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  1. Thanks for not treating me like a piece of shit like Andrew did.
  2. GameFly sent me a email saying I could rejoin for $1 for the first month which is awesome so tomorrow I'll be signing up for GameFly a few months earlier than I planned to so there is the possibility I could actually get to Mass Effect soon. In this month I'm gonna try to only get to games I don't imagine I'm gonna spend a lot of time with like Hitman and RE7 so I might avoid Mass Effect for now. This is surprising news though. I never imagined the game sucking. I haven't been blown away by footage I've seen but I just chalked that up to me not being a huge Mass Effect fan. I just assumed it would be good once I played it. I wonder how many of these reviewers are still bitter about the ME3 ending... I'll never understand that. If I had to guess, I'd assume that people who work at retail stores steal copies of the game for themselves and their friends and then on the release date they put the money in the register and ring up however many copies were taken. That way there is no evidence anything was stolen cause technically it was paid for. The GM at my work used to do that. He'd take a new DVD when we got it in (cause it can't get rung out before release date) and then on the release date he'd pay for it. I'd love to have a person to do that for me. I wouldn't feel right stealing and wouldn't do that but to be able to break the street date would be awesome and then they put the $60 in the register on Tuesday. I'd considered buying GTA V again a while ago but there's just no time to go back to that. The shooting and movement sucks but the story, characters, city and driving are all great and I wouldn't mind trying it out with a fresh next-gen coat of paint. I'm not really interested in the online for whatever reason even though some stuff I've seen does look fun.
  3. Speaking of the worst movie I've ever seen. You have to take professional reviews with a grain of salt, moreso now than ever. The political correctness and warped viewpoints of modern America have made its way into movie reviewers. I remember reading a review for Ted 2 and the person gave it a bad review because they said the Ted character was a "heartless monster." Now the movie sucked, no doubt about it. But some massive exaggeration about the only entertaining character in the movie made me realize that this reviewer was just offended and that likely influenced their review. I'm afraid that Ghost in the Shell will share a similar fate of Iron Fist...even though the creators of the franchise had Scarlett Johannson as their first choice for the lead role and whether anyone will admit it or not, clearly everyone would rather see a talented, charismatic, legit action star and box office draw like her in the lead role over some no name Japanese woman. I'm sure the viewpoints of our modern society influenced the reviews of Get Out as well. Once people saw the trailer showing racist white people, the 10/10 review scores were already typed into laptops before anyone even saw the movie. Either that or it is THE greatest movie of all-time. I'm guessing the former.
  4. No one should ever be fired for stolen private footage that showed them doing nothing illegal.
  5. In four previous season, the only story he has ever had was the pointlessness of his crush on Mrs. Beeman. Do you really think this late in the game they're going to finally give him a real story? Matt is right. Henry is the Walter Jr. of The Americans.
  6. Good news on the Matrix front as the new movie will NOT be a highly unnecessary remake and it will instead take place in the same universe as the previous movies. I really liked The Animatrix and this franchise is a treasure trove of potential good stories to tell just like that was. I heard that Michael B. Jordan is being eyed for a Morpheus prequel which sounds awesome and a writers room is indeed in the works to map out this universe. What an exciting time to be a Matrix fan. This is also an exciting time to be a sci-fi fan. It's seems like a few years the only sci-fi out there was superhero movies. It's nice to see more non-superhero sci-fi stuff lately.
  7. I didn't think it was quite as good as everyone else thought but yes it was still a good movie.
  8. I imagine that's why his character was created in the first place.
  9. I think Paige accidentally revealing her parents identities would be too predictable. I wonder if something bad is going to happen which convinces her to go to Stan to tell him everything. I wouldn't be surprised to see Henry get killed somehow which sets this in motion. The only problem with this is that Henry is such a massively useless character, I don't think the audience would feel Paige's pain when he died.
  10. Alien: Covenant sequel is actually a prequel titled Awakening: I think this makes a lot of sense. Elizabeth Shaw's dog tags are seen in the trailer for Covenant and she is rumored to appear briefly in this movie so a prequel to Covenant which is more a sequel to Prometheus explaining what happened to her would be cool. Plus that highly intriguing line from the end of the last movie where she says "I want to go where they came from" needs to be addressed. Ridley Scott also says that if these two movies are successful then he plans on releasing one more trilogy of movies to lead up into the first Alien. I'm very happy with this. The hell with Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5. I want Ridley Scott to keep making these movies for as long as he is able to.
  11. I think you're exaggerating here. While this is terrible for Paige because of the huge invasion of privacy, I don't think WWE is freaking out about this. No WWE employee did anything wrong and no one will get punished over it. It's not like they intentionally leaked it.
  12. Clearly she fucked him becauuuuuuuuuuuse New...Day rocks.
  13. I saw a screencap of Paige riding Woods (no pun intended) with Maddox sitting there. Who took that pic? Who is the third man? Hogan perhaps? He has a habit of being the third man.
  14. We need a Stephanie McMahon leak so then I can die a happy man.
  15. Paige has leaked nude pics and videos out in the wild. As Taz would say in TNA: "Let the pigeons loose!"