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  1. brentcamp gave reputation to Mike in Holy Grail   
    No. I think it only had two songs on it. "Polyamorous" and then something else I think.
  2. brentcamp gave reputation to Mike in Holy Grail   
    I have some Breaking Benjamin demo CD from before they were big. I don't remember how I got it exactly. Probably came free with something I got at a CD store. I should've sold it to one of you guys for $100.
  3. brentcamp gave reputation to RainbowDragon in Holy Grail   
    Yeah its way better than the standard version because of the bonus tracks and it was probably like 20 bucks at the time. Borders used to sell import cds and other places didnt.
    I also have the Jap. import of My Own Prison which has Bound and Tied and What's This Life For (acoustic) as tracks 11 and 12.
  4. brentcamp gave reputation to Follow the Hollow in CD Collecting   
    People collect those things?  Mine have been collecting dust.