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  1. I think it's hard to grade him when you look at the middling crop of QBs he's gotten to work with. He coached up Rich Gannon to perform at a Super Bowl caliber very late in his career and won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson as his QB. Then in the 6 years that followed, he had a who's who of no-name QBs from Tony Dungy holdover draft bust Shaun King, to 3rd round pick Chris Simms, to journeyman Brian Griese, to 6th round pick Bruce Gradkowski, to late-career 37-and-38-year old Jeff Garcia. I think Derek Carr was overrated at the end of last year and this past offseason, but he's easily the best QB Gruden will have gotten to work with since Gannon/Brad Johnson, and Carr's 2016 indicates that he has the upside to be better than those two. Gannon/Johnson before Gruden were borderline starters/backups. With Gruden they were consitent pro bowlers winning playoff games. I think the bigger factor is the time off for Gruden and how he and the game might not be the same as they were a decade ago. I also wonder if Derek Carr actually is a franchise-level QB. But given the contract Gruden is getting, if Carr falters, Carr and GM Reggie McKenzie are likely to get the boot before Gruden.
  2. Jon Gruden is expected to be introduced as the Raiders' head coach via press conference this coming Tuesday.
  3. I think that's pretty big news that Kraft/Brady forced Belichick's hand. And imagine if the Giants were to get Belichick as their head coach so that he could "go home" before his career ends. Or Indy to unite with Andrew Luck and try to dominate the Patriots. I think the most likely situation, though, would be that if Belichick were done with the Patriots after this year, he'd take a year off, and then perhaps get his pick of the vacancies in 2019, as a team would have to clear out their GM to make room for him too. I don't think Brady is playing QB till he's 45. I DO think Belichick could be an NFL head coach into his early 70s, or at least a GM.
  4. When "Save Me From Myself" came out nearly a decade ago, I listened to that song on loop the day they put it on their myspace.
  5. I'm gonna go round by round with predictions. I think matchups really matter. I think the Chiefs can really test the Patriots, but I think the Steelers would beat the Chiefs easily. I think the Patriots would beat the Steelers. I feel like there's a bit of a rock-paper-scissors relationship among those 3 teams, so who plays who matters. The Jags are a total wild card to me depending on which Blake Bortles shows up and whether they even beat Buffalo in the first round. In the NFC, I wanna say that the Vikings are my favorite, and that they'd beat anybody in the Super Bowl other than the Pats.
  6. I'm going all home teams this coming weekend, barring major injury news changing it. If you told me one road team gets the win, I'd say the Panthers are the best of them by far and the one legitimate Super Bowl contender of the teams going on the road this weekend. The Falcons should be theoretically too, but they'd have to suddenly find their mojo and play like last year. Nothing this year suggests that they are. I'm very happy for the Bills that they finally made the playoffs. That's awesome, and it'll hopefully make some of their local fans a bit more appreciative of Tyrod Taylor, even if he's no Jim Kelly. He's the best and most consistent guy that they've had since Bledsoe, and it's not even close. I'm happy for the Titans similarly as 9 years is a plenty long drought in and of itself. But I think both should get beaten pretty soundly this weekend by the home teams and the Titans should still strongly consider firing Mularkey if the offense stalls out and the Bills may still look to move on from T-Mobile if he struggles against Jacksonville. And Jacksonville from Bortles for the same reasons. I'm more pro-Alex Smith than most, but I think the talk of the Chiefs moving on from him after this season to start Mahomes is overblown. If Smith plays at least decently well in these playoffs, I think he still starts week 1 in 2018 and they look towards Mahomes as the full-time guy beginning in 2019.
  7. I don’t think the Raiders fire del Rio unless Gruden to the Raiders is happening.
  8. I think part of it is that unlike those teams, the Marlins’ core seemed like a group on the rise, and a couple pieces added might have put them over the top. The Cubs and Astros didn’t have much to be excited about before the teardowns.
  9. If this Giants' receiving corps is pretty meh without Beckham, I'm curious what level of performance would trigger the Giants to say, "Wow, Geno/Davis might be our future! We don't need to draft a QB at the top of next year's draft." If Geno or Davis plays just a little better than Eli did this year, that would be fairly impressive as far as saying he is a legitimate starting QB, but I have a hard time believing that the Giants would do anything differently regardless of how these guys do, unless one of them suddenly plays at an all pro level and ignites this offense in spite of the mediocrity around them, and I don't see either of these dudes doing that. I just don't quite understand what the criteria are for evaluating these guys as far as the level of performance that would make the Giants think differently about either of them, good or bad.
  10. When I was living in Stockholm, "Follow Me" was pretty huge on their local new rock station Bandit Rock back in late 2012 or so. It was probably my favorite song they had in rotation.
  11. Haha yes, that's true. Can't they just both lose?
  12. Why do you want Jerry to bury Goodell? Jerry is kinda a selfish asshat.
  13. You can believe the victim/accuser while still holding an innocent-till-proven guilty tact. To the victim, you can still show empathy and condemn the acts that she had to endure. In doing that, you still don't have to vilify the accused perpetrator of said acts as scum of the earth until more facts surface. The victim doesn't need you to know that the perpetrator is the worst person on earth to feel supported, and if they do, then I begin to question the victim's motives. If the goal is to express what she's been through and out someone who does this so that they don't do it again, withholding character-defining final judgment on the accused until more facts surface doesn't mean you don't believe/support the accuser/victim. It's a tough line to toe, but we can't descend into forever writing off a person's goodness from an accusation and without giving the accused a chance to respond. We can still believe and show compassion for the victim and disgust for what she went through.
  14. Other than the clap and sorta rooting for people who do these things to die, I pretty much agree with everything Felger said. It's disgusting that people with families do these kinds of things. The only tragedy here is the kids who live the rest of their life without their dad and a mother who now has to raise their kids on her own and try to convince her kids that their dad loved them and wanted to be there for them despite being so willing to risk his life. He went too far, but otherwise he's totally right in my opinion.
  15. Updates are coming in now that it was him piloting the plain and it's now being reported that Roy Halladay has died at age 40.