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  1. Wow they're really gonna have Angle lose to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania. That's a shame. He should've never returned to the ring after the Rousey match last year.
  2. I liked Captain Marvel but I'm still likely done with the MCU after Avengers. These movies just do nothing for me anymore and all feel the same.
  3. From what I read about Satya Nadella when he took over Microsoft, he seemed very focused on getting back to the core things that Microsoft was known for and I think to him a video game console didn't really fit in with that. So the Xbox people deciding to support Windows by releasing games on PC made sense so that way Xbox would fit in with the rest of Microsoft and Microsoft wouldn't sell Xbox. But besides that one and only reason, it just doesn't make any sense to me why they release stuff on PC. I understand Windows and Xbox are part of the same company but the Xbox division is in the console business and every potential exclusive released on PC is one less reason for someone to buy that console. Consoles eventually turn a profit and sales are still important. If game sales were the most important way for console makers to turn a profit, Super Mario Odyssey and The Last of Us would be multiplatform. If you can get all the cool stuff that Xbox offers elsewhere, why buy an Xbox? And Steam is a competitor with Xbox. If Microsoft insisted on releasing the Master Chief Collection on PC, it should've been released only on the Microsoft Store so that way it stays under the Microsoft ecosystem.
  4. PC gamers and PS4 gamers who also own a gaming PC must love the Xbox business strategy. It's a great time to be an Xbox fan...if you own a PC.
  5. Although I will add that if this is just sex with another consenting adult for money, I have no problem whatsoever with it.
  6. The hometown radio hosts who only care about six rings were saying this as well which I don't understand at all. Maybe I'm missing something here but to me the answer should be obvious. What's worse? Person A: Had sex with a woman who might have been a sex slave held at a place against her will Person B: Drove while on drugs
  7. So I've been playing Spyro Reignited Trilogy and it's my first time playing Spyro and for a PS1 game it's surprisingly fun. Unfortunately, I'm about halfway through the second game and I'm about to quit playing it forever because of a boss named Gulp. It's quite possibly the most frustrating boss I've ever faced in a video game. Some of your attacks involve bashing a metal barrel at him but the charge move you use to do this takes way too long to line up correctly leaving you open to attack or you miss the barrel when you're charging at it because the attack doesn't work well. You also have to avoid this dreadful electrical attack he has where he shoots two (eventually four) shots at you. You can move in any direction after the first shot and it seems like the second shot always tracks where you are and hits you. It's especially frustrating to charge quickly around the level during any of this chaos because the camera is basically on the ground the entire time and it inverts your controls sometimes based on where the boss is when you're sprinting. This is going to be a really sucky abrupt end to an otherwise fun game.
  8. Now they have two overpaid quarterbacks.
  9. It may be a loaded card on NXT TV but this sure as hell wouldn't be a card for a TakeOver. I would've liked to have seen Undisputed Era in the six-man tag against War Raiders and Riddle instead of who they had. They probably could've also removed the Ohno or Belair match and maybe turned the main event into two singles matches.
  10. I understand the wrestlers need paydays and in some cases experience and WWE wants more money but they have no business running NXT house shows. I went to my first NXT event last night and it really sucked. Here are the results. Kassius Ohno, Bianca Belair, Matt Riddle and friends and War Raiders beat a bunch of unknowns. And then Kairi Sane and her Japanese friend did their best to carry Ronda Rousey's friends who have absolutely no business being in a WWE ring. For the most part, the wrestling wasn't bad but when the first five matches are basically dark match stuff, that's a problem. Thankfully the last two matches delivered. Shayna Baszler vs. Candice LeRae was good and the main event with Dream and Ricochet vs. Ciampa and Gargano was obviously fantastic. The show was in some little shithole that didn't have real stadium seating so they made sure that the seats weren't positioned the same on each row. So the row in front of me wasn't a seat, it was in-between two seats. This little area in-between the seats was my small window to see the ring. Unfortunately Romeo and Juliet were sitting in front of me and had to be close and kiss and lean on each other for most of the show so my tiny opening to see the ring was blocked by a head. Hopefully they both got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on the way home. Also, this show had an intermission after a little over an hour. WWE lets fans suffer through five hour marathon dark match/B-show tapings/Raw/dark match main events without an intermission so I'm not sure why they had to hold us hostage for a few extra minutes when there weren't many matches left. I've already sworn off going to any regular WWE shows because they're so boring but I figured I'd go to this cause it was NXT and mainly because my friend wanted to go. Basically now I'm all done ever going to wrestling again unless the card impresses me for something like the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, NXT TakeOver or AEW.
  11. I don't agree with a lot of stuff Trump has done so far in his two years in office but I'm firmly on his side when it comes to building the wall. When you've got caravans filled with thousands of people waltzing into America all entitled like it's their human right to be here, something needs to be done. You can't just have thousands of undocumented people entering the country and going wherever and you have no idea what diseases they bring with them, who is a criminal, what drugs they bring in or where the hell they are. Democrats claim they want border security but they want silly, ineffective solutions. Would you buy a house if there was no front door and instead there was a do not enter sign with a drone flying overhead warning you if someone enters? Of course not. The only way to keep people out is with a wall. Pelosi and Schumer were all about building a wall a few years ago but now they don't want one because border security is racist and Trump wants the wall so they can't agree with anything he wants. My biggest concern in this country is gun control. After that it's immigration.
  12. Really disappointed with Respawn for releasing this dumb Apex Legends game instead of Titanfall 3. For some reason at the character select screen on the main menu you choose a gun but because of this silly battle royale genre you don't spawn with a gun when you start so I don't get the point of even choosing one. Also not a fan of a genre where almost all players won't win the game, where you can waste time loading into a game and die before you get to fire a shot and you spend more time running around scavenging and looking for people than actually shooting. And this game should not be part of the Titanfall universe because the Fortnite ripoff comedy wasn't what Titanfall was like, they butchered the pilot controls by getting rid of the fun double jumping and wall running that set it apart from other FPS games and titans aren't in the game and that could've set it apart from other battle royale games. Respawn or EA did say the other day that a "premium" Titanfall game is in development after they said that Titanfall 3 wasn't in development so hopefully whatever new game they have is more than just some lazy effort to try to get in on the battle royale craze. Although I guess I can understand why Titanfall 3 might not be coming. The sales probably aren't great because EA has totally botched the releases of the first two games. Titanfall 1 released as a console exclusive on the least popular new console and Titanfall 2 released one week after Battlefield and one week before Call of Duty...because it took until 2019 for publishers to realize that games can sell well even if they're not released in the fall.
  13. Lucky for you that was probably the most boring part of the movie.
  14. Proposed MLB rule changes I really like a lot of these changes. The 20-second pitch clock needs to happen. Enough of these creature of habit baseball players being okay with four hour games. Imagine the great game of baseball being played in the length of a basketball or hockey game. That would be amazing. They also need to ignore these stubborn NL fans and bring on the DH everywhere. Enough of a guaranteed out and eight man lineups in the NL. I don't know about the 26-man roster but they should definitely not do this September call-up nonsense. Keep it the same all year. I'd like to see mound visits reduced, mainly between pitcher and catcher. I'd like to see one mound visit per pitcher allowed for the manager/pitching coach and catcher. I don't really like the three batter minimum for pitchers. What I would like to see is a one minute commercial when new pitchers come in (basically the length it takes them to get from the bullpen to the mound. They're already warming up in the bullpen, they don't need to throw more on the mound. Baseball needs to speed up the process of getting all these relievers in. Too many commercials. I like the DL the way it is. Sure teams manipulate it but I like when someone is really hurt and they don't have to stay on the DL longer to finish the 15 days or avoid the DL to be gone for 15 days.