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  1. Album stream: Music video to most TuneLab-friendly track: And my favorite track on the album, which was the first single and that I helped compose a bit of. https://headwithwings.bandcamp.com/track/goodbye-sky
  2. My favorite track on the album is this one: https://headwithwings.bandcamp.com/track/goodbye-sky
  3. Album link: And here's the video for the song that I'd expect to be the most tunelab-friendly track on the record:
  4. I don't have those two albums as far apart as Keystone, but I also have Animosity quite a bit above Seasons. I agree that they're both melodic albums with some of Clint's best songwriting and harmonies. But, I think a HUGE difference is the production. Seasons' producer is probably a big part of why that album is as hooky as it is, so he did a great job in giving that album its own sound, but the sound of the guitars doesn't have anywhere near the massiveness that the guitars, bass, and drums all have on Animosity. The songs on both have an epicness to them, but that epicness is far more backed up with the sonic richness of Animosity. On top of that, the composition of the music is a bit more progressive on Animosity. I feel that the albums that sound the most like Animosity are H&S and BOTS, but those albums aren't done nearly as well. And then I think of Cold Day Memory as Seasons Part 2, but again, not done as well.
  5. They also DID ultimately draft a guy in the 4th round named Kyle Lauleta who some analysts thought might go in the 2nd round to the Patriots. QBs drafted in the 1st round probably have a bit less than a 50% success rate of becoming franchise-level starters, and guys drafted where Lauleta landed are probably a lot lower than that, but I’d say that the new regime taking a 4th round flyer on him says that they probably have slightly more belief in Lauleta as the future than Davis Webb.
  6. If Josh Allen's draft stock is hurt by the leaking of Twitter quotes from when he was a teenager 6 years ago, the night before the draft, that is SO dumb. It'd be one thing if there was some sign of racist behavior over the last few years, but to me, it's pretty clear he was just a 14 year old emulating hip-hop culture (quoting Rick Ross lyrics, for god's sake), and hadn't gotten the memo yet that white people saying "n***as" can be construed as more hurtful than it is paying tribute and showing that you're one with black people. I'm sure many white kids had to learn that black people prefer we don't use that word, even if we're quoting their music that we like, that we're not honoring hip-hop culture in doing that. If that's the worst thing Josh Allen ever did in his life, man is he a good kid! I'm just concerned about his (lack of) accuracy and the fact that he didn't dominate lesser competition with his cannon and his athleticism. Modern internet journalism is dumb. It's all about the sensationalism as opposed to the TRUTH.
  7. I always thought the falsetto in the first chorus of “Hear Me Now” was my favorite vocal moment in that song when I first heard those guys.
  8. News from yesterday – the Jets trade up from #6 to #3 in the draft with the Colts. The Colts bet two 2nd rounders this year and one 2nd rounder next year as compensation for the early 1st round swap. With this trade, I think Cleveland now should confidently go QB 1st if there’s someone they like because there’s a decent chance that QBs go 1-3, and at #4, they could have the same pick of whatever non-QB they want that they had at #1. If the Bills or a surprise team comes roaring up to #2 to trade with the Giants, this becomes all the more certainly true. With the Giants at #2, the top non-QBs are still very much in play.
  9. Joe Thomas retires. A tough blow for the Browns who otherwise appear to be on the up & up this offseason, but for his longterm health and happiness, I think he made a great decision. To Canton he shall go! I wonder if the Browns were somehow over .500 3/4 of the way into the season though, if Joe Thomas would consider unretiring just to get one taste of a playoff run.
  10. I think Q stayed pretty good for you. Maybe Boldin wasn't old enough to qualify for this, but I thought he was very good for your Ravens, and especially when y'all needed him most.
  11. Is it just me, or did the Chiefs massively overpay for Sammy Watkins? He and Sam Bradford are the two guys who've been riding off their draft stock for their entire careers, and new teams/coaches/GMs continue to believe that *WE* are the ones who can finally unlock this man's potential! At least with Bradford, he's looked good the past two years on the rare occasion that he's healthy, but geesh!
  12. If the Mets can somehow stay healthy, I think they have a shot too. But recent history suggests that their pitching staff is more fragile than most. Still, regression to the mean predicts that the Mets’ pitchers should have better health than recent years. Some of it HAS to be bad luck, right? Right!? Maybe not. As for my O’s, we’ve had the most uneventful offseason of perhaps any team. We shall see what happens at the deadline. I hope that they’re either very much in it or very much out of it at the deadline so that they can either ride Machado, Britton, and Jones to a final playoff run or trade Machado to the highest bidder. Last deadline and this offseason, they’ve just been in total limbo.
  13. This may be a leverage move to keep Cousins’s camp from bending the Vikings over in a contract negotiation. If Cousins really wants to play for a winner in the Vikings, he won’t let this opportunity pass him by, and the Vikings may feel that showing his agent that they have other options may give them a nudge of “we want you, but be reasonable, because you’re not the only one with options.”
  14. Reading your post, I can’t help but interpret what you’re saying as if you think RB Saquon Barkley is a QB. Am I misreading, or are you meaning someone else?
  15. I feel the same. I think he has weaknesses as a coach that were exacerbated by Sashi Brown’s strategy and poor personnel evaluation, but if John Dorsey can get him the right veteran leadership in free agency, I think Hue will have a much easier time winning with less pressure on tons of young guys who aren’t all ready to step in and start from day one. The biggest problem for the Browns the last two years is that nearly all high and mid draft picks were forced to start regardless of whether they were ready, and there were so many rookies and so few veterans to learn from that the coaching/development was diluted.