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  1. Haha yes, that's true. Can't they just both lose?
  2. Why do you want Jerry to bury Goodell? Jerry is kinda a selfish asshat.
  3. You can believe the victim/accuser while still holding an innocent-till-proven guilty tact. To the victim, you can still show empathy and condemn the acts that she had to endure. In doing that, you still don't have to vilify the accused perpetrator of said acts as scum of the earth until more facts surface. The victim doesn't need you to know that the perpetrator is the worst person on earth to feel supported, and if they do, then I begin to question the victim's motives. If the goal is to express what she's been through and out someone who does this so that they don't do it again, withholding character-defining final judgment on the accused until more facts surface doesn't mean you don't believe/support the accuser/victim. It's a tough line to toe, but we can't descend into forever writing off a person's goodness from an accusation and without giving the accused a chance to respond. We can still believe and show compassion for the victim and disgust for what she went through.
  4. Other than the clap and sorta rooting for people who do these things to die, I pretty much agree with everything Felger said. It's disgusting that people with families do these kinds of things. The only tragedy here is the kids who live the rest of their life without their dad and a mother who now has to raise their kids on her own and try to convince her kids that their dad loved them and wanted to be there for them despite being so willing to risk his life. He went too far, but otherwise he's totally right in my opinion.
  5. Updates are coming in now that it was him piloting the plain and it's now being reported that Roy Halladay has died at age 40.
  6. I didn't see the comments, but I voted Metallica, and then went back and read and realized what I'd done. Looks like Metallica gets the comeback win.
  7. I think these were the two frontrunners to win the whole tournament, and the winner of this battle will be the champion.
  8. I also think the Michael Bennett situation in Vegas several weeks ago with the cops proves that all the money in the world doesn't change the fact that you're black when it comes to other people fearing you unless they know you personally or at least know who you are. Michael Bennett's money/fame may have changed how the night ended, but only once the cops figured out who he was.
  9. Also the flag is supposed to symbolize "liberty and justice for all." What they're protesting is directly related to that. Your hypothetical McDonald's wage protest presumably has nothing to do with what the moment of silence is for.
  10. Your version of a protest is much more invasive and intrusive to other people wanting to show their reverence than silent protest. They're not interfering with other players' ability to honor the flag/anthem how they so choose.
  11. Don't get me going again! It took me awhile to compose myself again after that. Plus I don't wanna call him again at 12:49 AM local time or he's gonna start to really worry about me! But it's powerful, potent stuff for sure. And universal. And as Pen points out, this applies to mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, and mothers and daughters too, even if it more directly hits the topic of fathers and sons.
  12. I was thinking to myself "psh, y'all are being over dramatic about this 'Fade In/Fade Out' song; Nothing More is good and all, but they're not on the level of bands that make me cry or call my parents" *listens* *starts crying harder than I have in years by the time of the first chorus* *calls Dad at end of song with voice shaking to tell him I love him and appreciate everything he's done for me*
  13. Yes, I saw that video!! I just wasn't sure if in the flow of the game his predictions were refreshing or annoying/know-it-ally
  14. Yeah, I was wondering how Romo did! A big upgrade from Phil Simms? And what gives about Jay Cutler!? Not on the football field, nor the broadcast booth! Smokin' Jay the slacker.
  15. I did think Rex got better as the night went on. And it's his first major broadcast so obviously there's a learning curve and a skill set to cultivate with experience.