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  1. This is a great album if you are a Killswitch Engage fan.
  2. Just bought the album. Not surprised that it turned out to be tight. #1 = Legs, #2 = Cry Wolf, #3 = Fox Rain. So far...
  3. Going to end up buying this album Came out this year. Checkout "Misery is only Company" song also.
  5. Such a good find. I just purchased the album. Outstanding sound.
  6. Not my style, but the song is put together well.
  7. Big fan of these guys. Just bought this album tonight for my holiday enjoyment.
  8. Very Cool Chill/Groove Song/Band.
  9. A tad bit old but I enjoyed how this one is put together.
  10. The Sound is nothing new, but I do like the melodies they knock out.
  11. I enjoyed the chill type vibe from this song. Very well put together.
  12. Bought it last night. Very nice.
  13. Off the hook when Dave came out.
  14. Some other good tracks on the album.