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  1. Tried to make sure this wasn't a post. Still not sure. This is very cool if you are a 311 fan. Probably going to look for the DVD for this.
  2. Tight jam.
  3. Very Cool Chill/Groove Song/Band.
  4. Welsh "ragga metal" and SKINDRED will release its new album, "Big Tings", on April 27 via Napalm Records. On the same day, a single, "Machine", will be made available, featuring vocals by REEF frontman Gary Stringer and guitar by Phil Campbell of MOTÖRHEAD. The track was previously used as both the intro and outro theme to AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's TV show "Cars That Rock".
  5. Just found out about their new stuff. I loved their previous albums. Nice vocals and the music is put together very well.
  6. - P.O.D. are one step closer to their next album return, announcing their signing with the Mascot Label Group. In a new video, the band reveal that they are working on new tunes and tentatively hope to have an album out this summer.
  7. I love this jam. If someone already posted this, I kneel to thee.
  8. Sorry for the re-post. I stink.
  9. Saw this on Kerrang! website.
  10. One of My favorite Bands. Amazon link:
  11. BREAKING BENJAMIN To Release 'Red Cold River' Single In January Read more at
  12. Metalcore is what their Facebook said. Had to go with that. MORE INFO Genre Metalcore
  13. Awesome chill tune. Guitar is on point. Strange Video.
  15. This is a great album if you are a Killswitch Engage fan.