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  1. My friend was telling me I should keep it when I get it.
  2. Just secured an SNES Classic pre-order on Best Buy. This will be me when I'm done on eBay...
  3. That Cena, Reigns, Joe and Miz segment was really crappy. The first segment between Cena and Reigns needed to be a lot better than that. And Joe looks weak being a tag team partner to Miz. That seemed fake to me. Probably just a way to milk these two into another match at the next PPV and this was the only way they could give Enzo a win.
  4. Asuka has a broken collarbone and will be out for 6-8 weeks.
  5. I don't like it. It looks like he's wearing a bra.
  6. Whoops.
  7. I think I'm gonna go fly a kite in about an hour. It's a nice, sunny day.
  8. Ten years ago today I called in sick when BioShock came out. What a wonderful day. I'm pretty sure I also called in sick when the two sequels came out as well. Happy 10th birthday, BioShock! A YouTube channel has launched for the franchise as well and I can't wait to see what 2K has planned for the future of one of my favorite franchises.
  9. I think I figured out a glorious new opponent for AJ.
  10. Another brilliant episode. Even if the finale is a massive disappointment, I think this season is a lock for best season of the series so far. Some of the early seasons are kind of a blur because I watched them all back-to-back but I think I remember liking season 1 the most. This season has probably surpassed it. Hopefully they stick the landing in the final season and go out on top. Other thoughts... - This is kind of silly but one thing that keeps bothering me is the new guy playing the Night King. I feel like his appearance in season 5 looked a lot cooler than he looks now. I went to google a picture of the old and new one to post here and actually saw an article talking about it here. The old Night King is on the left and looks amazing and the new one is on the right and looks kinda like a Power Rangers villain. - I kinda had a feeling a dragon was going to die in this episode. And the second it went down I knew it was going to become a White Walker Flyer dragon. - I'm thinking that the guy who came back to life a bunch of times is going to eventually die saving Jon. That's probably why he returned a bunch of times. And speaking of that stuff, I imagine Melisandre will play a big part in the final season and when that happens, I hope they explain more about that ink monster thing she gave birth to. That hasn't been mentioned in years. - What was the point of Jon's uncle? Why even introduce him in the show? He had two appearances that I can recall and helped out the Stark kids but we'll likely never find out why he was half-dead or something and clearly they only brought him back this week to die as he had plenty of time to get on the horse...unless he wanted to die. - In a way it's kinda goofy how quick stuff happens now. Like I get that they're all closer because they seem to all be heading towards King's Landing but it just seems weird how in about 12 hours Gendry can run back to the wall, a raven can get all the way to Dany and she can fly all the way into the middle of nowhere and find Jon and friends. - I do not like Jon bending the knee. I want them to be equal partners and to destroy the iron throne when they reach it, not sit on it. And the line about breaking the wheel this week seems to imply that.
  11. Other thoughts... - The final two hours were a lot better than the first two. - The tag match was technically the best match of the night but the main event was definitely my favorite. The best part of the tag match was Cesaro grabbing the beach ball. - This was the first time I think I've actually watched a full Jinder Mahal match since he won the title and my god he is awful. No wonder why he was barely sweating after the match, Nakamura was doing all the work. That was the only match I picked wrong. I went 9-1 (I switched to Natalya before the show). - If a team is in the Super Bowl the coaches are not going to try to get every player in the game just to be nice. And I feel like WWE should do the same thing. But with that said, the card was pretty good in terms of not cramming everyone onto the show. Orton/Rusev was this shows canceled match which seems to happen with one match at all of these big shows and the Balor/Wyatt match was the only other match that probably could've been removed from the show. - Styles vs. Owens was really good. Not sure what's next for AJ. Corbin or Rusev maybe? Hopefully neither and it's AJ vs. Orton.
  12. I know I've been critical of Brock in recent years but he has been killing it this year in his four matches. His Royal Rumble appearance and his matches against Goldberg, Joe and then tonight have been extremely exciting.
  13. I think next month it's Reigns vs. Joe and then a battle of epic proportions when my favorite active wrestler, the Monster Among Men, takes the title from Brock.