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  1. I quite like both, but I'll go with Russian Circles.
  2. Watch it, buddy!!
  3. 1st single: "From The Flame" (very catchy for a progressive rock song, I think!) Malina due out August 25th via Inside Out Records. This album is gonna be epic! http://www.metalsucks.net/2017/06/16/check-out-the-new-leprous-single-and-video-from-the-flame/
  4. On first listen, I don't LOVE either, but both are solid enough. I probably prefer "Go To War".
  5. When I wanna rock the fuck out, I listen to Texas Hippie Coalition or Body Count
  6. And to me it's not just the lyrics in that moment. It's the lame melody following the lame riff that are the same exact lame notes that has nothing to do with the chorus that preceded it. It's just not well-written on any level, and that's just as much about the music composition as it is about the lyrics.
  7. I think there is a bit of grading on a curve here though. We don't have the same expectations for ICP as we have for Stone Sour.
  8. I don't think it is. If we can't criticize music when it feels mailed in and uninspired, then it rings hollow when we praise actually phenomenal music. For me to call "Fabuless" great would cheapen the poignancy of some of their past work. It's like handing everyone in the class who shows up an A...it's in theory nice, but then the person who really works hard and goes above and beyond gets 0 recognition for how much their performance set them apart. This song is not that. It's far from it. The songs and artists that are distinctively good deserve us noticing the difference, especially when Stone Sour has shown that they have the capability.
  9. "Fabuless" is CRAP. Haven't heard "Song #3" yet, but man that "All downhill from here MOTHERFUCKER" part is such shit. And most of the rest of that song is pretty disappointing as well.
  10. Can you tell me why they suck in your opinion?
  11. I'm not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing, but I'm curious as to what people's grievances are with Phil Simms as an announcer. I've heard criticism of him, but usually people just say that he's bad or that he sucks or that they don't like him, and I never get to hear what they don't like about him. Do y'all just find his voice annoying, or is there something more objectively bad about his announcing/analysis that is worthy of critique? When it comes to the national games, I usually find myself preferring CBS's coverage to FOX/NBC/ESPN/NFL Network...but maybe that's just because I like the CBS football music way better than that of the other networks. That CBS theme is so much more epic/metal than the others
  12. Also whenever any site I saw talked about free agent WRs, they always had Alshon ranked 1st. Granted, it looks like Garcon and Stills may have gotten more desirable deals, but I'm guessing that Alshon could have gotten multiple years at a lower per year number than 14 mill and preferred to be highly compensated and take a "bet on himself" type deal instead of being a free agent when his value is low due to this past year being a down year for him.
  13. This song is fucking epic.
  14. The production sounds a lot like an updated Crow, but the chord choices were much more adventurous in the choruses of every song on that album compared to the chorus of this song that's the Blink/Green Day/New Found Glory/Sum 41/SR-71 pop-punk progression.
  15. I gotta say, I'm really disappointed. Sure there are distorted guitars, but that might as well be a Green Day chorus. And while this will hurt AI's heart, I am far from a Green Day fan. I like the vibe of the verses quite a bit, but the chorus just sounds like a pop-punk song.