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  1. News from yesterday – the Jets trade up from #6 to #3 in the draft with the Colts. The Colts bet two 2nd rounders this year and one 2nd rounder next year as compensation for the early 1st round swap. With this trade, I think Cleveland now should confidently go QB 1st if there’s someone they like because there’s a decent chance that QBs go 1-3, and at #4, they could have the same pick of whatever non-QB they want that they had at #1. If the Bills or a surprise team comes roaring up to #2 to trade with the Giants, this becomes all the more certainly true. With the Giants at #2, the top non-QBs are still very much in play.
  2. Joe Thomas retires. A tough blow for the Browns who otherwise appear to be on the up & up this offseason, but for his longterm health and happiness, I think he made a great decision. To Canton he shall go! I wonder if the Browns were somehow over .500 3/4 of the way into the season though, if Joe Thomas would consider unretiring just to get one taste of a playoff run.
  3. I think Q stayed pretty good for you. Maybe Boldin wasn't old enough to qualify for this, but I thought he was very good for your Ravens, and especially when y'all needed him most.
  4. Is it just me, or did the Chiefs massively overpay for Sammy Watkins? He and Sam Bradford are the two guys who've been riding off their draft stock for their entire careers, and new teams/coaches/GMs continue to believe that *WE* are the ones who can finally unlock this man's potential! At least with Bradford, he's looked good the past two years on the rare occasion that he's healthy, but geesh!
  5. If the Mets can somehow stay healthy, I think they have a shot too. But recent history suggests that their pitching staff is more fragile than most. Still, regression to the mean predicts that the Mets’ pitchers should have better health than recent years. Some of it HAS to be bad luck, right? Right!? Maybe not. As for my O’s, we’ve had the most uneventful offseason of perhaps any team. We shall see what happens at the deadline. I hope that they’re either very much in it or very much out of it at the deadline so that they can either ride Machado, Britton, and Jones to a final playoff run or trade Machado to the highest bidder. Last deadline and this offseason, they’ve just been in total limbo.
  6. This may be a leverage move to keep Cousins’s camp from bending the Vikings over in a contract negotiation. If Cousins really wants to play for a winner in the Vikings, he won’t let this opportunity pass him by, and the Vikings may feel that showing his agent that they have other options may give them a nudge of “we want you, but be reasonable, because you’re not the only one with options.”
  7. Reading your post, I can’t help but interpret what you’re saying as if you think RB Saquon Barkley is a QB. Am I misreading, or are you meaning someone else?
  8. I feel the same. I think he has weaknesses as a coach that were exacerbated by Sashi Brown’s strategy and poor personnel evaluation, but if John Dorsey can get him the right veteran leadership in free agency, I think Hue will have a much easier time winning with less pressure on tons of young guys who aren’t all ready to step in and start from day one. The biggest problem for the Browns the last two years is that nearly all high and mid draft picks were forced to start regardless of whether they were ready, and there were so many rookies and so few veterans to learn from that the coaching/development was diluted.
  9. As a (recent) Browns fan, I’m debating which scenario I want: 1. Draft Barkley #1, draft best remaining QB of choice #4, and pursue bridge free agent QB. 2. Draft QB of choice #1, draft best remaining non-QB available #4, and pursue bridge free agent QB. 3. Go All in for Kirk Cousins, draft Barkley #1, draft best remaining non-QB available #4. To me, I’d like option #3 as I think it’d allow the Browns the most opportunities to improve their roster between the top of the draft and free agency, but it doesn’t seem like the Browns are enamored of Cousins, nor he of them. But between options #1 and 2...I’m torn! My heart wants them to take Barkley at #1. I don’t have any real leaning on the top QBs, and if they don’t either, they should go all in on Saquon. What do you guys think my Browns should do?
  10. Psst hey guys, why are we still using his thread for NFL news? *nudge*
  11. Can we stop treating Nick Foles like a backup now? I think this postseason run for him shows that 2013 was not a fluke, and 2015 was a product of Jeff Fisher’s OC’s ruining Foles like they ruined Keenum, Goff, and Gurley before all of them were coached up by legitimate offensive coaching staffs and put into modern NFL-level schemes and all of them excelled. While Foles is not a free agent, he should be similarly coveted to Kirk Cousins, with Foles having proven ability to play in big games that Cousins doesn’t have. Cousins doesn’t have a season like Foles’ 2013 or a run like Foles’s 2017 postseason on his résumé.
  12. If Hoyer does replace Brady, I’d love the fact that some total Cinderella story for a QB would then be guaranteed to happen. Imagining Keenum, Bortles, Foles, and maybe Hoyer as playoff heroes and Super Bowl champion starting QBs coming into the season would have been unbelievable. And if all 4 played on Championship weekend, it would make my underdog-rooting self very happy. Though my underdog self also needs a big villain to root against.
  13. I think it's hard to grade him when you look at the middling crop of QBs he's gotten to work with. He coached up Rich Gannon to perform at a Super Bowl caliber very late in his career and won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson as his QB. Then in the 6 years that followed, he had a who's who of no-name QBs from Tony Dungy holdover draft bust Shaun King, to 3rd round pick Chris Simms, to journeyman Brian Griese, to 6th round pick Bruce Gradkowski, to late-career 37-and-38-year old Jeff Garcia. I think Derek Carr was overrated at the end of last year and this past offseason, but he's easily the best QB Gruden will have gotten to work with since Gannon/Brad Johnson, and Carr's 2016 indicates that he has the upside to be better than those two. Gannon/Johnson before Gruden were borderline starters/backups. With Gruden they were consitent pro bowlers winning playoff games. I think the bigger factor is the time off for Gruden and how he and the game might not be the same as they were a decade ago. I also wonder if Derek Carr actually is a franchise-level QB. But given the contract Gruden is getting, if Carr falters, Carr and GM Reggie McKenzie are likely to get the boot before Gruden.
  14. Jon Gruden is expected to be introduced as the Raiders' head coach via press conference this coming Tuesday.
  15. I think that's pretty big news that Kraft/Brady forced Belichick's hand. And imagine if the Giants were to get Belichick as their head coach so that he could "go home" before his career ends. Or Indy to unite with Andrew Luck and try to dominate the Patriots. I think the most likely situation, though, would be that if Belichick were done with the Patriots after this year, he'd take a year off, and then perhaps get his pick of the vacancies in 2019, as a team would have to clear out their GM to make room for him too. I don't think Brady is playing QB till he's 45. I DO think Belichick could be an NFL head coach into his early 70s, or at least a GM.