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  1. Has anyone else had any issues with the battery on Xbox One controllers? I've been using my Day One 2013 controller since launch and have had no issues. The thumbsticks and D-pad have been acting up due to normal wear and tear so I bought two new controllers and on both of them the battery quickly drains and displays the low battery message and I have to take the back cover off and push the battery pack in and then the correct battery percentage shows up. If I don't do this the battery will die. It's not an issue with the battery pack as I've gone back and used my original controller and the battery lasts normally and displays at the correct amount. I know it's a newer made controller on both occasions as the LB and RB buttons are easier to press than on the Day One controller and there's the grip on the back. What a weird issue to have. I can't believe I've had this much trouble just finding a working controller. Usually I dread the new console launches as I'm happy with what I've got but I'm dying to be done with Xbox One. What a hunk of junk.
  2. One of the reasons why kids have checked out on baseball is because MLB chooses to cater to the west coast instead of choosing to secure a new generation of baseball fans that will watch when they grow up. An NLCS game a few nights ago ended at 2:20 in the damn morning. The ALCS a few nights ago got over at 1:15. No wonder why kids aren't watching baseball. I don't think their parents will let them stay up till 2 am on a school night. Baseball has dipping attendance and ratings. The sport will always be around but it's still struggling. The TV deals and attendance will always be a big source of profits just because of the sheer amount of games they play but until major changes are made, baseball will continue to be the distant 3rd most popular sport in America. They need a 20 second pitch clock to end these horribly long games. The old players who think showing any emotion or making any changes are disrespecting the game...the hell with what these old relics of the game think. Their time has passed. Hopefully Rob Manfred can make the positive changes that he wants to make and help save baseball.
  3. Jericho is always trying to dupe the internet. I'd say there's still a chance of this wonderful rumor being true.
  4. This is one of the biggest pieces of wrestling news I've heard in a long time. Apparently Chris Jericho and Jim Ross, along with the financial backing of the billionaire owner of the Jaguars, are starting a new wrestling promotion. The roster is said to already feature Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. It will get off the ground in 12-16 months. http://www.ringsidenews.com/2018/10/19/chris-jericho-jim-ross-reportedly-starting-new-wrestling-company-elite-board/ Jeff Jarrett's GFW turned out to be nothing so it's nice that we'll finally hopefully get a solid #2 wrestling promotion. Jericho and JR seem like the perfect people to run this thing. The most important thing for this is that they need a good place for the show to air. There are a million wrestling promotions out there and none of them besides WWE make it easy for you to find their stuff on watch. Hopefully this company is good. I've just been getting my wrestling fix by watching old stuff on WWE Network. The regular shows are awful and will be that way until Vince dies. Vince is like Al Davis (late Raiders owner). A genius in his prime but old, washed up and dragging his company down now. Triple H can start 15 different NXT brands and it doesn't matter. WWE has enough awesome talent to fill a show for each day of the week and the shows will still suck until major changes are made.
  5. Red Dead 2 file size... - PS4: 99 GB - Xbox One: 107 GB Jesus Christ.
  6. After the first listen I'm not too impressed. The first single "Are You Ready" starts off really good and it got me excited to hear what was to come but then the generic chorus kicked in and my excitement started to go away. I think I remember reading a rumor that Disturbed was going to make an acoustic album one day (yawn) and this album kind of reminds me of something like that. As far as I can remember, there aren't any full-blown acoustic songs but there are a lot of less heavy songs that kinda feel like something you'd expect on an acoustic album. Thankfully none of these songs are as slow and terrible as "Darkness." Godsmack was stale and evolved (no pun intended) with their last album and I was hoping for the same from Disturbed with 'Evolution' but it just seems like more of the same which is a big disappointment.
  7. The Red Sox are winning the World Series. This team isn't the 2001 Mariners and this team isn't like some of the many crappy star-studded Red Sox teams like the 2011 team. You can feel it. They're winning it all. And if the Dodgers and Red Sox end up winning this round it's going to bother the hell out of me that I'll be 8-1 and my only incorrect pick is picking against the Red Sox.
  8. So far I've seen two seasons of Daredevil, one of Jessica Jones, The Punisher and The Defenders and one episode of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. With the exception of Daredevil season 1...The Defenders was surprisingly decent, The Punisher was okay at times and I haven't liked anything else I've watched. As for the previously mentioned Daredevil season 1...I absolutely loved it. It was probably the second best piece of superhero content I've ever seen with the only exception being The Dark Knight. It's a shame season 2 absolutely sucked because season 1 was one of the best seasons of television I've ever watched. They can only give us Kingpin for so long, Daredevil doesn't have a ton of villains to use and there's only so far they can take the main three good guys so for those reasons I hope they just give us one more awesome season with the new one and then that's it. Just go out of top. As for the rest of the Marvel Netflix shows, they can cancel them all for all I care. I won't watch any of them ever again.
  9. Renee Young's video game commentary is awful. She actually might be worse than the Coach.
  10. I don't know how those Dodgers and Brewers pitchers can concentrate with all that cleavage in the front row. EDIT: I guess she's known as Front Row Amy and I'm definitely not the first person to notice her haha.
  11. I was surprised when I heard they canceled it seeing as how there was really no reason they had to do that. These shows aren't on exact schedules and they could've just always "left the door open" for a future season (knowing it would never happen) without creating the black mark on their Netflix universe by having a canceled show. These shows days are numbered anyways as Disney Play will be getting any new Marvel TV shows. Once Netflix does all they can with the four Defenders heroes, that's the end for them. All I want is one more Daredevil season that has the quality of the first season and then I'll be happy. I don't care about any other Marvel Netflix stuff.
  12. Venom is even 36% lower than Thor 2. That tells you right there that a bad MCU movie will still get its share of good reviews no matter how bad it is. I'm not saying Venom is a classic or anything. Lord knows I'll never watch it again. It was just totally refreshing seeing a completely standalone superhero movie for once where you don't see a world where half of its citizens are in costumes.
  13. I just saw Venom. I liked it a lot more than the reviewers did. I don't think it's fair that it has to get compared to the MCU movies. That would be like comparing every action movie to Die Hard or T2. And it is very odd that Venom's RT percentage is 50-60% lower than junk like Ant-Man 1 and Doctor Strange. One thing that pissed me off about this movie though is that I wasted ten minutes during the credits just to see Sony plug their animated Spider-Man movie.
  14. I take my 6-0 record into the LCS and I'm officially picking Houston and Los Angeles.