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  1. I'm happy Tatiana died. She was probably the most boring cast member in the history of the show. And it felt odd that she'd be the one trying to kill that guy. She worked in the Russian building in America so the Americans must've known who she was and seems unlikely that this known person would end up doing spy stuff.
  2. I'm extremely excited for the Cup finals. I'll be very happy with either team winning. This is going to be great.
  3. Wow what an ending. It's going to be a long week waiting to see how this all concludes.
  4. Speaking of, the cameo of the X-Men people in the mansion was extremely surprising and funny.
  5. Just got back from the theater. I thought this was much better than the first movie. It was funnier (the kid legs holy shit), crazier, more emotional and had significantly better action and story than DP1. The mid-credits scene was great. Deadpool and Cable had awesome chemistry. Very happy with the movie. I do have a few complaints. Domino's superpower being luck could've made for some really funny stuff where she screws up a lot and lucky stuff happens to help her but I felt like they were going for a more "strong female character" thing with her so she was basically just a boring badass the whole time. Also, I was really surprised they didn't show any more people auditioning for the team. Basically all we saw were the ones who made the cut. Seems like a missed opportunity for some funny stuff. And Cable not returning to his family made no sense at all. He might as well have broken the fourth wall and said "the hell with returning to my family, we need to make a team-up movie and sequels." My biggest complaint was the kid. This felt like Looper where by the end the child is incredible unlikable and I want him to die but it's clear they wanted the audience to root for him just because he was a kid. I was very disappointed when Cable's bullet hit Deadpool instead.
  6. That was among my many, many complaints about Halo 5. Instead of real DLC maps, they were basically just forge mode maps.
  7. PS5 Still Three Years Away, Says PlayStation Boss: "Sony's head of PlayStation, John Kodera, has said the company will take the next three years to further develop the fifth-generation PlayStation console, reports The Wall Street Journal. "We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future," said Kodera." Fantastic news. Eight year console life cycles are perfect. This probably means we can expect a console reveal event about three years from now in March, April or May and then E3 2021 will be all about the games.
  8. That's basically every game now, with the exception of COD. Microtransactions pay for the free DLC.
  9. This is an officially licensed third-party PS4 controller called SCUF Vantage. It has all of the nonsense that the Xbox Elite controller has so it costs $200 but if this was simply a regular controller at an affordable price, this thing would be a huge seller. The controller is basically an Xbox controller. It's big enough where you can rest your entire hands on it and still easily touch the face buttons. The regular PS4 controller is difficult to do this as pushing the face buttons with your right thumb while fully grasping the controller is very uncomfortable. You basically have to leave the controller away from your hands a little, almost like you're handing it off to someone else. And this new controller even has the stick in the better position which is much more comfortable on the thumbs than leaving them right next to each other as is the case with the regular PS4 controller.
  10. I wasn't a huge fan of Elizabeth joining up with Philip at the end. While I'm happy they'll be on the same side as the show concludes, it felt out of character for her to abruptly refuse to follow orders. At least with Philip, they spent multiple seasons developing his...not sure what the right word is here...disillusionment I guess...with what they do. With Elizabeth it just felt rushed. I also wish we had more time after Stan found out they were spies. With Hank on Breaking Bad, we had the whole second half of the final season. With The Americans, all we're getting is either one or two episodes. With all of this said, this is easily my favorite season so far. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a boring episode yet. It's always nice when a show can go out on top and leave you wanting more. That doesn't happen very often.
  11. My problem wasn't the death. My problem was that after two movies of him being the main villain, I was happy to see him do something good and redeem himself. The death being a trick just canceled that out and made him the same old Loki. His shenanigans got repetitive at that point.
  12. Samoa Joe has been in the zone on the mic lately. I feel like it's his time to be WWE Champion. I'm hoping he wins MITB and cashes in on AJ that night. A Last Man Standing match seems like the perfect match that someone would cash in on when it's done. Then they can have two real matches in July and then again at SummerSlam. I just hope Joe can stay healthy. It seems like anytime he's had any momentum over the past year he gets hurt. He impresses against Brock, main events SummerSlam and then he gets hurt and then a few months later before the rumored Cena feud he got hurt again.
  13. NoDQ: "According to PWInsider.com, sources are stating that WWE reached out to international broadcast partners regarding the lengths of the pay-per-view events starting with Money in the Bank. MITB and future PPV events are reportedly scheduled to run four hours with an additional one hour Kickoff. The top PPV events such as Summerslam could also be adding another hour to the runtime." I guess WWE has no issue with people leaving before the main event, booing and being out of it before the show ends, quiet near the end. Every PPV being four hours is awful. WWE shouldn't be extending the length of PPVs to accommodate wrestlers who wouldn't make the cut on a three hour PPV.
  14. It's amazing how much money WWE is making for TV now when the ratings aren't as good as they were back in the day. WWE must've had some dumb people in charge of their TV deals in the past when the ratings were great and they were stuck on USA and The New TNN (as it was called when they first went there) and the money wasn't as good. Although that might've had more to do with wrestling being viewed more in a negative light in the past, before it was mainstream like it is now. I started watching WCW in '98 and WWE around early '99 and there have only been two times I quit watching WWE. One time was when I was furious that Sting lost to Triple H and stopped watching for a few months. The other time was when the product was so bad I couldn't stomach it anymore...2010 I think it was. B-level celebrities like Jeremy Piven main eventing episodes of Raw, guest hosts were the entire focus of the show and then there were the big collection of losers the Nexus all over TV. WWE mostly sucks but I can DVR though Raw and SD quickly so it's not like I'm stuck watching stuff I don't want to see.
  15. He sucked in Thor 2 when we thought he died and his great sacrifice was ruined just so he could play another trick. Interesting fact...I recently found out that his death in Thor 2 was originally permanent and they changed it in reshoots or something like that.