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  1. Don't get me going again! It took me awhile to compose myself again after that. Plus I don't wanna call him again at 12:49 AM local time or he's gonna start to really worry about me! But it's powerful, potent stuff for sure. And universal. And as Pen points out, this applies to mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and mothers and daughters too, even if it more directly hits the topic of fathers and sons.
  2. I was thinking to myself "psh, y'all are being over dramatic about this 'Fade In/Fade Out' song; Nothing More is good and all, but they're not on the level of bands that make me cry or call my parents" *listens* *starts crying harder than I have in years by the time of the first chorus* *calls Dad at end of song with voice shaking to tell him I love him and appreciate everything he's done for me*
  3. Yes, I saw that video!! I just wasn't sure if in the flow of the game his predictions were refreshing or annoying/know-it-ally
  4. Yeah, I was wondering how Romo did! A big upgrade from Phil Simms? And what gives about Jay Cutler!? Not on the football field, nor the broadcast booth! Smokin' Jay the slacker.
  5. I did think Rex got better as the night went on. And it's his first major broadcast so obviously there's a learning curve and a skill set to cultivate with experience.
  6. Idk if I've ever heard a woman play-by-play commentator for an NFL game before tonight, but I think Beth Mowins is doing a really good job so far. Rex Ryan still has a ways to go before he's nearly as comfortable of a color analyst as Jon Gruden.
  7. They had Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer at the same time. Then Mallett and Garoppolo at the same time for a bit. Then Garoppolo and Brissett at the same time. Also as Brady ages and Garoppolo suddenly becomes far more expensive to keep, New England has to be far more active in pursuing future possibilities at QB on the roster than they had to 10 years ago.
  8. Well they did have Brissett on the team before they traded him to the Colts. Belichick just may wanna get a 3rd body in the QB room to replace Brissett's role.
  9. I was certainly relishing it. It's stupidly rare for them to lose a nationally televised game at home. September does tend to be their most vulnerable month though so I know not to get too comfortable and just enjoy this for what it is as one game (I also quite like the Chiefs so I'm not just sadistically enjoying the Patriots' defeat; I'm happy that Alex Smith gets this national "FUCK YOU" moment to the football fans who take him for granted when he's shown that he can win big games and play big when needed).
  10. Yes, of course! Unless he changed it. I haven't called or texted with him in a long time.
  11. This album has been out for 2 weeks now, and it has hit some super impressive opening album sales chart numbers in Europe:
  12. Leprous's album 'Malina' has been out for just over a week now. I've only gotten to listen once myself, but they have 3 singles out from it already. I posted them in the order that I think people here would dig them. My favorite track from the album so far from first listen was the opening track "Bonneville". It just has a really compelling mood/sound to it. It doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before. Potential people who might dig this record imo are @spirestar, @NinjaNick101, @xeph, @Green Baron, @Ruiner, and @Andrew.
  13. Haha probably true. But probably not disastrously bad either or I'd remember it even more vividly!!