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  1. Business was booming in WCW as they gave away their most memorable stuff on free TV during their prime. Goldberg vs. Hogan took place on Nitro and then six days later they still had their best selling PPV ever. They didn't go out of business because of giving away stuff on Nitro.
  2. Reminds me of wrestling fans... "WCW sucks because they give too much stuff away for free on TV."
  3. I'm not a fan of Fallout and while this (including the bad shooting) looks a lot like Fallout, I still think this game looks really good. Replace the drab post-apocalypse with some No Man's Sky looking planets, mix in a Firefly vibe and this game looks good. 2019 is packed with new games. The last hurrah for this console generation. Oh and I forgot to mention this the other night but the Mortal Kombat 11 trailer music was awful and extremely out of place. For a second when I was watching it I thought the stream messed up and the music wasn't supposed to be there.
  4. Canceling their own show just seems like something Disney would do... https://screenrant.com/solo-movie-failure-disney-fault/2/ They're about to launch their own streaming service. I don't think they want to be helping their competition.
  5. The D-Backs are a really dumb team. They give way too much money to Greinke, trade their #1 draft pick for friggin' Shelby Miller and now trade their best player. However, you can't blame a team like the Mariners for trading everyone. It worked with the Cubs, it worked with the Astros. That's the way to do it. You're not gonna build a contender with some half-rebuild/half-content 3rd place in the division strategy. It makes more sense to trade everyone, acquire young talent and draft picks and start from scratch. Look at the Phillies, they're on the rise now after doing that.
  6. Thoughts on that trailer... - I like how they didn't reveal the title of the movie in the video title which was good for the very few people who managed to see the trailer to discover the name of the film before getting spoiled elsewhere. - I don't understand why they made such a big deal about the title of the movie. They should've just revealed it months ago. It doesn't spoil anything. It kinda reminds of Star Wars where they made such a big deal about Rey's parentage instead of just saying right off the bat that she wasn't related to anyone of note. - It took like six movies for it to happen but it appears that for the first time Hawkeye is actually cool. - I liked the trailer but I wish it didn't end with comedy. It's especially confusing to see that seeing as how Scott's girlfriend and her family have just died.
  7. https://screenrant.com/daredevil-netflix-marvel-cancel-rumor/
  8. It really is fascinating that he hasn't lost his job yet. In only 7 of his 16 seasons (including this year) have the Bengals had a winning record and in all 7 of those years they were out in the wild card round. I understand Marvin Lewis wants to be a head coach and make good money but he should really be embarrassed with himself at this point and step down.
  9. Interesting developments...Daredevil was one of the most viewed shows on Netflix and it was Marvel (aka Disney) that decided to cancel it.
  10. I feel like the trajectory this series is going... - Venom 2: Slightly better but still not good reviews, really good box office because of Carnage in the movie. - Venom 3: Typical part 3 drop off with reviews like the first movie and the box office possibly the lowest in the series. - After that: Venom, welcome to the MCU.
  11. Thoughts on the Game Awards... - Geoff Keighley continues to make gaming feel like a legitimate medium up there with movies and shows. I love the stuff he does for the games industry. The award show ran about 45 minutes too long (could've cut out those pointless sentimental developer videos) but overall it didn't drag nearly as much as in previous years. - Seeing bosses from Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation on stage together was really cool. - The Hans Zimmer Game Awards theme song sounds nice but I feel like it's a ripoff of some other songs from games or movies that I can't put my finger on. And I liked how all the other music played were from games. - Sad Obsidian didn't announce BioShock but I still think The Outer Worlds looks really good, probably my best of show from the little they showed of it. I was also very surprised Hello Games announced a new game. That looks good too. Hades, Scavengers, Atlas (looks like a good version of Sea of Thieves) and The Pathless also piqued my interest and I'm happy they announce Mortal Kombat 11 and that it's coming out so soon. It's nice we had some announcements for games and they're not five years away from coming out. - While the games look good, I feel like Rage 2, the new Far Cry and Cyberpunk 2077 (which wasn't at the show) kinda all feel like the same game. That's one reason why The Outer Worlds interests me more, because it doesn't look like yet another Mad Max/punk-looking game. - I feel like in 2019, that February and March window will be like the holiday season. It's crazy how much big stuff is coming out during that time. - I would've picked Spider-Man but I'm okay with God of War winning GOTY because it means that RDR2 didn't win it. - Fortnite winning Best Ongoing Game was complete bullshit. They add emotes, cosmetics and nothing much of substance and it gets the award because a bunch of kids that wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass like it. No Man's Sky has been releasing game-changing updates for free for two years and Destiny 2 has been releasing hugely meaningful content that has the Destiny community the happiest it's ever been but nope...Fortnite wins. - I feel like I'm not the target demographic for video games and I feel out of touch now. Everyone obsesses over dumb Fortnite which I could care less about. And back in my day video game icons were people like Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto....people who actually did something for gaming. Nowadays these so-called gamers are less interested in the games and the people who make them and more interested in the eSports or streaming douchebags and their fictitious, over the top personalities.
  12. I heard that rumor too but the timing just doesn't make any sense. Why completely overshadow the Captain Marvel trailer like that? I also heard an interesting rumor that there won't be any new footage released for Avengers 4. Any trailers and previews will just show old footage. I would be perfectly okay with this. It'd probably be the only time since the first Paranormal Activity where I went into a movie having never seen any footage of it beforehand.
  13. I don't see how one has anything to do with the other.
  14. Packers fire Mike McCarthy. Ron Rivera still has a job and despite reports that he's on the hot seat, Marvin Lewis remains more bulletproof than Jeff Fisher. I really want John DeFilippo to get fired. Nick Foles plays good for a month and the guy gets an offensive coordinator job because of it. He's done a terrible job this year and it's a shame Cousins will take 90% of the blame for this loss.
  15. 1. Good. I accidently bumped my horse into some random person on their horse one time and it got my wanted level up. I hate how basically every time you finish a mission or make accidental physical contact with anyone you have a bounty on your head. If I could go back in time and tell myself one piece of advice, it would be to not waste money paying off bounties. One time I was in Saint Denis at a photo booth and all of a sudden people bust through the door and shoot me dead and I was 100% sure I had no bounty for that city. 2. I think the Houser brothers and Rockstar act as a totally independent studio and Take Two is smart enough to just let them do whatever they want. I wouldn't be surprised if every decision in the game (including microtransactions) was up to Rockstar. 3. This info right here will probably convince me to never try the online. I'm about 40 hours into the game (spent almost entirely on story missions) which is around 70% done with the story. It never ends. I'm not sitting through an hour of story just to dabble in 15 minutes of a bad online mode. As for my experience with the game lately...the story is getting better. Arthur Morgan is easily the best character Rockstar has ever created. It's also been fun to see Dutch turn into a villain. I had totally forgotten he was the bad guy in the first game. My biggest complaint about games that get good reviews...developers comparing dick sizes by showing off who can have the most unnecessarily long story. I feel like the first 20 hours of the story is just the gang moving to a new town, robbing some people and then running for their lives and moving to another new town. They really milked that length. I feel like this game could've benefitted from a questline system like Skyrim, instead of just one long 60 hour story. Luckily it's finally getting good now...although the pace weirdly slows down in the early parts of the final chapter. I'm looking forward to getting done with the story so I can do what I've wanted to do all along...just get lost in the open world and interact with those wonderful white dots on the map to see those random encounters with people.