last year in spite of their manager, not because of him. He was out-managed every step of the way in the World Series last year.
  8. Apparently Neville quit WWE last night and walked out. This is surprising. He'd done great work as cruiserweight champ and it appeared that he graduated from that division and was moving onto bigger things.
  9. No. I think it only had two songs on it. "Polyamorous" and then something else I think.
  10. Thoughts... - For some reason I felt like Snoke was talking to Rey that entire time and not Kylo. It would make sense that he would be more interested in the one who beat Kylo and not Kylo himself. - I don't like how Finn is seemingly some side story supporting player this time around. - That alien thing next to Chewie was very cute and had me laughing. - They better not make Luke the villain trying to kill Rey cause her power reminds him of Vader. That will destroy my interest in Star Wars. Luke Skywalker should always be a hero.
  11. What the fuck! Rian Johnson warned not to watch the trailer for spoilers. I guess that ending is what he was talking about.
  12. What is this Hollywood ass kissing you speak of? And while I didn't like Rogue One a lot, the Vader scene at the end was AMAZING and the action for the last 45 minutes or so was awesome. And despite Rey being too perfect, I did like Episode VII. Although this talk about it being better than Episode III is nonsense. And I will be supremely pissed off if Luke dies or ends up being the villain...which was kinda hinted at in the trailer that just aired. It's also gonna be dumb and predictable when Rey ends up being a more powerful force user than Luke.
  13. FYI Star Wars tickets available now. It's not supposed to be available until after trailer at halftime but I just got mine. Grab them now before the site crashes.