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  1. Greetings from the West Coast... http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/6509440/we-are-harlots-debut-album-exclusive Discuss.
  2. Fuck. Bell continues to make me feel like an ass when I don't start him.
  3. LOL oh god of course that's how this drive ends.
  4. No kidding dude. I don't know if the Pack could beat the Lions today even if Rodgers was back. Their defense can't stop anything and the run game is getting smothered. Yeah, this is about to be a route. Love it.
  5. My team doesn't want it this year. Last week made that clear. Oh well. Definitely one of my roughest years in fantasy. Also, David Akers doesn't deserve his job.
  6. Or so you would have thought (I did too) This game would be over already if it weren't for the turnovers. It's time to acknowledge how fucking good this Lions defense has been against the run. Also, the Packers giving up 140 rushing yards in the first half doesn't hurt...
  7. Bravo to Phones for doing what I was gonna do...only way better than I have the time or patience to. I cannot understate how much Andrew, Nixon and myself will hate each other over the next two weeks. I just can't.
  8. Yes, which is why I'm saying it was PI. But if Gronk was further back...it wouldn't have been. Lester passed him right as Kuechly made contact. Both guys could have played for that ball. Once again, it was PI. I was wrong.
  9. No one else was catching that ball. Lester was right in position. Gronk would have had to hit him from behind. And remember, I am agreeing with you that it should have been called. Just elaborating as to why I thought it shouldn't have been at first.
  10. If he hits him while he's making the catch, how would he also catch the ball? Magic?
  11. If he knocks the shit out of Lester, that's offensive PI. The only reason I think it should have been called is because Kuechly began to push him back when he had Lester were both in position to play the ball. If Lester had already been in front of him, I don't think that ball is catchable.
  12. It absolutely does not matter if the ball is in play. If a ball is deemed uncatchable by the intended receiver, they don't call PI.
  13. Ok, after seeing the replay again I change my stance. Lester comes out in front once the interference began. Should have been called.
  14. Brad you are the biggest fucking whiner.