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  1. I was extremely disappointed with this movie. I have lots of thoughts and I'll post them when I get home.
  2. And for the record I'm only talking about the stuff on the field. As far as the morons who threw stuff at the Seattle player, I don't blame him for trying to get into the crowd after them.
  3. Typical undisciplined, bush league football at the end from Seattle. If the Seahawks ever play the Bengals, the NFL better hire a riot squad to deal with the players after the game.
  4. The Disney deal to acquire Fox's movie and TV business is close to happening. I'm really not a fan of this. It's too much stuff under one roof. Competition needs to happen. I'm curious how this move will impact the Avatar sequels, the Alien franchise, Deadpool and plenty of other stuff. Even though it would never happen, it would've been cool if we could've seen the old and new X-Men vs. The Avengers, although a rebooted X-Men in the MCU is going to be awesome. And now characters like the Silver Surfer, Galactus (who could be the next big bad after Thanos) and Doctor Doom (who could be the next Avengers-level villain like Loki) can all come in. I'm happy Phase 3 still has a few years left cause this gives Kevin Feige plenty of time to figure out how to incorporate the X-Men into the MCU for Phase 4. And I'm happy that the new X-Men movie is still a year away cause that gives them time to give the series closure during the reshoots and wrap up the Fox X-Men movies. Disney's new streaming service is going to be amazing, though. Imagine all the big Disney movies, the Pixar movies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, all of the MCU, possibly The Simpsons and Family Guy, all under one roof.
  5. Yankees close to deal to acquire Stanton. Wow! The AL East is back!
  6. Justice League was better than Batman vs. Superman, the action was good, it had more humor than most DC movies while not overdoing it like recent MCU movies and Wonder Woman and Flash were enjoyable. Everything else about the movie sucked. Thank god DC executives demanded it only be two hours long. Ben Affleck phoned it in, Henry Cavill continues to be the worst movie Superman, Cyborg was insanely boring and didn't even need to be in this movie, Aquaman did nothing for me, the villain was horrendous and was reminiscent of the Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 1 villains. I find it funny that people think some complicated clusterfuck 3+ hour Zack Snyder cut would be better than what we got. Rumor has it that Matt Reeves is recasting Batman and Ben Affleck will make one final appearance in the Flashpoint movie. I really, really hope that the Reeves movies can be their own thing not tied to the DCEU.
  7. Buying and selling an SNES Classic was a huge waste of time. After buying it, paying for shipping and eBay and PayPal taking their cuts, I only made about a $20 profit.
  8. I saw very little of Broken Matt in TNA, probably less than five minutes. Seemed kinda dumb to me. But I've already watched the Woken Matt segment from Raw like three or four times. I loved it. I really hope Vince let's Matt do his own thing and I really hope Wyatt doesn't ruin it all.
  9. I'm still here. I just don't check this forum as much anymore. The vast majority of posts don't get responses, you can count the users on here with one hand. It feels like a waste of time posting. Sadly, this forum is on life support. A year or two ago when Taco Bell had the rolled chicken tacos (silly name because they're taquitos, not tacos), I loved them. Then I started having the El Monterey taquitos from Costco that they sadly just got rid of a week ago and those are delicious. Now that I've tried the Taco Bell taquitos again they taste bad by comparison. They're better with cheese but still not great. It's a ripoff too, which Taco Bell usually isn't. You can spend like $10-$12 to get 40 taquitos when Costco had them and Taco Bell it's almost $5 to get four taquitos.
  10. Disney has announced that Rian Johnson is creating a brand new Star Wars TRILOGY. He will also be directing the first movie of the trilogy. This is incredibly exciting news. I can't wait to see what he does. There are so many places it could go. Taking place during the original trilogy could be cool. I'd also like to see more of the immediate aftermath of Return of the Jedi. Even having it take place after Episode IX would be fun. Hopefully if they go that route, it is a clean slate with all new characters. It has also been announced that a new live action Star Wars (and Marvel) show is coming to Disney's new streaming service. I really hope it's Underworld. All the 80+ scripts are done. Just make the damn show.
  11. Horrible news. I was always a fan of his. Old school pitcher who finished games. Very underrated player and future HOFer in my opinion. I always wished he won a World Series. Sad to see him gone at such a young age and with a wife and kids.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they trade Gronk before then..."one year early instead of one year late" and all that. The Pats are gonna be really shitty soon. With Brady gone they won't have that franchise QB, with Belichick gone they'll suffer the most without the brains behind the operation and when Bob Kraft croaks Jonathan Kraft will probably sell the team cause clearly he doesn't have any interest in football. This era was legendary and something that fans will be talking about forever but when it ends they won't be able to sustain this success with new people in charge.
  13. It's all good. He's only a prisoner until next September. Oh and there was one amazing thing on Raw and it involved the only two people on the roster who don't bore me... https://media.giphy.com/media/xT9Igmu3Xkgofz55Ek/source.mp4
  14. I wish Kurt Angle never came back. I'm happy with the HOF but everything after that has been terrible. Being the GM is beneath a legend of his caliber and then there's the foolish illegitimate son storyline. Then at the last PPV instead of him getting his own entrance and doing his own thing they have him in stupid Shield gear so WWE can pretend like the Shield reunion actually happened. You think if Triple H was teaming with the Shield he'd wear their ring gear? No, no, no. You'd see Ambrose and Rollins make their way to the end of the entrance ramp and then the music would stop and after 30 seconds of silence Triple H's music would finally hit and he's lead the Shield down to the ring in his own ring gear. And the worst of all was last night when stupid Stephanie was doing her patented emasculating only this time with Kurt Angle. What a fucking joke. Mix this bullshit in with this forced rivalry between Raw and SD, Strowman not winning the title against Brock and crappy champs on SD and I have no fucking interest in WWE right now. War Games is the only thing I care about in WWE at the moment. The next thing that will be cool to see is the Raw 25th anniversary to see the old guys. But even WWE has to ruin that a little by saying "Kevin Nash formerly Diesel" even though Nash was a 100x bigger star than Diesel ever was...much to the chagrin of Vince.
  15. I don't blame him. He had a great job. He was working with the greatest coach of all-time and possibly the greatest QB of all-time winning multiple Super Bowls and getting paid to do nothing. But at the end of the day the guy wants to play. He's already wasted four years of his career. He shouldn't have to wait until he's 30 to start. Hopefully he leaves San Fran and goes somewhere more hopeful in the offseason. Imagine him on New Orleans?