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  1. Funny how you act like you're such a great person. I remember years ago you were making a few cancer jokes on here and I commented that jokes like that aren't funny. You said "sure they are" or something like that. Then your mom got cancer so of course the hypocrite Andrew never joked about that stuff again. Since this forum has been around I've been called out by DD for not having a good enough job. I've been called out by Ruiner because I used to live with my parents. I've been called racist by Jay because I don't agree with BLM hooligans burning down America. And during last election and this election I've been insulted plenty of times even though I don't go around flinging insults at you people and I never once gloated when Trump won in 2016. No one is capable of having a civil, unbiased political discussion because everyone in this country and on this forum are fucking retards. Pen, delete my account. I'm done with this place.
  2. They were explaining it on CNN a few hours ago so obviously I wasn't the only one who didn't know. Next time I have a question, I'll check in with you, the foremost authority on all things politics/voting. I notice you didn't answer my question earlier and couldn't come up with even one reason why Trump has hurt your life at all. And hurting your feelings doesn't count.
  3. No Time To Die’s New 007 Replacement Confirmed by Star "A new interview with Lashana Lynch, who plays Nomi in No Time To Die, confirms her character inherits the title of agent 007 from James Bond." --- Aaaaaand No Time To Die will be the last James Bond movie I'll be watching. So basically what I've gathered is that, according to Hollywood at least, women are incapable of creating their own iconic characters. That's why we have a female Thor and female Hulk on the way from Marvel, a girl Ghostbusters team and now a female James Bond. I just don't understand why they couldn't go with Idris Elba. I know they usually cast unknowns but the fans want him, he seems like he'd be the perfect Bond and he's only 48. If his first Bond movie released in four years, he'd be the same age as Daniel Craig is now. He could do four movies as Bond, released 3-4 years apart and he'd only be in his early 60s when his run came to an end. He's not too old.
  4. How come on here it shows Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan light blue which means Biden is winning but then when you click each of those states they're red as fuck? 1. I remember after last election everyone was disgusted with Trump's racism towards Mexico so they wanted to respond by moving. Not to Mexico, heavens no. People wouldn't get caught dead there. They wanted to protest Trump's racism towards Mexico by moving further away from Mexico into the mostly white country of Canada. What exactly has Trump done to you that has made your life so bad? Gay people complain that all their rights are gonna get taken away but they haven't. People on the ACA say that their health insurance is gonna get taken away but for a half-decade the plan has been to repeal AND replace Obamacare and because they weren't able to replace it when they tried years ago the ACA is still here. I suppose if you're here illegally you have something to worry about but then again, Obama loved deporting people as much as Trump so it's not like anything is different with Trump's presidency. I'd honestly like one legit reason how Trump has hurt your life. 2. I know most people can't grasp this idea because they all think evil monsters are the only ones who vote for Trump but maybe most of the people who voted for him are decent, hard-working people who believe that voting for him is in their best interests. People in the oil or fracking industry in Texas or Pennsylvania maybe voted for Trump because they don't want to lose their jobs and they don't trust Biden with Harris and AOC in his administration. People who run small businesses who expect the country to get shut down again under Biden maybe voted for Trump because they don't want their businesses to go under. What morons these people are for looking out for themselves, wanting to keep their jobs and not listening to rich celebrities who don't care about them. So if Trump wins the voting system is corrupt but if Biden wins the voting system is not corrupt.
  5. It's gonna be a lose-lose for our country no matter who wins. I still want Trump to win but there's no real winner here for the American people. If Biden wins: Trump won't accept defeat like a man and will question the legitimacy of the results, escalating tensions in our country and directly contributing to any violence and chaos that will be caused by some of his far-right, gun-wielding, American flag-draped, redneck supporters. The handoff of the presidency won't go smoothly like it did when Obama left office. Expect lockdown after lockdown until COVID is gone. When COVID is finally gone, the economy won't go back to being nearly as good as it was under Trump, as Biden will get rid of some of the America-first policies that Trump instituted and America will return to being the piggy bank for the whole world. We get to see our celebrity overlords celebrate getting their way. We get to see the charade of the NBA and NFL pretending their voter encouragement is non-partisan come to an end when they all celebrate Trump's defeat. The Democratic party will tell black people thanks for your vote, good luck in your life and see you in four years. Kamala Harris will run the country while Joe Biden tries to say a complete sentence without screwing up. And Biden will celebrate his victory by kissing his granddaughter on the lips again, maybe getting some tongue involved this time. If Trump wins: Four more years of Trump talking about draining the swamp while every person associated with him besides Melania and Barron gets exposed for doing something illegal. Four more years of Trump being his own worst enemy and instead of the good he has done as president being the focus, he gets everyone paying attention to the stupid stuff he says like Obama wiretaps in the white house. More lying, more contradicting what he previously said, more pretending COVID isn't that bad just because he doesn't like to deal with it. And if Trump wins, good luck to all the police officers and business owners who will have to deal with the destruction of cities all over country as the millennials who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way burn America to the ground.
  6. That's what you did say... The PS5 controller is a totally meaningful innovation. You can feel footsteps, feel moving on different surfaces like ice and sand. This isn't some gimmick like the touchpad or gyro controls. But I do worry that it won't be supported much. Xbox allows simple achievement tracking so you can see a percentage of how close you are to an achievement and very few 3rd party developers bother to utilize it. If something as simple as achievement tracking isn't supposed by 3rd party developers, I can't see many of them putting much effort into using the PS5 controller features which would require more effort to implement. If the Xbox controller does the same stuff, then maybe they'll do it but I can't see many 3rd parties putting in the effort. Although I only play exclusives on PlayStation so third party support is meaningless to me on PS5.
  7. The Massachusetts governor has issued a curfew because apparently COVID spreads better at night. I give myself about a 5% chance of GameStop being open in 10 days to give me my PS5.
  8. You're right and for the price of a console, you can have one of those controllers.
  9. Sony plastering 8K on the PS5 box is super deceiving. Most of these games will struggle to get to 4K/60, I doubt we'll be seeing 8K anytime soon. 1. It seems like Sony wants to focus more on the controller than the console. They revealed the controller and details about it way earlier and it seems like more info is available for that than the console itself. Xbox is doing the opposite and tends to be focusing on only the console, but they have much less to prove as their controller is the gold standard. And everyone seems to be sleeping on Astro's Playroom because it's a pack-in game but I think it looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure it'll be brief and mostly just a showcase for the controller but I'm still looking forward to playing it. In addition to that, Bugsnax is also launching for free for PS+ subscribers in November. Meanwhile on Xbox, we get a 16-year-old original Xbox game among the free offerings. 2. I'm surprised you just got hyped up now. I've been super hyped up about these consoles launching for a while now but I've also been terrified for months now that COVID getting worse is going to close down stores right before launch. GameStop had a message when I called a while back saying if they get shut down they'll do curbside delivery for orders but who knows if that'll still happen. COVID could shut stores down completely and then if Trump wins again there's gonna be pandemonium and chaos way bigger than George Floyd and who knows how that will impact stores being open. Once I get my consoles the world can burn for all I care. I just want these fucking consoles. The only good things to come from 2020.
  10. He's a superhero in Justice League. I'm sure he's not strapped for cash.
  11. Ray Fisher might be the most annoying actor I've ever heard in my life. I take everything he says with a grain of salt anyways because he sounds like a very disgruntled employee but if he is telling the truth I still feel much more sympathy for regular people who dislike their job and have to deal with a crappy boss over a millionaire who dislikes his job and has to deal with a crappy boss.
  12. 1. I think my first good unboxing experience was when I got my first iPhone a few years back when I got the iPhone X. They designed the unboxing with the way the consumer would open it in mind. It was really cool. It's totally meaningless but it's appreciated. It's like getting a Christmas gift with nice wrapping paper and a bow on it and vs. getting one wrapped in newspaper. 2. Xbox reached their best design for the controller on 360 and have continued to improve on it each generation since and I feel like the DualSense is the best controller design for PlayStation that they'll continue to improve on it in subsequent generations with minor enhancements but what they have now is the version of their controller that they should stick with forever. It looks like it's gonna feel great. It's shaped more like an Xbox controller which is good and IGN was really praising the new rumble.
  13. Thoughts on the World Series... - I totally called the ending to that game right there at the beginning. Right when Snell struck out the side in the first inning, I said they're gonna pull him early and the bullpen will cost them the game. Typical modern day baseball where you have the nerds in the front office running the show and they put inexperienced people in charge like Kevin Cash who have no feel for the game and have no business being a manager. But this is the baseball world we live in now where guys like 3x world champion Bruce Bochy get pushed out the door for guys like Gabe Kapler. - Unlike a guy who left my team on bad terms like Stefon Diggs who I hope tears an ACL, I have nothing but good things to say about Mookie Betts and I'm very happy for him and the Dodgers. - When deciding who gets a World Series ring, I hope the Dodgers remember that it was David Price who paid their minor leaguers when the owner was too cheap too. - Justin Upton did something extremely selfish last night and I really don't blame him at all for it. How the hell do you expect a guy who has been on this team for years and come so close and never win it to finally win it and then expect him to hide away in a closet for the celebration? He absolutely did the wrong thing but I don't blame him for being out there. I am curious how he tested positive in the bubble. MLB avoided a messy situation thanks to a game 7 not being necessary.
  14. One thing I will say is that Xbox has PS5 beat in terms of the presentation of the console. The box Series X comes in looks way nicer than the PS5 box and it's cool how when you open the box the console is right there front and center. The unboxing experience looks like something Apple designed. The PS5 unboxing looks like you're opening any old item with the styrofoam and struggling to get it out of the box. So one really cool feature I found out about today...if you tap the mute button on the DualSense controller, it mutes the headset, obviously. But if you hold down the mute button, it mutes the game you're playing. Really good idea so that way you can mute the TV if needed without having to grab the TV remote.
  15. I have NOT read spoilers for tomorrow's Dynamite but it seems like the direction for Full Gear is... FTR vs. The Young Bucks Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page Chris Jericho vs. MJF Cody vs. Darby Allin Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara Best Friends vs. Miro & Kip Sabian This is a pretty solid card. I imagine they'll throw together a Shida match as well. One guy who I was skeptical of when AEW signed was Eddie Kingston but I've quickly become a fan. I haven't seen a lot of him in the ring but he is stellar on the mic and AEW is wise to get him on the mic every week. One guy who I wasn't happy to see AEW sign and I've been right about so far is Miro. I don't like his crappy gamer character, his generic WWE bashing promo and his less than impressive ring work. Cardona is gone and now AEW needs Miro and Hardy gone. So if I had to pick who I want as the next champs and when, I'd go with... World - Kenny Omega (January Dynamite) Tag - Young Bucks (Revolution 2021) TNT - Scorpio Sky (Revolution 2021) Women's - Britt Baker (December Dynamite)