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  1. Speaking of Zombie Shark..... I am digging this Nu song.
  2. The whole album is pretty good.
  3. I love the whole album. One of my possible AOTY [2017]
  4. 1) Dead by April - [2017] Worlds Collide 2) Demon Hunter - [2017] Outlive 3) Blue Rising - [2017] Ghosts and Monsters [Explicit] 4) Amputation Effect - [2017] Amputation Effect 5) Life of Agony - [2017] A Place Where There's No More Pain 6) Body Count - [2017] Bloodlust [Explicit] 7) AFI - [2017] AFI (Blood Album)
  5. I love it. Bought it today.
  6. Nice work on the find. Buying it Now.
  7. Followed this band years ago and just stumbled on to their 2016 album this week. Several songs made it to my playlist, Amazon link here.
  8. I bought about half the album. Would like to see them when they open for Cane Hill.
  9. Bought the album a few days ago and agree, Damn that voice. All the songs of this album made it to the playlist.
  10. Just bought the Album. Better than I thought it would be.
  11. Don't like buying singles, but damn, I needed it.