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  1. Big E referenced this on SD lol. "We're coming for you..." (cut off) "Usos...we're coming for you Usos."
  2. So where do these classic consoles stop? I think N64 Classic and GameCube Classic are definitely possible. GCN games probably still have small enough files sizes where 20 or so games can be included on one mini-console and it could still be priced reasonably. There would be no need to go beyond GameCube as Wii is too recent to need a classic console and who the fuck would buy it anyways? I think after GCN Classic they should treat these Classic console releases like Disney DVDs and release them from the "vault" every few years so people have a chance to buy them again. Obviously the focus should stay on Switch but that shouldn't prevent people from having another chance at acquiring a classic console. Although I won't buy it, I think the SNES Classic has a really solid library of games and as someone who is always fascinated with canceled video games, the thought of Star Fox 2 on this seems awesome. The only time I think I ever played a canceled game before was when I downloaded the demo of NBA Elite before it got canceled.
  3. Rare Replay didn't include GoldenEye and James Bond isn't a Nintendo franchise. There some be some weird rights issues with older games.
  4. Apparently an N-bomb was dropped during the Miz segment...and it had nothing to do with Booker T coming for Hulk Hogan.
  5. I had no clue who any of those people were but just going by what I saw while fast-forwarding, it looked like an all-time bad segment. It was okay there for a few weeks. Now it sucks. The Enzo/Cass stuff has been good and the Brock/Joe stuff has been okay. I was pissed that I wasted a few minutes fast-forwarding the entire show and Stone Cold wasn't on.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the auto-correct on the default keyboard on Android has been horrible since Nougat came out? It used to be perfect and no matter how I typed it it always came out correctly because the keyboard would learn from the way you type and the words you use. Now it's just awful. It replaces correctly spelled words with other words. For example, it replaces "ass" with "was" and "makes" with "males." Also, sometimes I'll type a word wrong and then another time I'll type the correct spelling of that word and it will auto-correct it to the incorrect spelling from before. I just don't get why they had to change the way auto-correct works when there was nothing wrong with it. This is why I don't like updating things. Updates frequently make things worse before they get better.
  7. SNES Classic confirmed and it includes the never-released Star Fox 2 - Coming in September
  8. I absolutely love this band. I loved their first two albums and the many b-sides and non-album songs they've released over the years could combine to be an awesome album as well. I knew this new CD was coming out but kinda forgot as I've been busy over the past few days. I just downloaded it and will listen tomorrow.
  9. This is really cool...
  10. If the women wrestlers could ever have a good match that wasn't at best the equivalent of a 7/10 men's match I wouldn't shit talk. And even if they continue to suck but weren't praised by the IWC like they're among the best on the roster I would be indifferent and they wouldn't bother me as much.
  11. I really liked how after the first Avengers there wasn't another MCU movie for the rest of the year. I know the almighty dollar rules all and they're always going to do at least three movies a year but it would be nice if these end-points in the universe felt like an ending of sorts and they weren't rushing out the next movies a few short months later. It's like you watch Return of the Jedi in theaters and then three months later Rogue One is coming out. Give the series a breather for a minute. I wish Avengers 4 featured no post-credits scenes and then Spider-Man 2 came out in 2020. I don't think it makes sense to call it Phase 4 cause it will be a new start and having a 4 after it would seem weird. It'd be like semi-rebooting something but then giving it a sequel number. I also don't think calling it Phase 1 again would be smart because there already was a Phase 1 and the story structure for these new movies might not be a trilogy of phases anymore. I think Marvel is going to abandonen solo movies leading up to Avengers movies and be all over the place, sorta like DC. You almost always see team-ups in solo MCU superhero movies now (with the exception of box office duds Ant-Man and Doctor Strange) and I think you're going to start seeing more movies featuring two or more heroes without generic titles named after one solo hero. And then without much long-term build-up, you will see big event films that aren't necessarily Avengers movies. The lines will be blurred and you won't have a need to divide the larger story into Phases. Xbox is like this as well. A lot of the suggestions I get in the store are completely unlike anything I play.
  12. I don't see the problem here.
  13. That's not true. I would say Telltale is not making the kind of game I want as I get bored playing what is essentially an interactive movie. Quantic Dream games do offer some gameplay and after three attempts, they've proven to be almost totally incapable of making real gameplay. Indigo Prophecy had bad gameplay. Heavy Rain couldn't even manage basic walking. Beyond was the best of them but it was still a lot of QTE nonsense that was giving me bad memories of PS2 games.
  14. For a cutscene developer incapable of delivering basic gameplay, I don't think they should be talking smack.
  15. The origins of Woody and what happened to Andy's father in Toy Story finally explained