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  1. Late to the game on these guys. I've only listened to their most recent album (New Routine). While listening to them I said this sounds like if Karnivool and Royal Blood had a baby and sure enough, they've toured with Karnivool. I will have to check out their older stuff too...
  2. I was a huge fan of Slaves w/ Craig but Prayers may be the best song they've released to date. Their new singer doesn't have the range of Craig but I think he fits their music style perfectly.
  3. I'm just here to throw my weight behind this album. It came up randomly on Spotify after listening to Siamese and I thought....was that a saxophone solo on a post-hardcore/prog metal song? That sounded awesome! Wait, their name is 'Shrezzers'? Really? Maybe I shouldn't go on....but I did. And the album is really good. The saxophone fits in very well. I'd say they are more post-hardcore with progressive elements than anything. Even a little bit of Twenty One Pilots thrown in on some songs. Sounds weird but its a good mix. Trust Andrew...and me on this. You won't regret it.
  4. Lucas speaks the truth. Don't sleep on this one. Hope all is well, Lucas.
  5. This is a great album....I'm glad I found it. Been listening to it nonstop since last week.
  6. I made a comeback just to post about this album. There was a 'got news' post about a song on the album but I created this for the album itself. I haven't been a fan of In Flames since their Come Clarity days and even then I was only a fan of a song here and there. Maybe my musical tastes have changed. But this album is pretty damn good. This is Our House is the worst song on the album by a long shot...it was obviously made for radio and/or to get picked up by someone for an anthem (sports team? WWE?). Outside of that, there are a number of great tunes. All the Pain has a great build up and is probably my favorite on the album. Burn is probably #2 followed closely by I Am Above and maybe We Will Remember. This album follows in their trend of slowly creeping towards modern rock with metal influences (similar to All That Remains, etc.) but still holds true to their past. Give it a shot. If you were a fan of old In Flames and/or modern rock with metal undertones, I don't think you will be disappointed.
  7. Has Ben ever been a great lyricist, though? If he falls from grace one more time, I think the planet may implode. As mentioned above, does he live in a fucking dungeon? Why is it so cold, dark, wet, dreary, and sad ALL THE TIME?
  8. Maybe I should've made my own post to draw attention to myself, too.
  9. I'm with Omar and Tanbull. Not a good single choice.
  10. My top 3 are interchangable at this point. Don't think anyone else came close. Trivium Starset Nothing More
  11. I still check in from time to time to see what albums or music I have been missing. My tastes aren't as defined as they once were though so all of the generic rock just doesn't appeal to me any more.
  12. Amen! I will never not crawl out of the woodwork to upvote Seasons.
  13. Thrown Into the Fire is probably my favorite next to The Wretchedness Inside. Glad they made a video for it.
  14. This could quite possibly be their best album to date. Loving it so far.
  15. Starset Jr. up in here.