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  1. Harty [^]: I'm just going to say fuck you mike. If you really think there are only like 2 interesting people on here you aren't part of this forum. You could easily do every single person on here (that's a regular) and have a good outcome. And you pick ang? Really? When was the last time she was even here? Not to mention she was by far the most boring person on here me a boring person? lol
  2. Element Eighty dark new day edgewater submersed Hollow Neverset altered Seven Story Drop Big Iron Forty percent Miser Jibe
  3. Nixon [^]: hahaha...i just caught up on the joke thread...everyday is Groundhog Day here I agree 100% I just got done reading the joke thread also. I have been visiting the tunelab/audio aggression site for several years now. I haven't been posting much, for I've been busy but sometimes I do look on the forums without logging in. I mainly now visit the main page. The reason for this, I remember a time when tunelab forums use to be cool place to chat but now every topic posted seems to be arguing and bickering. Maybe its why alot of people don't post or visit like they use to, myself included. You guys need to think, if nothing but arguing and bickering keeps happening on the forum, jay will end up getting tired of it and end up shutting the board down and everyone won't get to chat anymore.
  4. DarkDragon [^]: Ok this is a dumb question probably but last time I wrote a paper I didnt have internet long ago and I was wondering how the school stops people who plagrazied by dling a paper online and changing some of the words, like how to they detect people who do that kinda stuff when students turns in a paper through this website, it scans through it to make sure there is no plagrazing.
  5. I like budlight and shiner but drink Pabst at the bar because at the bars around here they are 2 bucks for a draft, well 3 because I tip a dollar.
  6. Yep, just been busy with school.
  7. I'm still here. Just been busy, I may not sign in but stop by occasionally to see what you folks are up to.
  8. My sketcher boots I've had for 10 years. They are still in good condition and I wear them all the time.
  9. There isn't any pictures of him. Just the rabbit one he has on his on his default. We now know he is old because he graduated college in 1988.
  10. My parents pays $600 a month for me and my sister's apt
  11. FF what did they have in your days? Cream of wheat? Quaker Oats? Make sure to eat a cearl to get your fiber. lol
  12. No school for me again tommorrow woot woot!
  13. It is 16 degrees here in Denton, Tx. We got a few inches of sleet and ice last night. I had no school today too. The wind blowing is making the windchill in the single digits.
  14. This was a popular song in my high school days.
  15. Omar [^]: Oh I know. Whoever thinks the chick should sing more should watch the video. She has a pretty terrible voice. Alter Bridge was pretty bad too. Myles blew it. I think it has to do with whoever runs the sound for this show. Both of these bands are awesome live. I've saw too bands that perform on these shows (leno, kimmel, fallon etc) sound different but sure they are going to sound different than being at a live show or listening to their album. I think they need better sound engineers for these shows if they want bands to perform.